Lorelei Adler (Retired)
Lorelei Adler
Vital Information
Gender Female
Species Human
Source Pokemon-6
Faction Union
Rank A-Ally
Function Ice Queen
Groups N/A
Other Information
Age (Appearance) 28
Age (Actual) 28
Still Aging? Yes
Height 5'7"
Weight 131 lbs.
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue
"You'll be at my mercy when I freeze the blood in your veins."


Lorelei is a master of Ice-type Pokemon. A thoughtful and thorough woman, she prefers logic and reason to rash action. This may make her seem aloof, but she isn't an unfriendly person — she can be quite caring and warm, past her distant exterior. She is loyal to those she considers friends and allies. Lorelei has been involved with Oak's Trainers for many years, handling their bureaucratic and administrative matters with meticulous efficiency. She deals well with politics, and her sharp mind enables her to act well, and logically; balancing her duties to Oak neatly with her duties to the Pokemon League as an elite trainer. At the end of the day, she stands against Team Rocket and other criminal syndicates of the Confederacy, and her actions reflect this.


  • Analytical Mind: Lorelei is a smart person, make no mistake. She has a sharp mind, and she prefers to think situations through before acting rashly, examining situations from as many different angles as she can before acting. That's not to say that she's slow to act — but she rarely does so without due consideration first.
  • Equipment: As a Pokemon trainer, there's a certain gamut of equipment Lorelei is expected to carry around. Most of her equipment is fairly standard for a Pokemon trainer, as well as personal equipment such as transportation.
    See +powers/detail for more information on Lorelei's equipment.
  • Icetastic!: As a trainer with years of experience with Ice-type Pokemon, Lorelei's knowledge and practical experience are both admirable. She knows a great deal about how to battle with and against her chosen element — unless her opponent is powerful, it'll be a tough call to beat her at her own proverbial game, especially if they're using the same element.
  • Linking: Like many Pokemon trainers from her world, Lorelei is capable of telepathic linking with her Pokemon. This enables her to guide them efficiently in battle, as well as to be assisted in turn by her Pokemon. Her strongest link is with that of her starting Pokemon, a Lapras found in Icefall Cave in her youth. Lorelei isn't quite as skilled as a Superlinker, but she's respectable enough.
  • Martial Arts: Lorelei is capable of fighting just as ably as her Pokemon. She employs a lightweight, aikido-like style of martial arts. Her particular style relies on grapples, throws, lightning-swift kicks and punches, and joint locks. Lorelei is on the small side, and prefers not to use brute force. That's not to say that she has no offensive power, though. She can use leverage and her knowledge of pressure points to lash out at her opponent effectively.
  • One Tough Broad: Even putting aside her Pokemon or her martial arts, Lorelei is a stubborn woman. Quiet and inexorable as a glacier, she won't put her head down and surrender unless she's completely, absolutely beaten. Sometimes, determination can go a long way!
  • Pokemon: Lorelei has in her possession a formidable team of Pokemon, as well as a goodly number of reserve Pokemon, all trained for battle. She favours those of the ice type, though it's not unheard of for her to keep the odd water-type around for variety. She knows a great deal about her chosen element, and she knows how to coax the most potential out of them. Great strength can be expected from her team at any given time, considering her status as one of the elite trainers of the Pokemon League.
    See +powers/detail for more information on Lorelei's chosen Pokemon.
  • Wealth: Given her good standing as a Pokemon trainer, Lorelei does take in her fair share of prize money from battling. She isn't terribly rich, but she does pretty well for herself, all things considered. Neither is she one to spend much of it — so she's capable of keeping quite a bit on hand for "emergency funds."


  • Ambitious: Though hardly what one might call "hot-blooded," Lorelei is still an ambitious person, and she sets her goals high. Sometimes this quiet desire to prove herself to her own self can goad her to lengths she would not otherwise take, and situations that might be a bit too dangerous for her own good.
  • Analytical: Sometimes there's thinking, and sometimes there's thinking too much. Lorelei has a habit of analysing everything, whether it be a simple statement or the flow of a battle. In the case of the latter, this can be a hindrance if fast action is needed — sometimes it can be easy to take advantage of her almost compulsive need to form a strategy or a plan.
  • Elemental Singularity: Lorelei deals almost exclusively in ice-type Pokemon. This leaves her vulnerable to a variety of elemental types, including fire, rock, fighting, and steel types. She does her best to get around these vulnerabilities, but at the end of the day, ice still melts.
  • Ice Queen: While not necessarily hostile, Lorelei is nonetheless an aloof individual among strangers. It can be hard to get her to open up, and she can be unnecessarily mistrustful of others. It's easy for her to shut them out or doubt good advice, and that could lead to trouble in a situation where she might need to listen. When scorned, it can sometimes take a lot of work to get back into Lorelei's good graces… or to get into them, period.
  • Physique: When it comes to direct physical Combat, Lorelei can hold her own, but there's only so much punishment she can take. Lorelei's build is slender and slim, looking more suited to sitting behind a desk than dishing out the pain. That's more or less true — she can defend herself ably, but if someone manages to get in a few lucky hits, it's lights out for Lorelei.

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