General Information

Full Name: Link
Faction: Union
Rank: Ally
Function: The Chosen Hero
Series: The Legend of Zelda-2 (Alt-U)
Species: Hylian

"Courage is the one thing I never throw away!"

Profile: Few know what destiny means better than Link, a Hylian boy raised among the forest-dwelling Kokiri. Constantly teased for lacking a fairy and determined to prove himself regardless, Link always knew he was different, and being destined to save Hyrule from the wicked Ganondorf taught him why. Link earned many friends across the world after leaving his forest home, and defeated Ganondorf in Hyrule's grim future with the strength he had gained from it. Shortly after returning with Zelda to their childhood years and preventing that future, Link traveled to Termina, another world full of familiar faces in similar need of a savior. Victory over Majora's Mask threw him back into Hyrule without his memories, so he 'grew up' as an ordinary villager. With Ganondorf revived and Hyrule endangered by Twilight, destiny calls once more. Reclaiming the Master Sword restored Link's memories, and he intends to oust Ganondorf from the World of Light for good. Despite his adult body, at heart Link's just a simple, virtuous, positive-minded and cheery kid who loves the world and the many friends he's found in it. His soul yearns for adventure of all kinds, whether it's seeing new lands or meeting new people. Link's known for his remarkable swordsmanship, musical talents, and his trademark green tunic enchanted to store tons of weapons, tools, mystical artifacts, and more. Most important of all is the blazing courage in his heart that makes the impossible possible.

Vital Statistics

Age: 17
Gender: Male

Additional Details

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