Mage: The Ascension-1

The closing of a millennium is at hand. We have been crushed in a vice, trapped between rigid law and black chaos. All we have wrought with magick is forgotten. The Technocracy, rational, resolute, ruthless, it rules the crystalline earth and suffocates us in webs of steel. The Marauders, unknowable, unpredictable, unholy, they rule the outcast realms and drown us in ceaseless discord. The Nephandi, damned, diabolic, destructive, the rule the nethermost voids and constrict us within the Wyrm's coils. We have failed to heal the growing paradox. Our timid tinkering has won us little ground. But perhaps you will not fear to strike firmly, to wield the full force of your fury. Perhaps you will battle them as we could not perhaps the time has come.

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