Magus Zeal

General Information

Full Name: Magus Zeal
Faction: Union
Rank: LC-Last Chancer
Function: Sorcerer Arcanum
Group: Last Chancers
Title: N/A
Series: Chrono Trigger-1
Species: Zealian

"Shadow and darkness cannot blind me. Everything is clear before me even in the black of the void."

Profile: Once a member of the royal Zealian family, a mystical dictator and reluctant world hero, the archmage Magus is now on his own. His travels have taken him many places in life. Some were by his own choice, some not. But now, in the multiverse, he is no longer subjected to the whims of time. He can do as he pleases at his own pace. Having helped to destroy Lavos once and, hopefully, for all, the mage is now free. Free to see what he wants. Do what he wants. With his new found power and sense of responsibility, he has decided to fight for his own sense of justice, but he does it on his terms. "By any means necessary" is true of Magus perhaps more than anyone else in the Multiverse.

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