Logan Trieste

Logan Trieste is an OC In Multiverse Crisis MUSH, played by GM Cheeseman. As of yet, there have been four played incarnations of Logan, though it has been suggested there are more. Including, possibly, a female one.


The first incarnation of Logan Trieste, ported over from Pokemon: Champions.


Logan Trieste was born from a native Kanto man with some American ancestors, and a Japanese woman. The two met due to business, the mother visiting a toy shop the father owned, as a representative of her company. The two ended up falling in love, and marrying. But, soon after, they died, due to corruption in the industry causing them to be targets. Their toy store risked damages to other local businesses, and so, they were killed in a fire. Logan Trieste, just a baby, managed to somehow survive. He was put in an Orphanage.

In his later years in the Orphanage in Saffron, Pokemon-1 Logan became friends with one of the workers, even getting his starter Pokemon from him. It turned out this man was a Rocket. Logan, who had absolutely no knowledge of morals, and very minimal education due to lashing back at his raising and ditching school, decided to join Team Rocket on being asked.

He first began to be active during Richie's rampage. And he showed a decent level of battle skill, and a massive, massive, level of stupidity. He was obviously perverted, and didn't think through his actions. He constantly stole things such as panties from members of the Trainers. And he was stupid enough to get himself Pokemorphed by Mewtwo, when he went back to captured Saffron in order to get a change of clothing.

The worst of it was when he decided to rob a Pokemon Center, kill a nurse, and from there, mentally scar Kiden on a couple of occasions. Kiden, having witnessed the crime, was repeatedly tormented a bit after.

After Unification, Logan kept up his stupidity. Working with the Confederacy, he did remained equally stupid. Though some of his romantic goals were met, it earned him the nickname of 'Candy'. Eventually finding an actual girlfriend, who he was hoping on some level to try and use as a way to birth himself some children (despite her being a robot), he ended up slightly on the run from a fellow Confederate. Eventually, he was welcomed back, but soon after, he accidently attacked a Confederate city, thinking it Union. He was killed.

Currently, Pokemon-6 Logan, Lute, has accidently brought Pokemon-1 Logan back to life.

Fate's Chosen Logan

Fate's Chosen Logan unified before Pokemon-1 Logan's death, but only became a member of the Confederacy after, and otherwise, had only been in his own world.

This Logan is, also, an Orphan, though was made so at a slightly older age. His parents died due to a war for surpremecy of his world, a world divided into five countries, on the verge of becoming one. Once it did, it became an incredibly strict and dangerous place, and he fell into a group of thieves.

Logan is from a specific country within his world, the Hatsian Republic. His world is one where each country developed different powers. He was from one that was naturally incredibly skilled with technology. There are also some known as 'Fate's Chosen', capable of mastering multiple disciplines with ease. Otherwise, they are fairly exclusive. Though Logan didn't know it, he actually had the powers of a Fate's Chosen, but they weren't awakened. So he aided the with their technological needs, mostly, and avoided combat. Including research into something the group found in the tunnels they live in: A giant mecha. A rarity in his world.

He aided when the entire group decided to raid the home of the leader of their world. An incredibly evil man, it seemed he had been letting the group of thieves live just so he could kill them, and show his usefulness to the world. The Fate's Chosen in the group attempted to hold them off, but eventually, it ended up with the young Logan being who the whole group was trying to protect, feeling guilty about bringing him with. The group wasn't killed, but they were transformed into monsters, the world's leader using his magic to do so.

The giant mecha activated, the whole thing becoming a catalyst to activate Logan's power. He was able to control the mecha, and gained magic. Fighting off his former friends, his Mecha, True, absorbed their life energy. He fled. And the world's leader decided to hire him on as a hero. Reluctantly, he agreed, with the goal of eventually killing his world's leader.

Much like Pokemon-1 Logan, he was a bit of a ladies man, though not as stupid. He began to convince people that he was a hero, before turning on the Union, and stating that he had decided to 'switch sides' and join the Confederacy, who he claimed to his people were the true justice. Making it so that his world's leader seemed right in aiding the Confederates.

Since then, Logan has attempted to create an Evangelion, with the goal of killing his leader. He nearly died due to this. But, he still lost multiple body parts. As of yet, they are unrepairable, even by technology or magic.

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