General Information

Full Name: Kruger
Age: 246
Gender: Male
Faction: Unaffiliated
Team: Imperium of Man, Space Wolves
Rank: Wolf Guard
Function: Space Marine
Series: Warhammer 40,000
Species: Space Marine (Wulfen)
Height: 7'4"
Weight: 661lbs (out of armor)

"Whether by bolter or axe or claw or fang, I will purge the Emperor's enemies, be it Xenos or Heretic! I ask that you put aside your fears and prejudices and fight by my side! For Russ and the Allfather!"

One of the many Space Marines who fight for the God-Emperor of Mankind, born on the harsh planet Fenris and ascended into the ranks of the Space Wolves. Originally a warrior of a nomadic tribe on Fenris, Kruger fought against other tribes in furious, bloody battle. Chosen by the Space Wolves, he trained and was altered into a Space Wolf, fighting for the Emperor and with his battle-brothers. His rise through the ranks of Ragnar Blackmane's Company was fast, spearheaded by his bravado and inspiring charges against enemies, not to mention his skill in many battles and major campaigns headed by Blackmane. Eventually, Kruger was hand-chosen as one of Ragnar Blackmane's elite Wolf Guard, where he continued to fight with a ferocity and vigor rarely seen in the Guard. Some call him insane, others an inspiration. Either way, his devotion to the Emperor and his Wolf Lord is unquestionable, and is believed to be what pulled him back from succumbing to the beast within when the Canis Helix forced his body to devolve into a killing machine, the Wulfen. Still ever-loyal to Ragnar and the Emperor, he was given a second chance, sent to The Fang to be watched over by the Wolf Priests and to ensure the safety of The Fang.


  • Mark 7 Power Armor - The most common type of power armor seen in use by the Imperium. It is a completely enclosed suit of armor that protects the wearer from the outside environment, made of thick ceramite plates. Despite its size and weight, power armor is designed to enhance a Space Marine's strength and replicate the wearer's movement through electrically motivated fibre bundles. It commonly includes numerous auxiliary systems as well as advanced systems to monitor a Marine's biological status. The backpack contains the main power plant, environmental system and additional stabilizers. Kruger's armor has also been fitted for his Wulfen form.
  • Marine Training - Though young for a Space Marine, Kruger's skill is exemplary. He is a master of hand-to-hand combat, especially with his chosen Frost Blade, as well as with a bolter and bolt pistol. He can easily lay down suppressive fire to cover his approach and follow up with chopping the enemy to ribbons. Furthermore, due to being chosen as one of the Wolf Guard, Kruger is also trained in basic command, able to direct small squads effectively, though defers command to higher-ranked members of the Wolf Guard, or other units if need-be.
  • Wolf Guard - As one of Ragnar Blackmane's hand-picked Wolf Guard, Kruger has access to a lot of equipment, but is expected to be an expert with his chosen weapons. For that reason, Kruger limits himself to a handful of weapons. He has trained himself constantly in use of his Frost Blade and Boltgun, though keeps a Bolt Pistol as a sidearm. Furthermore, he is also trained in the use of Meltabombs, as well as frag and krak (anti-armor) grenades should his weapons prove ineffective, or if he decides an explosion of a body is better than just cutting them in two.

Skills and Abilities

  • Adeptas Astartes - Through many surgeries, implantations, training exercises and conditioning, Kruger has become a Space Marine, one of the God-Emperor's greatest soldiers. This makes them far more than any other human, reaching levels of skill and resilience normally thought impossible by humans. In addition to many extra organs implanted within them, they also carry the Geen-seed of their chapter within them, regulating their body's growth to accomodate the new changes granted to them.
  • Space Wolves - The third of nine Chapters of Space Marines, founded by the missing Primarch Leman Russ. Despite their strong anti-authoritarian behaviour, they are amongst one of the most superstitious chapters of the Imperium. They venerate the wolf that shares their name, also disregarding the Codex Astartes, having twelve Great Companies, one of which led by Ragnar Blackmane that Kruger is a part of. Their feral nature is amplified by the Gene-seed granting them enhanced senses, as well as fangs. These squads will never be reinforced, often leaving the higher ranked squads with low numbers. The great companies are also self-contained, making them each an independent army.

Other Information

  • Mark of the Wulfen - Like most Space Wolves, Kruger carries the curse of the Wulfen within him, caused by the Canis Helix within their Gene-seed. Kruger, however, has fallen to this curse, but kept his human mind… somewhat. Though it can make him quick to anger and utterly merciless in combat, he has continued to keep hold of his sanity and his loyalty to the Emperor, the Chapter and his Lord.


Born into a nomadic tribe in the Fenrisian mountains, Kruger was already in the harshest of climates, to say nothing of the flora and fauna that stalked the same mountains. He was raised to fight, wielding whatever weapons the tribe had at hand to defend it from the creatures and other tribes that threatened it. When he was fourteen, a particularly bloody battle unfolded, with Kruger's tribe and another locked in a ferocious battle. The two tribes slaughtered one-another, the battle raging for hours, but Kruger slew many and continues on, ignoring the near-fatal wounds he had recieved. One after another, the enemy tribe fell until none left, but even Kruger couldn't withstand the damage he had already taken, finally succumbing to his wounds as the last of his tribe. But luckily, the Space Wolves were watching.

Having been revived by their Wolf Priests, Kruger was born anew, uplifted into their initiation trials. Through years of hellish training, through which many other young initiates died or were lost, Kruger perservered, struggling at first to deal with the beast within him after drinking from the Cup of the Wulfen, but he endured. He was subjected to the augmentation and implantation of additional organs as well as the mental conditioning required of the Space Marines. Throughout all of the training he endured, he came out stronger, more than human and more than he ever could have been. And despite all the hardships, losses and trials, he was happy that he had been chosen, and that he had been successful.

Starting as a Blood Claw, Kruger's urge to prove himself stood out amongst his packmates, with the five of them desperate to show their abilities and be chosen into a Great Company. Through many engagements, the group ascended the ranks to the Long Fangs of Ragnar Blackmane's Great Company, but a fateful encounter against Eldar that changed the group forever. A planet was soon to be overrun by Eldar and Ragnar Blackmane's company had arrived to fight them back. Kruger's pack had cleared the path for an assault by Blackmane himself, but they had ran headlong into a trap. With their Wolf Lord in danger, they rallied in his defense, but three of his pack died, the fourth being interred within a dreadnaught. He, however, had gained his Lord's favor and was promoted to the Wolf Guard.

For years, Kruger fought at Ragnar Blackmane's side, throwing his all into protecting him and smiting his enemies. His skill even caught the eye of the Deathwatch, but he turned down their offer to continue to serve his Lord. But even it couldn't last. During a particularly heated engagement against the forces of Chaos, Kruger's beast took over, transforming his body into that of the Wulfen and began to tear apart the Chaos forces. When the smoke cleared, Kruger had regained his self, but not his form. Cursed as he was, he believed he was to be killed, but instead he was sent to The Fang to be watched over by a Wolf Priest and fight to redeem himself, in death if need-be. He still holds his rank of Wolf Guard to this day, but he defers to those of equal or higher rank. He has still yet to decide if his new abilities are a blessing or a curse, but knows he will have to remain ever-vigilant or fall completely.


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