Merin Drazin

General Information


Full Name: Merin Drazin
Gender: Female
Species: Demon Fae
Faction: Union
Rank: A-Ally
Function: Faerie Archmage
Series: Slayers-2

"You think I would be *normal* with an insane mazoku for a mother?"

Hailing from a world of high magical competence, and with centuries of dimension-hopping experience before the Unification, Merin Drazin is one of the Union's resident Archmages and self-proclaimed "Faerie Sorceress Extraordinaire". While her specialty is in the use of magic to manipulate dimensions, she has a huge pool of knowledge at her disposal regarding hundreds, even thousands, of forms of magic. Her knowledge and skill with all things magical are backed up by her half-breed heritage; Half-Mazoku, a demon-like race hailing from her homeworld, and half Faerie, and the immense amount of natural magical ability it brings. And yet somehow, she manages to avoid that old bookish mage stereotype. In fact she generally proves to be the near-polar opposite; a rowdy, boisterous, and heavy-drinking lady out to enjoy what life offers.

Vital Statistics

Age: 5000+ Years (M.A.F Status: Unknown)
Apparant Age: Late 20s
Hair/Eye Color: Blue/Blue
Height: 5'2"
Weight: ~120 lb.
Distinguishing Marks

  • Faerie Wings
  • Dragon Tattoo, full left arm.
  • Dragon Tattoo, belly.
  • Faerie Tattoo, left-upper chest.




Astral Existence
Merin is a creature of magic, first and foremost. The main bulk of her existence is located on the Astral Plane. The physical form she projects is simply a section of that power extended into the physical world. This means that her appearance can change at a whim, and that she can perform such techniques as short-range teleportation. However this projection, if damaged, will backlash the injury upon her astral form thereby making her as susceptible to physical damage as any normal being. It also makes her highly-susceptible to spirit-attacking spells. If she withdraws completely onto the Astral Plane, she becomes immune to physical attacks, but in turn cannot affect the matrial world at all.

  • Short-Range Teleportation: While Merin does know spells to teleport herself long distances, these are generally ritual spells that take a few minutes to cast. This teleportation effect is not an actual teleportation. Rather it is the effect created when Merin withdraws her connection to the physical world and reestablishes it somewhere else in range of her 'body' on the astral plane, thus appearing to teleport. This is analogous to the idea of how a three-dimensional being could appear, in the eyes of a two-dimensional being, to teleport by moving through the third dimension.
  • Shape-shifting: Merin's physical form is simply a part of her astral-self projected into the real world, thus it is capable of limited shape-shifting. While a mazoku like her would normally be capable of altering this form to whatever they please, because of the limiter that ties her soul and body together, Merin is forced into a specific physical form when she manifests herself in the real world. She can modify this form in size and change things like her clothing with little more than a thought. However, the strength of the 'psychic impression' that her limiter creates makes it difficult to extensively modify her form. The more drastic the changes, the less time Merin can maintain them. So, while she can go from human size to pixie size at a whim and hold that form for weeks on end, or change her clothing at a whim, she can only, for example, turn into a large duck-billed platypus, for at most a few minutes. Furthermore, the strength of the psychic impression that gives Merin her 'true' form is rather intense, and while she is able to affect major changes such as drastic size changes or changing from a humanoid form to an animal, she is incapable of the fine control of her form that is required to mimic another person.

Archmage Level Spell casting
Merin has spent multiple millennia traveling the multiverse both before and after the Unification started smashing things in to a big lump, studying the arts and schools of magic. This, combined with the immense pool of magical power granted to her by her dual heritage as a faerie and mazoku, leaves her at a level of spell casting ability that most would label "Archmage". Her magical stamina and her repertoire of spells make her a force to be reckoned with. Her knowledge is extensive, spanning hundreds of different styles and schools of magic, ranging from ritual magic, to arithmancy, to summoning spells, and even obscure techniques like Blood Magic.
That said, her ability to utilize this knowledge is limited to the forms of magic that are compatible with her personal energies and physiology. Most, if not all, forms of Holy/Divine magic, as well as other forms of magic that draw on the concept of Order, are inaccessible to Merin as the energy involved is the very antithesis to what she is, being a Chaotic force herself. Further, use of these magics *on* her is likely to cause aggravated injury rather an assistance, even in the case of healing spells.
In the cases where she can apply her knowledge of an existing form of Magic, or learn to work a new form, the application is often general and basic. Nothing more than an average spell caster of that form of magic could apply. To apply anything more would require her shifting her focus for months of study, assuming the energy-forms are even compatible enough for her to work them at an above-average level.
Her main focus is on the Black Magic of her home world (a school of magic she is well suited for in a physiological sense), general Elemental Magics; especially those focused on Ice and Water, and magics of Dimensional Manipulation (The kind that allow her access to her extra-dimensional pockets, her long-distance teleportation, and barrier magics). In each of these three forms of Magic, she has a skill level well beyond average.

Mazoku Heritage
Despite her current form, Merin was still born a mazoku. The Lord of Nightmares, upon saving her Granddaugter from death, implanted in her a sort of metaphysical core. This metaphysical component is what binds Merin's consciousness, her soul, to her astral body. At one point, it also served as a limiter that worked to convert the vast pool of chaotic energy that Merin had access to as a Mazoku into more benign forms of magical energy that Merin could use as a faerie. She has since, through intense physical and mental training, integrated the two separate parts of her power into a single whole. As a result she has gained access to the full brunt of the power she bore when she was a true Mazoku General-Priest. The core remains as the link that holds her together, but it no longer provides any sort of limiting or moderating effect on the flow of her power.

Extra-Dimensional Pockets
Merin has access to an array of extra-dimensional pockets in which she stores all the various trinkets and things she's picked up over the years. In most cases these are harmless personal trinkets.


Energy Incompatibility
Merin's a being of Chaos, first and foremost. She was born out of the Lord of Nightmares, also called the Sea of Chaos. Her energies are absolutely not compatible with any form of Orderly or Holy/Divine energies. This prevents her from personally dabbling in any form of magic that relies on such energies, as well as making her susceptible to aggravated damage from them. Even the most innocuous healing spell can be injurious to her if its energy is drawn from the wrong sources.

Big Talker
Merin talks big. She can't always back up what she says and may make claims to be able to do things she can't actually pull off, though she'll try her damnedest to do so. She's not a complete ego-maniac, but she does have a rather prideful streak as well as a stubborn mindset that can get her into serious trouble.

Merin doesn't generally like people. She tends to find most people annoying, frustrating, or generally not worthy of her respect until they've clearly proven otherwise. Due to this, she opts to live alone and avoid contact with most others aside from via the radio. Those she does chose to contact of her own volition are often those she considers Family, or those she has a great deal of respect for due to their skills in the Magical Arts, or their treatment of other people.

There are two things Merin likes to drink besides water. Tea, and booze. While she's not a flat-out alcoholic and drunk like she was in her early days in the Multiverse- due mostly in part to the efforts of certain people she cares about dearly- Merin still has a penchant for enjoying the Sauce just a bit too much. She's always ready to accept a challenge to drink someone under the table, or hit up a bar, even when it may not be in her best interests.

Faerie Lore
While not every single bane of the Fair Folk applies to Merin, she's still a Faerie and this susceptible to certain things. The most obvious one is iron, both of the cold-worked and meteoric varities. It has to be actual iron, though. Not something incorperating it like steel. She's also got a True Name that can be used to compel her to do things. That said, she guards it very carefully, and has to date told only two people what it is.

Skills and Abilities


  • Archmage's Staff - Like any Archmage, Merin does indeed have a staff. She just eschews using it whenever she can; which happens to be most of the time, as it stands. She doesn't like the idea of using a focus to cast spells, seeing them as a crutch that most spell casters lean on to avoid forcing themselves to their limits. By the same token, she does know when and where she might conceivably need to use it to enhance her abilities, and won't hesitate to do so should a situation warrant it.
  • Crystal Batteries - Various kinds of crystals of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Each is designed to hold a specific type or wavelength of energy for Merin to draw on in her spell-casting. They take a while to recharge, when they can be recharged, so she's careful to only use them when she absolutely needs to.

Additional Details

  • Merin isn't exactly poor. She's not filthy-stinking-rich by any means, but she has a small cache of artifacts and treasures stored in her extra-dimensional pockets that she can sell when the need for funds arises. She doesn't like doing this, however, as many of these hold a sentimental value to her as well as a monetary one. Usually she just relies on growing what she needs to live on in her forest, doing all her work by hand, and living off the land in general. For what little money she does need, she has a small business in disenchanting dangerous or cursed artifacts.

Other Information

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