Logan Trieste (Captain) (Retired)

Full Name: Logan Nathaniel Trieste
Faction: Confederacy
Function: False Hero/Pirate Captain
Series: Fate's Chosen-1
Species: Human

"What I am doing right now might be wrong to most people, but, I will do anything to help the people of my land."

Profile: Logan Trieste is a 'Fate's Chosen', a type of human in his world capable of numerous abilities. Trained as a Mecha Pilot, he became a hero to his people, fighting against a cruel government. But, in truth, he was working with the Government, convincing people that he was good, and then eventually 'joining' with the Fate's Empire, bringing his follower's with him, causing them no longer to view the Emperor as evil. Logan still plans to overthrow his world's leader, though. But, he is a fairly loyal member of the Confederacy, though his main feeling of loyalty, currently, is to Doom, and somewhat, Katsumi. Logan has also formed a pirate crew, sailing the Grand Line. A mecha pilot, with magical abilities, and now, a Devil Fruit user, with the Mercury Mercury fruit.

Vital Statistics

Age: Young Adult, 18-21 in looks
Gender: Male
Height: 6"
Weight: 160 lbs


True is a Mecha possessed by Logan Trieste, the only known mecha within his own world, at least before Unification

  • Mental Control True is controlled mentally by Logan, via a mind link. It contains a number of hard to scan devices, which allow this. In addition, it is directly powered by Logan's own energy.
  • Life Energy True is capable of absorbing the 'Life Energy' of those it kills. While not quite like a soul, it could almost be considered a copy of the person's soul. Personality data and the energy of the person's spirit become part of the mecha. The personality of the mech, its own internal AI, is based on the personalities of the Life Energy absorbed, combined together.


  • Boat - Logan has a boat capable of carrying mecha, raised by Captain Storm
  • Random Tech - Logan has a lot of random machines which he has developed on his own.
  • Weapons - Logan has a number of weapons handy, including mecha-sized ones for True.

Skills and Abilities

  • Science - Logan Trieste is naturally adept at technology. His best field is mechanics, capable of creating giant machines, even. He also has been able to create an Evangelion, albeit, it turned out poorly.
  • Weapons - Logan is trained in the use of weapons in combat.
  • Magic - Logan has access to magical energies, naturally. He is capable of using most every element of magic, and altering its form.
  • Ki Energy - Logan can attack with Ki energy, naturally, capable of forming it somewhat like his magic.
  • Mercury Mercury Fruit Logan has eaten a Devil Fruit, a fruit that lets him turn parts of his body into liquid metal. He can also possibly make machines with this. The metal is mercury, and as such, poisonous.

The Blacktide Raiders

Logan Trieste is now the captain of a pirate crew, the Blacktide Raiders. This group is open to all, except the Union. For obvious reasons.

  • Logan Trieste - Captain
  • Mid-Boss - First Mate
  • Poison Ivy
  • Harley Quinn


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