Leia Silvis (Retired)
Leia Silvis
Vital Information
Gender Female
Species Human
Source Ogre Battle-1
Faction Union
Rank 1-Ensign
Function Blaze Knight
Groups N/A
Other Information
Age (Appearance) Early 20s
Age (Actual) 18
Still Aging? Yes
Height 5'10"
Weight 162 lbs.
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
"I hope you're not as dumb as you look."


The daughter of a northern nobleman, Leia Silvis enrolled herself into the military academy against her father's wishes. She joined the Southern Division of the Palatinean Army, and later followed her commanding officer into rebellion, into the Palatinean Revolutionary Army. What began as an effort to free Palatinus turned into a desperate battle against supernatural evil, the hate of the Ogres spilling into the Multiverse itself. Leia and her unit were attached to Union command. She might seem intractable and hot-tempered, but Leia has the best intentions. Usually. Loyal to a fault, her eagerness for a scrap can sometimes be a problem, but she is a solider at heart and will almost always defer to authority… albeit reluctantly. Her skill with polearms, lightning magic, and knack for squad-based tactics make her a formidable soldier.


  • Blaze Knight: Thanks to a rigid training regiment, Leia can use polearms of almost every stripe and hue to brutal efficiency, regardless of how crude or unwieldy they might be. Through her patron goddess of wind, she can focus her magic into offensive blasts of lightning, limited to a medium range.
  • Equipment: At Leia's disposal is enough equipment to see that she and her unit are kept at the ready. This usually includes all necessary armour, polearms and sidearms, horses, food, and medical supplies. It also covers the cost of any equipment that needs replacement.
  • Polearms: If it's a long stick with a pointy thing on the end, she can use it as a weapon. Leia has extensive training with her weapon of choice, and she'll know how to bring out their full potential in hand. Her strength and agility serve her well, talented at being surprisingly quick with such a cumbersome sort of weapon.
  • Requisition: If she feels a fight may justify it, Leia can requisition soldiers from Magnus' command. Most of the time, these soldiers are not as capable as her own hand-picked Valkyries, and tend to represent the more untrained among the Palatinean Revolutionary Army. She can choose from a multitude of types of soldiers, but generally they're going to be those that aren't needed against the Netherworlders. (PL 30 through to PL 32, depending on the competency of the soldiers in question. See appropriate, admin-locked +info files for details.)
  • Soldier: Leia has several advantageous traits through her calling. Her agility, strength, and endurance are a cut above the rest. She can fight powerfully for long periods of time, and take considerably heavier damage than the average human. She has her limits, though, and has no supernatural powers to back up this natural resilience. All of these abilities are solely the product of rigid training.
  • Stubborn: Being stubborn can be a wonderful advantage. At its best, it can keep one going against horrendous odds. Leia has incredible willpower, and it can see her through incredible battle and hardship; situations that should break a lesser psyche she instead laughs off or bulls through with grit and determination.
  • Unit Leader: As a graduate of Ischka Academy, Leia is capable of leading soldiers into battle. She has a natural aptitude for offensive techniques and tactics, sometimes at the cost of defending herself or her own unit. Her favourite stratgies involve hitting the enemy hard, hitting them fast, and leaving them reeling. Though very capable, the Valkyries that Leia leads are generally not as poweful as she is. (Any of her soldiers alone constitutes a PL 31, working together they are a PL 32, Leia alone is a PL 33, and all five of them together constitute a PL 34.)


  • Heat: Having come from the furthest northern reaches of Palatinus, Leia prefers cold weather. She functions best in winter when snow and ice cover the ground, and she's skilled at working out army logistics through the hungering cold. Heat dulls her wits and reflexes, making her lethargic, slow, and exceptionally cranky. Leia's four comrades exhibit similar symptoms, having come from northern regions themselves.
  • Magic: Leia has weak resistance to magic. She's a superb physical warrior, and she can even use a little bit of magic of her own, but something about Unification threw her resistances out of whack. Elemental magics involving fire or heat tend to be anathema to her. Whatever the flavour, magic deals significantly more damage to her than physical attacks.
  • Mortality: Though an excellent soldier, Leia is only human. She can only take so much punishment before she drops, though that threshold may be high; she has no fancy regeneration, so unless someone's there to tend her wounds, she's not going to be beaten to a pulp and "get better." Incidentally, if she knows she's facing terrible odds, she'll order her unit to retreat. She might love a good scrap, and she might be stubborn, but she's not suicidal!
  • Overeager: Leia has a bad habit of jumping the gun. Whether it comes to battle or to leaping into a situation uninformed, she can sometimes get in over her head through sheer eagerness to get in there, get her hands dirty, and take care of what needs doing. Most of the time this gets her into trouble. That's not to say she rushes in like a complete idiot, but sometimes she's impatient enough not to listen to the whole story unless she absolutely has to.
  • Proud: Everybody has their faults, and first on Leia's list is pride. She's proud of many things, with great confidence in herself, and it can be easy to incite that sense into defensiveness and even anger. She's quick to act if she feels insulted, and wrecking her focus isn't too hard if one knows the right buttons to push.
  • Stubborn: When it comes to survival instincts, stubbornness is great! When it comes to anything else, stubbornness is… well, not really so great. Leia is extremely independent and willful, and some might even call her intractable when she's got it in her head not to cooperate. She won't contradict a direct order from the Union, but she can be hard to deal with if she thinks that she has a reason to butt heads with somebody. Usually this isn't without good provocation, but she needs to see the logic of things to understand why other ways might be wiser.

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