Leona Ozaki

Official Information

Real Name: Leona Ozaki
Age: 23 (Multiverse Aging Factor: Not In Effect)
Gender: Female
Faction: Union (Ensign)
Series: Dominion Tank Police

"Do you conduct that kind of torture all the time? Not that it's a bad thing, mind you…"

Leona Ozaki is a police officer who will stop at nothing to see that the criminals of New Port City are taken down, however difficult it may be. Originally a member of the Osaka Women's Motorcycle Police Unit, Leona transferred to the all-male Tank Police unit, and almost immediately found it tough to fit in with officers who were so brutal compared to her usually gentle manner, especially with her superior officer Charles Britain. Nevertheless, Leona stuck it out and eventually hardened up enough to be truly considered a part of the Tank Police. Her extreme toughness and knack for taking out the bad guys is only matched by her love for her own custom tank, 'Bonparte,' which she built herself using the remains of her superior's tank which she accidentally destroyed.


Police: Once soft-hearted before toughening up when she joined the Tank Police, Leona has always been noted for being an elite police operative who stops at nothing to stop a criminal. Unfortunately, because of being a member of the Tank Police, she tends to get a little overzealous at times. Granted, she is learning to work at it, but it's not easy.

Driving: Once a member of the Osaka Women's Motorcycle Police Unit, Leona's knack for driving, especially motorcycles, has not diminished in the least bit. When she's not operating a tank or some other kind of battle vehicle, Leona can often be seen riding around on her favorite motorcycle. And even in the field, she sometimes rides her motorcycle to get to certain spots if it's quicker that way.

Bonparte: Leona's own custom tank, built using nothing but the best weapons and armor. It's a very tough tank in that it can withstand a lot more punishment than the Tank Police's standard tanks can handle.

Mecha: Leona's personal tank, Bonparte, is more than just a tank in that it operates in ways similar to that of mechas. As a result, Leona has the basic understanding of the way mechanized armors work, and could operate one if necessary.

Fighting: Police officers naturally need to know how to fight, but when you're with the Tank Police, you get really extreme. As a result, Leona not only knows a lot of standard fighting abilities, but also a fair amount of moves that would make her seem more like she's a professional wrestler.

Firearms: No police officer would be complete in their training without a firearm, and Leona's no exception. In fact, while most officers generally carry a hand gun or revolver or something similar, Leona's personal sidearm is a MAC-10 sub-machine gun, since it has a better firing rate than most standard sidearms.

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