General Information

Full Name: Luc
Faction: Union
Rank: Ally
Function: Wind Mage
Series: Suikoden-2
Species: Human
Quote: "The wars that I witnessed… the runes are linked to both of them. They weren't caused by mankind- humans got caught up in wars between the runes. Without these runes, they may not have suffered or died."

Profile: A veteran of both the Toran Liberation War and the Dunan Unification War, Luc has a spotty and troubled past. Rescued as a child from the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia and thereafter serving as an apprentice to the Seer Leknaat, he has been witness or party to nearly every major event in his world's immediate history. Though generally well-intentioned, he is moody, arrogant, and has escalating difficulty expressing emotion or empathizing with others. He does not shun the company of others, but is very selective about the people with whom he personally associates. Recently he has returned to Holy Harmonia in secret, ascending through the ranks of its priesthood while hiding his face behind a mask. Luc bears the True Wind Rune, granting him peerless magical control over the air… but recently, it has begun to impart strange and disturbing visions to him. Among the 108 Stars of Destiny, he represents the "Tenkan" Star - the Star of Idleness.

Vital Statistics

Age: Mid-to-late 20s
Gender: Male
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 130lbs


  • True Wind Rune: Representing the force of "air" within Luc's world, the True Wind Rune gives him unparalleled power over the air, rivaled only by other similarly specialized elites outside of his own world. This often takes the form of high-speed winds, but is limited only by what can be done with air. It is especially effective against army-scale opponents. Luc is exceptionally proficient at wielding his rune's power, by far outstripping the bearers of the other Elemental Runes. (OOC Note - TP Power: If a True Rune goes out of control, it unleashes mass devastation that usually cannot be triggered normally. This function of the +power requires Admin permission or a TP App.)
                    • Side-Effects: In addition to the powers over air it bestows, the True Wind Rune makes Luc ageless.
  • Magician: While specialized in air magic, Luc is still the apprentice of the Seer Leknaat, and she taught him a great deal of magic over the years. He has many tricks up his sleeve and significant theoretical knowledge. Apart from air magic, he is most adept at safely bypassing wards, summoning monsters, and mid-range teleportation. (OOC Note: Monsters constitute up to a PL 34 in the case of 'boss' monsters, and 32 or lower for swarms of lesser creatures.)
  • Rune Lore: Luc is well-educated on matters of the 27 True Runes, in no small part because his mentor was witness to the events that surrounded them and shared her knowledge with him. Most importantly, he possesses a secret Harmonian technique to steal and store a True Rune so that it may even be used by one not chosen by the rune itself. (OOC Note: Theft of Runes requires consent.)
  • The Masked Bishop: In Harmonia, Luc has ascended to the rank of Bishop - a position of exceptional military authority - under a guise of anonymity. His association with Harmonia is known by only a few close friends. (OOC Note: Unless you discovered this in the course of RP, you probably should not know of it. Harmonian goons constitute up to a PL 32 on their own.)


  • Artificial Human: Luc is a physical copy of the leader of the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia, Hikusaak. He was created to be a container for one of the 27 True Runes. In accordance with this however, he is reliant on the True Wind Rune attached to him- without it he would grow ill and die within a month.
  • Existential Blues: Luc is not particularly happy about the fact that he is a clone that exists for no other purpose than to contain one of the True Runes. Although it doesn't show very often, this fact has significantly damaged his view of the world, and the role that humanity and the runes play in it.
  • Socially Unpleasant: Luc has issues dealing with people. He thinks very highly of himself, and except for those who have already earned his trust and respect, tends to look down on others. On top of that, discovering the nature of his existence has made it increasingly difficult for him to empathize with other human beings. Thus, most of the time he either comes off as snarky and rude or inhumanly cold, with an increasing tendency towards the latter.
  • True Wind Rune: Though it grants him great power, the True Wind Rune also has a mind of its own. Recently, it has begun showing Luc a future in which the world is a bastion of perfect uniformity, devoid of all life and warmth.

On-MUSH History

The Battle of Dai-Suchi

A battle that took place in the farming village of Dai-Suchi in the Asian Plains. Luc participated alongside Sarah, and a number of other members of the Union. They both withdrew when Dr. Nathan Xiang, the instigator of the battle, retreated and prompted his engineered locust swarm to self-destruct in the village. They saved roughly 450 people who had not been transformed into monsters by Xiang's locusts, and called in a quarantine zone to have these people checked out and re-located.

A strange, lingering malignancy has remained in the rubble where the battle took place…


Below are Luc's relationships, and how he feels about other specific individuals based on his encounters with them. They will be divided into likes, neutral, and dislikes with a formatting of:



  • Sarah (???): Hearing rumors of a witch in captivity during his travels in Harmonia, Luc rescued Sarah from a group of Harmonian officials who had subjugated her for their own ends. He is not entirely sure how he feels about her, but trusts her with his life, and sees more than a little of himself in her.
  • Ash (Respectable): Ash fought alongside Luc in the battle of Dai-Suchi, using his Butterfree to psionically interfere with and derive information from the locust hordes, and even eventually mind controlling some of the people they infected. Luc feels no inclination towards friendship with Ash, but considers him respectable for his significant contributions in battle.


  • Encore (Well-Intentioned): Like Ash, Encore fought alongside Luc in the battle of Dai-Suchi. Though Luc did not see him do very much, he did stick around to help the survivors, so he isn't as unimpressed with Encore as he is with the others.
  • Loros (Wary Respect): Luc talked with Loros over the radio, briefly, and then again in a cafe in the Great Mountains. While he finds the Field Marshal of the Confederacy respectable and polite, he is disturbed by the things that he knows without apparent effort.
  • Yunomi (Nice Kid): Luc met Yunomi at a small party in New Washington's Officer's Club. She seemed a nice enough little girl (tanuki?) but he was not particularly enthused by the ongoing event.


  • Rei Hino (Mouth-Breathing Retard): Following the battle of Dai-Suchi, Luc requested a quarantine zone for the survivors over Union radio channels. Rei chimed in by offering her temple as a place of residence. Luc thinks that she is dumb and has no place in anything resembling a military organization or on a battlefield.
  • Freya (Mouth-Breathing Retard): See above.
  • Shir (Mouth-Breathing Retarded Slattern): Luc's only encounter with Shir has been over Union radio bands where, in the midst of playing a prank on Freya, she was heard to say, "I'm 500 feet tall now! Even my breasts are huge!" Recently, she declared "Lightning's not bad, but you can't beat the Wind." He is not appreciative that she is sullying his element with her admiration.
  • Utsuho Reiuji (Mouth-Breathing Retard): Luc came to dislike Utsuho after listening to her ramble on and on about people not being able to be happy without bias, refusing to explain what makes her happy, and then attacking Union officials.
  • Raven DeVanos (Overbearing Moron): Luc's only encounter with Raven DeVanos was listening to her object to her teenage son receiving pin-up magazines over the radio. He has concluded that she does not understand teenagers, has no business raising anyone, and should probably get over herself.
  • Charr (Sex-Driven Idiot): Every time Luc hears Charr speak it has something to do with sex. Though he disapproves of Raven's overbearing inclinations regarding her son, he is even less approving of someone who spends so much time thinking with his dick.
  • Rebecca Chambers (Mouth-Breathing Retard): Another participant in the battle of Dai-Suchi. Spent the entire time fighting Feyd-Rautha, thus contributing nothing in Luc's eyes. Since she apparently wasn't paying attention to anything at all going on except her own little duel, he regards her as only slightly less stupid than Rei and Freya.
  • Reize Seatlan (Too Dumb To Breathe): Luc instantly took a dislike to Reize when he heard him being dumb over Union radio frequencies, and needing to be informed not to get into candy vans with strangers. Shortly thereafter he convinced Reize to contemplate the act of breathing.
  • A Former Saber (Plain Ol' Retard): Yet another participant in the battle of Dai-Suchi. Though she made an attempt to use her Barrier of the Wind King to block the flow of locusts, a fact that Luc sensed, she locked up and contributed little beyond that point. He doesn't consider her as stupid as the rest of these people, but only because she TRIED to be clever. (Note: This entry refers to a previous Saber, who has since been dropped. It does not refer to the one from Fate/Stay Night-3.)
  • Neclord (Needs To Die): Luc encountered Neclord during the Toran Liberation and Dunan Unification Wars. He wants to claim the True Blue Moon Rune in the name of Harmonia and kill Neclord while he's at it. He's also a little worried that Neclord will target Sarah…
  • Dr. Nathan Xiang (Formidable Enemy): Luc fought Xiang during the battle of Dai-Suchi. Though he has not yet encountered the full scope of the horrors that Xiang can unleash when he is so inclined, he is already wary of the Doctor. In the event of an encounter, he believes it best to attack immediately and not give Xiang time to think out a response.
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