Mega Man-3

Megaman-3 is a futuristic theme. In Neo Tokyo, Japan, there is a struggle between the robotic forces of the megalomaniacal Dr. Wily, who uses his robotic troops as his personal army, and Dr. Light, whose creations are charged with protecting the peace and stopping Dr. Wily whenever he rears his head.

How this universe differs from the other Megaman Universes is that several of Wily's Robot Masters, including Sword Man, Yamato Man, Enker, Plant Man, the Alphas, and the Cossackbots have broken away from Wily's Wilycode, which had previously prevented them from disobeying Wily and forced them to fight under his banner. The Cossackbots have returned to Dr. Cossack, while the rest have joined with Dr. Light and Megaman.

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