Vital Information
Gender Female
Species CAST
Source Phantasy Star Universe-2
Faction Union
Rank A-Ally
Function Investigation
Groups None
Other Information
Age (Appearance) Teenage
Age (Actual) Unknown
Still Aging? No
Height 153 cm
Weight Unknown
Hair Color Pink
Eye Color Pale Blue-Green
Table of Contents


There are some Guardians that go through their entire careers without realizing the truth behind the enigmatic Lou. She seems to be almost everywhere she is needed, as though she has a magic portal she can simply step through within moments. In actuality, there are dozens of functionally identical Lou units placed strategically around the Gurhal system, and now the Multiverse itself. Each one is able to share surveillance data between themselves and the Host Lou, which remains in the Guardians main headquarters. Despite this, they aren't truly what one could call a hive mind, and each would deny meeting someone before even if they had encountered another of their 'sisters,' creating considerable confusion for those that don't realize their nature. Despite being designed mostly for intelligence gathering and dissemination, Lou units are sometimes sent into battle as escorts and guides on key missions, where they primarily serve as ranged support.


CAST: One of the four primary races populating the Gurhal system, CASTs are generally thought of as robotic. That is not a precise truth, though, as most CASTs actually contain a thorough blend of mechanical and organic parts. It can be said that they are more engineered than born, so in that respect they are at least more machine than man. CASTs have more durability than their more fleshy counterparts, considerable physical strength, and their accuracy in combat is a testament to their efficiency.

Information: One feature that sets the Lou series apart from most CASTs is a direct link to the Guardians database system. She can access and store records with it as well as other Lou units that are active in the field. At present, this information is of limited use outside the Gurhal system, as the multiverse hasn't been studied to nearly the same extent. However, internal historical events and research data are accessible, as well as some information that isn't widely known even among senior Guardians.

Sensors: Another aspect that is customized in Lou units, and fits their intended function, is their enhanced sensor array. While most CASTs replicate the senses of other races to a slightly enhanced degree, such as sight, hearing and smell, Lou seems capable of longer range scans of objects and environments. She can sense life forms and machines even if they might not be immediately visible. Detection of chemical traces and compositions (spectroscopy) and a rudimentary radar are also provided to each field-based Lou. It seems many are equipped with a limited telescopic vision, as well.

Multiple Bodies: While not so in the usual sense, as each Lou unit is still an individual with their own thoughts and experiences, functionally you could see one Lou trashed in front of your eyes and another one fine and mobile the very next day. She can also seem to be in more place than once, or even be present more than once in one place, though this is exceedingly rare. New Lous are non-trivial to create, so it is unlikely the Guardians would risk more than one on a given assignment.


Armaments: Lou units sent on missions typically do so as part of a team, and are expected to be capable to defend themselves and assist their squad mates in combat. They typically do so from a distance, using a standard-issue GRM photon rifle to attack from medium range. Most also carry a double saber - it basically looks like a double-ended, photonic combat oar - for when close combat is unavoidable, as well as a low tier rod for emergency medical TECHNIC use. This is typically left as a last resort.

All Guardians receive a personal quarters with a visiphone (holographic communications and mailbox), a personal Partner Machine assistant, and the usual amenities for living. It is likely that each Lou unit receives this standard lodging where it is available near their staging area, or an equivalent is rented from local authorities. In addition, while nanotransformer storage devices (basically a hammerspace) are commonplace among Gurhal's residents, Guardians and the AMF military have contracts that allow them to have an expanded capacity version compared to those carried by civilians. The last standard piece of equipment of note is the 'shield line' or 'shield weave' defense system, appearing a glowing designs overlapped with standard parts or clothing. This photon technology acts equivalent to most worlds' armor, and can even be crafted to have specific elemental resistances (and weaknesses), as well as upgraded with 'units' that extend their capabilities.


SUV Weapon: CASTs of Gurhal, after obtaining a license, can call down heavier weapons from orbit to assist with particularly hard targets or tense moments. The 'SUV' (pronounced 'suhv', oddly enough) is typically used sparingly, as each time permission must be wired for and granted by the government, so it could be thought of that they are more 'rented' than owned. It is more of a finishing attack than a primary ability, but can quickly even an unfavorable encounter. Due to logistical concerns, it can be difficult to summon the SUV while in the rest of the Multiverse, especially in worlds without political contact with Gurhal. Lou is personally licensed to use the SUV known as the 'Rafal Buster', which is a twin set of large-bore gatling guns, and is specifically designed to deal with armored targets. In in-game terms, the SUV is a special attack that has to be 'charged up', and will only be used accordingly.


CAST: While their kind may boast of many improved capabilities over the more flesh bound races of Gurhal, they are not without weaknesses..though to a CAST they may question whether they are truly bad points. Due to their dense construction, while they might be more durable and stronger, their reaction speed is also surprisingly stunted. Due to having a lower ratio of organic matter in their bodies, they also have a much less (but existent) amount of photons, leaving them both more vulnerable to attack by TECHNICs (for the purposes of the multiverse, pretty much any local brand of 'magic' or 'the force'), as well as less capable of using them. In mechanical terms, they had only half the capability or protection of a human. CASTs, while they are immune to many of the maladies that plague their fleshier counterparts, including old age, do have their own suite of problems as they grow older, such as Instant Crash Syndrome, and can still be vulnerable to super-concentrated forms of human pathogens. No Lou seems to be old enough now to suffer from ICS, for now.

Obviously Non-Human: This is a larger problem in some worlds than others. Like most CASTs, while Lou is quite humanoid in form, she has enough robotic parts that it would be difficult for her to conceal her nature without some even more conspicuous measures. Instead of ears, she has auxiliary sensor packs. The irises of her eyes are obviously a machine approximation. There are seams on her cheeks where her synthetic skin joins together. Her voice has reverb. There are horn-like antennae coming out of her head. This is on top of her utter lack of acting ability. It would be utterly hopeless for her to try to pass herself off as anything else, unless there was a science fiction convention in town.

Uncanny Valley: Somewhat related to being non-human. Most CASTs have easily as much personality as the other races of Gurhal, and if not for their outwardly mechanical parts would likely easily pass for human. The Lou units, due to their assigned role and being able to access their shared records, have even less 'processor to spare' for such trivial matters. It isn't that they are completely void of a personality, but at the same time their direct manner can make some uncomfortable. They can insult others when they actually meant to compliment them ('that was a fast calculation for a Beast'). For those that know of their surveillance roles, and their seeming knack for being anywhere, it might be even harder to trust them. Nonetheless, at least some Lous have shown the capability for emotional growth, if treated well by others.

Calculating: Even more so than most CASTs, Lou's actions and decisions can seem machine-like. She may not always make the most popular choice, when the other seems to be more advantageous. As the Guardians are primarily concerned with protecting and preserving life and property in the Gurhal system, this often places a Lou unit in a situation where she would have to make a difficult choice that could cost people their homes, or even their lives. In this, with her seemingly cold reasoning, she may sometimes come off as having little regard for the means as long as the end is suitable. It also makes the choices others make that run counter to logic harder for her to understand, even though some Lou units are trying to come to grips with this, as more field units encounter these situations.

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