Love Bombs

Inventor: Union R&D
Date of invention: Unknown
Uses: Weaponry against entities with vulnerability to affection-based emotions

As Kefka became more and more dangerous, it became obvious that there was a need for specialized ordinance to attack the mad clown. This was particularly true after the disasterous first assault against Kefka's main stronghold, which ended with over one million casualties.

Among other projects, it was proposed that individuals be exposed to emotion-absorbent materials that were experiencing affectionate emotions, such as friendship and love - in other words, make a literal weapon out of the powers so often used by certain heroes (such as so-called "magical girls"). After some experimentation, a standardized warhead design was implemented and joined on to a total of twelve self-guided space-capable missiles. Two accidental tests showed that they were in fact capable of doing what they promised, although one of these resulted in the detonation (and loss of) a warhead.

The remaining love bombs were used after a massive assault against Kefka's stronghold which led to his defeat and death. They were launched from the Autobot flagship, the Ark II, demolishing the remains of his stronghold after the ground battle that defeated Kefka himself, and made certain that nothing would rise from the rubble.

After this point the Love Bomb development program was ended. Although the specifications exist, Love Bombs are not considered part of the standard Union muniitions inventory, and will not likely be produced until and unless ordered by High Command.

NOTE: Love bombs are NOT available outside of a TP, and even then they are rarely produced

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