Material D

General Information

Full Name: Material-D (AKA Yami, AKA King, AKA Dearche Kings Claudia)
Faction: Confederacy
Rank: 4 - Inquisitor
Function: Load de Arche
Series: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha-3
Species: Material

"Bow before Us, or be taught your rightful place!"

Profile: The Book of Darkness, a powerful artifact of a forgotten age, was at first owned by and then defeated by Hayate Yagami, with the help of Nanoha Takamachi and Fate Testarossa. The Defense Program, however, managed to create artificial beings from the imprints of these three mages. As the imprint of the former Master Hayate, Material-D ostensibly has the greatest control over the powers of the Book. She is still its servant, bound to it and compelled to search out Linker Cores or other sources of magic and knowledge. While required to protect and feed the Book of Darkness, D has a large amount of free will within that restriction, and an even larger ego about it. She is arrogant and demanding, always speaking in the Royal We when referring to herself, demanding attention and obedience both in and out of battle. With the other Material sisters, she now seeks out the required energies to maintain the Book of Darkness in an 'active' state, but also has the silent desire to keep it in a surplus of energy so that she may continue to exist in a state beyond a simple collection of magical code.

Vital Statistics

Age: ~2 years (Physically 9)
Gender: Female
Height: 4'4"
Weight: 60 lbs

Major NPCs

  • The Book of Darkness - After reaching a certain level of completion, the Book of Darkness can fly and make its desires known, somewhat. Being a Device completely bent on absorbing magic so it can eat planets, its desires are pretty simple.
  • Mr Muggles - Mr Muggles is a kitten. She is Yami's favorite. Yes, she knows she named a girl cat 'Mr Muggles.'

Skills and Abilities

  • Leadership - Material-D's entire existence is meant to lead the other Materials and properly complete the Book of Darkness. She has a good amount of tactical knowledge and basic leadership skills, though lacks practical experience. She has started to gain this in her position in the Confederacy.
  • Yersinia Kreuz - An Armed Device, Material-D's staff has only one form, and is merely used to focus and control her enormous mana resevoir. Using the Belkan cartridge system, she does not even need to use her own mana, and can even boost her already tremendous amounts of mana output. As an Armed Device, it cannot cast spells for D, but her connection to the Book of Darkness gives her similar automated defenses to Intelligent Devices, although they are usually less creative.
  • Book of Darkness - A powerful Lost Logia (magical artifact) which behaves like both a Storage Device and an Unison Device. Not only is it a repertoire of ancient and powerful spells for Material-D to use, but it is the being that maintains the three Materials' existence and stops them from aging, having the ability to remake them if destroyed as well. It has the ability to absorb the Linker Core of a mage (or their equivalent spellcasting-enabling organ) to temporarily integrate their skills and spells into Material-D's loadout.
  • Knight Armor - The Ancient Belkan equivalent to Mid-Childan Barrier Jackets, Knight Armors are sets of clothes that shield the user from damage, project anti-magic fields, and otherwise enhance the user's capabilities. They can be donned instantly, and switching between different modes is likewise quick.
  • Magic - Material-D does not tap into only one system, unlike most other mages. Since the Book of Darkness is full of spells of various systems, she is equally adept with Mid-Childan and Ancient Belkan magic, but specializes in the wide-area, highly destructive spells at her disposal. Though she can cause much destruction, her spells are also able to heal and power up allies, to shield herself, to pin enemies down, to enhance her abilities, or to create assorted and otherwise magical effects. Whether she is healing or bombarding, few can match her raw output, though her collection of more refined and precise spells is slightly weaker than would be expected.
  • Defense Program - The final line of defense of the Book of Darkness were the Materials too weak to handle a task. Consuming every filled pages in the book allows Material-D to enter a state of Unison with the Book of Darkness, wielding its dark and terrible power. It cannot be used often and requires the book to have assimilated a certain amount of Linker Cores to be able to access at all.

Other Information

  • Inquisitor - As an Inquisitor in the Confederacy, it is Material-D's task to ferret out traitors and enforce discipline, to some degree. Of late she has had little need to perform these functions, despite the fractured nature of the Confederacy. Material-D is behind Nethryn and Achryn in the Inquisitorial Heirarchy.
  • Veritas Arcanum - Material-D is founder and head of Veritas Arcanum, the magical research division of the Confederacy. This is a voluntary organization, and is thus missing some notable individuals(Loros being the largest gap)


  • Material-S - Calm and collected, D values S's advice and will sometimes listen to her when considering avenues of action. She is also one of her two 'family members' and one of the few people that D will go out of her way to help.
  • Material-L - Although she is powerful, Material-L is also childish and unpredictable, making her on the surface an annoyance. Like S, however, L is still 'family' and D feels incredibly responsible for her, and will defend her from outside threats no matter the situation.
  • Emerald Blade - Material-D has always respected Emerald Blade, but over time grew to enjoy her company for itself. When Emerald made the effort to save the Materials from the Book of Darkness, that cemented a friendship that is not easily set aside.
  • Yuuno Scrya - HATE HATE HATE THAT INTERFERING LITTLE RODENT! (sadly the player has dropped)
  • Young Nanoha and Young Fate - Amusing, adorable, and regrettably enemies. Material-D feels a kinship and rivalry with these girls.
  • Sakura Kinomoto - Naive and childish, but S seems to like her, so whatever.
  • The Union - Full of bluster and annoyance, but despite all this she has a grudging respect for the Union and their dedication to 'helping' people. She thinks they are hypocritical, but she does admit that they try, and she has a special respect for the UNION Division of Mobile Section Six.
  • The TSAB - Interfering bullies.
  • Yuna Kagurazaka - A worthy foe, but she talks too much. Also, Material-D hates her music.
  • Lotor - Thanks to some actions Lotor took early on in Material-D's career in the Multiverse, she has a particular dislike for the Prince. She tolerates him mainly due to his array of Robeasts.


The Materials were birthed from the Book of Darkness as part of its Defense Program. In some universes, they were subsequently defeated… but in Material-D's universe, the three Materials, copies of Hayate, Fate, and Nanoha, subsequently defeated their alternates and fled with the book. Hopping from planet to planet, they dodged the TSAB until Unification, where they promptly fled to an entirely different Sector and joined the Confederacy for protection.

Once there, the Materials began collecting Linker Cores to fill the Book, as they were programmed to do. After several harsh battles, they successfully filled the Book and invoked the Defense Program, but were absorbed into the Book. The fully-formed Book was defeated, and thanks to the pleas of those present, the Materials retained their memories and were able to reform some point later, now much more cautious about filling the Book.

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