Metroplex (NPC)

This page describes the NPC Metroplex, who transforms into an Autobot City.

You may be looking for Autobot City, the enormous, Earth-based Autobot fortress and base. If so, please go to the Autobot City web page.

Metroplex is a Transformer roughly the size of a city which can be joined with Autobot City to form an even larger city-fortress, but is currently stationed in New Washginton. Metroplex is fully sentient and acts as Autobot headquarters for most of the Union. When the situation calls for it - which is rare - Metroplex can transform into a mobile battle station, or in even more dire situations a robot that is several miles tall that can literally shrug off nuclear explosions. (Metroplex is an NPC which cannot be applied for).

General Information


Full Name: Metroplex
Faction: Union
Rank: 3 - Captain
Function: Mobile Military City
Series: Transformers-1
Species: Transformer

"Vigilance is the foundation upon which victories are built."


With startling versatility and strength, Metroplex is a last line of defense for the Autobots and Union. In battle, he is a titan of tremendous courage, causing earthquakes with his very steps and mass destruction with his weapons, a terrifying sight to behold - however, outside of battle, Metroplex suffers from extreme modesty, often berating his lack of front-line combat. This tends to mystify many of his comrades, despite his critical role in defending New Washington and acting as a portable, living headquarters for UAF operations. Regardless of the criticality, he finds his role somewhat frustrating, but is charismatic and well liked among his comrades. Mind custom-built to act as a city - enjoys companionship from those who reside within him and sees to their needs eagerly. In robot mode, can lift 70,000 tons and stands 5 miles tall. His weapons array includes heavy plasma bombardments, EM discharge arrays, rail guns, missiles, and thermonuclear and antimatter ordinance, among many other options. In city mode he can house at least half a million Transformers and over a million organics, and in the presence of sufficient resources can remain in one spot for thousands of years. In battle station mode, he can drive at over 200 miles per hour, and leverage his massive weapons array on the fly - capable of even more concentrated firepower in this mode than robot mode. In all modes, houses an impressive array of facilities, including troop deployment options, air force launch and retrieval, and limited space travel, and carries a hull capable of withstanding sustained nuclear and antimatter bombardment, as well as a fleet of drones. Despite all these capabilities, Metroplex can be vulnerable to skilled infiltration teams, and consumes tremendous amounts of energy - though his novel energy systems usually prevent complete fuel exhaustion, under the right circumstances it can take him a great deal of time for his central capacitors to recharge.

Vital Statistics

Age: ???
Gender: Male
Height: Yes
Weight: Yes
Note: Additional statistics may be added as necessary.

Additional Details

Major NPCs

  • Scamper - A mobility drone connected to Metroplex. These are small attack cruiser-style car Autobots. Most are fast and decent shots but not well-armored. Only a few have minds independent of Metroplex.
  • Slammer - A tank drone that can attach or detach from Metroplex. Several of these are removable defensive weapons located on several Autobot City towers. None of these are sentient.
  • Six-Gun - A heavy artillery drone connected to Metroplex that can transform from several of the larger gun emplacements, each literally made of six guns. Only a have minds independent of Metroplex. Most are heavily armored and extremely well-armed.


Skills and Abilities

Other Information


In order to address concerns of Decepticon military technology increasing, plans for a transforming city were drafted. Eventually this project morphed into that of a transforming LIVING city. While initially ridiculed, the situation rapidly grew to the point where such was necessary. A quest was undertaken to penetrate deep into the bowels of Cybertron to find the supercomputer Vector Sigma. There, Optimus Prime interfaced with it and asked that a laser core be bestowed with life, according to exact specifications to allow Metroplex to have a mind of a worthy Autobot and able to handle being a city. As such he was installed into his new body and was born.

His first major assignment was to Earth during the Minicon War in Transformers-1. However, once he Unified (around 0 AU), his role rapidly changed. Eventually he was moved to New Washington and interlinked directly with Union Military Headquarters, where he acts as what is often nicknamed 'Little Cybertron,' which is an accurate name considering his access to the place.


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