The world of Earl was colonized by the people of Earth long ago, and soon found itself engulfed in war that nearly brought an end to life on the new world. It was during this time that Fumi Himeno, the first Otome, founded the Otome Academy and brought an end to the Twelve Kingdom War.

Three hundred years after the foundation of Garderobe Academy, the events of the anime take place, giving way to the Wind Uprising and the canon events there-in. This is where My-Otome-1 splinters from Canon slightly. The My-Otome-1 takes place before the events of Mai-Otome Zwei. While the main background events, SOLT (Strategic Otome Limitation Talks) and the Disarmament of the Slave Lords have continued as canon, it has been four years currently since the Wind Uprising and the Meteor carrying Yuma has yet to arrive, although Garderobe Academy has opened it's technology partially to Aries and the other countries.

As of Unification, Garderobe maintains it's neutral political status towards both the Union and Confederate forces as well as the countries of Earl, while the Country of it's origin, Windbloom, has aligned itself with Union Forces. Currently, political ties to the other nations of Earl are still maintained, although to this point it is uncertain where each individual nation lies with the union or confederacy, as the issue is rarely discussed in the council meetings at Garderobe when the nation leaders converge as they are still recovering from the Wind Uprising.

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