Lorelei Adler

General Information

Full Name: Lorelei Adler
Faction: Union
Rank: A-Ally
Function: Ice Queen
Series: Pokémon-6
Species: Human

"You'll be at my mercy when I freeze the blood in your veins."

Profile: Lorelei is a master of Ice-type Pokémon. A thoughtful and thorough woman, she prefers logic and reason to rash action. This may make her seem aloof, but she isn't an unfriendly person — she can be quite caring and warm, past her distant exterior. She is loyal to those she considers friends and allies. Lorelei has been involved with Oak's Trainers for many years, handling their bureaucratic and administrative matters with meticulous efficiency. She deals well with politics, and her sharp mind enables her to act well, and logically; balancing her duties to Oak neatly with her duties to the Pokémon League as an elite trainer. At the end of the day, she stands against Team Rocket and other criminal syndicates of the Confederacy, and her actions reflect this.

Vital Statistics

Age: 29
Gender: Female
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 131 lbs.
Eye Colour: Brown (Mahogany)
Hair Colour: Red

Additional Details

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Major NPCs

Lorelei's NPCs are exclusively the Pokémon team that she uses. Creatures from the Pokémon-6 theme are generally just as smart as their trainers, and have unique personalities.

  • Cloyster - One of Lorelei's tougher Pokémon, Cloyster tends to come out when there's a need for softening up the opposition while maintaining a relatively high defense. He loves battling, hates to lose, and tends to sulk when he misses out on the action.
  • Dewgong - Lorelei's second Pokémon, Dewgong is a stoic frontline fighter with an eye toward quickness and offense. Graceful in the water, he also comes in handy as a means of water travel. While not as eager for battle as Cloyster, he still enjoys a good scrap, and isn't afraid to jump into the action.
  • Jynx - One of the first Pokémon Lorelei added to her team, Jynx is a solid fighter and a level-headed Pokémon who doesn't particularly like or dislike fighting. In battle, she relies on a status ailment one-two strategy, lulling opponents to sleep or confusing them — though when resisted, this tends to backfire magnificently, as she isn't quite the physical fighter that any of her teammates are.
  • Lapras - The first of Lorelei's Pokémon, Lorelei found and captured Lapras at the foot of Icefall Cave, on Floe Island where she grew up. Lapras has been with her for many years; accordingly, her bond is strongest with this Pokémon over all others. He is protective of her, though she is well able to take care of herself. His patient, abiding nature make him a canny opponent in battle — rarely does he act rashly. He tends to be the voice of reason to the ragtag team.
  • Slowbro - Like his name indicates, Slowbro is a lazy, lazy Pokémon. He would rather sleep than battle, and loaf around rather than perform any errands asked of him. While he can be used for water travel, he would rather let one of his other teammates handle it. He can lash out ferociously when he's hit threshold, though, and for this reason is one of Lorelei's stronger battlers.
  • Sneasel - Small, quick, and with a love of shiny things, Sneasel is not the brightest crayon in the box, but she is still possessed of formidable skill when it comes to fighting. Acquired relatively recently, Sneasel is even more eager to jump into the fray than Cloyster is, and rarely cares that most opponents tend to be several times her size. She has a tendency to take "trophies," usually discarded things with a shiny, metallic quality like coins or the like — only to drop and forget about them as soon as she finds something else.
  • Vaporeon - Vaporeon is a haughty, relatively recent addition to Lorelei's team. He knows both water and ice-type attacks, making him quite versatile, and is also useful for water travel. Though he is strong in battle, Vaporeon is haughty and dislikes fighting on general principle; unless his massive ego happens to be on the line. Lorelei has been working with him frequently to curb these more arrogant tendencies.


  • Glasses - Touch them and she might just kill you. They're unremarkable, but Lorelei does need them to see.
  • Healing Items - Lorelei keeps a stock of low-grade potions for healing up after battle. None of them are useful in battle, and all of them are very slow-acting. It's just enough to keep her Pokémon from getting killed in the big bad Multiverse.
  • Pokéballs - Used for capturing wild Pokémon. Lorelei keeps a small stash just in case she comes across any interesting Pokémon.
  • Pokédex - This small computer stores a wealth of information about Pokémon. Lorelei's model is small enough to wear as a wristwatch.
  • Vehicle - Unlike most of the kid trainers, Lorelei has a vehicle to get around. She prefers a sleek and quiet electric motorcycle, which is unsurprisingly finished in ice blue.

Skills and Abilities

  • Icetastic! - As a trainer with years of experience with Ice-type Pokémon, Lorelei's knowledge and practical experience are both admirable. She knows a great deal about how to battle with and against her chosen element — unless her opponent is powerful, it'll be a tough call to beat her at her own proverbial game, especially if they're using the same element.
  • Linking - Like many Pokémon trainers from her world, Lorelei is capable of telepathic linking with her Pokémon. This enables her to guide them efficiently in battle, as well as to be assisted in turn by her Pokémon. Her strongest link is with that of her starting Pokémon, a Lapras found in Icefall Cave in her youth.
  • Martial Arts - Lorelei is capable of fighting just as ably as her Pokémon. She employs a lightweight, aikido-like style of martial arts. Her particular style relies on grapples, throws, lightning-swift kicks and punches, and joint locks. Lorelei is on the small side, and prefers not to use brute force. That's not to say that she has no offensive power, though. She can use leverage and her knowledge of pressure points to lash out at her opponent effectively.
  • Pokémon - Lorelei has in her possession a formidable team of Pokémon, as well as a goodly number of reserve Pokémon trained for battle. She favours ice-type Pokémon, though it isn't unheard of for her to keep the odd Water-type Pokémon around. She knows a great deal about her chosen element, and she knows how to get the best potential out of them. Great strength can be expected from her team at any given time, considering her status as one of the top trainers of the Pokémon League.
  • One Tough Broad - Even putting aside her Pokémon or her martial arts, Lorelei is a stubborn woman. Quiet and inexorable as a glacier, she won't put her head down and surrender unless she's completely, absolutely beaten. Sometimes, determination can go a long way!

Other Information

  • Oak's Trainers - Lorelei is a member of Oak's Trainers, a largely informal consortium of Pokémon trainers devoted to resisting Team Rocket and their activities. While she has it in her capacity to be a frontline fighter, Lorelei's skills are more valued in an administrative type of role. Her sharp mind and her eloquent nature are far more useful in pulling strings for the Trainers and making things happen for them out on the frontline.
  • Pokémon League - As an elite trainer of the Pokémon League, Lorelei does possess a certain amount of clout. She doesn't have the authority or the fame of the League Champion, but people do know her name, and she generally has more authority than a Gym Leader. If she absolutely had to, she could pull on this authority — and often does when it comes to smoothing ruffled feathers or exercising damage control in the wake of Oak's Trainers, or Union activities in her world.
  • Wealth - Given her good standing as a Pokémon trainer, Lorelei does take in her fair share of prize money from battling. She isn't terribly rich, but she does pretty well for herself, all things considered. Neither is she one to spend much of it — so she's capable of keeping quite a bit on hand for "emergency funds."


Lorelei was born and raised on Floe Island, the only child of two former Pokémon trainers who had settled down to the quiet life in the island's sunny, tropical weather. Her childhood was fairly normal. She learned early about Pokémon from her parents and friends. In particular she came to learn about the Pokémon League and its hosted battles — for lack of other things to do, many of the local townspeople were avid fans of watching tournaments.

Though she was a small child and not particularly strong, Lorelei harboured dreams of joining these shining superstars of the Pokémon world. Like an overwhelming amount of other children out there from the Pokémon Islands, Lorelei wanted to be the best of the best. In her mind, it would earn a little attention — she wasn't a particularly gregarious child, and was a bit wanting when it came to friends her age.

Determined to capture her first Pokémon, she set out into Icefall Cave armed with rope, a handful of Pokeballs, and a sweater. Though Floe Island boasted sunny weather and a subtropical climate, the cavern known as Icefall was the antithesis of summer warmth, frigid and crusted in ice for all the icy Pokémon living in its depths.

Several instances of getting lost and running into undesired Pokémon later, Lorelei found herself at the bottom of the cavern, in despair of finding a satisfactory Pokémon — or finding her way back out to go home. It was down there in the frozen lake that she found what would become her fastest friend — a Lapras, gliding through the water like a ghost to investigate the curious little human that had fallen into its territory.

And somehow, Lorelei was able to capture the magnificent beast. Thrilled, and thoroughly soaked after a contest of wills, Lorelei managed to climb her way back up and make her way home.

But ever after that exhilaration, nothing else seemed to compare. She had a passion, now, and wanted to learn more about the icy Pokémon that she'd encountered in Icefall Cave — and other icy Pokémon around the world. So, armed with fresh ambition, the young girl decided to leave her tropical island home and set out into the great wide world to make her mark with Pokémon.

From Floe Island, Lorelei decided to take the Pokémon League challenge — best eight Gym Leaders, and then best four elite trainers of the Pokémon League to become the League Champion. Climb the ladder, and become the best there is out there.

Easier said than done.

So Lorelei set out, building her team along the way. Piece by piece she filled it in, developing her Pokémon into a honed, razor-sharp, and razor-focused fighting corps for the battles ahead.

It was through Lorelei's determined climb through the ranks that she learned of Team Rocket. Though they hadn't managed to steal any of her Pokémon, she quite nearly lost them to the crooks. It was during her climb that she also learned of Professor Oak — and Oak's Trainers — who stood in opposition to the powerful criminal syndicate.

Without hesitation, Lorelei decided to throw her lot in with Professor Oak. She may not have lost anything to them, not quite, but she wouldn't stand by and let them walk all over the everyman and their Pokémon. Maybe she wasn't quite as strong as some of the other trainers, and maybe she lacked the brute strength to stand up to Team Rocket on her own, but she would do what she could to help — her tactical mind was a good fit to Professor Oak's goals in this regard.

In the meantime, Lorelei continued to climb the ranks of the Pokémon League. While she never became the League Champion, that was alright with her — she was able to achieve the rank of elite trainer, a title that pleases her in spite of not being quite at the top. Good enough for her!

Now, after Unification, Lorelei splits her time between her duties to the Pokémon League, and her duties to Professor Oak and his group. They're both responsibilities she tackles eagerly — the first, for personal growth and pride; the second, because she believes it's the right thing to do.

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