Vital Information
Gender Female
Species Shinki
Source Busou Shinki
Faction Union
Rank A-Ally
Function Type Butterfly Diva
Groups None
Other Information
Age (Appearance) N/A
Age (Actual) 1
Still Aging? No
Height 6 inches
Weight 1 lb
Hair Color Pink
Eye Color Red
"Come on, everyone, smile!"
Table of Contents


Metta is a MMS Type Butterfly, more commonly referred to as the Schmetterling model. She is a shinki, a small robot built along the lines of a child toy, standing at a tall six inches. Her primary motivation is to assist her Master in whatever her Master needs her to do, whether it is housework or just serving as a companion. Like all shinkis, Metta is combat capable, although she's built for more support services than combat, using a pistol, small landmines, and a chakram-type Frisbee disc. When she's not actively engaged in combat, she is capable of using her Diva tendencies and her voice to encourage her friends onward to the path of good fortune, both in and out of combat. Just remember to smile, for anyone sad is a total antithesis to Metta's personality.


  • EQUIPMENT: Metta is a Schmetterling-type Shinki. When she is in her unarmored form, most of her equipment takes the form of a rabbit-like android that is called Marleen 712. When she equips Marleen 712, Metta is capable of flight as well as using Pochette Mines, which are normally held within Marleen 712's frame. Metta also has a Sweet Blaster, a hand-held laster pistol that she uses for both long and mid-range combat. She also uses a chakram-like metallic frisbee for close-range and mid-range combat.
  • SHINKI: Metta is a Shinki, and shinki are robots. Metta gains many of the benefits of being a robot, mostly such things as being unaffected by diseases, poisons, and not needing to breathe, which allows her to be able to work in environs that regular humans cannot.
  • SLIPWAY: The Slipway is a storage dimension that Metta is capable of using. Only items that are designed to enter the Slipway can be retrieved or placed into it, so it is typically used for armor storage and her spare parts. Items can be adjusted to be used with the Slipway.
  • TINY: Most shinki are a mere 15 cm tall, or 6 inches. Due to this, Metta is capable of getting into places and areas most people wouldn't be able too, such as using the vent systems in buildings or even hiding in mouse holes. She is, however, well used to being a shinki in a land of giants, and the difference in size does not handicap her when she wishes to fight non-shinkis.


  • COMBAT: The MMS Type Schmetterlings' battle style is Special Support/Diva. Unlike some Shinkis, like the VervVietta or the LirBiete, she has low combat capability, and is primarily best used in a team fight. Due to this, she consistently turns down one on one fights, which has unfortunately deemed her amongst the fighting ones as 'unhonorable' or 'unwilling'.
  • TINY: Most shinki are a mere 15 cm tall, or 6 inches. Many things that most human-sized beings and others do without thinking about it can become dangerous hazards to the small shinki. Even cooking can be a deadly undertaking, thought a clever shinki can manage things quite well if they're careful.
  • SHINKI: While Metta is a robot - a shinki - she still suffers some drawbacks, such as computer viruses being capable of inflicting effects similar to sickness, and if she attempts to drink too many Nitro jelly cans, she's capable of entering a drunken state.
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