Mecha Size Chart

Names in italics, such as Grimlock, indicate that this height is estimated and has not been ICly established, or source material, if there is any, has no (reliable) height data. Names in bold, such as Metroplex, indicate that this height is approximated, usually due to incomplete or estimated information. Note that when there is contradictory height data, typically one set of data is picked as is appropriate.

Note that for ship entries, it is sorted by height, as if you or your mecha were standing next to it.

(Very much under construction. Okay to add your mecha to this chart!)

Organized by height (ascending)

Name Source Height (Meters) Height (Feet) Length (Meters) Length (Feet)
Typical human Reality 2 6 N/A N/A
Bumblebee Transformers 3.7 12 N/A N/A
USS Rio Grande NCC-72452 (Danube-class Runabout) Star Trek 7 23 24 78.7
RZ-041 Liger Zero Zoids 8.3 27.2 22.4 73.4
Optimus Prime Transformers 10.6 35 N/A N/A
VF-1 Valkyrie (Guardian) Macross/Robotech 11.3 37 N/A N/A
Grimlock Transformers 12.2 40 N/A N/A
RZ-070 Gairyuki Zoids 12.6 41.6 23.8 78
VF-1 Valkyrie (Battroid) Macross/Robotech 12.68 41.6 N/A N/A
Gundam Deathscythe Gundam Wing 16.3 53 N/A N/A
Gundam Sandrock Kai Gundam Wing 16.5 54 N/A N/A
RGX-05 Legend Gundam Gundam SEED Destiny 18.86 61.8 N/A N/A
Original (Alpha) Weltall Xenogears 19.7 64.6 N/A N/A
Optimus Prime (Combined Mode) Transformers 21.2 70 N/A N/A
Rx-93 Nu Gundam Gundam: Universal Century 23 75 N/A N/A
Genesic GaiGar King of Braves GaoGaiGar FINAL 23.5 77 N/A N/A
747-8 Intercontinental Airplane Boeing 24.1 79.1 76.4 250.7
MSN-04 Sazabi Gundam: Universal Century 25.6 84 N/A N/A
Granzon Super Robot Wars: Original Generation 27.3 89.5 N/A N/A
RZ-037 Ultrasaurus Zoids 27.5 90.2 50 164
Big O Big O 30 98.4 N/A N/A
USS Defiant NX-74205 (Defiant class) Star Trek 30.1 98.8 170.7 560
Genesic GaoGaiGar King of Braves GaoGaiGar FINAL 31.5 103.3 N/A N/A
Devastator (example gestalt) Transformers 39.6 130 N/A N/A
Omega Supreme (Guardian class Transformer) Transformers 45.7 150 N/A N/A
Thrudgelmir Super Robot Wars: Original Generation 53.7 176 N/A N/A
Lion Voltron Voltron 60 197 N/A N/A
Eva Unit 01 Neon Genesis Evangelion 80 262.5 N/A N/A
Freya Original Character 15 to 91 50 to 300 N/A N/A
USS Excelsior NX-2000 (Excelsior class) Star Trek 86.8 284.8 467.9 1535.1
USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E (Sovereign class) Star Trek 88 288.7 685 2247.4
NZ-333 Alpha Azieru Gundam: Universal Century 108.26 355.2 N/A N/A
USS Farragut NCC-60597 (Nebula class, default configuration) Star Trek 130.4 427.8 432.8 1419.9
USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D (1st gen Galaxy class) Star Trek 195.26 640.6 641 2103.0
Chrysler Building New York City 319 1,047 N/A N/A
Eiffel Tower Paris 324 1,063 N/A N/A
NDS Angelwing (NDF-28256) Nexus: The Jupiter Incident 272 892 1,224 4,015
Metroplex (Robot Mode) Transformers 4828 15840 N/A N/A
Trypticon (Robot Mode) Transformers 4828 15840 N/A N/A
Mount Everest Reality 8848 29029 N/A N/A
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