Lyner Barsett
Lyner Barsett
Vital Information
Gender Male
Species Human
Source Ar Tonelico-1
Faction Union
Rank A-Ally
Function Knight of Elemia
Groups Gatecrasher's Union
Other Information
Age (Appearance) 19
Age (Actual) 19
Still Aging? Undecided
Height 5'9
Weight 158 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Grey
"People don't even try to see things from other peoples' perspectives. …To see why they do certain things. This is the most common cause of conflict."


Lyner is an energetic young man born in Platina, the Holy City situated in the middle of the Tower of Ar Tonelico located on Sol Ciel. He has a clear sense of right and wrong and will not hesitate to risk his life for what he believes in. Despite being born to the governor of Platina and thus, being groomed for politics, Lyner instead chose to join the Knights of Elemia, making use of his natural talents to assist the people of the tower alongside Shurelia; the tower's administrator. Though he can be quite reckless and a fair bit impulsive, Lyner is not without wisdom, which occasionally makes itself apparent at key moments.


Swordsman: As a Knight of Elemia as well as naturally talented combatant, Lyner is well versed in the ways of the sword, able to wield his weapon with one or two hands for varying levels of force. It should also be noted that he keeps a dagger and other auxiliary weapons tucked into his armor. Do not be surprised if he dual wields his sword with his dagger or throws a grenade of the EMP, explosive, or elemental variety.

Hymmnos: Lyner is quite familiar with the Hymmnos language and is able to read and manipulate it with a fair degree of skill. Obviously he cannot use Song Magic, being a Non-Reyvateil, but he understands it.

Hymmnos Weapon: In a rather impressive feat of skill for a Non-Reyvateil, Lyner has actually inscribed a Hymmnos Command into his sword as well as his dagger, allowing him to divert power from the tower and into them, which results in the emission of wind and lightning. Whether it be either or seems to depend on his mental state at the time of use however.

Wind Manipulation: By commanding a bit of the power from the Tower, Lyner can produce forceful wind emissions from his sword and dagger is varying forms. It can be anything from a simple gust of wind to push targets back, cutting air blades, or a miniature localized tornado about the size of a tall human male. It can get much more intricate but Lyner never really goes much further than that unless pushed to his limits.

Lightning Manipulation: By focusing the power drawn from the Tower, Lyner can convert wind energy into lightning, resulting in lightning charged slashes, bolts of lightning impacting the ground and spirals of lightning energy lancing about. Manipulating lightning takes more focus and thus, will tire him out after extended use.

Leadership: Lyner's journey across the tower and the surrounding land has forced him to grow. Maturing into the leadership role. He never asked for it, but he was more than willing to take it up and lead his allies into a quest that would save the world as well as his mortal enemy. He is an inspiring figure that encourages confidence and understanding in his allies and with each other. Bringing positive energy to the group as a whole, one could say that Lyner was made to be a leader.

Strong Will: Lyner has a strong will, able to persevere through things that would cause an average person to throw their hands into the air and give up. Willing to keep trying and trying and trying until he manages to do what needs to be done, one should never assume Lyner is down for the count

Specific Skills

Sword Strikes

Dive Slash: Lyner's basic attack. Dive forward, swinging the sword in an uppercut motion. Tends to be used to test the target's defenses. Power, speed, and accuracy is balanced.

Cross Flash: A dual strike from sword and dagger. A speedy combination that doesn't require much startup. If the opponent's defense is opened up, you can be sure Lyner will follow up with this. Not high on damage, but accurate.

Full Stomp: A powerful overhead strike, usually accented with a jump. If the opponent's leaves themselves open to a heavy strike, Lyner will be sure to use this. It is high on damage but low on speed and accuracy. Due to the nature of the movement, this strike must be committed to all the way through, be it a hit or miss.

Special Moves

Impulse: Lyner gathers power from the Tower to create a wind current around the blade. It is then swung into the ground and expelled as a straight traveling shockwave. Impact with the target usually has enough force to send them flying several feet. But against heavier opponents or those who are prepared with a defense, it may just push them back. Impulse is an entirely non lethal attack in that it is not cutting in nature. This is Lyner's favorite non signature skill as it does not take much energy to perform.

Lightning Blade: An extension of Cross Flash. Lyner unleashes a flurry of lightning charged slashes, ending in a moderately sized orb of lightning exploding an crackling outwards on the target. This skill is more speed over power, as Lyner is able to unleash many blows in a short time frame. However, the addition of lightning does make it more damaging than Cross Flash.

Spark Rush: An uppercut slash followed by an overhead slash charged with lightning. The second impact will result in a bolt of lightning striking the ground and creating debris. This technique is balanced between power, speed, and accuracy. This skill is more flashy in that the lightning bolt serves to distract and the debris serves to throw the target off balance, leaving them open for a more reliable strike.

Decisive Strikes

Photon Smash: Jump into the air with a flourish, and then come flipping downwards with a lightning charged sword to bear into the ground. The resulting impact causes a powerful bolt of lightning to tear into the ground. This technique is entirely lethal and the addition of lightning only makes it more so. Focusing entirely on power, this skill foregoes speed and accuracy. Lyner will rarely use this attack on a human or otherwise intelligent being.

Double Beat: Slash through the target and then come back around with a rising uppercut slash. The rising slash creates a localized tornado of wind blades to slash into the target. This skill is more flash than form, but it's damage is the lower of his three decisive strikes. In that respect, it's relatively safe to use against human opponents without the worry of killing them.

Break Blade: A quick combo of slashes meant to overcome defense. No elemental power is used and Lyner simply goes all in with blade and dagger to bear. This technique is balanced between power, speed, and accuracy, and is Lyner's favored Decisive Strike.

Signature Move

Photon Storm: Lyner's ultimate skill. A culmination of all of his abilities in one move. Wind power is utilized to carry Lyner through the air in a spiral around the target while he lashes out with slashes from all sides. At the same time, lightning energy lances about in a spiral and gathers upwards where Lyner finally draws it into his blade. The blade is then swung downwards, sending a dragon shaped lightning projectile hurtling into the target. The resulting explosion of lightning serves to add the finish touch to this unquestionably lethal skill. Needless to say, Lyner will not use this epic ability unless forced into a life or death situation.

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