Knight's Log 9-3-12

======> Arrive Conveniently Early

Vruasa Telash, being the KNIGHT OF TIME of his own game, is keenly aware of the things that are going to happen which are immediately relevant to him. He is FAR FROM A SEER, but so long as HE NEEDS TO BE SOMEWHERE IN THE FUTURE, he can intuit how and why with relatively little effort. So it happens that just outside of the crater — exactly far enough outside of it to not be in any danger from the impact, as a matter of fact — there is a troll seated upon a black lawn chair. He is sipping something from a blue-tinted plastic cup, which may or may not itself be blue-tinted.

The meteor strikes down in front of him, shaking the surrounding area violently. It might have been an earthquake or some other natural disaster, if it was not a mysteriously intact meteor. But the Knight of Time knew that it would be here, because he was always going to be here to greet the very important person that would turn up as a result of the meteor fall.

He looks up at the meteor.
And sips his drink annoyingly loudly while he waits.

It's a little bit before anything happens beyond smoke and steam wafting from the edges of the mostly subterranian home/spaceship. A couple minutes really. Finally though a hatch at the very top clangs open loudly and /almost/ dramatically.

A red gloved hand is the first thing to appear out of the opening, though a fair bit of grumbling can be heard for some time before that. It is mostly echoing swears and complaints about how stupid the person who made this thing was.

/Finally/, after what has probably been half a dozen paragraphs, Red's head pops into view as he sticks most of his upper body out of the hatch. His forehead is bleeding a little bit, and beneath the blatant frustration there is a hint of worry if not fear. He cautiously looks around, searching for signs of danger.

He finds Vruasa. The teenager squints, frowning at what looks like a weird imp in a stylish outfit doing something other than running around causing random mayhem for no reason Red ever could decipher. He removes his FN pistol from his Strife deck to his right hand as he climbs the rest of the way out, facing the potential threat.

"Of /course/ you have red blood. Fucking humans and your single blood type." Vruasa immediately complains upon catching sight of Red emerging from the meteor. He doesn't bother getting up, and in fact taking an annoyingly long and /exceptionally loud/ sip on his drink. Then he sets it aside on a little plastic table that apparently came with the lawn chair, which has totally been here the entire time. The knight's first reaction to the pistol coming out is to threaten, but he's pretty sure that would just escalate the situation and, frankly, he can't be bothered right now.

So he just shakes his head.

"No, I am pretty sure that is not a thing that we are going to do today." He declares confidently, laying back in his lawn chair and folding his hands behind his head like a pillow. "Personally I'd prefer to be fucking sleeping right now, but nooooo, I have to be here to deal with the goddamned falling meteors all over again."

Shaking his head he goes on, "So anyway, you can call me DL. I'm here to tell you that whatever you're going to do from here, Session 412 is the place to do it. You /do/ have a pesterchum handle or a trolltag already, right?"

God this guy is like the annoying tutorial to a video game sequel that nobody really needs.

Only you kind of do.

Oooookay then. Not an imp. Red doesn't know what the funny looking thing is, but at least it doesn't seem to be hostile. Just annoying.

"Uh-huh…" Red doesn't put the pistol back up, but he obviously doesn't seem inclined to use it at this point. He's more puzzled than defensive/aggressive now. At least, until Session 412 is mentioned. THAT gets a reaction, that's for sure. The young man looks a little stunned, surprised at what should be great news, even if it just doesn't mean as much to him as he had hoped.

He had made it. But now what?

It takes Red several long seconds to process the snark, information, and stunning revelation all at once, and a range of emotions from relief, happiness, sorrow, and anger fight for supremacy on his face.

He decides to settle on somewhat angry.

"So that's how it's gonna be. You're the psychic welcome wagon came to greet the new players, who no doubt are supposed to stumble around dumbly looking shocked and stuff, following along unable to get a word in edgewise. No. I'm not playing that role. I've got a pesterchum handle, but I'm not doing a thing unless I get a decent answer of who and what you are. A pair of initials is not good enough at this point."

Oh yeah. He is starting to look pretty angry for some reason.

Vruasa Telash blinks slowly at this pink, squishy human guy. He smiles broadly then, and begins laughing uproariously. It takes him a few seconds to catch his breath enough to speak between gasps, "Oh — my god — you actually think I — know more about this than any other — poor fucker who gets sucked into it all." Finally he regains his composure completely, or at least enough to give a proper response, waving his hand dismissively, "Nah man. I'm the Knight of Time. I knew that I'd be here and that I'd meet your angry ass but I don't know shit about why you're here or, ultimately, what's going on. Been tryin' to figure that out! Isn't working out so well so far."

Finally he stands up, captchaloguing his chair and his table, snatching his drink up out of the air before it can fall. Siiiiiiiip.

Finally he says, "Sorry, but I'm DL as far as you're gonna know for a while. Nothin' personal, I don't share my real name too easily with humans. If you've got to know what I am, though, I'm a troll. Anyway, I don't think it really matters in the long haul if I don't share /privileged/ information with you."

"I mean, seriously," He raises his hands in a grand sort-of-shrug, "what else are you gonna do? And what's the worst that could really happen if you follow my advice?"

"Don't think about that too hard." The knight adds, folding his arms over his chest with drink still in hand.

That… actually is pretty calming and reassuring to Red. The explanations, not the laughter at the human's expense. When Vruasa claims to be the Knight of Time he goes from being possible enemy to annoying ally.

"Alright, "DL." I'm Red. My pesterchum handle is NinjaSleuth." He puts the pistol back into the Strife deck, then walks over towards the "troll," hopping up over the crest of earth surrounding his capsule.

"Worst case scenario? The session fails," he replies a bit testily, his eyes briefly flashing something dark. Very dark. "Nice coat," the Seer admits though, his tone returning to normal. Normal, at this point, has become conversational. "So what's your advice?"

"Mine is deusexLongcoat. Hence, DL. I guess I'll be calling you NS from now on. The guy you're going to want to talk to is profoundBadness. He's cool. I dunno what class he is, I don't think their session is that far along yet." Vruasa scratches at his head near the base of his horns, looking a bit confused. He's still pretty early in his own session so he's kind of surprised that they're not manifesting their abilities yet. Maybe his FLARP! experience kick-started him a little but? Or maybe… well, now's really not the time to think about it all that much, he supposes.

He frowns at mention of the session possibly failing. Well yeah, okay, that wasn't really ever considered a zero possibility but he doesn't really want to think about that very much. There's no way he's going to let that happen, though. The Knight of Time has a number of tools at his disposal that should be able to prevent it! For both sessions, as a matter of fact. It's just a matter of proper implementation.

Clearing his throat, he goes on, "@s I w@s s@ying, you should get in touch with PB @nd join the memo he's involved with. There's no w@y it won't help you out. Or… m@ybe you'll be the one to help it out? I @m not sure. There's @ lot more pl@yers there."

"@lso @ bunch of stupid people, but you c@n ignore them. Do you need @ lift out of here, or @re you fine on your own?" He asks, looking back towards the meteor.

Huh. That was more straight forward and helpful than Red was expecting. Red's annoyance towards the troll (whatever that is) fades away completely after listening to him for a bit more: it seems like they're all in this boat together.

"Wait, 'their' session? Don't tell me you're from yet another session?" Possibilties tumble through his mind, with the most prominant being that this is some kind of session for people who left their own sessions. Weird.

"Most people are stupid, I've found." The question though has Red hesitating. "I'm not going anywhere in that thing anytime soon, if ever. I don't want to be gone too long though. I don't want the body in the freezer to thaw out," he says with a surprising amount of flatness, considering the implications of that.

"It's @ really long story but the short version is th@ some @ssholes from PB's session decided th@ it would be @ gre@ ide@ to t@mper with the source code, @nd then somebody r@n it. We were the unlucky winners of the @poc@lypse lottery!" Vruasa exclaims dramatically. He smiles nastily with those fangy teeth showing again, and then draws a thumb forward and across his throat in a pretty recognizable gesture. "I'm gonn@ figure out wh@ @sshole did that specific@lly and then I'm going to h@ng him upside down @nd bleed him from @ neck wound."

This is not disturbing /at all/.



A rocket-powered easy chair dumps out of Vruasa's sylladex. It is black and has a husktop in the seat. He points at it and says, "You c@n use this to get @round but you'll w@nt to check out the husktop so you know where you're going. Since you have some time-critic@l stuff going on you can just check things out l@er. Person@lly I h@ve some timeline m@n@gement bullshit to do, @nd I @lso need to get you @n invite into the memo."

"Oh, @nd if you h@ve @ body to de@l with don't w@ste the blood! It m@kes gre@ ink." He offers as /incredibly creepy/ friendly advice. Then he offers a light-hearted salute, and…


Fast-forwards to whatever time bullshit he has to deal with next.

A fellow player from a doomed session who wants to murder the people who are responsible for it? That's enough to get Red to smile for the first time since he landed. "I think we're going to get along just fine, DL," he says with his own savage grin.

Though the part about saving the blood was pretty creepy and gross.

Log Notes: This was a relatively short scene because it was late, and I was tired. This was Red Stone's first scene, and introduction to the Homestuck cast at large.

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