Mario (Retired)
Mario Mario
Alias(es) Super Mario
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 48
Height 5 ft.
Weight 14 stn. 4 lbs. (200 lbs.)
Faction Union
Rank 2-Sergeant
Occupation Plumber, Hero
Series Super Mario Bros-1
Quote "It's-a me! Mario!"

Mario, along with his brother Luigi, were once known in Brooklyn as two Italian brothers who were plumbers, happened across a warp pipe while working a job. It led into a place called the Mushroom Kingdom. Here, the brothers fought the army of the evil king, Bowser Koopa, and saved the reigning ruler, Princess Peach Toadstool. For years, this escapade has made Mario (who's known for more of the heroic feats and more adventures then his younger brother) one of the most popular heroes of all time known for his bravery, determination, and his prowess in jumping, running, usage of power-ups, and overcoming great obstacles.

Profile Information

Full Name: Mario Mario
Faction: Union (2-Sergeant)
Series: Super Mario Bros-1
Species: Human
Quote: "It's-a me! Mario!"
Occupation: Plumber, Hero
Secondary Occupations: Carpenter, Manual Demolitionist, Doctor, Baker, Baseball Player, Basketball Player, Soccer Player, Golfer, Dancer, Olympiad, Typing Teacher, Kart/Motor Bike Racer, Adventurer

Vital Statistics

Age: 48
Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft.
Weight: 14 stn. 4 lbs. (200 lbs.)


Jumping: Mario can jump higher then the normal human being with a normal jumping height of four times his normal height without any power-ups. He can also jump about five yards without a running start, max eight yards with a running start.

Stomping: Mario can stomp on his foes from a jump and can cause a decent amount of pain and damage.

Ground Pound: In the middle of a jump, Mario can flip once in the air, get into a sitting possition, and fall straight down rump first. This causes twice the amount of damage then a normal stomp and can be used to break bricks or other surfaces normally not breakable by normal most persons (as Super Mario or higher).

Triple Jump: Using his momentum, Mario can jump three times in a row to jump higher and higher. This generally involves plenty room for him to run, then jump once, then jump again and getting a little higher, then once more to flip in the air and reach another peak height.

Punches and Kicks: For melee fighting. And Mario's fairly strong. He can do just about as much damage as a stomp with a punch or kick, but not quite. He can deliver a threefold attack using punches and kicks.

Throwing: Mario is decent at grabbing his enemies, twiling them around, and chucking them a small distance away. It's exhausting for him, however, especially when he did it to Bowser.

Wall Jump: If Mario jumps against a wall, he can slide down it and, once he does that, can make another jump from the side of that wall. If he's able to jump to another wall (and it has to be a different wall), then he can do this again on that wall. Could also work between cliff walls and such provided they're close enough.

Swimming: Mario happens to be a decent swimmer. Because of his experience with water, he can remain submerged in it for greatly extended periods of time without having to come up for any air. Also, he can jump out of the water when he reaches the surface.

Power-Ups: Mario has an array of power-ups he can use when there's blocks around or hidden in other fashions, like crates, trash cans, etc. He can also store a couple for later use. These blocks (mainly "?" and some "!" blocks) can be anywhere, but become a little more rare in more far off regions of the Multiverse. The usage of these power-ups aren't limited to Mario; anyone can use them, but Mario is especially good with their use. The power-ups available pulled from any Mario game title and includes every power-up. There are some changes, however, in affect of the rest of the Multiverse outside of the Mushroom Kingdom.
- The Starman power-up works two ways, depending on the type of Starman.
A regular Starman is essentially weaker in the Multiverse. It will max out agility and endurance, making the user extreamily difficult to hit with anything.

Then there is the second Starman, which provides the highest level of resistance possible (near invincibility for Mario). This type of Starman will get a great portion of its power from one of the castle stars or the Star Rod (or whatever is comparable beyond those that come along later). These won't ever be found in a normal scene and will only be used in major TP settings. As such, these appear extreamily rarely. (TP Only - Requires Admin Permission to use.)

- Some power-ups will have time limits. They will have time limits of about four rounds except the Mega Mushroom and Starman, which is two rounds. The power-ups without time time limits are the Fire Flower, Red Leaf, Super Feather, Frog Suit, Tanuki Suit, Hammer Brother Suit, Mini Mushroom, Bunny (Carrot) and Blue Shell, but most will loose these after taking more then 40 points of damage. Mario's usage can last for double that.

Unless otherwise stated there, the power-ups should still work as normal.

Social Information

Mario's social mentions of note.


Luigi: Mario's younger brother. Very dear to him.


Princess Peach Toadstool: A little more then a friend, Mario always saves her from the clutches of his rival, Bowser Koopa.

Toadsworth: Peach's head mushroom retainer, he watches over her personally.

Toad: A very brave, spunky, and strong subject of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Yoshi: One of many yoshi dinosaurs from dinosaur island, this one is very special in that he's been quite a bit of help to the Mario brothers on a number of occasions. And he's ever so friendly and playful!

Geno: He's living puppet that befriended Mario during his fight against Smithy. Quite a sharp shooter!

Mallow: Mallow's the warm, kind type. He's a cloud-man with magic and minor weather control abilities.

Zack Fair: They met quite some time ago in one of the New Yorks. Seemed like a level-headed sort.


King Bowser Koopa: Mario's primary rival who's quite persistant in kidnapping Princess Toadstool and taking the Mushroom Kingdom for himself.

Wart: The evil toad tyrant of the Subcon dream world. If Mario's memory serves, it's the consumption of fresh vegitables that thwart him so.

Wario: Mario's polar opposite, he was behind the alien invasion of Sarasaland quite some time ago.

Waluigi: Wario's brother, more of an annoyance then anything else.

Smithy: A large, but single appearance nuisance of the Mushroom Kingdom. Some really do learn, afterall!

Cackletta: She made a vile appearance attempting to take over the neighboring Bean-Bean Kingdom.

Notable Achievements

Seasoned: Mario his been on many adventures and has performed many heroic feats. Mostly against King Bowser Koopa and his clan and armies, and mainly in the Mushroom Kingdom. His feats extend to other places such as Brooklyn, Sarasaland, the Bean-Bean Kingdom, Dinasour Land, and even in outer space! He's even faced other adversaries, such as Wario. Interestingly enough, his heroics do extend into the Multiverse some, in one case helping in a fight against Kefka, landing the final blow against one of his dragons… with his Ground Pound technique!

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