Makoto Kino

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Makoto Kino </div>
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Character Template

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<p><strong>Full Name:</strong> Makoto Kino<br />
<strong>Faction:</strong> Union<br />
<strong>Rank:</strong> 2- Sargeant<br />
<strong>Function:</strong> Princess Protection Person<br />
<strong>Series:</strong> Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon<br />

<strong>Species:</strong> Human</p>
<p><strong>Quote:</strong><br />
"With reborn strength, Sailor Jupiter of enormous Power"</p>
<p><strong>Profile:</strong> Your Profile</p>
<hr />
<h2 id="toc2"><span>Vital Statistics</span></h2>
<p><strong>Age:</strong> 18<br />

<strong>Gender:</strong> Female<br />
<strong>Height:</strong> 5'11.5"<br />
<hr />

<h2 id="toc3"><span>Additional Details</span></h2>
<li>Reborn - Makoto Kino is the reincarnation of Juno, Princess of Jupiter. While she still doesn't quite know what that means for HER, it does tend to indicate that she may not live only a human's lifespan. </li>
<li>Thunder - Makoto is handy with electrical-based magic, and has even begun to improvise with new uses for her powers. Some of these new uses can vary in usefulness, but she won't be deterred by failures.
<hr />
<h2 id="toc4"><span>Major NPCs</span></h2>

<li><strong>Luna and Artemis</strong> - The wise elders of the Senshi, Luna and Artemis are the only ones who have their memories of the Moon intact. As the last surviving members of the Mau, a race of shapeshifing felines, they are charged with protecting the Moon Kingdom's royalty, and guiding them as advisors.</li>
<li><strong>Ami</strong> - Ami Mizuno, Super Genius. Sailor Mercury can be called nothing else. With her 300 IQ allowing her to graduate with the highest grade in the country, Ami's well on her way to becoming a doctor. When there's trouble, she can become Sailor Mercury, with the power of Ice!</li>
<li><strong>Rei</strong> - As the heir to the Hikawa Jinja, Rei Hino is a devout follower of the Shinto traditions. Spurned by most due to her powers of divination, Rei has only a close circle of friends. As Sailor Mars, she weilds the power of Fire, as well as the power of her blessed ofuda cards.</li>
<li><strong>Minako</strong> - A beautiful, but somewhat spastic blonde, Minako Aino is the epitomy of 'idol-model'. But her secret is that she is the first of the 'Inner Senshi' to be awakened. Having acted for quite a while as 'Sailor V', Sailor Venus uses the powers of Metal and Energy to strike down her opponents.</li>
<hr />
<h2 id="toc6"><span>Skills and Abilities</span></h2>
<p><strong>Note:</strong> Use this section to give a brief overview of your notable skills and abilities. This isn't a place to stick everything in your +powers, but potentially can be if all of them are skills or abilities.</p>
<li><strong>Martial Arts</strong> - As an ikkyu (Brown-belt rank) Shotokan Karate user, Makoto is quite skilled in the Martial arts, enough to make her difficult, but not impossible to beat.</li>
<hr />
<h2 id="toc8"><span>History</span></h2>
<p><strong>Note:</strong> Growing up, Kino Makoto stood out… literally. Orphaned at a young age by a plane crash, she was totally independant, and completely willing to take care of herself, thankyouverymuch. Then came physical development… Becoming very tall faster than anyone else in her class made her the target of some rather unpleasant attention, which she met headon… And wound up expelled from her school because of it. Her new school, Juuban High, didn't think she'd last long HERE, either, enough to not even bother special-ordering a school uniform in her size. By the time she attended class, the rumor mill had the whole school afraid of her… except a hungry blonde named Usagi…
That day, while out with Usagi, She ran into a young man named Jyou, the "Crane Game Raider". As he was leaving the most recent 'victim' with bagsful of spoils. As she followed him, he was attacked by an effemenate man with a black crystal. Not willing to let this stand, Makoto attacked… and earned the distinction of the first person to EVER damage the face of Zoicite, of the Shitennou. Zoicite retreated for a short time, but returned for Jyou later, turning him into the powerful youma, Geisein.
Sailor Moon engaged this monster, unsuccessfully, quickly being driven into a corner, until Makoto acted, lifting the youma up over her head, and throwing it into the bushes, revealing her own potential in the form of the sign of Jupiter flaring on her forehead. Geisein recovered quickly, though, catching Sailor Moon in his clutches, while the advisor, Luna gave Makoto her first transformation pen… And the words that would change her life forever: "JUPITER POWER, MAKE UP!" With Sailor Jupiter assisting, Sailor Moon had NO problems defeating this latest menace, turning Geisein back into Jyou.
Every battle has an ending, and the battle with the Dark Kingdom was no exception. Once the Sailor Senshi were gathered together, they struck back against the Dark Kingdom, and were greeted by the DD Girls, a quintet of powerful youma with powers of illusion. Sailor Jupiter was caught by them, and told the others to continue on, while they began electrocuting her to death while she prepared her counterattack. The resulting explosion killed 2 of the 5 youma, but also cost the Senshi their dear friend… It was not until Usagi defeated Beryl, and made the Ginzuishou put everyone back the way they were, that Kino Makoto lived again, with no memories of her time as a warrior.
A new threat came not long after. The alien marauders, Ail and Ann sought to nurture the tree they need to continue living. At first Usagi was the only one awakened, but was adamant about not restoring the others' memories. Eventually it became necessary, and Luna used her psionic abilities to reawaken the four remaining Senshi to join the battle.
Enemies were defeated, one by one: The Ayakashi Sisters, Rubeus, Dimande, Wise Man, Nehelenia, Galaxia. Friends were made, such as Safir, the Amazon Quartet, and Helios… Sailor Jupiter, along with the others, grew in power, to meet these greater challenges. Yet for all that she's grown in power, Makoto herself changes the least of all the Senshi, remaining the strong support for the group… as she intends to be, until Crystal Tokyo is formed in the future. </p>


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