Mai (Retired)
Vital Information
Gender Female
Species Human
Source AtLA-1
Faction Confederacy
Rank A-Ally
Function Ray of Sunshine
Groups None
Other Information
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Age (Actual) {$ageact}
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Height 5'6"
Weight 133lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Hazel
"I'm sorry I'm not as high-strung and crazy as the rest of you."
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The daughter of a high-ranking government official, Mai grew up as the epitome of a child that was to be seen and not heard. Her upbringing was highly controlled under the constant concern that any acting out might influence her father's political standing. As a result, Mai spent years repressing her emotions, playing the part of the perfect daughter. Her boredom with this unfulfilling life led to finding ways of amusing herself by throwing knives at her bedroom wall. Gradually, Mai developed this skill, wielding knives and thrown weapons as easily as the Fire Nation's benders wield flame. Though unable to wield the elements, Mai is nonetheless capable of taking down even a skilled bender with judicious and terrifyingly precise application of throwing knives. She comes across as a dark and gloomy soul, prone to brooding. Her interactions with others are by turns either unenthusiastic, stoic, or with a sarcasm bordering on acerbity; and though she lacks Azula's violent temper, she nonetheless has no patience for fools.


  • Agility: For someone accustomed to the courts of the Fire Nation, Mai is surprisingly athletic and agile. She doesn't look it, but she has a gift for sprinting, leaping, dodging, diving, and lunging. Mai also has fantastic reflexes, allowing her to react to dangerous situations as they unfold, and protect herself directly by way of evasion if she has to.
  • Concealed Weaponry: Relying on small weapons means that they're easily concealed. Mai's robes can usually conceal several dozen knives, stilettos, sai, and arrow-darts on spring-loaded launchers.
  • Knives: Mai carries a staggering variety of knives, each crafted as a distinct type. At any given time she can usually be expected to carry long, streamlined knives, single- and double-bladed knives, thick knives, curved knives, short knives, and more. These different types are used for specific purposes. Longer, thinner knives are made for speed and lethality, while the thicker-bladed weapons are more useful for pinning down opponents.
  • Laucher: Concealed beneath Mai's sleeves around both wrists and both ankles are motion activated launchers. These spring-loaded mechanisms are used to fire metal-tipped darts, with force enough to punch through wood. Of note, the metal alloy is just soft enough to pierce through some substances, like ice, without shattering them.
  • Sai: A three-pronged blade capable of retracting into a compact knife, Mai's miniature sai is a particularly lethal weapon with utility as either a bladed-edged knife or a three-pronged weapon, with a wide enough spread to either pin or pierce targets. Its blades can retract or deploy either before launch or in midair.
  • Cool Under Fire: Where the other individuals of the Fire Nation that she associates with are all about fiery passion and quick emotion, often quick temper, Mai is a study in contrasts. Cool and calculating, it is difficult to agitate Mai or for her to succumb to anger. This can often work to her advantage in the heat of battle… or out of it.
  • Deadeye: Mai spent her childhood throwing knives at her bedroom wall out of boredom, and developed her macabre hobby into a lethal skill. She has pinpoint accuracy with any knife-like projectile, and she can improvise her weaponry. Her control and restraint are keen enough to incapacitate or disable targets in very specific ways, like pinning sleeves to solid surfaces. Her knives are also sharp enough — and can be thrown hard enough — to punch through even solid steel.


  • Apathy: Due to the oppressively controlled environment she grew up in, Mai invests very little attachment into people, situations, or things, and doesn't have very much faith in anything. As a child she did not speak unless spoken to, and stifled her emotions. As a young woman, she retains these traits, and has difficulty forming attachments to much of anything. Very few things have managed to pass this threshold, and in most cases she will prefer to keep the world at arm's length… and not care.
  • Conformist: Mai's upbringing taught her to conform and to bend to the will of individuals more influential than herself. She will in many cases go along with whatever choices are made, even if she doesn't necessarily agree with them. Sometimes this can result in choices or actions detrimental to herself, but the instinct to keep a low profile and not butt heads with important people is a strong one.
  • Dingy Grey Aura: Becoming the "perfect daughter" to preserve her father's political career, Mai learned to repress her emotions and to deny self-expression. The face she puts on to the world is generally bland with a slight bent toward pessimism, and very little personality or expression shown towards others. While this can sometimes work in her favor, her lack of enthusiasm can be self-sabotaging; especially in the face of greater Confederate goals.
  • Lack of Ambition: Mai is absolutely directionless when it comes to personal ambition. She has no real goals of her own, and she's largely content to let life pass her by. From a Confederate standpoint, this can be problematic if she allows missions to be compromised simply because she cannot be bothered to care; unless given sufficient motivation, she tends not to put in that extra effort that might mean the difference between success or failure. Needless to say, this can get her into trouble with the Confederacy. Or with Azula.
  • Limited Ammo: One disadvantage to fighting with thrown weapons is the fact that unless it's a boomerang, they don't usually come back by themselves. Mai carries a staggering quantity of weapons with her at any given time, but she can't carry too many. Once she's been completely disarmed, there isn't much left she can do.
  • Mundane, Ish: Unlike a lot of the people she's dealt with from her world, Mai has no supernatural talents. Her skill with knives is entirely self-taught. She has no capacity to bend the elements to her will and no potential to learn it. This can be a problem if her agility and her weaponry fail her, as they're her first and only lines of defense.
  • Ugh: For all that she's a useful ally in a fight, Mai can be convinced not to act by others due to her inherent lack of motivation. If she feels that something is too much of a pointless effort, or if it inconveniences Mai in any major way. For example, offending Mai's high standards of cleanliness are a good way for her to refuse to participate. Victory is not worth slogging through the mud.
  • Zuko: Though unable to show it in any meaningful way, Mai harbors strong feelings for the exiled Prince Zuko. She knows he can take care of himself, but when he does fall into trouble, it can have a stronger impact on Mai than she might admit. If she feels he's sufficiently threatened, she will come to his defense, even if it clashes with Confederate or Fire Nation interests.
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