Mai-Otome Sifr-1

The world of Earl holds the last remnants of Humanity, and soon found itself engulfed in war that nearly brought an end to the species. It was during this time that Fumi Himeno, the first Otome, founded the Otome Academy and brought an end to the Twelve Kingdom War. Otome, women of great power given to them through forgotten technology, take it upon themselves to carry the burden of this technology that almost destroyed the world.

It's been approximately twenty years since the end of the Dragon King War, over two and a half centuries since Garderobe was created. The world has recovered and is peaceful once again, the events of the Wind Uprising will not be happening for another three decades. However, the world would be unaware of just how close it came to war. Through the efforts of just a few powerful individuals, a plan to send the world plunging back into war would be thwarted.

The theme of Mai-Otome Sifr-1 centres around the OVA, 'Mai-Otome 0 ~S.ifr~'.

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