Lina Inverse

General Information

Full Name: Lina Inverse
Faction: Union
Rank: A-Ally
Function:Sorcery Genius, Walking WMD
Series: Slayers-1
Species: Human

"And after several years on her journey, the heroic Sorcery Genius Lina Inverse returns to…DAMNIT GOURRY! I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU TO SHUT UP ALREADY! WHY ARE YOU STILL TALKING!?"

Profile: Where monsters rampage? She's there to take 'em down. Where treasure glitters? She's there to claim it. Wherever an enemy rises to race her….Victory WILL be her's! She is Lina inverse, Sorcery Genius, Bandit Killer, Dragon Spook-Okay maybe not that last one. But the point remains. Very few people in her world, and the Multiverse, don't know who Lina Inverse is. Stories of her exploits have spread far and wide, and thanks to them, it's a wonder there's anyone who doesn't know of her really! A wandering sorceress, her life motto is but a simple one:Rob from the wicked, and make herself richer. It probably doesn't help much that this motto has resulted in her causing wanton amounts of destruction when she deals with local bandits, usually calling upon the magical equivalent of artillery to do the job. And then there's the fact no restaurant is safe from her appetite. Her bottomless stomach has already put her on the watchlist of countless buffets, with plenty more dreading a visit from her. She's led quite the interesting life overall, battling with bandits, evil wizards, and even the occassional Mazoku Lord…All that and then she found her way into the Union ranks for awhile. Eventually, finding herself discontent with her powers, she went on leave to parts unknown…However, after a long journey of self discovery and training, she has returned to do what she does best. Get treasure, kill bandits, and…Get more treasure to pay off the collateral damage. And maybe defeat the occassional evil Mazoku Lord.


Vital Statistics

Age: 17 (Multiversal Aging in effect)
Gender: Female
Height: …Um. Short.
Weight: …Ask that and you die.
Bust:Flat… T_T
Magic Factor:Very yes


* The Demon Blood Talismans - Also known as Lina's Magical Talismans, the Demon Blood Talismans were a gift from the Mazoku Priest Xelloss, and allow Lina to siphon power off of the four great Mazoku Lords to dramatically augment her power. However, they will not work if she is confronting one of the four Mazoku Lords.

Skills and Abilities

* Sorcery Genius: It's one thing to be good at casting magic. It's another to know virtually every aspect of it, even the spells you can't cast yourself. Lina would certainly fit the bill of Sorcery Genius, given the fact she has devoted a good amount of her life to learning the art of spell casting. Among other things, not only is she adept at casting spells…But also identifying magic, magical items, curses, and even constructing her own magical equipment. This is all on top of the fact she has even created her own powerful spells like the Laguna Blade. Years of further training during her leave of absence from the Union have only further honed her skills.

* Shamanism Magic: Shamanism class magic is a type of magic that calls upon either spirits or the elements to be used. By using shamanism based magic, a user can typically cast spells that are Fire, Water, Earth, or Air based in origin. A fifth set of spells also exists in this class for invoking spiritual power as well. While Lina can effectively cast spells from any one of these four elemental categories or the spirit category, her strongest class of Shamnism Magic would be Fire. As to what degree she can cast these spells? A simple wave of her hand and a brief incantation are all the girl needs to unleash her magic upon her victims. Her signature spells in this catagory include Fireball, Dill Brand, Flare Arrow, Damu Brass, Freeze Arrow, Levitation, and Raywing to name a few. The Shamanism class of magic has countless spells making it difficult to name them all.

* White Magic: While Lina can use White Magic, typically used to summon holy powers or heal others, her knowledge of the class is limited. Only able to cast basic white spells, she is unable to call upon the more complex spells that are typically used to perform tasks like heal severe wounds or purify the undead. That said, she's still able to perform basic healing when it's needed. The only noteworthy spells Lina can effectively cast from this catagory are Recovery and Lighting.

* Black Magic: Black Magic is a type of magic that is typically used to attack or invoke curses on victims. These spells call upon the power of Mazoku (AKA Demons/Monsters) to utilize their power. Typically, the stronger the Mazoku whose power is called upon to cast the spell, the stronger the spell itself is. It is within this category of Magic Lina Inverse's two most powerful spells lie…The dreaded Dragu Slave and the Laguna Blade. Along with this however, she can also invoke the power of lesser Mazoku Lords to cast spells like Gaav Flare and Laguna Blast. Other spells that don't call on high ranking Mazoku Lords are also within her capacity, including Blast Ash.

* Combat Training: While Lina Inverse might be a sorcery genius, she isn't without some knowledge of non-magical combat as well. Her primary method of fighting at close quarters is a lightweight rapier like blade…Which actually can function as an extension of her spells as well, thus increasing her melee capabilities. She also packs a surprisingly strong punch and kick as well, despite her size. And finally? If she has a slipper handy…Ceiphied help you. Seriously. Ceiphied. Help. You.

* Giga Slave: Lina's ultimate spell, and the most powerful spell ever created in her world. The Giga Slave invokes the power of the Lord of Nightmares, the Mazoku Lord that created the Four Worlds on the Sea of Chaos. The spell, quite literally, calls the Lord of Nightmares itself into Lina's body. This spell's destructive power is unmatched, given the fact it essentially attacks creating a void of nothingness that obliterates those caught in its power. Unfortunately, the spell is not without its obvious risks…Losing control of the spell allows the Lord of Nightmares to fully possess the caster's body, and furthermore, could risk creating a sea of nothingness in its wake. In order to cast this spell, Lina must have a powerful focal point and boost in magical power to use this spell. This would normally be the now lost Sword of Light, but the Magical Talismans are also an acceptable means of casting the spell… As long as she is not attempting to use the spell on one of the four Mazoku Lords who send their power to the Talismans, as they could simply refuse to provide the boost, thus making the spell uncastable. Additionally, the Mazoku Lords, as well as the Lord of Nightmares itself, are capricious deities, so even under optimal conditions, the spell has a fair chance of just plain not working and a better chance of backfiring. Horribly.(TP POWER:This spell cannot be cast without authorization from the appropriate IC and Admin figures. Lina will also likely not even TRY to cast this spell unless the situation is that dire. And by dire, we mean world ending dire. She won't cast this spell needlessly, if ever as long as it can be helped.)

Lina Inverse's Spell Index

-Fishing Spell (Lina Original)
-Recovery:Heals Minor Wounds.
-Lighting:Creates a sphere of light, can be used to illuminate or blind.
-Sleeping:Puts target to sleep w/physical touch.

-Balus Rod:Summons a whip of light.
-Blast Ash:Turns living targets to ash (Auric/Elites are immune to this).
-Blast Wave:Create a hole in non-living material, must touch to affect.
-Boost:Activates Lina's Magical Talismans.
-Dolph Strash:Uses power of Deep-Sea Dolphin to summon a lance like shockwave.
-Dolph Zork:Uses power of Deep-Sea Dolphin to create a powerful high pressure water blade. Must have access to water to cast.
-Dragu Slave:Uses power of Ruby-Eye Shabranigdu to unleash an explosion of obscene size and power, compared to a Tactical Nuke.
-Dynast Brass:Uses power of Dynast Grauscherra to summon continuous lightning strikes in the target area.
-Dynast Breath:Uses the power of Dynast Grauscherra to freeze the target solid instantly (Non Aurics/Elites can be shattered).
-Ferrous Bleed:Causes animals nearby to approach the caster.
-Gaav Flare:Uses power of Chaos-Dragon Gaav to summon a piercing fire projectile that can strike through multiple targets on a line/path.
-Giga Slave (TP POWER, ADMIN/FACHEAD APPROVAL REQUIRED TO CAST):Summons the Lord of Nightmares into Lina Inverse's body, allowing her to strike down her foe with omnipotent power. Miscast, it can reduce the area into a void/sea of nothingness. Requires Magical Talismans or Sword of Light to cast.
-Hell Blast:Summons a dark spear that siphons life force or other life sustaining energy from its target
-Laguna Blade (Boost Required):Summons the power of the Lord of Nightmares in the form of a blade of darkness, Lina's strongest spell below Giga Slave.
-Laguna Blast:Summons a pillar of darkness that envelops victims in the area of effect.
-Ruby Eye Blade (Boost Required):Uses power of Ruby-Eye Shabranigdu to summon a magical blade equal to the Sword of Light in power.
-Zelas Brid:Uses power of Zelas Metallnium to summon a thin ray of light, direction can be controlled,
-Zelas Gort:Summons jellyfish to the caster's location. Only works near oceans or other bodies of water containing jellyfish.

-Aero Bomb:Summons an expanding blast of wind.
-Air Valm:Summons a powerful wall of wind to deflect attacks (Ineffective vs Earth).
-Bomb Di Wind:Creates a very powerful, forward aimed burst of wind.
-Bram Fang:Creates a cutting arrow of wind, minor wounds vs living targets. Can be cast without any use of motion.
-Bram Gush:Summons a powerful arrow of wind, powerful enough to blow a hole into a brick wall. Lethal to living targets.
-Dam Brass:Fires a ball that creates a small localized Earthquake on impact, effective for opening holes in walls/ceilings.
-Diem Claw:Summons a horizontal and constant wind around the caster. Useful for dramatic cape flapping.
-Diem Wind:Summons a powerful, forward constant wind.
-Digu Volt:Summons a lethal electrical discharge into caster's hands. Can be conducted by metal if they are touching it.
-Dimilar Wind:Summons a powerful high-pressure orb of wind that blasts away anyone near it or impacted by it.
-Levitation:Grants flight to caster, easier to control than Raywing. Can still use other spells
-Monovolt:Summons a non-lethal electrical discharge into caster's hands. Can be conducted by metal if they are touching t.
-Raywing:Uses a shield of wind to grant flight, can also grant flight to others, and allows for faster movement than Levitation. Cannot cast other spells at same time.
-Raza Klouva:Fires a barrage of small flickering light projectiles, attacks both physical body and spirit of target.
-Scatter-Bleed:Summons a spread of weak, wind based energy projectiles.
-Wind Brid:Summons a barrage of wind shockwaves. Cannot be physically seen.
-Windy Shield:Summons a wind barrier to protect the caster. Multiple users can stack this spell's effect. Cannot cast other spells while maintaining this barrier.

-Bephis Bring:Creates holes in natural earth. No effect on wood/metal or similar substances. Not effective on 'living' earth.
-Dill Brand:Causes ground in a small target area to violently explode/erupt, sending anyone in the area flying upwards.
-Dug Break:Negates Earth magic in an area. Also affects Earth magic constructs like golems if they are non auric/elite, turning them to dust.
-Dug Haut:Summons spears of stone from the earth below. Must physically touch earthen ground or similar to use. Ineffective on other surfaces.
-Dug Wave:Causes ground below target to explode. Works on any surface including non natural ones. Releases a damaging shockwave as well.
-Gray Bomb:Stronger version of Dug Wave, but only works on natural earthen surfaces.
-Mega Brand:Stronger, wider area version of Dill Brand.
-Vigarthagia:Allows caster to release a pulse into the ground that generates a localized Earthquake.
-Vlave Howl:Summons magma from below the surface.

-Balus Wall:Creates a wall of fire.
-Bamu Rod:Summons a whip of flames.
-Blast Bomb (Boost Required):Summons several small fire projectiles that release massive fire based explosions on impact.
-Bomb Sprid:Creates a blast of fire based magic that delivers minimal damage, and releases its energy in a non heat-based flash, incapable of starting a fire.
-Burst Flare:Creates an explosion of ultra-high temperature, blue flame that can even melt a golem. The second strongest Fire spell a human can cast.
-Burst Rond:Fires a cluster of weak fire projectiles that cause negligable burn damage. Non lethal.
-Fireball:Summons a fire projectile that explodes on impact, or when its caster yells 'BREAK!'
-Flare Arrow:Summons one or many arrows of fire that can be thrown or fired from a magically conjured bow.
-Flare Bit:Fires several weak balls of light that are comparible to punches, non lethal. Also can generate excess smoke.
-Flare Lance:Summons multiple Flare Arrows and combines them into one projectile.
-Flare Seal (Boost Required):Anti-Fire Spell that protects an area from fire. So potent not even heat is felt. Long casting time.
-Rune Flare:Summons a powerful spear of flames, slightly weaker than Burst Flare but useful for precision/single target attacks.
-Val-Flare:Extremely powerful flare arrow variant, explosion released is stronger than a Fireball.
-Vice Flare (Boost Required)An even stronger version of Val-Flare, wider blast area. EXTREMELY DANGEROUS TO USE INDOORS DUE TO RISK OF FIRE SPREAD.

-Assha Dist:Turns target undead into ashes. Ineffective against Aurics/Elites.
-Bram Blazer:Summons a blast of blue light that attacks a target's body and spirit simultaneously.
-Divine Search:Allows caster to locate a magic item they own/have marked.
-Elmekia Lance:Summons a lance of light that attacks the spirit. Can only render a human unconsious, but deals potent damage to spirit/mazoku/similar beings.
-Protect:Nullifies Divine Search on an object. Caster must understand the nature of the magical item they wish to cast this spell on.
-Telepathy:Allows a caster to speak directly into another's mind.
-Vision:Projects the caster's image over a distance, this image can also be heard. Only works if another spellcaster can recieve the vision or proper magical equipment is setup in the target area.

-Aqua Breathe:Allows caster to breathe underwater. Can also speak and thus cast spells.
-Aqua Create:Creates water.
-Dust Chip:Summons small needles of ice. Minimal damage, but is very painful.
-Freeze Arrow:Summons arrows of ice that freeze what they hit. Can be used to freeze part or all of a target or area.
-Freeze Bullet:Similar to Freeze Arrow, but in sphere shape.
-Gray Buster:Lowers temperature in an area and can even freeze living things. Can also be cast on a cloak to turn it into an air conditioner.
-Howl Freeze:Summons a small blizzard that causes minor frost damage, can slow a target, and also reduce visibility.
-Icicle Lance:Upgraded Freeze Arrow, made by fusing many together. Far more potent and has a wider freeze area.
-Ly Briem:Summons a powerful freezing wave of air. Very short range, but can hit multiple targets if they are close.
-Sea Blast:Summons a powerful wave of water that can capsize a medium size vessel. Can only be used in a body of water, caster must be touching the water as well.
-Swightflange:Creates a localized fog around the caster. Can both reduce visibility and make wind based magic that is normally impossible to see visible.
-Van Rehl:Creates a web of magical ice that freezes those who come into contact with it. Useful in narrow areas.
-Vice Freeze (Boost Required):The ultimate Ice spell. Summons an orb of ice that then explodes, releasing its freezing power over a wide area.


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