Lenneth Valkyrie (Retired)

Name: Lenneth Valkyrie
Faction: Unaffiliated
Rank: X - None
Function: Wandering Ex-Goddess of Creation
Series: Valkyrie Profile - 1
Species: Aesir

Quote: "The death of a loved one For they that remain the wound grows deeper and deeper. They that remain grow weaker and weaker, an agony incomparable, their hearts in bondage. Who -is- the one that remains? And who is the one who departed?"

Profile: Lenneth Valkyrie, ex Valkyrie, now ex-Goddess of Creation over a world that was able to survive the cataclysm of Ragnarok entirely by her help. One of the sole survivors of Ragnarok, she restored humanity on Midgard and once ruled over that world to maintain peace. Thanks to a scuffle with the Alchemist Necromancer Lezard Valeth, her soul was yanked from her all powerful body and cast into a world where she could not reincarnate. However, that was not to last, as the new high god of that world was able to pull her soul back into the 'real' world, as well of those of her sisters, and give a body for each of them as a sign of good will, though Lenneth got her own back. Compassionate towards humans and non alike, she is authoritative, yet willing to adjust her views so long as those she has to adjust them to treat her and others around them with respect. Otherwise, the goddess carries herself with an appropriate air that one would expect. She considers herself to be in the position she's in, she doesn't attempt to lower herself to others, nor will she tolerate anyone attempting to. She is what she is, a goddess. An expert with several forms of weapons, ranging from Swords(one-handed) to bows(Cross and traditional) as well as polearms, The Lady Valkyrie is a force to be reckoned with all in all.

Vital Statistics

Gender: Female

Age: 23 (Midgard Reckoning)
Height: 13
Weight: 130

Major NPCs

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A young man from a poor village in the Villnore Region. Haunted for years by the tragic death of his childhood girlfriend, Platina, he sees the vestiges of her in Valkyrie. Strong in battle, but lacking the true spirit of a hero.


A mercenary from the Artolia region. Blessed with a true warrior's prowess and a good measure of luck, his sword-fighting technique is unmatched. In battle, he fights as a demon possessed, slicing through foes like a scythe through ripe wheat.


After graduating head of the class at Flenceburg Sorcery Academy, she worked there as a researcher. She is a perfectionist who hates to lose and admits to being an egotistical narcissist with poor-powers of self-analysis.


Glance Reviver

A powerful sword that Lenneth created for her personal use after the destruction of Loki. Fashioned for her own personal standards and materialized of the highest quality, this sword, while not as powerful as, say, the legendary Demon Sword “Levantine”, is still able to easily cut through stone and most metals so long as she, herself, wields it. Out of her hands, it's just another sword that has holy blessings stored inside of it.

Skills and Abilities


Being a ex-Valkyrie grants a myriad of things, among which are her own personal set of armour and sword. As well as this, she has very large and poofy feathery angelic wings that she can hide or expose as she wishes. She can also shoot crystals formed from the sap of Yggdrasil from her hand to encase foes temporarily(stun) or help her move about in enclosed spaces where her wings just won't work. She can, at times, also create various weapons and armours for those around her. The items stay solid so long as they remain within a mile of her, or in Asgard.

Weapons Master

She is one. Bows, Swords, Polearms… it's hard to find a match for this chick. Once being one of three souls to share the same body, their experiences as far as battles go was often shared between the three to help them from being hurt. While Hryst and Silmeria mostly stuck to their respective weapons and a sword, Lenneth was versatile enough as the 'middle child' to pick up all three and work with them to an extent to where she's nearly as good as they are with their own.

Dormant Power of Creation

No longer does she have the powers she once wielded over her world. Of course, this is mostly due to her body having been separated from her spirit. With all of her powers being linked between the two, the separation neutered her abilities, leaving her amazingly strong, yet nowhere near what she was. While she no longer has the power of creation /at will/, in times of extreme duress and stress, Valkyrie can tap into his hidden potential to work miracles that would normally otherwise be impossible(TP power, staff discretion).

Magic and Skills

Lenneth has a variety of magic and skills, ranging from buffing to debuffing spells, as well as the ability to revive the freshly fallen(within a minute, only if the body is largely intact and could be healed afterwards), as well as those who are knocked unconscious to a lesser extent. Able to heal both physical health as well as magical statuses placed on individuals, she's quite well prepared to take on whatever she needs to. There's also a forcefield around herself which stops most small forms of damage.(2 AID)

Voices of the dying

She can hear them, and locate them. This is good and bad, as sometimes, the dying can /scream/ into her brain if the soul or death is strong enough, which means she /will/ try to find out what the hell is going on. While this ability has been greatly hampered since arriving in the Multiverse, it can serve OOCly as a plot hook or for scenes


All work and no play~ Lenneth is largely one who lives by this philosophy, and so much so to the point that at one point in her life, she knew not what play was. She was honor bound, and duty bound, it was her life, her purpose and her existence… to serve Odin and collect Einherjar. Of course, that changed eventually, as she, among all the other gods, was the most exposed to humans.

Often lamenting over such things, as well as with her younger counterpart soul Silmeria, she would often speak of how the humans were akin to the gods at heart. This, of course, would lead her feelings to drop slowly from pure work to eventually even nearly allows a human to kill her duty, kill her, in an effort to recompense for doing her duty and possibly causing his family to fall apart.

Still, her time as a Valkyrie, THE Valkyrie, middle sister of three, the most cool and collected and least bound to act on emotions, good or bad… it has given her an outlook on things that allows her to remain atop the situation and not squander in it due to frustrations. While Hryst is rash towards punishing and Silmeria lenient towards not, Lenneth knows well how to balance things.

Compassionate towards humans, mostly a trait she picked up through her line of work, though partially as well in light of her being reincarnated as the human girl Platina. Having lived thirteen years or so as a daughter to a cruel mother, only to nearly be sold into slavery for the money, her time spent with a boy in her village by the name of Lucian, as well as her general 'servant' demeanor in that life lead to her current frame of mind.

Before her memories were restored to her thanks to Platina's earrings, one that Lucian gave her, and another she found in her own grave, Lenneth was cold to anything but her duty. After, however, when she realized that her cold demeanor and past life had lead to her lost friend Lucian being killed by Loki, she was shown to be fully capable of emotions to the point of having a hysterical breakdown in agony and sadness.

Truly, Lenneth is quite human in her personality, if not a little detached from death due to her line of work. She's more than acceptable of anyone and everyone pending they do not behave cruely to those around them, she is at most points simply content to remain by herself and watch over her world to ensure no others like Lezard ever crop up.



Lenneth was one of the three Valkyrie sister souls that were created for the purpose of harvesting fallen human souls in order to fight for the gods come Ragnarok, a foretold event where everything would supposedly be destroyed. Along with her sisters Hryst and Silmeria, they haunted Midgard for the longest, all three.

That wasn't to last, however, as they began to step on each others toes. Each having different personalities, for different reasons ranging from Odin's whim at creation as well as experiences on Midgard, Odin destroyed two of the three Valkyrie bodies and reincarnated all three into one body, forcing two souls dormant and one active for a triumvirate cycle.

Lenneth was the middle of three souls, and the primary, as she was the most stable, not being too rash either direction on the spectrum. Spending the majority of her time just reaping fallen souls, nothing of true not really happened til she harvested the soul of a man named Thydor.

The Covenant of the Plume

Thydor had a son by the name of Wylfred, as well as a wife and daughter. Having died on the battlefield a warriors death, he was chosen to become an Einherjar. Thydor was with her when she happened to divine that his son, Wylfred, was to die. Just as he died, he pleaded with her to return his soul to his mortal coil so he could live again and take care of his family.

Being rather lenient and a bit sympathetic to the requests of her Einherjar, she granted this. However, that lead to Wylfred and his mother blaming /her/ for stealing his father, Thydor, causing Wyl's mother to go mad and Wylfred to claim a wish for revenge upon the Valkyrie.

Going about her business while a war brewed on Midgard for the kingdom of Artolia, when the war finally seemed to come to an end, Valkyrie descended to choose a slain soul for an Einherjar and ran across Wylfred.

The boy still wanting revenge for his father, he assaulted her using a weapon forged from a pact with the Queen of Nifelheim, Hel, herself. This Angel Slayer was to be the death of her. Just as she was going to allow him to strike her dead, the boys father, and her Einherjar, Thydor, intervened and was instead cut down in her place.

Following such a thing, and witnessing Thydor go so far as to save Wylfred from eternal damnation in Nifelheim by taking his place when the servant of Hel, Garm, in guise of a woman named Ailyth, attempted to take payment upon the covenant formed for revenge… It was only the threat of war waged on Asgard by Hel and Nifelheim that stopped Lenneth from destroying Ailyth then and there. However, that interaction lead to a major, MAJOR change.

Odin and Freya deciding to wipe her memories in order to prevent her sympathies towards humans from affecting her work. This would eventually lead to her being de-incarnated as the reigning Valkyrie and placed in the cycle of Rebirth inside the human known as Platina.

Platina's Life

Platina's life was rather simple. Born to a cruel mother, she was raised since she was naught but a child to serve and serve well. Serving her mother, her village, as well as anyone who needed it, she had very little in the way of friends save a young boy by the name of Lucian. The two were always together when she had free time, despite her not really having any feelings towards him for the most part. Sure, she liked him, but it was way too early for her to /really/ understand anything more than simply friends and storybook fairytales.

When she was about thirteen, Platina discovered thanks to Lucian stealing her away from the village she lived in, that she was about to be sold into slavery. While she didn't believe him at first, if only because she didn't think her mother capable of such a thing, she finally agreed to run away with him and stay with him forever(he cared for her quite a lot). As they were running, they came upon a field of flowers, where Platina took a moment to revel in how pretty it was. It was only too late however that Lucian realized what they were…

Weeping Lilies. Poisonous flowers that could easily kill people very fast if the pollen was inhaled. Unfortunately for Platina, or perhaps fortunately, she inhaled some when the wind blew and died in Lucian's arms. Being buried where she died by the grieving Lucian, he took one of her earrings as a token of her for memories and left to lead a life in Gerabellum.

Valkyrie once more

Lenneth awoke shortly after, though she was not immediately called upon to be a Valkyrie. It was only several years later when she received the summons from Odin to appear before him. Met by Freya, she was taken inside and blessed with her job of, once more, going to Midgard. Something was strange, however. Her memories had been removed, and because of this, while she felt as if she'd been to Midgard before, she passed it off as fleeting thought since, to her, her memories only existed in Valhalla.

Thus, accompanied by Freya, her journey as a Valkyrie began once again.

Up until after her third period of grading by Odin upon her success, the events were largely typical of what a Valkyrie does. Finding and accepting several Einherjar into herself, on behalf of Odin, among them Arngrim and Jelanda.

She happened to discover Brahms castle while traveling Midgard, Brahms being the King of the Vampires who was holding her youngest Sister's soul captive. Entering the castle, she made her way to him and fought him in battle in an attempt to rescue Silmeria, though she was ultimately unsuccessful in getting Silmeria before Brahms left.

The clock turns

By pure chance, she heard the soul of Lucian, crying out and how he was about to die, despite her not remembering who he was. Coming to watch over him til he died, she took his soul as that of an Einherjar, hers, and kept him with her to serve the gods.

Shortly after this, she came upon two people who would change her life forever. Mystina, and Lezard Valeth, two people intertwined with a magical academy. Having arrived due to sensing the teacher there, Lorenta, was about to die, upon witnessing the manner of her death, Valkyrie became enraged and wished to punish Lezard. Working her way through his tower of abominations and monsters, she finally confronted him after discovering the extent of his knowledge of magic, coming to defeat him despite his escaping.

Further searching his lab, she realized the extent of his obsessions with her, that being the creation of Homonculi in her image for various purposes. She destroyed all but one, a child, who looked hauntingly like she did as Platina, despite her not knowing it.

Leaving and assuming his work wrecked, she went about her business. During these times, she began to bond with Lucian as an Einherjar, and as a soul, listening to his tales of a childhood friend by the name of Platina. After exposing her face to him without her helmet, he realized just how much she did indeed look like Platina. Exactly. Feeling a bit of pity for him, she kissed him, then let him know she would be sending him to Asgard soon to take care of the war against the Vanir, as he fit the description of a warrior that Odin was looking for. Accepting this face, Lucian went without protest.

Lenneth eventually came to take Mystina as an Einherjar after she was killed by Lezard in her own lab. Lucian, however, not long after, contacted her through means from Asgard at the advice of Loki, speaking with her and giving her an earring. She exploded at him for using the forbidden channel of communication and he was shortly killed by Loki, though she didn't realize this til a bit later when told by Freya. She was, however, as were the rest of the gods, told that Lucian had stolen the Dragon Orb and that is why Loki killed him, thus she showed no remorse.

The Valkyrie once known as Platina

Coming during her journeys to the field where Platina was buried, she recalled the conversation with Lucian when he gave her the earring, having told her she knew where the other earring was. For some reason, she had came here, and upon searching the gravesite of Platina, discovered the other earring. Quite confused, she began to remember her life as a human, which caused a seal that was placed on her by Freya to begin to break.

Failproof activating, Lenneth was pushed to a state of dormancy and her sister soul, Hryst, took over. While she was safe, if not dormant, when Hryst moved to attack Arngrim and Mystina for refusing to serve her, Lenneth jumped in between with her soul to protect them, causing her spirit to shatter and begin to die. Hryst left following that event. Lenneth was saved at this point by a combination effort from Lezard Valeth, who appeared, Mystina, and Arngrim, as well as the vampire Brahms. Placing her soul remains into the child homonculous that she didn't destroy, they left her to rest while they defeated Hryst at Brahms castle and recovered her body.

Fusing the two together, her old body and her soul, as well as the body of the half-elf Homonculous child… for the first time, Lenneth, without her seal, felt a surge of emotions. Having a bit of an emotional breakdown, she fled the scene in an effort to find the earring that was lost at the meadow where Platina was buried. Ultimately failing, Lenneth returned to her business.

With her other travels, she came upon the Kingdom of Dipan, a fallen kingdom that was destroyed by the gods many centuries previous. Journeying through the kingdom and attempting to figure out what had called her there, she discovered a time machine that allowed her to go back in time to when Dipan was still very much thriving. With that, she was able to put the soul of the beheaded king, Barbarossa, to peace. Sealing up the Time Machine from human hands, and thinking it rather safe, she left it alone and went about her duties.

Then she discovered that Asgard was under attack. Specifically? Valhalla.

Along with her Einherjar, she journeyed to Valhalla and discovered that Loki had destroyed most of the gods, as well as having killed Odin. Heading towards Loki, she came across the monster wolf Fenrir, as well as the dragon, Bloodbane. Upon killing them both, she found one of the sacred treasures, Levantine, inside the stomach of the dragon. Taking it in hand, Lenneth went to confront Loki for a final showdown.

This wasn't to be, however, as Loki, after Lenneth attacked him, used the stolen Dragon Orb to destroy not only Valhalla, but all of Midgard in a single stroke. Taunting Lenneth, she broke down upon hearing the souls of the lives of every last person on Midgard die at once, screaming in pain. That unlocked something inside of her… a power… a power that was granted from the body she was given by Lezard Valeth.

That power? The power of Creation.

In a blind rage, Lenneth subconsciously used her power to restore not only Valhalla, but all the lives and Midgard that was destroyed by the Dragon Orb, as well as those of Asgard. Striking down Loki in the battle that followed, peace was once more returned to existence. What she didn't know, however, was that in her return of all the lives in Midgard and Asgard… she brought Lucian back to life. Upon realizing this, they embraced and began to live the remainder of their lives together.

Lenneth the Creator

(I'm putting some stuff in here to keep the timeline flowing until VP2 history)

With all the gods revived, political turmoil ensued. After dropping off the various sacred treasures where they belong, Sylvan bow to Alfheim, Sword to Nifelheim, Orb to Midgard and returning Gungnir to Odin, she confronted the previous All Father and gave him an ultimatum. Step off and surrender his throne to her peacefully, or be forced aside. She had grown tired of his tyranny. While he protested, as did Freya, with her new powers, she was not one who could be stopped by either of them, even with Odin having Gungnir.

Dethroned, Odin was allowed to live how he wished in Valhalla with Lenneth as the creator and All-Mother, so to speak, though no mortals knew of this change of power. With Surt dethroned after Loki killed him, the Vanir were not a problem. However, Hel, queen of Nifelheim, saw this as a chance to try and overthrow Lenneth's new rule. Lambasting Asgard with the forces of Hel, Lenneth's view on the world below.

Lezard had survived Ragnarok, and he was not under her control, much like the vampire Brahms. In his studies and travels, Lezard discovered the time machine, the one which Lenneth sealed, and used it to travel back in time to whence the days of Dipan were very much alive. It took some time for her to notice, but things began to change in her world, and upon researching things, she discovered what happened and went into the time machine after Lezard.

Lenneth in the alternate past

Upon arriving in the past, Lenneth quickly headed towards the source of the distortion, a large tower under the control of Lezard. Entering it, she discovered a team of souls, amongst which were Hryst, Alicia(The princess of Dipan), Brahms, Arngrim, as well as a Half-elf by the name of Rufus… among Alicia's Einherjar, that is. Joining forces with them, she traveled up the tower, in the process helping save her youngest sisters soul from having been placed into a homonculi much like her own had been.

When the Valkyries three with the rest of the group confronted Lezard, he used a spell known as the Sovereigns Rite to force their souls from their bodies, capturing Lenneth's and nearly the other two if it weren't for the actions of Brahms. Here she remained until her prison was destroyed by the group that remained, until she, and her sisters, were placed together with Alicia's soul to form the true Valkyrie… known as Valkyrie.

Destroying Lezard and bringing the timeline back to proper(Nearly), Lenneth's soul as well as that of her sisters were to be lost, trapped in the new world of Lezards and unable to re-enter the transmigration cycle of souls. As a token of Gratitude, Rufus, who had inherited Odin's soul and powers, was able to recapture the bodies of Hryst and Lenneth, as well as make a new one for Silmeria, and give them bodies back. Of course, this exchange of bodies left Lenneth quite a bit less powerful than she had been as a creator in her own world.

But, she was alive, which was something to be thankful for.

The Homecoming

And, thus, returning to her world… she found herself dethroned by Odin and cast to the wayside because of her (current) lack of ability to fight him back on a level necessary to win. Fleeing, with Lucian… the world then unified into the Multiverse.

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