Krezentia Einjager

General Information

Also Note: Trolololololol female Bass Mary Sue who can do everything ever except not really because that's just the opinion of people who've never bothered to RP with her and who don't know the theme. :P

Full Name: Krezentia Einjager Sepperin
Faction: Confederate
Rank: SA - Senior Ally; retired from 6 - Major
Function: Super Iris Number 001
Series: Rosenkreuzstilette-1 - OC
Species: Artificial Magi

Quote: "I'm no longer Spiritia Rosenburg's shadow! I'm Krezentia, Krezentia Einjager, and I don't need or want to be saved! This is my path, the one I chose, and I'll walk it until the very end!"

Profile: An artificial Magi created to mimic Spiritia and infiltrate the RKS, Krezentia has turned into quite a different person since her activation and original mission to steal the Golden Gear. Created by mixed work from Shu Shirakawa and Iris Sepperin, using Spiritia's DNA and a certain Super Wily Number's schematics, Krezentia is the culmination of science and magic working together, an entity sporting all of Spiritia's abilities yet without being her. For quite a while she had been obsessed with overcoming the original, thinking it would grant her happiness; but in the end, there are those who made her realize she should be herself, and she has decided to follow that advice. Unpredictable and with a short temper compared to Spiritia, Krezentia can nonetheless be cold and calculating when needed, no longer driven by hate alone. Studying under Shu, training under Iris, the fake Magi is filling her book with as many tricks as she can, willing to slow down and listen if it means gaining the advantage. Ridding herself of her reckless tendencies, she has even found herself to be pretty good with words when she tries. In battle, Krezentia wields the ability to copy people's attacks, fire mana and plasma from her palms, rely on her electrically charged fairy, Kopie, and even wields the power of the stolen Golden Gear in the form of Modus Drei, a winged set of armor.

Vital Statistics

Age: 18 (Still Aging)
Gender: Female
Birthday: June 7
Eyes: Red
Hair: Blonde
Serial #: Super Iris Number 001 (SIN001)
Body Composition: Biomechanical matter; behaves mostly like organic compounds (grows/regrows, bleeds/coagulates, squishy/soft, generates body fluids including tears, blood and everything else regular humans have) but looks mechanical (lets out electric sparks when deep wounds are left open, visible wiring and metal exoskeleton, limbs can be fully replaced without trouble).

Powers & Equipment

ARTIFICIAL MAGI: Krezentia is an advanced mesh of machine and biological life, a Magi yet a robot at the same time. Due to this she has magical potential like any other Magi, but also slightly heightened senses and physical abilities. Her unstable power core grants her Falsches Gewehr unlimited mana, like Spiritia's soul does for her Seele Gewehr.

FALSCHES GEWEHR: Literally False Rifle, it is a functional copy of Spiritia's Seele Gewehr (Soul Rifle). It allows Krezentia to channel mana and plasma into her hands and fingers and release them as one of several attacks; the default firing mode is rapid-fire, though she can also store up energy to perform a Charge Shot, and finally the Gewehrstoss (Rifle Kick) which unleashes a Charge Shot equivalent through a half-circle kick.

MAGI-ABSORB: Krezentia's version of the Magi-Copy skill, different in name only. It allows Krezentia to learn the "primary weapon" of a defeated or consenting person, either from collecting leftover energy from the battle or from touching their body. This move will generally but not always be a ranged ability. Use of these powers is limited; Krezentia will run out of "fuel" for an individual power if she uses it more than a few times within a battle. Fuel is drained even faster if the move is charged. Her hair, eyes and clothes change color when she switches weapon. (Acquiring a new move requires the move's owner's full consent. All copied powers are detailed in +powers/detail Krez.)

ZAUBEREIBUCH: More akin to a storage drive than an actual spell book, the Zaubereibuch (Sorcery Book) is a replica of the same object Spiritia carries made by Iris. It allows storing up to 16 copied moves (using Magi-Absorb), but only 8 can be selected for use at any given time. The book is extremely fragile and cannot be brought into combat.

RKS POWERS: Since Iris has access to the full combat data of the eight RKS members, Krezentia has some, but not all, of their weapons pre-built into her. These weapons are: Freuden Stachel (ice spikes machinegun), Klage Harnisch (water twisters/huge column) and Lust Atem (fiery wind bursts/blades). These weapons take a permanent slot in the Zaubereibuch, reducing its capacity to 13.

KOPIE: An artificial fairy created to rival Lilli. She has short purple hair, clothes and, of course, a matching, powerful purple glow, her personality identical to Krezentia's. She is skilled at manipulating electricity and providing offensive magical support.

DUNKELFLUGEL: The Dunkelflugel (Dark Wings) line of support items are copies of Spiritia's equivalents. Eins creates up to three platforms that can be used to reach high places. Zwei creates a flying surfboard that can be used to travel quickly in a straight line. Drei is slightly different from Spiritia's, however; it is a fully sentient mechanical wolf. In this form, it can aid Krezentia in battle by firing blasts from its tail or mouth, digging up treasures, or turning into a Zwei-like flying surfboard.

Modus Drei Mugshot

MODUS DREI: Dunkelflugel Drei is capable of turning into armor for both Krezentia and Kopie, namely mechanical wings and plate mail. This mode of assault, though slower, has an extremely high power output, allowing the two to charge attacks almost instantly and unleash more devastating plasma-based ones. Thanks to Shu Shirakawa, Modus Drei can now passively draw power from the Golden Gear to create a miniaturized version of the Granzon's Warp Field, coating Krezentia and Kopie in a field that slows incoming attacks. (Aura Flare 34->35)

GOLDEN GEAR (Sigmove): A powerful divine artifact native to an alternate version of Iris and Spiritia's world. After stealing it and running field tests, Iris has broken it into two halves, outfitting one of them for Krezentia's use. The power of the Golden Gear can cause Krezentia to gain tremendous amounts of power for a limited time, causing her to glow an intense gold and purple.
Unfortunately it tends to take its toll on her body after an intense fight, making it heal slower on its own.


TELEPORTATION: Krezentia can teleport by turning into a stream of light and shooting into the sky, crashing down at her desired destination. Heavy defenses interfere with the ability to teleport in or out of certain locations and it is generally only safe to teleport to controlled and allied locations. Certain wards or heavy fortifications will outright block teleportation.

PLAYER 2 ADVANTAGES: Can aim in every direction. Can double jump. Cannot slide.

Major NPCs

Kopie w/ candy

Kopie: Technically an artificial fairy (much like Krezentia is an artificial magi), Kopie would be Krezentia's version of Spiritia's fairy companion Lilli, attuned to offensive magic rather than defensive. Capable to manipulate lightning to a fairly decent extent, she makes a good addition to Krezentia's own fighting styles, though their personalities being so similar leads them to fight among each other quite often. She has something of a verbal tic, ending or beginning sentences with "funya~" for seemingly no reason; she doesn't even notice it, herself. Her signature attack is Kopie Sturm, essentially a localized electrical storm on her target, though she makes use of lesser moves regularily and, when hooked up to the Golden Gear or when donning Modus Drei, a few more powerful ones. She has a sweet tooth for candy or much of anything containing sugar.


Minor NPCs

Dunkelflugel Drei: "Dark Wings Three" by name, Drei is a robotic wolf-like dog that can shift between convenient vehicular transportation modes, most notably a bike and a hoverboard. Its fighting capabilities are limited, but for what it's worth it can spit mana and plasma from its mouth and tail, as well as fire. Its claws and teeth are razor-sharp as well. Drei turns into the Modus Drei armor both Krezentia and Kopie don when they need to bring their best out. Personality-wise, it's a guardian, somewhat aggressive but obedient.

Skills and Abilities

Kopie's Moves

  • Kopie Blitz (Kopie Bolt)
  • Kopie Donner (Kopie Thunder)
  • Kopie Sturm (Kopie Storm)

Kopie's Moves - Modus Drei

  • Warp Field
  • Blitzfaust (Thunder Fist)
  • Donnergottfaust (Thundergod Fist)
  • Vergoldet Getriebe Blitze Regen (Golden Gear Lightning Rain)

Krezentia's Moves

  • Falsches Gewehr - Rapidfire (False Rifle - Rapidfire)
  • Falsches Gewehr - Charge Shot (False Rifle - Charged Shot)
  • Falsches Gewehr - Gewehrstoß (False Rifle - Rifle Kick)
  • Verwickelnetze Kette (Entangling Chain)
  • Verwickelnetze Kette - Verwirren (Entangling Chain - Entangle)
  • Verwickelnetze Kette - Vollen Umfang (Entangling Chain - Full Spread)
  • Verwickelnetze Kette - Zusammenlaufen (Entangling Chain - Converge)
  • Manaklinge (Mana Blade)

Krezentia's Moves - Modus Drei

  • Warp Field
  • Falsches Gewehr - Plasmafaust (False Rifle - Plasma Fist)
  • Falsches Gewehr - Plasma Regen (False Rifle - Plasma Rain)
  • Falsches Gewehr - Überladung (False Rifle - Overcharge)
  • Falsches Gewehr - Strömend Laser (False Rifle - Streaming Laser)
  • Manaklinge - Klingeschuss (Mana Blade - Blade Shot)
  • Manaklinge - Überschallknall (Mana Blade - Sonic Boom)
  • Vergoldet Getriebe Entlastung (Golden Gear Discharge)

Copied Abilities

Lust Atem Uncharged/Charged

Weapon: Lust Atem, Original Owner: Luste Teuber
Colors: Orange hair & pink clothes, green eyes.
Uncharged Use: This weapon created rapid-firing shockwaves of orange, fiery magical wind, which although not quite powerful on their own can be aimed extremely easily compared to other weapons.
Charged Use: The charged version of this weapon creates a single, extremely massive shockwave of the same fiery orange wind.

Freuden Stachel

Weapon: Freuden Stachel, Original Owner: Freudia Neuwahl
Colors: Pale purple hair & clothes, red eyes.
Uncharged Use: This weapon allows the user to fire large magical icicles like a machine gun.
Charged Use: The charged version of this weapon fires a torrent of large snowflakes all around the user, in every direction, which will expand outward like a field of Touhou-like danmaku bullets.

Klage Harnisch Uncharged/Charged

Weapon: Klage Harnisch, Original Owner: Trauare Wrede
Colors: Blue hair & cyan clothes, purple eyes.
Uncharged Use: This weapons allows the user to fire up to three small water twisters.
Charged Use: The charged version of this weapon summons forth an incredible column of water around the user, shielding them while tearing apart anything in direct reach with pressure and churning water.

Blast Ray

Weapon: Blast Ray, Original Owner: Caro Ru Lushe
Colors: Pink hair & white clothes, purple eyes.
Uncharged Use: This weapon infuses the user's pet or familiar with the fire element, allowing them to deliver a tackle attack which will burn or sear the victim.
Charged Use: The charged version of this weapon does much the same thing, but adds an explosive effect when the attack lands.

Kanshou and Bakuya

Weapon: Unlimited Blade Works (Kanshou & Bakuya), Original Owner: Shirou Emiya
Colors: Red hair & blue clothes, brilliant brown eyes.
Uncharged Use: This weapon creates the twin swords Kanshou and Bakuya for the user's use. When thrown, the blades will spin and return like boomerangs if they do not hit anything. This can be used to grab far-away items.
Charged Use: The charged version of this weapon creates a spiraling storm of swords, sixteen in total, the reinforced versions of Kanshou and Bakuya, which fire outward from the user's position.

Earth Spike

Weapon: Earth Spike, Original Owner: Reize Seatlan
Colors: Black hair & red clothes, hazel brown eyes.
Uncharged Use: This weapon causes a single spike of earth to burst out of the ground to impale a target.
Charged Use: The charged version of this weapon creates a trail of spikes which burst out of the ground from the user to the target, rather than directly under the target.

Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros

Weapon: By Fire Be Purged, Original Owner: Ragnaros the Firelord
Colors: Flaming orange hair, clothes and eyes.
Uncharged Use: This weapon creates Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros as a melee weapon for the user's use. This two-handed hammer of lava, steel and rock is extremely heavy and delivers blunt damage from the hit, piercing damage from the spikes and fire damage from the magic in the hammer.
Charged Use: The charged version of this weapon causes a plume of fire to erupt from the ground under the target.

Weapon: Atomic Burn, Original Owner: Lucia
Colors: Deep blue hair, red clothes and blue eyes.
Uncharged Use: This weapon fires a single volley of three magical plasma needles which home onto their target.
Charged Use: The charged version of this weapon attempts to create a prison of plasma around its target, before tendrils and flames work to reduce them to nothing with extreme temperatures.

Weapon: Zonde, Original Owner: Nept
Colors: Brown hair, purple clothes and pink-ish eyes.
Uncharged Use: This weapon fires a bolt of lightning toward the target.
Charged Use: The charged version of this weapon fires several bolts of lightning toward the target.

Weapon: Black Hole Cluster, Original Owner: Shu Shirakawa/The Granzon
Colors: Purple hair, purple-blue clothes and purple eyes.
Uncharged Use: This weapon creates a large orb of purple energy whic the user must then hurl into the sky. The area will darken and then form several more of these orbs in the sky, before raining down on a location of the user's choosing, pelting it with explosive, gravity-ripping spheres of energy. Lesser version of the Graviton Cannon.
Charged Use: The charged version of this weapon creates a black hole inside a sphere of energy and lightning, which will slowly expand until it reaches several times the size of the user. It can then be hurled as an attack, causing gravity-based damage and destroying a significant area around the impact point.

Weapon: Dimension Destroyer, Original Owner: Milleniumon (GM Cheeseman)
Colors: Dark blue hair, red clothes and redder eyes.
Uncharged Use: This weapon's Uncharged Use fires a black orb of energy at a target, which will expand after hitting (or missing). It will grow into a small pocket dimension in which the fighters can continue their fight. This dimension is temporary at best, and has absolutely no special advantages, not even counting as being elsewhere; it is only a visual cue. (this uncharged attack is also known as Time Unlimited)
Charged Use: The charged version of this weapon causes the expanded dimension to collapse on those who were hit by the original attack, causing significant damage from all directions.

Weapon: Erzbischof Sabel, Original Owner: Archbishop Agmis (Deceased, The Guy)
Colors: Golden hair, green clothes and red eyes.
Uncharged Use: Produces the Archbishop Saber, a blade constructed entirely of holy-aligned mana. Using it this way consumes no weapon energy.
Charged Use: Charging the weapon releases a golden column of holy energy from the sword. Doing so exhausts the weapon entirely until Krezentia can recover.

Particular Relationships

This list more or less includes everyone Krezentia has met, talked with or fought; if your name is missing, do prod me.

Krezentia being... herself, in the morning.

Kotomine Shirou: <3<3<3<3<3
Iris Sepperin: <3<3<3<3<3
Shu Shirakawa: <3<3<3<3
Kopie: <3<3<3<3
Null Hildebrant: <3<3<3
Aurel Kastellan: <3<3<3
Vanguard: <3<3
Celestin: <3<3
Drill Bit: <3<3
Richie: <3<3
Lotor: <3
Loros: <3
Sigma: <3
Scourge: <3
Kino Makoto: <3
Yunao Wethschild: <3
Bass: <3
Master X: -
Lina Inverse: -
A-Ko: -
Alice Maestra: -
Lezard Valeth: -
Lute: -
Lunette: -
Shir: -
Sanji: -
Dr. Wily: -
Guts Man: -
Faina: -
The Overlord: -
Maylene: -
Fiera Kitsun: -
Kane: -
Gilgamesh: </3
Ocelot: </3
Envy: </3
Green: </3
Cut Man: </3
Metal Man: </3
Amelia: </3
Kenzaki Kazuma: </3
Caro Ru Lushe: </3
Lucia: </3
Dr. Doom: </3
Eddie Riggs: </3
Tendou Souji: </3</3
Rin: </3</3
Nevena: </3</3
Sonic: </3</3
Ballade: </3</3
Shirou: </3</3
Saber: </3</3
Noh: </3</3</3
Ash: </3</3</3
Vita: </3</3</3
Fate T. Harlaown: </3</3</3
Hayate Yagami: </3</3</3
Yuna Kagurazaka: </3</3</3
Psyber: </3</3</3</3
Signum: </3</3</3</3
Nanoha: </3</3</3</3
Erio: </3</3</3</3</3
Naechste: </3</3</3</3</3
Spiritia Rosenburg: </3</3</3</3</3</3</3</3</3</3


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