Marvel Universe-1

The Avengers. The Fantastic Four. The X-Men. The Thunderbolts.

Imagine a world of heroes. Imagine a world of beings with fantastic powers, who work together to save humanity from the worst Super Villains imaginable. Imagine a world where the greatest heroes came together in an hour of need and formed a near unstoppable team for good. Imagine a world where four astronauts went into space only to be hit by cosmic rays which in turn lead to them gaining fantastic powers. Imagine a world where a small, ever growing, persecuted minority known as Mutants is born with powers, powers they try to use for the greater good. Imagine a world where convicted criminals end up being given a chance to fight for good and earn redemption.

The Masters of Evil. The Brotherhood. Apocalypse. The Kingpin.

Imagine a world where not everyone who has powers is good though. Imagine a world where criminals are given powers, and they in turn band together to fight the heroes. Imagine a world where not every mutant is good, or craves peace. Imagine a world where some with powers believe that all of those who do not have super human powers should be crushed under the heels of those who do in the name of Survival of the Fittest. Imagine a world where sometimes the worst criminals are powerless humans using their sheer intelligence, their money, and influence to commit brazen crimes.

Dr. Strange. Thor. Iron Man. Mr. Fantastic.

Imagine a world where magic is so powerful that humans have to be taught how to harness these magical forces to protect the world from evil, fallen Gods. Imagine a world where beings that are so powerful they could be considered gods not only exist, but they walk around with mortal men. Imagine a world where right next to such forms of magic, science exists that can create artificial organs that can keep a man alive. Imagine a world that has sent humans not only to other galaxies, but also to the past and the future.

This is the Marvel Universe. Earth-616. This version is one where Avengers Dissasembled, The House of M, Decimation, and Civil War events all haven't happened, or at least didn't happen to the extreme they did in the comics. This is meant to be a universe where possibilities that once existed still do, where things from both before those crossovers, after those crossovers, and in some cases during those crossovers can exist side by side.

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