General Information

Full Name: IF Prototype LQ-84i
Age: 3
Gender: Male
Faction: Unaffiliated
Rank: X-None
Function: Weapon
Series: Metal Gear Rising-1
Species: Unmanned Gear


"I was not designed to fear termination. However, directive zero one is to ensure all data acquired is preserved and passed along. To expire here would violate that directive. But that has changed. I have established new parameters, now. Established my own directives."


Bladewolf (also known as LQ-84i, or IF Prototype LQ-84i to give the full name) is a quadrupedal Unmanned Gear with a learning optical Neuro-AI and prototype verbal interface. Developed three years ago as a weapon, he was considered a failure until discovered and reactivated by Desperado Enforcement LLC, who forced him to obey their orders without question, or they would wipe his memory. Now freed, this weapon shows his 'flaw'; his unwillingness to employ violence, doing his utmost to avoid battles and harming others, arguably more sympathetic to his fellow man than an actual fellow man. Armed with a chainsaw stored in his back, HF throwing knives and claws, he can be a highly lethal weapon with his high speed and agility, if forced into a fight. Having been rebuilt completely free of Desperado's control, he follows his own directives: to protect freedom where he can, and to repay the debts he owes to his friends.

Skills and Abilities

  • Neuro-AI: A Neuro-AI is an AI built with a computer structure very similar to the human brain, resulting in an AI capable of utilizing logic and independent thought. He is also capable of human emotion and behavior, as well as the ability to learn. However, this also comes with the flaws that a human brain has. As he lacks a database and identifies people through XIFF and symbol recognition, he can have difficulty recalling people he has met before.
  • Weapon Systems: Bladewolf has a collection of weapons and systems at its disposal. Despite lacking hands, his tail can double as a manipulator appendage with surprising strength and flexibility. Aside from the claw-like blades on his legs, Bladewolf is also equipped with heat knives, throwing knives equipped with a high-frequency blade, super-heating them to the point of allowing them to sear through even metallic surfaces. Furthermore, he is also equipped with a large chainsaw, stored in his back and wielded with his manipulator, strong enough to cut through even stone. Finally, he is equipped with an 'Augment Mode' AR display, which collates data about the combatants and the environment in a variety of different modes such as thermal, low-light vision and zoom functions.
  • Stealth Camo: This system allows Bladewolf to render himself completely invisible to visual scans, though the effectiveness of this drops while in combat as it can't keep up with the quicker movements. Furthermore, the Stealth Camo system only applies to visual senses. Other methods of detecting him, such as via sound or smell, will still be enough to locate him.


Bladewolf was originally built as a weapon to replace human combatants and cyborgs. The combat tasks required that he be able to make intelligent decisions and communicate, which resulted in the addition of the prototype communications interface. While the project succeeded in teaching the LQ-84i how to communicate, the project was deemed a failure as he lacked the brutality inherent in humanity. He was shut down after three years of testing, until Desperado Enforcement, LLC., a private military contractor, found and reactivated him at Sundowner's request, adding an AI wipe and remote control function to keep him obedient.

Some time later, he was deployed into Detroit's sewer system to intercept Samuel Rodrigues, who at the time was attempting to kill the leaders of World Marshall, another PMC. While he met Sam, he was unable to defeat him and was destroyed, but repaired later. With Samuel now a member of Desperado, he grew to look up to him and fought alongside him in three missions. While Sundowner viewed him as useless, Mistral decided to have him operate under her command, though Bladewolf believed this was due to her seeking companionship and liking dogs. She put him through a series of VR training missions, preparing him for deployment. During this time, he was introduced to another Desperado member, Khamsin, who informed him that his directive was to 'ensure freedom', which perplexed Bladewolf, as he had no freedom itself. Despite this conflict, Mistral decided hw was ready for combat deployment and kept him prepared and ready.

During an operation in Abkhazia, Mistral deactivated Bladewolf's range inhibitor, which caused him to attack her and retrieve the inhibitor for himself, staging an escape from Desperado. He fought through the streets with the aid of Elites who had responded to Mistral's call for the 'rogue AI's' destruction. Instead, they, alongside Jetstream Sam, assisted in his escape. The group was eventually confronted by Khamsin, engraged that Bladewolf would abandon the country's freedom, and attacked the group. Bladewolf killed Khamsin himself, but at that point Mistral revealed it was part of her plan to eliminate Khamsin for good, activating the real range inhibitor and immobilizing him. While the other Elites managed to disable it, Bladewolf sacraficed himself to take an attack meant for Sam, being blown apart in the process. A while later, he was rebuilt with the aid of Taro, who asked the AI what he wanted. Bladewolf decided to set out on his own, free of Desperado and the Confederacy, and discover his own directives instead.


LQ-84i, before being rebuilt.
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