General Information

Full Name: Marie-Alice
Faction: Unaffiliated
Rank: U - Union Civilian
Function: Just A Girl
Series: Dragon Ball Z-2
Species: Human

"…I had a bad dream, but I'm awake now."

Marie-Alice is a little girl who appears to be unusually well-educated but otherwise unexceptional. Her past life as the Bio-Android called "Malice" has been forgotten as a result of her being reborn as a human child. With it, more pain and death than a thousand lifetimes could encompass has likewise been purged from her being… Though only during the daylight hours. Nightmares are another matter completely. Regardless, though her former existence has been left behind, the legacy of the sacrifice that Malice made will continue to impact Marie-Alice both directly and indirectly for a long time to come. After all, she would not even exist if not for the artificial woman that many would have called a monster.

Vital Statistics

Age: Confusing. See Note below.
Gender: Female
Height: Small
Weight: Light
Note: 40+ in her original form as Malice, due to time spent in a "pocket universe". After being reincarnated as Marie-Alice, she was "reset" to the physical age she appeared to be prior to Malice's first "evolution". She has the body of a 6-years old girl. However, she has only experienced a few months of that time span presently. Most are treating her as being 6 regardless of when her present body was created chronologically.


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Major NPCs

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Skills and Abilities

  • Ki Control - Marie-Alice possesses great hidden potential for becoming a powerful fighter, and she has enormous un-tapped reserves of energy known as "Ki" compared to an average human being. She has no knowledge of this energy nor the ability to consciously use it at this point in time. Further, only those with great skill or ability in regard to sensing the potential/hidden power of others would be able to identify these reserves, as they are inactive presently. They can only be made use of instinctively, and then only in desperate circumstances or when experiencing extreme emotions. This generally means she or someone she cares deeply about must be in immediate danger. (OOC Note: If Marie-Alice learns how to use Ki consciously at a later time, the specific techniques and abilities will be listed in +powers/detail.)
  • Livingsouls Aura - (Aura Flare) Due to the absorption of many other living beings during her prior existence as the Bio-Android named "Malice", when Marie-Alice was reborn as a human, the spirits and energies of her former victims were reborn within her. When there is a desperate need for power in order to survive or to protect someone she deeply cares about, Marie-Alice can temporarily reawaken these now-living spirits in the form of an aura of Ki that energizes her in order to boost her physical capabilities briefly. This renders her combat-capable, but she fights in this state based on instinct and with over-whelming force. She does not suddenly gain skill in martial arts nor the ability to fire Ki blasts or to fly or otherwise use the Ki for techniques that require training. She just doggedly pursues and attacks the one responsible for her situation or tries to rescue or protect a loved one. The Livingsouls Aura can only remain active for about three rounds of combat at most. Extreme circumstances may extend this by one additional round, but after four rounds Marie-Alice would be completely drained and unable to act for the rest of the battle. If it is sustained for three rounds or less, then she can still do the things a normal person could, and potentially even re-energize a second time. However, making use of the Livingsouls Aura twice in a single battle would be even more unusual than it happening in the first place, and the required motivation to activate it would need to be magnitudes greater. (Base PL 8 -> Flared PL 30)
  • Psychic Cognition - Marie-Alice has obtained an uncontrolled psychic cognition that allows her to experience visions of the past, present, and potential future as they relate to her past life as "Malice". The potential exists to one day remove the aspects of Malice sufficiently that she will no longer receive visions of such, and would instead possibly and -very infrequently- receive visions of -potential- future events of at least personal significance but that may permit her to help loved ones or avoid danger. Any use of this power, either related to Malice or otherwise, requires prior OOC approval -and- plot-involvement. (Note: This means that if the plot is being run by another player, permission from that player and all related details and restrictions would be required -before- this power could be used for such a plot in -any- way.)

Other Information

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(NOTE: This is the history for Malice, Marie-Alice's original incarnation, as of the time of her original approval. The events that followed afterwards will be listed eventually)
Alice-Marie Regal was the daughter of a brilliant scientist, Doctor Sean Regal. She was killed in an accident, when a powerful storm ripped through the coastal laboratory of Suncrown Research. Doctor Regal, distraught, was unable to think of anything other than his lost little girl. So he began devoting his research and resources to discovering a way to revive the dead. He eventually succeeded, in a way, by using cells taken from Alice-Marie's preserved body and using them as a base for a Bio-Android. Having completed her accelerated growth, Marie-Alice had to relearn everything, as a completely new person/entity. She had been told that Dr. Regal was her father, and he treated her like he did his daughter. But the Bio-Android felt detached from those around her and was more interested in seeing the world, and learning all she could.

She eventually left Suncrown Research's laboratories when her "father" took her to see the 63rd Tenkaichi Budokai. This was her first exposure to the lands beyond the coast of the western continent. On Papaya Island, she saw and met many people — more than she had suspected existed previously. When a man named Kane, a Kaioshin calling himself "Ross", and a woman by the name of "Persephone" had to abandon ordinary tournament combat to prevent an Undead man, "Dread", from winning the Tenkaichi Budokai and claiming two of the legendary Dragon Balls, she realized there was far more to her simple existence than she had suspected. The three battled fiercely, but ultimately it took a fourth tournament competitor, "Gondora", stepping in to end the threat of Dread. Dread had already slain two other competitors outside of the ring, and had injured many bystanders, plus he had endangered almost everyone in the stadium. No one put up much of a fuss about the rules violations that had occurred during the fight to save everyone.

Marie-Alice realized that there were people capable of amazing things in the world, and she wanted to know how they were able to do these amazing things. She felt that she had much to learn, and was eager to ask questions of the two humans, the Kaioshin, and the mysterious fourth competitor that seemed to be stronger than any of the others. Before she could sneak away to speak to these four heroes, she was kidnapped while Doctor Regal was not looking, and held hostage. She was being ransomed for a great deal of money — more than the entirety of Suncrown Research possessed. Sean Regal went in search of Kane and his new companions, leaving the artificial little girl at the mercy of a magic-using woman named "Donna", her insane minions, and the shadowy individual that was manipulating them all.

Marie-Alice was eventually rescued, and a Demon, named "Nanto", was exposed as the one responsible. Once Nanto was killed, the little girl was free to return to Suncrown Research with her "father". But her helplessness and inability to save herself made her realize she was a risk for her "father". He had almost been killed during the rescue conducted by Kane and his friends, and Kane and the others were likewise hurt and in danger. It took time and research, but she determined that it was possible to become stronger through physical and mental training. When attempts at undergoing training failed, Marie-Alice realized she had not aged a single day in more than five years. She confronted Doctor Regal about this, and eventually discovered the truth: she was not a really his daughter.

She took this news surprisingly well. It explained so much to her. She was not really a person, just an imitation. That meant that she was not really doing anything wrong in her attempts to be human… She was just not human. Even so, she did not want to acknowledge she could not be a person and an individual through her own efforts. When remnants of Donna's gang attacked Suncrown Research, Marie-Alice discovered an unfortunate ability she possessed. She could drain the life from others and even absorb their flesh. Though nauseated by this discovery at first, she used it and her inherent resilience to injury to kill all of the intruders. Though Doctor Regal wound up paralyzed below the waist from a spinal injury caused by a stray bullet, he survived and so did Marie-Alice. She did not feel that this was sufficient.

She had grown stronger from those she had slain and absorbed, and at the very end, when she absorbed the power of the skilled warrior leading the gang remnants, she "transformed". Her body rapidly changed and aged until she was equivalent to a young teenage girl in appearance. With time and training, she managed to grow to a formidable level in terms of skill and power. She decided she would have to go out and find Kane if she hoped to learn how to protect people like he could. Many adventures resulted from her search for Kane, and then her association with him and his friends after finding them. She joined them as an ally and companion, fighting to protect Earth and all of its people from any who would threaten the innocent. But when an evil descendant of the legendary Namek-sei-jin, "Piccolo", arrived on Earth, all of her training and experience was not enough. Even when a former enemy, a Saiya-jin by the name of "Kaba", was able to transform into a Super Saiya-jin, all the defenders of Earth working together could only fight evenly with the evil Super Namek.

Marie-Alice had sworn to Doctor Regal to never again resort to absorbing the life energy of others. All of her allies and companions were in danger, along with the rest of planet Earth. She broke her promise to save them. She ambushed the Super Namek and managed to absorb a significant amount of his energy. He was too strong for her to absorb completely, but she created an opening that allowed Kaba to destroy the alien menace. In the process of saving everyone, however, Marie-Alice also decided her own fate. She had always "hungered" for something. First she hungered for knowledge, and then she hungered for recognition as a person. But a second transformation occurred, and she evolved to the form of a young adult… A much stronger version of herself, and one with a greatly increased appetite. Her new hunger was for one thing only: power.

She tried to fight it at first, and sought help and advice from those who she had treated as friends. She went to the Kaioshin that had assisted during the Tenkaichi Budokai, and asked to be made a normal human being. This was beyond Kurosu's/Ross's power, however. Finally, Marie-Alice went to Doctor Ross to see if he could "fix" her. While this was going on, Kane and the rest of Marie-Alice's allies were hunting down the Dragon Balls, intending to wish for their tormented friend to be free of her "hunger" — or alternately to simply be human. They succeeded, but their efforts came too late. Finally giving in to her hunger after an argument with Doctor Regal, Marie-Alice wound up killing and absorbing her own creator. That resulted in her accepting that she was not human, had never been human, and never would be human. She gave up on pretending, and decided that the only way to begin her new life as the Bio-Android she always was, was simply to absorb all of her former allies. Their combined power would be enough to ensure she could continue serving her intended function without fear of being hurt ever again.

During the ensuing conflict, Marie-Alice took up the name "Malice" to distinguish herself from her previous self-identifications. She succeeded in absorbing Persephone, weakening Kaba in the form of a Super Saiya-jin greatly, and injuring Kane. Only Gondora, secretly a former Dragon of a set of Dragon Balls from another world, was able to stand up to her. The Dragon of Earth's set of Dragon Balls, Shenron, was summoned in a desperate attempt to fix everything by wishing those who had granted Malice her power to be returned to life. Before the wish could be granted, Malice attacked Shenron. The resulting cataclysmic explosion of energy coincided with that version of Earth joining the Multiverse at large.

Malice was lost and confused for quite awhile, but eventually made an agreement with the Confederacy. They would provide her with victims/food, and she would serve the role she was always intended to fulfill, ever since Doctor Gero originally designed the first Bio-Android… Malice is a weapon. She sees herself as solely this, and nothing else.

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