Lore Ofuda (Retired)

General Information

Full Name: Lore Eevette Ofuda
Faction: Union (A-Ally)
Group: None
Series: Pokemon-3
Species: Glaceon Pokemorph

"Surely, in a vast world such as the Multiverse, there has got to be place to get a good iced coffee!"

Lore Ofuda, known as LORE, was a free-birth born into the world now known as the Coalition League of Pokemon Islands. Raised between a human father, and an Espeon mother, Lore's only consolation as a young eevee was her fraternal twin brother, Cinder. As young teens, Lore and Cinder set out to both find their evolutionary paths in the world, and to also catch their first Pokemon and begin their pokemon journey. As different as night and day, Cinder wound up a Flareon, while Lore wound up a Glaceon. Her Pokemon Partner ended up being a Pikachu she named Gadget. Shortly after their fifteenth birthday, she and Cinder joined a Rescue Team, and soon rose to fame as being top members of the group. However, they ultimately became a thorn in the side of Team Galactic, and a rescue mission that turned into a trap for the team soon spelled decimation: A cave in killed most of the team. Lore was able to get out alive, but not without grievous injury from the wild pokemon inside. She doesn't know if Cinder made it out, but she does not believe he died. In an attempt to bring the dangers of Team Galactic to the light of the Multiverse around them, Lore sought out Union Ambassadors from the other Pokemon Worlds, and soon found herself forming a loose alliance with the Union in attempt to one day bring peace to her world. Her skills as a robotics specialist and mechanic carried her far in her Rescue Team; and her loyalty and bravery carried her where those could not.

Vital Statistics

Age: 17 yrs old (Multiverse Aging Factor: Not In Effect)
Gender: Female
Height: 4'10"
Weight: 105lbs
Occupation: Dungeon Crawler/Robo-Mechanic
Past Occupations: N/A
Physical Traits: Strawberry Blonde, Automail Arm & Leg


Pokemorph: Lore has all the abilities of a Glaceon. Including access to elemental attacks. Beyond the normal attacks naturally learned by pokemon, Lore also has access to attacks learned only through the use of experimental machines, specially taught techniques, and through breeding. Though this opens an incredibly wide amount of possibilities, this comes with a price; Her attacks will never reach their full potential, and the normal modifiers one can use on pokemon do not work on her. As well, healing items usable on pokemon have no effect upon her.

KNOWLEDGE: Survival: As with any Pokemorph, be they trainer or other, Lore has been trained in the art of surviving on her own in the wild with little more supply than her Pokeball belt, her Pokemon, and a swiss army knife. She can survive in such a situation for at least a week, though longer would be pushing it.

KNOWLEDGE: Robotics/Mechanics: Having gains extensive hands on knowledge with vehicles from spending time with her dad, Lore knows a lot about fixing vehicles. Partnering this with self-taught knowledge of robotics, and Lore is capable of fashioning mobile robotic probes to be used for such feats as cavern exploring, or even spying on a situation from afar. She is good at repairing minor constructs and intricate work with smaller devices, but she would need to train specifically to ever be able to repair an Eva or anything larger.

Pokemon Training: Lore has extensive experience with Pokemon, and is able to capture and train them well. Like most from her world she has the ability to forge limited psychic links with her Pokemon over time.

PHYSICAL DEFORMITIES: Because of Team Galactic's attack on Lore's Rescue Team, Lore lost the use of her right arm, and completely lost her left leg at the knee. Later, her arm was amputated, and both were replaced with an outsourced form of prosthetic known as Automail; used because of it's ability to translate every physical movement of the limb to actual body sensation, and as well to withstand elemental abuse. The automail itself was purchased through the league for Lore's use.

Pokemon, ETC


Gadget - Pikachu, Female, Lv 30. Starter and sole pokemon. Gadget is a generally free going soul who's somewhat more oriented on the nature of 'following nature', as it were; she loves NASCAR and staring at the rear of any male Pikachu she encounters.


Glaceon - A picture of a Non-Morphic Glaceon.
Glaceon Morph - A Picture of a Morphic Glaceon (Warning, artistic nudity, nothing naughty shown.)

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