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This page should cover any info needed to fiddle with the Legend of Dragoon-1 theme. If there are any questions or comments however, feel free to direct them to Evanya, as Mira Seward on-mush. The information here presents a theme that is effectively a sort of 'sequel' to the actual Legend of Dragoon RPG itself. It was built by Evanya with suggestions from others, and hopefully it proves interesting!

Introduction: The Nature of Endiness

The Conflicted Continent

Endiness is a continent steeped in legends and tales of its bloody history. From the great Human uprising of ages past, to the ten thousand years of centennial terror from the Black Monster, to the near-cataclysm that was the Moonfall, Serdio, Tiberoa and Mille Sesau have their fair share of dark times and warning tales. And yet, this past near-century since the Moonfall has marked a turning point for Endiness. No longer does it obsess over the past and clinging to tradition. It has been a slow change, but Endiness begins to embrace its future, focusing on the troubles of today and visions of what may come. They must, to survive the myriad dangers that emerge or return in this new age.

The Powers that Be

Humanity currently stands astride the world. While they are all too mundane and hardly physically impressive, they have always been a clever lot. The dominance they established in the wake of the Dragon Campaign has lasted for more than eleven thousand years, rife with conflict and struggle, but always between their own interests. The Winglies they defeated were content to fade into the shadows, and the Gigantos were never numerous enough to pose a significant threat. Recently, as their eyes turn towards tomorrow, Humans have developed a penchant for technology- perhaps their true talents, their own ones, finally come to light.

The Winglies begin to return to the light of day, entering the world at large again after millenia of exile and hiding. Their magic has faded, and they no longer possess the same power they did when their empire ruled the continent. But they are here, and they are not dying. Some have taken up the trade of producing magic-invoking items via alchemy, finding a facility for it powered by their exclusive power to invoke magic independent of outside help. Others try to repair relations between themselves and humans, while yet more attempt to reclaim their lost cities and ruins and artifacts. A few even try to find a way to restore their species' magical might. They are a people in flux, unsure of their new place in the world- but unwilling to simply lay down and accept fate.

Perhaps a greater mystery is the Gigantos. It's theorized by many that they couldn't possibly have been all wiped out, surely some must have survived. The legendary warrior Kongol was testament to that. Yet, the common acceptance is that the Gigantos are gone, and never coming back. Even if they did, after all, what would they want to do with the humanity that massacred them? Still, the occasional seeming madman or charlatan arrives in one city or another, swearing to hell and back that they've seen figures twice the size of a man fleeing their vicinity. The truth? May very well be up to you.

Legends of Yore

Of course, these aren't the only powers that exist in Endiness. Tales abound of gemstones that render one impervious to fire or lightning, cursed blades and weapons that can fell a Dragon in a single blow. Some are truth, some are fiction. But all agree on the most prominent- the tale of the Dragoons. Harnessing the raw might of dragonkind into the will and intellect of one of the humanoid species, they are storied as the heroes that brought down the Wingly Empire and prevented the Moonfall from laying waste to the world. Some argue over the specifics, but in truth the details are obscured in myth and poetry- perhaps to hide the methods by which the greedy might collect this power for themselves.

The Threats of Yesterday, and those of Tomorrow

It's accepted by now that Soa, the Creator, grew the many species of Endiness as the hundred-and-eight fruits of the Divine Tree. But since the Moonfall, when the Dragoons slew the 108th species that would have shattered the world, it seems there is a new source. New and strange creatures are discovered with increasing frequency- and almost all of them are vicious and aggressive. At the same time, dragons seem to have made a resurgence, prowling the wilds and dangerous places. Perhaps the only thing stymieing them, and offering no comfort by doing so, all now know the word Virage and what it means. Clashes between these two threats are said to grow more common by the day- and all the more terrible at that. What comes next is anybody's guess.

Setting: A Changing Land

The Political Landscape

The past century has managed to be largely peaceful. Whether this is true harmony and understanding, or necessity given the state of the world around them, the nations of Endiness make no war, no conflict with one another. Tensions run high, but true efforts at genuine friendship occur. Age-old wounds begin to heal, while new problems begin to crop up. The same countries dot the continent of Endiness as did a hundred years ago with one notable exception. But they are… different, now.

The Divided Serdio

The civil war between the Duchy of Basil and Imperial Sandora ended with the death of Emperor Doel. Not immediately, but hostilities ceased before too long. In the aftermath, those more peaceful followers of the fallen Emperor rallied their people under a banner of unity- in the name of safety, of peace, and hopefully of some manner of independence. They knew that they were no long the same peoples as stood under the banners of Basil. They came to King Albert in peace as he returned to his country. Through reason, discourse and discussion, they negotiated a peaceful secession of the two now-new nations. The word Serdio refers now to the general region.

Basil, for its part, consolidated its strength into a peacekeeping force- many soldiers stepped down, and those that remained aided law enforcement or defending the entirety of Serdio from these new threats from the wilds. It remained quite traditional, with the monarchy upon the throne and with the same overall structure. It prospered commercially- Lohan is still one of its greatest assets. Known as some of the friendliest strangers you'll ever meet, Basilites take pride in their hospitality and the simple comfort they can provide. It's also perhaps the most historically knowledgeable and generally scholarly country there is. It's said that the legendary King Albert himself sparked this renaissance of philosophy, history and the arts in the wake of his return to the throne.

Sandora instated a ministry to govern the newly-separated country in the wake of the negotiations with King Albert. The rule is harsh, but remarkably fair- the rule of law reigns supreme here, but little love is given to those found guilty. Efficiency is highly prized here, and the aforementioned legal system chugs along at an impressive pace. As a result, Sandora has become something of a juggernaut of production- its people value their work and doing it as quickly, efficiently and capably as they can.

The two nations still share a very similar culture, in spite of these differences. They still both prefer robust foods with savoury spices, and classical home designs coupled with delightfully imperfect city layouts. Sandora begins to trend towards more planned expansion of cities, but there's some cultural resistance to the movement. Still, there are great tensions between the two- there are still signs of the past war here and there, and those minor differences between them become very pronounced when as closely tied as the two are. Still, the governments strive for friendly relations- and the world's first steam train railway has just begun operations between Kazas and Bale.

Tiberoa, the Independent Future

Long before the Moonfall, but long after the Dragon Campaign, Tiberoa was a peaceful nation of seafaring peoples, living contently in homes shaped from clay. That is, until 'settlers' from lands that would eventually settle into the nations we know today arrived. To spare certain details, Tiberoa was 'colonized' by these foreign settlers, asserting their control over the land and peoples and instating a royal family from among their own nobility. The nation's people never truly forgot, and as much as there was a great deal of public affection for the royal family, there was just as much anger and resentment- simply quieter.

In the wake of their working with the Dragoons, and the rising to power of Princess Lisa, Tiberoa underwent a shift. Lisa was well-known for being a caring, kind young woman, and as her sister relocated to Basil, she took the throne. At the behest of a group of its citizens that simply requested that awareness of the nation's history be emphasized more, communication opened up between the royalty and its people. Working together, both groups took things much farther- the royal family relinquished control. They remained as figureheads, certainly, but the true power of Tiberoa was in the hands of a council composed of elected citizens. (Think Canada's government paying respects to british monarchy still, structurally)

Granted far more license to pursue their own devices, the people of Tiberoa suddenly flourished. While Basil can certainly be said to be the more erudite country in a sense, Tiberoa is by far the one most successful in its progress. Seeming masters of engineering and invention, heralded by the groundbreaking Queen Fury, few places seem as poised to change the world. Quickly becoming the premier destination for the budding, but still primitive sciences and research and invention that spearheaded Tiberoa's progress was the university of Tiberoa, founded outside the capital to commemorate the Council's rise and shift of focus to advancement of knowledge and all people of Endiness.

Recent whisperings suggest that collaboration between Tiberoan inventors and Sandoran experts on economics may be about to revolutionize the way just about everything is produced.

A nation quite enamored of its coastlines and seafaring nature, Tiberoa's culture reflects this. Swimming is a very popular pastime and exercise, their homes designed to allow ocean breezes and blend in with the beaches they may well be constructed next to. Seafood features prominently, alongside an assortment of fruits and vegetables that the colder climes of Mille Seseau or Serdio can't support. Astrology plays a large role in the life of a Tiberoan to this day, offering them guidance and comfort whenever they need it.

Mille Seseau Opens its Arms

The story goes that the Sacred Sister called Miranda was a harsh, unforgiving woman- that she mistreated those around her and demanded impossible standards on a whim. But then one day, the heroes of the Moonfall came to Mille Seseau in pursuit of their most noble of goals- and she was chosen to be one of their number. Successful, Miranda returned home a changed woman. Having become the hero the world hoped she could, she was different even in her old life. Understanding and caring, more open to others and sensitive in expressing the cares she had all along.

Which is perhaps what lead her to being the public face of welcoming the returned Winglies back into the world. Into the late years of her life, she strove to improve relations and see both species integrating peacefully, and her endless efforts echo through to this day. Mille Seseau is, relative to the rest of the world, a perfect picture of species interaction and intermingling. Naturally it is not without its conflicts and tensions, but no country is as close to a true harmony between the two- even if it's still out of reach.

The most obvious symbol of this nigh-alliance is the Crystal Palace in Deningrad. Though it was shattered in the events of the Moonfall by a creature known today only as 'The Beast', painstaking effort by both Humans and Winglies have rebuilt this remarkable structure, a combination of Human construction techniques and Wingly magic accomplishing what neither the mundane Humans or diminished Winglies could have done alone. In turn, the Gloriano Project was undertaken.

A hardy, pragmatic people, those of Mille Seseau prefer filling, simple fare, sturdy construction and uncomplicated solutions. This may have helped them integrate with the Winglies, seeing them as simply as more people trying to make their way, rather than ancient oppressors. Resilience and resolution are paramount here- without them, one is seen as weak, cowardly and without worth.

Gloriano Reborn

For millenia, Gloriano sat in ruins, a barren icy waste with little left worth salvaging from among its highly dangerous ruins of Wingly and Human settlements alike. Even the rugged people of Mille Seseau thought it a waste of effort to resettle it- and yet, now, it begins to take shape as a nation in its own right- one ruled by the emergent Winglies.

Winglies from every hidden home they had flock here by the day, gathering with their own kind and bringing with them secrets and magics thought lost to the world for ages upon ages. The old Human capital of Vellweb undergoes a rebuilding and renewal- becoming a home for Winglies as a sign of peace. The seven towers that represented the heroes of the Dragon Campaign have been refurbished as well- maintaining their history, but now truly a memorial to the heroes of the Moonfall. The Winglies themselves have many paths before them- prominent among them their new prodigious production of spell-mimicking items. Winglies were discovered to have a wonderful talent for creating them, easing the process by using less expensive alchemical components and infusing them with their own magic.

The elder Charle Frahma and youthful, modern Meru were seen as leaders in this new home for their species. Charle did, eventually pass, but Meru lived on to carry on her legacy and institute a senate to oversee law and order. Meru herself held a seat upon this senate for many years- but in spite of still being young by some Wingly standards, she has recently vanished without trace on a trip to Lohan with her husband Guaraha. Nobody knows what happened to her, but it is a rare few that suspect foul play having taken down the last surviving (if tight-lipped) hero of the Moonfall.

Compassion is not a feeling that comes naturally to Winglies. In fact, it is theorized that without interaction with Humans and Gigantos, the concept would never have crossed a single Wingly's mind save perhaps about their immediate family. The elders of their people still struggle with being considerate and kind in this increasingly cooperative world. Yet the younger generation, those who grow up so much less isolated from their cousin species, seem far more prone to being caring and helpful with one another and the Humans. A dangerous few radicals see this trend as a sullying of Wingly pride and take great pains to deny any such feeling or impulse in themselves.

While one might think the Winglies carve out a difficult, hungry life amidst the snowfields and frozen tundras, one of Charle Frahma's final acts begged to differ. One of the last great magics their species has wrought, and perhaps ever will perform, was to create a temperate sort of magical biome at the outskirts of Vellweb, allowing her people to produce food enough to support their population and quite a bit more year-round. This place has come to be known as Frahma's Lament, in contrition for the heinous acts of her brother in the time of the Dragon Campaign. None know of his acts during the Moonfall in this age save the surviving Meru.

OOC Concerns

Well who and what can I play?

The answer is, just about anything or anyone in the continent. The Humans are certainly most populous, but the Winglies are quite the presence as well- and it's always possible the Gigantos are hiding their massive frames away in the lonely places of the world. Maybe the Minitos species could be resurrected from the creative energy bound up in the fallen Moon That Never Sets. As for who- anybody! Be the new King of Basil, or one of the Sacred Sisters of Mille Seseau. Maybe be a simple peasant growing into greater things- or a Wingly trying to restore the old heights of their magical might. Maybe a Gigantos set on purging the old home of their species of the monsters and bandits that have overtaken it, that their people may return to the light of the world should they so choose. There's all sorts of possibilities before one even thinks about being one of the legendary Dragoons- and the Moonfall's heroes proved that the dragoons could truly be anybody.

This doesn't seem to allow for FCs much!

Au contraire, mon ami! It's obviously been mentioned above that the ever-fun Meru is still alive in this day and age. And even more than that- Endiness is full of mysteries that are never really addressed in the game. Ghosts exist, but in so many forms, and what can they all do? Certainly they seem fully capable of interacting with the physical world. If I had to guess, I'd say strength of will and personality factors in a lot- the very things that define such heroes as the FCs! Melbu Frahma managed to persist beyond his death for ten thousand years without falling into emotional madness- he even nearly completed his true goals after all that time. The Dragon War's dragoons persisted in their towers for similar amounts of time, though they were seemingly more limited spirits. And of course, there's always the little-mentioned fact that Rose's choker existed. The very one that granted her truly unaging, eternal life. Perhaps someone's found it- or maybe it's not a unique wonder. The FCs of Legend of Dragoon may have passed on (or not!), but they don't necessarily have to be gone. I'm open to chatting about how to work something out!

The very first character apped for this theme isn't a Dragoon. Does that mean I should wait until she is to app one?

Nope! In fact, Mira's player (me!) fully encourages people to app them in advance of her if they want to. Heck, app something altogether stranger and such- whatever you like. Notably, Lloyd was a match for the dragoons, and even without the dragon buster he was likenable to them in power. Don't feel like you have to shy away from concepts to avoid overshadowing Mira. She really is intended to be nothing special- yet!

Speaking of the Dragon Buster, what's the word on unique artifacts of the setting?

Probably fair game! The Soul Eater could easily be acquireable, for example. But some things won't work quite the same. It's hard to say until we look at a given one. The Dragon Buster for instance probably shouldn't one-shot all things draconic short of the Divine Dragon, that would be silly in the context of a PC having it on MCM. But it can probably be a good way to depict yourself as a dragon fighting specialist! Et cetera. Feel free to talk it over.

How do I learn about Legend of Dragoon if I've never played it?

Well, there's a wonderful wiki about it if you just google the game, pretty easy to look into. Other than that- play it! And if you don't I want a divorce.

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