Megatron (Retired)

General Information


Full Name: Megatron
Faction: Confederacy
Rank: A - Ally
Function: Military Commander
Series: Transformers-1
Species: Transformer

"Peace through tyranny."

Cunning. Tyrannical. Unyielding. The commander of the Decepticons is all of this and more. Though such a title was not taken without work. From his first introduction Megatron quickly rose through the ranks of the Decepticons until, when Lord Straxus decided to strike, Megatron was on the forefront. During Megatron's mission he tricked and nearly killed a naive dockworker by the name of Orion Pax, indirectly creating his arch nemesis Optimus Prime. Once at the pinnacle of the Decepticon ranks, Megatron slew the current leader of the Decepticons, Shackwave (Not to be confused with Shockwave), inheriting the title of High Commander of the Decepticons. It has taken countless wars and times of peace to bring Megatron and the Decepticons to the Multiverse, though the millenia long battle has not lost any steam. Megatron himself is the embodiment of the might of the Decepticons, his strength and cunning unmatched by those under his command. Granted he may be physically outmatched by Optimus, he is able to perform acts of strength and speed that few other Transformers would ever be capable of. Though Megatron is formidable in either of his transformed states, his true strength lies in his robot mode's vastly superior firepower. He is a walking weapons platform; a harbinger of death. However, the powerful Decepticon is not without wisdom, for he is an excellent tactician, often seen as one of the smarter Transformers in the Decepticon ranks. Despite Megatron often being seen as a tyrannical dictator, he is not without honor. This is often seen as his greatest weakness, for often times he has found himself being unable to slay his arch nemesis, and on even rarer occasions fighting beside him.

Vital Statistics

Age: Over 10 million Earth years
Primary Mode: Robot
Secondary Mode: Cybertronian Battle-class Tank
Tertiary Mode: Cybertronian Fighter-class Jet
Classification: Main Battle Tank/Superiority Fighter
Subgroup: Triple Changer
Height: ~35 feet (11.6 meters)
Weight: ~135,000 lbs (61.4 tonnes)

Transformation Mode Details

Robot Mode

  • Ranged Weaponry - Aside the Fusion Cannon upon his right arm, Megatron has a rather large arsenal of weapons at his disposal. Upon his left arm rests a pair of high caliber vulcan cannons, dedicated more toward light engagements rather than heavily armored foes. Upon either of his shoulders sit a pair of missile racks, concealed until deployed. Upon the left side of his back also rests a secondary fusion cannon, though more dedicated to artillery usage rather than direct assault. If required his systems may replicate Earth-style munitions.
  • Melee Weaponry - When in need of melee weapons, Megatron may retract his right hand and replace it with a deadly energon mace, or grab an energon sword from a hidden compartment on the side of his left arm.

Cybertronian Battle-class Tank

Megsy Tank

Cybertronian Fighter-class Jet

Megsy Plane


  • Leader-1 - Leader-1, also known as Leader-One, is Megatron's primary Minicon. While Leader-1 may not be the most loyal of Megatron's subordinates, which he frequently displays much to his master's ire, he is likely one of Megatron's most intelligent. Despite his resentment toward Megatron, Leader-1 tends to follow his orders, if only because his alternative is simple termination. Due to his cunning nature, Leader-1 is an excellent means of gathering information or attempting sabotage. Despite his size, Leader-1 is not a foe to be underestimated. He transforms into a light armored Cybertronian ATV.
  • Clench - Clench, not to be confused with the actual Decepticon, is the younger brother of Leader-1. While Clench may not be as experienced and wise as his older brother, he makes up for this deficiency with his incredible enthusiasm and loyalty toward Megatron, as well as his superior strength and fighting capabilities. Despite his size, Clench is often seen fighting alongside Megatron, due to talents and abilities best utilized to their full potential upon the battlefield. He is far more aggressive and mean-spirited then his sibling, but suffers from his lack of experience due to having been shut down for far longer than his older brother. He transforms into a Cybertronian Cruiser-class Tank.


  • Sensors - While Megatron may not have the most extensive sensor battery, his sensor systems do outmatch those granted to most grunt Cybertronian soldiers. Primarily located within his cranial module, Megatron's sensors are mainly used for tactical purposes, making it rather difficult to get the drop on him.
  • Fusion Cannon - The arm-mounted Fusion Cannon is Megatron's most powerful weapon, capable of leveling an entire city block with a single blast. When necessary Megatron can sub-dimensionally link his fusion cannon directly to a black hole, generating an incredibly powerful antimatter blast with almost unlimited potential. However, by using this ability Megatron is severely weakened, requiring almost all of his strength to channel the energy of the black hole.
  • Basic Weaponry - Like most Transformers, especially Decepticons, Megatron has a large arsenal of weapons at his disposal, as well as a number of built-in weapon systems. All of these systems can freely replicate Earth-style munitions within a moment's notice if the need should arise. Though most of Megatron's weapons are ranged, a few specifically designed for close ranged combat can also be found.
  • Chassis - One aspect of Megatron that makes him unique from most Transformers is his chassis. Originally made of similar alloys to Optimus Prime's, Megatron has had his chassis upgraded with various alloys found in Cybertronians from a recently unified dimension. These new alloys streamline Megatron's transformations, allowing him higher customization, as well as faster transformation. However, these new alloys also have the side-effect of making Megatron's chassis slightly weaker and more susceptible to certain types of attacks, though these side-effects are minimal due to large presence of the original alloys. His armor remains mostly unchanged, though it has gone through some minor alterations as well to support his new chassis, giving him a more metallic look than previously.

Skills and Abilities

  • Strength - While outmatched by Optimus' superior physical strength, Megatron is not weak by any means. He is capable of lifting nearly four million pounds and can do a rather decent amount of damage with mere physical strikes that rival most Transformers weaponry.
  • Intellect - Megatron has extremely high level intellect, vastly outmatching all but the geniuses of the Decepticons, much to his ire. However, while Megatron's knowledge of simple civilian tasks such as engineering and science are not as broad and refined as Optimus Prime's, he has a fair amount of knowledge from his time spent in the Decepticon military, giving him a firm grasp of all warfare related physics and sciences.
  • Tactical Knowledge - Megatron is a brilliant and efficient tactician with an experience spanning millions of years in command of the Decepticons.
  • Combat Skills - Megatron is an expert in ranged combat, and is best suited at fighting his opponents from a distance, despite his greatest foe being best suited with close combat. However, Megatron also has average knowledge of Cybertronian fighting techniques and some knowledge of martial arts, allowing him to be anything but defenseless in close combat.
  • Military Skills - Due to being the leader of an actual military organization of transformers, Megatron is fully trained and qualified for most, if not all, types of military missions and roles within a military. His skills range from practical front-line roles such as infantry and vehicle operations, to more covert operations such as espionage and black operations. However, due to his role within the Decepticon military, he rarely preforms any role aside a battlefield commander, and assigns his subordinates to mundane tasks.
  • Aura of Command - Megatron is as close to you can get to a born leader. Decepticons often follow his orders without question, trusting in his abilities even if the situation looks against their favor. It is not uncommon for the ruthless leader to inspire those under his command to work to their full potential just with his mere presence.

Other Information

  • Self-Repair - Being a Transformer, Megatron is theoretically able to completely reconstruct his body without outside aid from little more than his laser core, given he is still alive. However, his spark must not be damaged and he must have enough time and materials available. Despite being theoretically possible, it's unlikely that his self-Repair would be fast enough to save his life from a mortal wound without outside aid.
  • Resources - Detail here. Including the Nemesis, Scimitar capital ship, and the Vengence cruiser. As well as any other ships I can think of, such as the new Malevolence capital ship, Malice cruiser, possibly the Retribution somewhere, and the Wrath.


While it is believed that Megatron was built by the Constructicons, his true origins are unclear. Regardless of his contested origins, it is known that Megatron started off in the Decepticon army much like any other Transformer would, at one of the lowest grunt ranks. Though as he showed more promise and command ability through his power and keen mind, he swiftly rose through the Decepticon ranks, faster than most could claim. By the time Megatron was a low-grade officer he organized a small strike on an outer city, able to isolate and eventually kill the current Autobot leader at the time. It was soon after that Lord Straxus once again decided to strike, issuing Megatron to the forefront of his assault.

One of the very first assaults after Straxus' orders was a strike on a dock housing a large store of energon. Due to Megatron and the other Decepticon's popularity via their robot-mode flight ability, they were able to trick and mortally wound a dockworker, stealing the energon to fuel Straxus' war. Though at the time Megatron was unaware that he had indirectly brought about the creation of his greatest nemesis. Optimus Prime.

After years of fighting, the current Decepticon leader was slain, being replaced by a temporary leader known as Shackwave. Unfortunately for Shackwave, Megatron rose up and slew him, claiming the title of High Commander of the Decepticons for himself. With the discover of certain ores being able to grant large amounts of power to Transformers known as Minicons, Megatron first meets and claims his long-time ally, Leader-1. It is not clear when Megatron obtains Clench, Leader-1's brother, but it is usually assumed that it was not long after Leader-1's joining.

Once Cybertron itself was threatened, Megatron agreed to have a truce, allowing all of the Minicons to depart, never to be seen again. Though despite peace lasting for a few million years, small scuffles were not uncommon. It is during this time that Megatron attempts to search for the Minicons, attempting to reunite with his small companions in hopes for some reliable subordinates. Once having discovered their location the Leader of the Decepticon's sets out toward Earth, along with a small task force, drawing the attention of the Autobots to follow.

Despite numerous scuffles with the Autobots, Megatron was unable to get a solid victory on Earth, granted he was still able to gather around an amount of minicons equal to that of the Autobots. Once the DES Nemesis was shot down, Megatron opted to turn it into a makeshift base, using it as the Decepticon staging grounds for his campaign on Earth. As the war progresses, Megatron sends orders to Cybertron to begin expanding in search of other resources while his own attempts continue on Earth.

It wasn't long after that the world of the Transformers would unify with other worlds to create the Multiverse, though with its creation Megatron opted to remain in hiding for quite some time, instead leading his troops who would reveal themselves from the shadows. In secret he watched the Multiverse unfold, witnessing some of the highest points and lowest points for both the Union and the Confederacy.

However, now Megatron has decided that is it time to reveal himself to the Union and Confederacy. It is time for him to once more lead the Decepticons by example.

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