Lloyd Irving

General Information

Full Name: Lloyd Irving
Faction: Union
Rank: 6-General/ Currently 5-Vacationing General
Function: Frontline Swordsman
Groups: Starlit Hearts, Mobile Section Six
Series: Tales of Symphonia
Species: Human

Quote: "You… you could have lived with us, in our world. Damnit…"

Profile: Lloyd Irving is an idealistic, kind, trusting, and strong young man, although he's not the most brilliant. He was raised by a dwarf named Dirk for most of his life following the death of his mother when he was three. As Dirk lived in a forest that stretched between his home and the village of Iselia, Lloyd was forced to train himself to combat monsters to get to his school in the village. He developed a unique, two-sword sword style, and with it was able to protect himself and travel through the forest. When Colette Brunel, the Chosen of Regeneration and future savior of the world as well as one of Lloyd's lifelong friends, sets out to save the world from destruction, he goes with her to protect her from the dangers that went along with the journey. On this journey, Lloyd perfected his self-taught sword style, combining the agility and strength granted by his mother's memento, a jewel called an Exsphere, with the dexterity of two blades. As the journey to save the world became more that he could have ever conceived, Lloyd gained incredible strength through the evolution of his Exsphere and the Eternal Sword, which he uses as the twin-sword combo of the Flamberge and the Vorpal Sword. After saving his own world and having it collide with the Multiverse, he sets out on a new journey to end the strife of the warring factions on the side of the Union.

Vital Statistics

Age: 20 (18 physically, Aging Effect in effect)
Gender: Male
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 127 lbs.
Hair Color: Reddish Brown
Eye Color: Red


  • Material Blades - Lloyd's Material Blades are the Flamberge and Vorpal Sword, a blade of fire and blade of ice wielded as a pair. Together, they are the components of the Eternal Sword, which he wields in this form due to his self-taught twin sword style.
  • Ring of the Pact - The Ring of the Pact allows Lloyd to wield the Eternal Sword at all. Granted after being acknowledged by Origin and forged by Dirk, this ring is a symbol of Origin's hope that Lloyd would be able to save the worlds his way.
  • Mitgefuhl Vormund - Lloyd has acquired a Device from the Time Space Administration Bureau, named Mitgefuhl Vormund. An Armed Device, this weapon gives Lloyd access to Belkan Magic, a form of magic that is incapable of inflicting lethal damage unless deliberately overridden by the user. Able to switch forms depending on the situation, Mitgefuhl Vormund currently has four variations, giving Lloyd much more versatility in combat. These forms are a shield, a sword and shield, a pair of chakrams, and a crescent-bladed polearm.

Skills and Abilities

  • Seraph - Lloyd has awakened to his natural Seraph heritage, granted due to the unique natures of his mother and father at the time of his conception. This grants him the abilities he held with his Exsphere, but naturally regulated by his body. He is able to cast Aselian magic naturally, and has the potential to expand his personal abilities even further.
  • Flight - Lloyd possesses wings of pure mana, which grants him the ability to fly.
  • Sword Skill - An accomplished swordsman, Lloyd practices in a twin blade style he created himself. This gives him amazing dexterity and speed, but his hits tend to lack the power of a concentrated sword slash, and his defense suffers as well.
  • Sword Techs - Lloyd has a wide array of techniques at his disposal, including the double strike Tiger Blade, the gravity-defying Rising Falcon, the shoulder-charging Beast, and combinations of them.
  • Mana Manipulation - After training with Goku, Lloyd has harnessed the ability to channel his personal mana into ranged beams. Using his own life energy allows him to fight at range, and since he has awakened as a Seraph, can use these abilities at will. However, the same rules still apply, and overuse will result in exhaustion.
  • Craftsmen - Lloyd and his father, a dwarf named Dirk, are craftsmen. Lloyd specializes in jewelry and small crafts, while Dirk is an accomplished master of weapons, armor, and anything that can be forged. They are a force when working together on a project, but cannot craft high-tech products, as they come from a more magically focused world.


Lloyd Irving was once a simple teenager living with his father Dirk on the outskirts of a little village known as Iselia. Prone to falling asleep in class, being berated by those who knew him best, and taking interest only in his swordsmanship and his friends, Lloyd was a bit of a slacker, always putting things off. It was with the help of friends he made during a journey to save the world, the gift of a mother who never got to raise her son, and the aid of the sword that could grant the wielder's every whim that all of this changed. Lloyd became a hero, saving his world of Aselia from certain destruction. However, at the end of his journey, Lloyd came to a new world. Aselia Unified, and Lloyd came with it, marking his arrival into the Multiverse.

When he first arrived, he sought out protection for his world. He found it in the Union, and after showing off his combat skills in a fight against a giant Digimon and expressing his intent, he was brought in as an ally. He was separated from his old group of friends in the chaos of the unification, but he began to find new ones within the Union and even in the Confederacy, the opposing superfaction. He fought in many battles, and tried to help out in what meager ways he could, and shortly after his joining with the faction, he was offered a position as an officer, albeit provisionally. He found that, although he had never served in a formal military, it wasn't much different than he already operated, and thrived in a position of leadership. He continued to aid the Union, and with a bit more time, he was offered the position of General. Humbled, he accepted, and has been in this position since, looking to further help the friends he had made in his time.

(Note: Player is forgetful of specific events; this will be expanded on with time)

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