Mega Man-1

Within the timeline of the games, the events of Mega Man 1-8 have occured, but not those of Megaman and Bass. Duo has dealt with the Evil Energy, so that it does not threaten the world. Dr. Wily has access to the plans for the robot masters from games 2, 3, 5, 7, and 8, often rebuilding them to serve some task. The original six robot masters are now longer under Dr. Wily's contoll, and live with Dr. Light. Dr. Cossack has those robot masters that he built, and the various scientists that built the robot masters of MM6 have the means to rebuild them. Dr. Wily, Dr. Light, Dr. Cossack, and Kalinka have all built other self aware robots, but these are rarely up to the level of the others. The world of the Megaman games was 'gently shattered' the various cities and other places of note being distributed, each intact, across the joined worlds. As the technology level of these cities, factories, mines, and other instalations is relatively high, they often serve as the 'factories' for the rest of the joined worlds. Want a hover car? A Megaworld City is likely the best place to buy it. (with low low LOW intrest rates!) Final note: Mega Man X and Zero are unfinished in this time period; if you want to app them, please do so from the Megaman X contunity.

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