Lupita Auryon
Lupita Auryon A.K.A. Alpha Packbeast Moonfray
Vital Information
Gender Female
Species Alternian Troll
Source AlterniaBound-1
Faction Unaffiliated
Rank X-None
Function Alpha Packbeast
Groups Session 412
Other Information
Age (Appearance) 21 Human Years
Age (Actual) 10 Alternian Sweeps
Still Aging? Undecided
Height 7'
Weight Unknown
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Purple
"Dude, life is motherglubbin' rainbows, man."


Alpha Packbeast Moonfray, or as she's otherwise known, LUPITA AURYON, is a refugee of the Troll planet Alternia. Like all trolls, she lived a harsh life growing up, but thanks to the intervention of her moirail (a special kind of life-mate) Aethra, she learned to calm herself down from the usual murderous tendencies of her blood caste. Though she is Circus in religion, a faith based loosely on Juggalo culture, she is not an avid practitioner, nor does she any longer take part in the more murderous methods of the congregational Carnival ceremonies. Instead, she believes simply that life is a bunch of miracles, or, as she refers to them, 'rainbows', and that the enjoyment of these rainbows is where one fully excels. Despite her laid back, almost 'stoner-esque' disposition, however, she is at heart like all Trolls a violent creature; she has excelled in the art of battle through use of claws and fangs, but for the sake of trying to appear a proper adult, she has branched into use of clubs for battle as well.


Species: Troll: As an Alternian Troll, Lupita is given the following boons: a slightly chitinous skin, claws on both hands and feet, fangs, a bite strength more closely akin to a crocodile's than human's. She can see remarkably well in the dark, as her species is nocturnal. She also has a hearing range that can pick up sounds outside a human's normal range, in both volume and pitch, and an almost canine sense of smell. In addition, because of where she pupated, she was granted physical adaptations to the rugged area in the form of animal-like feet, and greater climbing ability.

Caste: Highblood: Lupita is a 'highblood', or one of purple blooded cast color. This, within the trolls blood-hue driven caste system, is the socially highest color of the blood cast that can occur on land. As such this leaves her prone to greater strength, longer life, and better resilience than most of the other blood colors, but also comes with a price of lessened mental stability.

Chucklevoodoos: This is a psychic power that creates an aura approximately the size of a small room, that can cause moments of unease and fear in others. It was primarily used through history by those of her blood caste to make them seem scarier and act as enforcers to keep the lower classes subdued by fear. This fear aura can be imbued in a weaker state to objects, most often dolls and weapons. Items imbued with chucklevoodoos are referred to as jujus. A juju's influence is stronger in dreams, but normally simply will cause a slight feeling of unease while in line of sight of the object. (CONSENT EFFECT: This power can only work effectively with the other player's consent; those resistant to psychic powers need not ask or give consent to be unaffected.)

Strife: Fang Kind: Like many Trolls, Lupita has fangs; she has specialized in fighting with hers so long that for much of her life they were her primary form of strife. Her canines are long and overgrown enough that they stand out against her bottom lip. Because all trolls are expected to have created their own weapon and learned to fight with it by ten sweeps of age, her skill with Fang Kind is actually considered a disability.

Strife: Club Kind: Recently, in an effort to hide one of her more stunning disabilities (fang kind fighting) Lupita has taken to trying to learn how to use juggling clubs as a weapon, a common favorite among her blood caste, particularly the Empire's enforcers known as Subjugglators. In Lupita's case they are a pair of clubs carved out of the large femur bones of a drone she was able to take down due to a combination of luck, and her moirail's help. She is not skilled with these clubs yet, but she is learning.

Sylladex: An advanced inventory system allowing one to carry many things at once through use of storing items onto a deck of cards, known as captchalogue cards. There are different 'fetch modus', or ways the cards are fetched from the sylladex, though the most basic is the 'stack' modus, which is what Lupita uses because of being both lazy and a bad hand at most tech. Stack works on a 'Last In, First Out' principle, with one exception. If the stack is filled, the card at the bottom of the stack is forcibly ejected from Lupita's inventory in item-form.


Moirail: Lupita has a moirail, a form of troll relationship that is something close to a best friend, blood sister, therapist, heterosexual life partner, and confidant all rolled in together. It is a long-term, platonic relationship, in which they both will act to pacify the other during moments of instability, share their feelings, and have someone they can vent to without the need for violence toward others. Lupita's particular moirail is Aethra Hagano. While when she is near Aethra, Lupita is a bubbly, happy, sedate individual, the more time they spend apart, the more likely she is to getting violent and unable to regain her composure. Excessive stress without Aethra around is liable to set Lupita off and cause her to wreak havoc on anything and anyone around her, including unleashing her chucklevoodoos.

Highblood's Mania: The problem with Trolls is that the 'higher' in caste, and further from red their blood color, the more prone they are to psychotic acts of violence. As a Purple, Lupita is especially prone to such things; including the whispering voices she sometimes attunes to what she should be (a feared enforcer for the empire) which constantly tell her to try and keep those of lower caste in check. When the mania builds too much, either because of improper exposure to soporific substances, or without the proper attention paid by her moirail, Lupita is prone to what she terms a 'Murder Death Kill' spree.

Dirty Mouth: If asked why she's obscene, Lupita will answer with clarity: "I'm not obscene, I have a vast vocabulary. I just happen to have some favorite words, and most of them are four letters or less in length!"

Nocturnal: Trolls, as a species, are nocturnal; on their home planet the sun burns so bright during the day that it can cause one to lose one's sight just from being out in it unprotected, not to mention severe skin burns and dehydration. Because of this, Lupita tends to be very sluggish during the day, reluctant to leave shelter, often tries to hide beneath heavy clothes when forced to be in direct sunlight.

Untrained: Lupita isn't skilled in many of the things that are considered instinctual for most purple blooded trolls, such as Chucklevoodoos and the use of melee weapons. This is a massive handicap for most trolls, especially for one of purple blood. Because of being untrained, her attempts at using Chucklevoodoos often come in the form of wild, difficult to control bursts, often only used in self defense in the face of massively overwhelming odds.

Hunted: Lupita intentionally avoided conscription when she reached the age of majority. Unlike Aethra, her Moirail, who would only be considered a draft dodger, Lupita left because of known flaws, including her lack of skill in chucklevoodoos, the fact that until the age of ten she had never picked a weapon, and that she has physical anomalies in her natural troll build. As such, if found, she would most likely be culled on the spot.

Sopor Slime: Trolls have always depended on a green goo-like substance called Sopor Slime for various things; they must rest in a recuperacoon full of it while young to ward off horrible dreams and when older they require proper exposure to it, usually sleeping in it daily, to regenerate things like teeth and broken horns. Because of this, without proper exposure to the slime, Lupita becomes even more prone to the whispering terrors in her head brought on by her bloodcaste's natural tendency toward extreme violence. It also inhibits her body's ability to recover properly after a fight, doubling her heal time if she's unable to sleep in sopor.

Culture? What's that?: Trolls are trolls; a separate species and race with their own cultures, languages and lingo, and it's unlikely that Lupita will be able to understand everything about the new world about her without mass confusion. Friends are 'cohorts', houses are 'Hives', and in troll society buckets and bucket-like objects are highly obscene, for examples of the difference.

Lupita Killed The Radio Star: Lupita doesn't use modern radios. It's both a mix of 'can't be bothered', and the fact that she's so used to just texting things or else using close-band radio that every time she's tried to use a modern radio she's managed to break it. (And Aethra is still trying to wean her off her obvious vulgarity; so it's very rare that Lupita gets a chance to mess with audio devices.)


  • ALABASTER FANG - Unlike others of her age, Lupita still has a guardian beast known as a Lusus; hers being a large wolf-cat-thing that has saber tooth fangs (one, the right, broken off in the middle) whom she calls 'The Alabaster Fang'. Her Wolfdad, as she refers to him, is one of the best wolfdads ever, and the only reason why she refuses to chase him off like she was supposed to when she she became an adult is because she feels as an 'alpha packbeast', she needs a pack to alpha over.

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