General Information

Full Name: Laer Azati
Faction: Confederacy
Rank: Lieutenant
Function: Lyric Thaumaturge
Series: Planescape-1
Species: Elf

"Can you hear it?"

Profile: Master of the arcane realms of sound and illusion, Laer Azati has the skills of any bard with something more of an focus on the magical part of the trade. Always seeking to learn more of music and the arcane, the usual innocent and friendly personality she projects conceals an absolute absence of morality regarding the manner in which she acquires knowledge and power. Originally from the city of Greyhawk, she had become a traveler between worlds before being drawn to the Multiverse, still in search of what she simply calls The Song.

Vital Statistics

Age: 75
Gender: Female
Height: 5'2
Weight: 115 pounds

Additional Details


  • Group Membership - True Mage of the Bracer Circle of Veritas Arcanum, Laer has far more respect for other musicians and arcane users than for the average person.
  • Alignment - Moral alignment being detectable in her world, Laer registers as neutral Evil to any abilities that rely on such.

Skills and Abilities

  • BARDIC MELODY: Laer has the ability to inspire her allies to greatness and hinder her foes through her music, as most bards from her world do.
  • MAGICAL MUSIC: However, she additionally has the ability to weave magic into her songs, whether sung, played with an instrument, or even whistled. Her knowledge of the arcane is thorough, but she has a particular focus on magic that focus on illusions, transportation, and most especially sound. This aspect of her music does not carry well over radio or other technological devices, and while it works on those who cannot hear or over other loud noises, it will not work in areas where sound cannot carry, such as those affected by a silence spell or a vacuum. She additionally has the ability to use a wide array of arcane attacks, though she is completely unable to use necromancy of any kind.
  • ILLUSIONS: One of the most flexible areas of magic, a large portion of her knowledge in this school is devoted to trickery to allow her to avoid getting into combat, or avoid getting hit at the least. Very little in this school is used for direct offense, but she will frequently feint with an illusion and follow with something real.
  • TRANSPORTATION: Before entering the multiverse, Laer traveled the Planes in search of the song. As such, she still has a focus on magical teleportation and flight. While she can no longer return to the Planes, she can use similar methods to move herself and a small group within the multiverse.
  • SONIC MAGIC: Laer's ability to damage with these is nearly unmatched by any in the history of the school she began to learn at. As noted above, this works through a weaving of sound with arcane power, and completely removing either takes the potency out of things.
  • MUSICAL PRODIGY: Even without using the above magic, Laer is a musician with few equals; given a day with an unfamiliar instrument, she will play it as though she had practiced for a decade. However, in spite of her technical skill, there always seems to be a cold edge to her music, a fingerprint that other skilled musicians can identify her by however she disguises herself with illusions.
  • DRACONIC POLYMORPH: A spell she recently learned offers her the ability to, for a cost, turn herself for a time into a full-grown adult red dragon. This comes with a few drawbacks, naturally, but allows her to focus almost entirely on offense, a dragon being far more destructive than the bard's normal shape. (0 aid form)

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