Kyton (Retired)

General Information

Full Name: True name unknown, so she simply goes by what she is. A Kyton Chain Devil
Faction: Union
Rank: Ally
Function: Lady of Links
Group: Heaven or Hell
Title: Chain of Darkness (Second in Command)
Series: OC based on D&D!
Species: Greater Chain Devil

"Some links are harder to break than others. That is why I will kill, without thought, without mercy, and without remorse, for those I respect and hold dear."

Profile: There are Demons… There are Devils… And then there's Kyton. Originally standing on a shaky relationship with the Union due to her somewhat unnecessarily brutal methods, and a less than favorable first impression, Kyton has come a long way since then, earning her niche amongst the Union elite and finally accepted as a more trusted ally than her beginnings. A lover of all things metal, the gothic queen of Hell is never seen without her chains, constantly accessorizing in cold iron, and a lover of the music genre as well. It is to Heaven or Hell that her loyalties are the strongest, what with the portal her increased and expanded domain bound to the office closet, her status as second in command of the paranormal hunting agency, and her incredibly close ties to the organization and its members… People she would kill for. People she would die for, such as the Rozen Suigintou. … Or her appointed Guardian Angel, Psyber.

Vital Statistics

Age: 736
Gender: Female
Height: 4'5"
Weight: Heavy!

Major NPCs

Note: Kyton has not many NPCs at the moment… Just a few imps and slaves, her Chain Gang Army, and… Mr Popadopalous the Prinny Butler. Who is actually Psyber's NPC anyway!

  • Chain Gang Army - Kyton is of course not the only resident of her Hell. Countless other Chain Devils and other feindish monsters inhabit it and all serve her will as she is the reigning Lord. As is the case, Kyton has her own army of fellow Chain Devils that act as her personal guard, serving her in combat at her very beck and call. They are devotedly loyal. … Out of fear of the punishment she will enact upon them should they turn traitor…
  • Mister Popadopalis - A prinny in a butler suit~dood! He was totally a gift to Psyber from Etna, but Kyton uses him as a stress relief beating bag~dood!


  • Crucifix - Kyton carries a cross… A large, heavy metal crucifix, as light as a feather in her grip, but immensely heavy to any other hands. The cross bears four reels of chains, one within each of the points, and acts as a sort of "chainspace", giving her quite a long length of reel to work with. As long as she remains within range of the cross she can utilize the chains within- or just use the bigass thing as a shield.
  • Barbed Chains - A gift from Psyber for Christmas. She actually cherishes these chains quite a bit over her others for some reason.
  • Hell - Not so much a piece of equipment as it is an asset. Kyton is the iron fisted, tyrant ruler of her very own Chain Hell. Bleak and desolate, the countryside is lined with nothing but chains all over the ground. It's home to quite a few other lesser chain devils that make up her armies. It was in a decisive strike however, that her allies aided her in taking the Hellish realm of another Devil Lord, as well as his powers and ablities, The Shadow Plane of Hell. Just like Chain Hell she rules there, too as all powerful.

Skills and Abilities

  • Greater Chain Devil - There are your standard Devils, and then you have your more specialized ones. Kyton's command and dominance over chains and metal links is unparalleled. Able to make any chain within a thirty foot radius around her bend to her will, she can make each individual link sprout barbs and other nasty tortuous implements of pain and war appear upon them, even extend chains in her power by up to 20 extra feet. At will, Kyton can temporarily turn her entire body into nothing but a living conglomeration of rusted and menacing chains as a standard action so long as she has enough chains around her at the time to initiate the transformation. This mastery also seems to carry over to barbed and razor wire to a lesser extent.
  • Terrifying Gaze - All Chain Devils have a frightening innate ability to instill fear with a glare… Greater Chain Devils can inflict severe terror with only a cold glance. Something burns within those hellish glowing eyes of hers that seems to allow Kyton to force non-aurics to root in place in absolute, soul chilling despair. To a lesser extent it may or may not work on aurics- perhaps not enough to make the bravest cower, but there is a chance of temporary paralysis when looking into those evil eyes.
  • Advanced Regeneration - Injuries and pains are not a worry for the lady of links. As her Hellish lineage gives her the boon of extremely rapid healing. Any and all normal wounds are healed in a matter of seconds, though overuse of her healing will exhaust her substantially. Any lost limbs are regrown in a mere matter of hours- holding a severed limb to the injured stump will instantly re-attach it. The only downside to this incredible gift of healing, is that holy and chaotic aligned weapons negate her accelerated regeneration, and have to heal over time like any normal wound.
  • Shadow Manipulation - After absorbing the life essence of Lord Bahizael of the Shadow Plane Hell, Kyton gained the ability to control darkness and shadows in the same manner she holds dominion over her chains. Able to solidify darkness and use it as a weapon in as many creative ways as she can think of. Though she still specializes in cold, barbed iron, her mastery over darkness makes for a good bolstering addition to her already brutal combat style and arsenal.

Other Information

  • Heaven or Hell - Kyton is the second in command of Psyber's personal group of Heaven or Hell. It wasn't a position she ever expected to gain, but it's a position she takes completely serious and would never betray the trust given her when it was bestowed.

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