Knight's Log 9-27-12

Gate 1-1 is easily accessible from a number of locations and various warpgates, the most easy of which to use is the portal located at the very top of Arthur Lowell's house. The location it leads to is quite peaceful; there are no initial threats to speak of, besides a few wandering imps that seem to have no interest in the recent arrivals. With both the Union and Confederacy independently interested in the ongoing events, and the public promise of a large number of rewards that can be obtained, there's quite a reason to head this way.

Imps are a mish-mash. These creatures are three feet tall, approximately, with vicious-looking teeth and claws, hostile to any person approaching, though often quick to flee from a large show of strength. This is where the consistency ends. The materials of which they're made change from imp to imp, and even from part to part. Arms, legs, torsos, and heads seem mixed and matched. They are all made of steel, bone, stone, or an inky black celluloid-like substance. Their features are similarly varied. Some have suits and hats as if from a mobster movie, some bear large sabertooth tiger fangs and ears, some have large fuse leading into their skulls, some appear with equine heads, hooves, or tails, often having a unicorn horn, some have wings, and others appear to have tentacles dropping from their face where their jaws would normally be. It is a chaotic bunch. Ineffectual at best, they'll pointlessly assault anything that isn't another Underling when approached.

The Gate 1-1 landing site seems to be a small clearing in a forested area that cannot quite seem to decide if it is woodlands or rainforest. The sound of various local fauna is thick in t air, but it is surprisingly clear of bugs, as if populated heavily by their predators. There is a stream, flowing from the north, full of clear water. There is a path leading to the north that winds alongside the river which looks like people have passed by recently, and towards the end of that path, a plume of smoke, as if from a fire that occurred some time ago. There appears to have been heavier traffic heading to the south, in some vague direction. It's not impossible to head in the other directions, though, if other possible investigations take interest. There are no clouds in the sky, despite the rainforest look, and the sun is a soft blue instead of the traditional white.

From all parts of the planet's surface, massive stone spires can be seen at various distances and at various heights, interconnected by irregularly-shaped stone bridges. It's not clear what's at the top, but various natural structures and openings dot the sides of these spires. It is clear from experienced observation that while there are spires above, there are also spires below; all surface area seems to be on top of these spires, including the current surface.

Those just now arriving in the world, as if to initially explore, will likely arrive in the clearing. The others are familiar, of course; there is no doubt that most of them will have passed towards their respective locations already, to be detailed shortly.

As is fairly usual, Arthur is probably… Somewhere on this planet. Somewhere yet to be determined. And as is fairly usual, this is to be determined by those present!

Arthur doesn't see a "charity" here to donate his pants to.

Raven re-arrives. As per usual, she dumps off a load of food for Arthur in the kitchen (MOre canned goods, -SEVERAL- can openers, a stack of pizzas, several bags of hamburgers and french fries, some mexican take out (Taco Bell man) And .. one bag of takeout from some place called Shwarma King. Huh.
Then of course, she heads through the gate, and starts her walk back to the village of Blue Iguanas, hands shoved into her pockets, amd thoughts rather busy. She's forgotten she said she'd document things for Nathan, which is probablt just as well.

Tshallandria steps through a tear in reality, one that she oh so conviently carved herself, from … what looks to be a feasting hall underground. A few moments later she steps out of the porthole, and several demons and devils step forward, setting trays of food out for Arthur, and friends.

"I believe that people were to be gathering today, thus, I decided to have a bit of…" Her gaze travels around Raven's offerings, "Real food delivered." She chuckles, "There's enough here to make just about any ominvore happy, and a few carrafes of this and there as well… …But since I haven't asked for some time, is there anything I can do for you before I set out today? Perhaps you'd like to accompany me Arthur?"


BACK IN HIS HIVE, Vruasa Telash dons the black-and-blue fedora given to him by Fiora back when they first met. He had to make some holes so his horns would be suitably accommodated, but still. It gives him a pretty classy look when combined with the trenchcoat and scarf he usually wears. Either way, it is the only proper attire when one is going out on an INVESTIGATION, which it just so happens that he is. Plus, he's really starting to feel attached to the silly thing. Too bad there is an approximately 99% chance that it will eventually get covered in blood or entrails.

He makes a note to keep some spare hats, and maybe to put the original someplace safe.

Not right now, though. That would take a lot of time.


Game sprites tend to have good, if riddle-based advise on what's going on with the game. Vruasa figures that he can ask Arthur's sprite about some of the weird shit going on in the crypts there. He left some clues sitting around for other people to follow so he wouldn't have to do all the work himself, but… well. There's no harm in checking.


Vruasa accelerates through the long, boring flight and landing to Arthur's house. He also accelerates through the process of knocking out several imps and strapping them to his arms before seeking out Arthur's sprite. It wouldn't be a good idea to approach Noirsprite without something to stab between him and the stab-happy sprite.

Oh, and the documents. They're a bit awkward to carry with imps strapped to your arm, but whatever.

There was little time for lollygagging around, there was exploring to do! Or investigating. It involved going back to those crypts, so it was likely one and the same thing. Well and pirates tend to not take kindly to people stealing things they may of intended to claim for themselves had they known the treasure was there in the first place, so Thionette is all for trying to figure out who attacked that encampment and took what she's suspecting was another Shard like the one tucked away in her bag.

ADELA:> Stroll in without fanfare.

The first thing that Adela notices when she steps through the gate into the Land of Spires and Frogs is the strange lighting illuminating the dense, leafy forests. She's arrived today in much simpler clothing - a white, long-sleeved blouse, with a light tan thin vest over it. Matching it is a somewhat long skirt of the same color, held in place by her ever-present sword-belt.

This time, however, the weapon there is ten times more ornate. A thin and delicate-looking guard surrounds the weapon's grip, made of some strange blue-silvery material that seems to almost glow on its own and reflect the blue sun's light in colors and hues that it shouldn't. It's longer, and slightly thicker, but exactly what's changed otherwise remains hidden by the scabbard.

Adela takes several steps across the forest floor, wrinkles her nose, then reaches up with her right hand to adjust her glasses by the bridge… and sprouts a warm smile. "Much better. MUCH better. No smoke, plenty of color to go around, and no heroic criminals."

Lupita has followed the instructions she got the last time for arriving at 'PB's house; and is, as usual, mesmerized by the incredibly strange appearance of this hive. She's been here before, but only for the whole alchemy crap, and honestly, the skull is awesome and she has found she wishes to explore the rest of the hive. For the moment, though, she is currently just outside the skull at the top of the strange hive, and she is examining it with her usual, laid-back style. Aw man, rainbows all the hell over, man.

Five Minutes Ago:

Arerth: Alchemize something awesome.

Your absolute boredom has led you to alchemize this specific SWEET BRO AND HELLA JEFF comic with the MALBORO TENTACLE you have laying around. The result was this JPEG TENTACLE which you're pretty sure is a physical mass of jpeg artifacts. Not satisfied with just this, you went a step further and alchemized it with this BARBED WHIP you have a thousand of for just this purpose.

Look at this shit. It's so DEUDLY you're pretty sure it's illegal even on Alternia. It's so DEUDLY you're not even sure what DEUDLY means but who cares. This amazing, vaguely pixelated green whip has multiple ends and more or less inflicts every status ailment in the book when you hit well enough with it. Cost you all your grist though. You're going to have to go grind some more now.


Arerth: Harass Vruasa because why not.

It is on this note that Arerth suddenly flashes into existence next to Vruasa, holding the DEUDLY WHIP in one hand idly having not yet had a chance to put it away.

"hello!!! what are you up to??? al$o why are you hauling around uncon$iou$ imp$??? although that i$ really convenient for me so thank$!!!"

The King Saw punches a hole in reality, twists, and recedes. From the opening emerges Black Gold Saw, casually swinging the Cannon Saw up onto her shoulder with her eyes closed. Once fully emerged, the portal closes behind her, and she opens her eyes to take in her surroundings.

BGS: Do something vague and mysterious.

There's a nod, for some particular reason or another, and she swings the Cannon Saw down in an arc.
This leaves a crescent-shaped white tear in space, which the woman steps into.

A much smaller sword tip cleaves a crescent-shaped hole in reality in the center of what should be the most-likely-destroyed Teleporter Site's hanger. Confidently, Black Gold Saw emerges from this…on a platform formed by the extending, enormous blade of the King Saw. She doesn't know if there's still a floor, after all.
No sense reapeating that near-disaster the first time she visited Arthur's house.

"Bec@use I h@ve to t@lk to @rthur's demented sprite, @nd it communic@es through st@bbing." Vruasa explains to Arerth reflexively, apparently PRETTY USED to having her just show up out of nowhere at this point. Actually, he's not, he answered before he actually registered what had happened fully. The knight's expression falls a little though, and he pauses to turn and look at the DEUDLY MALBORO TOUCH-wielding Sylph. Initially he was going to berate her for stalking him like some sort of… STALKER, but the weird-ass whip got his attention.

He points at the whip and asks, "Wh@ the fuck is th@?"

"I don't know I haven't te$ted it yet!!! but it'$ deudly or $ome $hit" Too bad it's green, green really wrecks her fashion. Arerth wagers that if this thing is half as deudly as the deudly firearm from the comic it's going to be awesome. Well worst case she'll just… figure something out for it. But considering the cost it's probably amazing!

"oh yeah his $prite, he'$ really cool!!! it mu$t be really important if it'$ worth getting $tabbed!!!" Noirsprite is a true gentleman, worthy of troll nobility in all respects. How a human ended up with such a noble sprite is beyond her.

"I don't plan on getting stabbed. That's what the imps are for." Vruasa clarifies, straightforwardly. But that doesn't explain exactly what he's going to ask about very well. He glances back towards the DEUDLY whip, and cannot help but imagine that this thing is going to turn out to be such an unbelievable piece of shit that it breaks the first time it is used. That color also doesn't go very well with Arerth's hemospectrum obsession, but he's not about to point that out.

More power to her if she wants to carry an artifact-riddled, faded green whip around.

"Wait, what have you even been doing?" He asks, casting a suspicious look back in Arerth's directions as he continues to roam PB's place in search of Noirsprite, "Advancing your quest, or something less productive?"

Not that he has much room to talk in that regard.

Progressing through the heavily forested area along the river to the north on the path reveals several things; various imps wander between the trees, climbing about them, and occasionally dropping out of them, but all of them seem contented unless approached, mostly by Raven and Tshallandria, in which case they tend to abscond. No more challenging Underlings appear to be present. Eventually, the trees separate and open up into a wide clearing, wherein a small village can be seen.

The village is rather primitive, seeming to be constructed of a haphazard mish-mash of various woods and mud-based substances. Oddly enough, there's a fair bit of strangely unremarkable steel all about, scattered through various structures at irregular intervals. No structures exceed one story, and the area surrounding the village seems dedicated to the farming of an unitentifiable crop, one that grows in an oddly vertical fashion similar to that of corn, but featuring an entirely cylindrical shape with slightly erratic minor bends along the body (identifiable to the regulars as the "tewer" plant). The village in general doesn't seem at all hostile. You may approach at your discretion.

The village's contents are a bit more unusual. It seems to be populated by, of all things, rather large blue iguanas. Compared to the average human, they appear particularly stout, and are about as short as an average child while standing on their hind legs, which appears to be what they're doing. Despite still not really being humanoid, they appear to be both sapient and dexterous, apparently being the residents and the creators of the small village. They all have a deep blue skin and distinctly yellow eyes, and all of them move in a particularly energetic, agitated fashion. A lot of them loiter, much in the same way as an angsting teen or, say, an NPC in an RPG. It looks like there were once dozens, maybe hundreds of them in this village, but there are only a dozen or so now.

Various structures are immediately visible as well:

One appears to be larger than all the others and has a very official look to it, the sort that makes one imagine it's where leadership is done. Records, presumably, are kept there in some archive room, and it's easy to see that the most leaderly resident of the primitive village would also likely be there, or at least one could be directed to them. It appears to have been damaged by a recent fire.

There's a town square of sorts (though it's circular in shape), and a small crowd of the iguanas have gathered there for reasons that are not immediately clear from a distance. This appears to have suffered rather severe burning recently. Portions of the ground here are entirely ashen.

There is also what appears to be a meeting hall or social gathering location, one that seems to have been merged with the local equivalent of a tavern. Half of it is consumed by charred, damaged structure that smokes lightly.

Near it is what seems to be a religious structure of some kind, judging by the prominence of its symbols, but the symbol it seems to feature most is a large eight-lined whirl, just slightly spiraling counter-clockwise, and visually resembling the Borjgali. It is conspicuously undamaged by the fire!

There are several small shops with various goods to offer. It is difficult to tell at this distance and degree of detail what exactly is being offered, and they all seem open and awaiting interest or business. All of them seem to have been mostly abandoned, though, with only one manned. The others are full of ash.

A variety of other facilities can be located if they are sought specifically; any who wish to may investigate specific kinds of location at their leisure.

[S] Scratch: Enter.
No not -that- Scratch.

Instead Vinyl Scratch had heard about the whole ordeal involving the meteors and surrounding events and wanted to have a look for herself. She had managed to arrive around the same time as Lupita, but in a somewhat different part of Arthur's house. She was currently observing anything within eye-shot, mostly trying to see if she can spot anything interesting! There's sure to be plenty of interesting things in the house, right?

Moving to the West Catacombs is a simple matter of moving… Well, west! This will involve crossing a variety of stone bridges, the first of which seems to begin just at the southern edge of the forest, where the sheer drop around the bridge seems to indicate that the Gate 1-1 landing site is also one of the spires. It may be difficult to navigate without flight or an otherwise high-altitude perspective, but steadily progressing to the south will lead through various small enclaves and caves in the interior of the sides of the other spires as any group progresses along the assorted bridges.

The stone bridges sound odd, once approached, and there is the slight feeling of some manner of movement, but nothing to make one wary. They are wide enough for a whole group to walk on comfortably, and are somewhat rounded. Occasionally there are haphazardly-constructed wooden handrails. Below the bridges lies a sheer drop into a planet-wide ocean below. Though one could grab another bridge in passing, one clearly does not want to go over the edge here.

After a lengthy period of walking, a single spire, completely formed of stone and containing no visible plant life, can be found! Atop it is a small structure, to be detailed shortly.

While walking, various small fountains can be encountered. They all appear to have been smashed or defaced forcefully, and with careful examination one can determine that, before, they took the form of an intricately carved frog. They still function as water dispensers, but no longer have a froglike form.

This spire is one of the more unusual ones, though. Unlike the spires previously seen, this one is entirely stone; there is not an inch of the massive thing that is not made of solid rock. Another clearly unusual thing is the fact that the spire seems to only have a single feature, and otherwise appears to be smooth and without any of the forests, huts, or other similar features most spires in the Land of Spires and Frogs seem to contain. The only thing that can be seen is a single entryway, carved ornately and marked with a variety of symbols that require examination for any substantial description. It is surrounded on each side by what look like large, carved frogs. Each stand in a stoic sort way, sitting straight up. A pair of lilypad-styled pedistals sit, each marked with a familiar-looking spirographic gate pattern below them. This small entryway seems to lead directly down into the spire itself, moving to a stairway that heads down.

The frogs are clearly marked with past efforts to deface them. These appear to have been ineffective, because the frogs are still there.

Raven sighs at all the fire damage. Well she -tried- to keep it down, but she kind of failed since… yeah. She grumbles, rubs the back of her head, and decides today to head for the largest hut of them all. Mostly, to see if she can start repairs there, since it seems one of the least damaged buildings. Plus she figures she should make sure nothing -important- got burned in the fires. Which she feels guilty for even if they weren't her fault directly.

"I wi$h I could $ay I have been doing productive!!! thing$ but mo$tly I have been cha$ing frog$ around" She has a huge cage filled with them at this point. She still has no idea WHY she is supposed to collect frogs, and the last time she tried to alchemize something with one, the grist cost had at least five grist types she has not yet encountered and the values were off the fricking charts. Or maybe it just didn't work, she can't remember very well. It was a while ago!

"and leveling up I gue$"

So basically not much interesting.

"what about you??? you haven't $aid why you want to talk to PB'$ awe$ome $prite yet!!! or if you did I wa$ not li$tening becau$e my $tory wa$ a lot more important!!!"


It looks like Wily's Castle smashed into the Imperium. A plain, average suburban home is in there somewhere. The walls and roof have been 'copypasted', so to speak, visibly, but there are additions. Most of the additions are skulls in various shapes and forms. Some of them appear to be turrets. The entire fourth floor seems to be in the shape of a skull. There's lava, glowing an ominous gold color, forming a moat around it, and a wall of obsidian surrounding the base, along with several spikes jutting out from what would normally be considered a regular suburban lawn, albeit one that's slightly overgrown.

It sits at the top of a massive stone spire in he middle of an odd void. with the spire extending into the blackness below, out of sight. Above it, seven spirograph-symbol gates float above, the lowest of which is just at the roof and shifts slowly in design. It's this one that's the probable entrance for most. Among the gates and along the lawns are a variety of turrets, clearly digital in nature, set about to face doorways. They don't fire on anything that isn't an Underling, though, so any visitors are left unharmed by these off-world constructs.

Those arriving will find themselves atop the fourth-floor skull-shape room, near a trapdoor, deposited by this first gate. To the north is what looks like a… restaurant?! And to the south are a variety of small rooms, arranged in rows, mostly empty. The trapdoor that goes down is where some might remember Arthur's alchemy equipment resides.

Eventually, Lupita hms, and starts to sniff the air. Her nose (and her stomach) lead her north towards the… resteraunt?

After a bit of organizing where the food goes, Tshallandria turns and vanishes. Appearing in the village with the library, and glancing about. It's time to find this leader fellow. Time to kick things up a notch in various ways. Time to… …Ahh to hell with it. It's time to see how her gifts have influence the locals, and time to figure out where the heck she needs to go to get the item that breaks down other items into grist. …And then maybe throw Loki into it.

"UHHH." Vruasa has been doing productive things. After all, he's a Knight of Time, so he can do /more/ productive things within a given timeframe than most people. On the other hand, a lot of his time lately has been consumed trying to deal with social and emotional bullshit he's not going to acknowledge to Arerth. So he just settles on, "Keeping time from unravelling because of all this stupid shit, playing the stock market on CS's world because conning retarded crocodiles out of their money is fucking hilarious. Anyway, I want to talk to that Sprite because I want to see what he knows about these documents I left lying around."

"Game sprites tend to know stuff. Like yours and those fucking frogs. I haven't talked to mine in a while, because my hive is too fucking big to find even him in a timely fashion, unless he's in the middle of throwing a fit because I'm not there." On the upside, having a ridiculously over-elaborate castle-hive means that Vruasa only needs ONE room for his alchemiter setup.

==> Scratch, Explore House

And that's exactly what the equestrian native has been doing. The place seemed to be pretty empty. So much Copypasta going on, and lots of skulls? What's up with the skulls? Honestly, so many skulls and no specs in sight on any of'em made the DJ a little sad, but it wasn't something she could just fix without a way to get more specs. Could she even get more specs? Hard to say. While venturing she can, in fact, smell the restraunt but in all honesty, she was more interested in the maze of the house. There should be something awesome in such a maze, right?

==> Find Trapdoor.

A sort of quizical sound makes itself known to Scratch and the walls of Arthur's house as she continues to move around inside. At least there weren't any imps. She had heard of them and how they could sometimes be troublesome, and sometimes not, but so far? Nadda. The most interesting thing she'd found is the trapdoor she'd just found. A feint humming, a little light from her horn, and Scratch gives it a tug before peeking down inside to see just what's down there.

Adela, seeing everyone else running off without even acknowledging her, figures something is up and makes a rather grumpy expression before reaching around and plucking from Elsewhere - in a fizzle of Essence - an interesting contraption. It looks like it might or might not have gone through the Alchemiter. It's a backpack with a leathery brown texture and tight strap, which she quickly slips on and.. focuses on.

When her eyes snap open, there's a sizzle of Essence, her Caste mark appears upon her forehead… and the backpack lets out a growl of machinery while spindly legs like those of a spider latch all across her body to lock the thing in place. Mechanical wings assembled from the same silvery material as the sword she bears sprout… and a rocket engine kicks in—


Up she goes, into the sky, to get an aerial view of this much different world!

… She'll figure out where to go from there. Apparently nobody needs her for anything!


This has been left alone for a while, fairly clearly. But, for the most part, it's not explicitly damaged so much as rendered inoperable. Saw's entry so happens to get into the hangar, where all the lights have, since her last entry here, gone out. By which I mean they have exploded, leaving shards of clear plastic on the ground. Several of the thick metal tubes that make up the ceiling have fallen down, and in general, everything that seems to, at one point, have been electronic, has been damaged, in just such a way that it seems certain components have just fallen out, burned up.

The place has fallen into a state of disrepair, but only as much as a place such as that facility would after the weeks it's been left alone. It should be very clear, after only a small degree of examination, that it could be repaired and restored to functionality if the melted components of the various machines were repaired from the overload that went through the place. Maybe not the lights, but you can't have everything. The control room remains full of panels that are now dark. The armory that Saw never got to see is as plundered as ever. The teleporter room is completely silent. The hangar area seems to have been plundered in the meantime as well, oddly enough; parts have been moved around since and the remaining vehicles, as well as the one she rode in weeks ago, have all been move elsewhere.

"C$??? you have been $pending $o much time with her lately!!! are you $ure there i$ nothing at all between you two??? some $ick inter$pecie$ redrom thing you have that you have been hiding from u$ all all thi$ time???" Arerth's judgmental glance befalls Vruasa through her bright purple shades, because she absolutely loves bringing that up to him, especially when things get more and more incriminating for him.

"okay anyway!!! I will grant you some re$pite from thi$ delicate!!! topic!!! of conver$ation and in$tead I will a$k you what document$ you are talking about"

In Arthur's house is a fairly unusual sight for those who are seeking it. Which is to say, Vruasa and his fashionable companion. There's Noirsprite! THe gray ghost gangster-robot turns a corner after a short spat of dialogue between Vruasa and Arerth, interrupting Arerth's questions! He seems distracted, before a quick beep and a whir make it clear that he's noticed Vruasa. He quickly moves to him and gives him the customary greeting! Which is to say, he tries to stab Vruasa with a knife he quickly draws. Instead, he winds up stabbing his unconscious imp armor, awkwardly, not harming Vruasa at all.

This is immediately followed by a long, awkward silence. "Alright, short stuff. You win this round." Noirsprite says, squinting his optics at Vruasa and backing up. Then he sees Arerth, grins, and seems to consider moving towards her for a similar greeting, maybe a consolation prize, before probable interruptions by either of them regarding questions. He doesn't seem eager to start dispensing hints and dialogue in this case, anyway.

The Secret Leader is still where he normally was. Half of his massive stack of scrolls and parchment appear to be toast, or at the very least singed quite thoroughly. This doesn't appear to have affected the demeanor of the elderly, bearded iguana, nor has it made him particularly more inclined to notice someone going through the door. As usual, the Secret Leader is unaware of the entry of Raven into his (still slightly smoking) hut. He seems busy writing more of those pictographical writings that he's always been consumed with.

Arching a brow at this, Raven remarks, "Hey, uh, hey old dude, are you okay?" Raven asks, as she finds that most of the hut seems okay, but this old guy is still here, and still writing, and hell, maybe he's trying to replace stuff that got burned? "Anything I can help you with, dude?" She asks.

There is something seriously wrong with this restaurant that Lupita finds. For one, it seems completely empty! It's almost as if someone created a restaurant in a complex architectural program and then hasn't yet populated it with props. However, it does look like some of Arthur's stuff HAS found its way up here. Which is to say, he's stored his failed food alchemizations up here, probably for a rainy day of some sort. Or when he wants to remove his taste of smell. There are things made of twisted quantities of bacon, fruits mashed together with other fruits, and unspeakable things formed from hateful cereals here, all stored in a lot of boxes.

"No. Her world has a stock market, fucking listen to me. I've been using my powers to abuse the hell out of it and roll around in boondollars. Not as many as Salesman, but still." Vruasa regrets getting into this line of conversation. At this moment, one of his TIME CAPSULES opens and dumps an extra copy of the document he's holding out onto Arerth's horns. It's a Dersite document, or at least a piece of one. Similar copies have been spread around the session by the Knight of Time, who is hoping to have somebody /else/ resolve that particular plot thread while he deals with his own bullshit.

He opens a door with his document-free hand, and looks inside. Nope, just a bathroom. Ugh. Why the hell does this game have to force everyone to turn their place into a circuitous fortress. Shutting the door again, Vruasa turns back towards Arerth, "Anyway, what the fuck do you care. Go roll around with PP for a while or something. Unless…" He grins, shark-like.

"Oh my god, you're holding out for fucking finface, aren't you. That's /hilarious/. I didn't think you were into sea-dwellers!" There, maybe that counter-trolling will get her off his back.

Vruasa is JUST about to say something else when Noirsprite turns up. He whips around, defending himself with an unconscious imp, which gets stabbed in his place. It may or may not die and explode into grist, leaving him one less shield to work with. ALTERNATIVELY, it might just bleed out on his arm or something. Either way it's down for the count.

He'd defend Arerth, but he's pretty sure she can just whip herself back to health, and that would be hilarious to watch. So if Noirsprite is going for her, he pretty much just watches… and takes this opportunity to raise the dersite document in his hand.

"Sup, PB's sprite. Don't know your name. Haven't been introduced. Was wondering if you knew what this shit was about." Vruasa presents the document at arm's length, belting out everything he says /as quickly as possible/.

The things stored are smelled and sniffed and hm. Fruit, bluh, who cares about fruit. Some of the bacon stuff is snatched up because it smells AWESOME but upon tasting smells… Well okay not bad, but not edible at least. She bluhs! and spits out a mouthfull of bacon alchemized crap and tries to wipe it off her tongue even with her hands. Then she picks up a box of some of that hateful cereal and ends up doing the same, spitting here and there. Bluh! What the hell! How the hell?! Okay that's it these humans have shitty food.
Leaving the so-called food store behind, Lupita moves back to the entry room, and down through the trap door, staring at all the machinery.

Oh my god he did not just.

Arerth completely forgets about all matters of DOCUMENTS, AWESOME SPRITES, PLOT THREADS and STOCK MARKETS and suddenly raises her voice to such heights that there is no way anyone can be in Arthur's Skull Fortress and not hear her screaming.

"I AM NOT!!! HOLDING OUT!!! FOR FIN$!!! FIN$!!! ARE DI$GUSTING!!! AND NOT ROYAL!!! AND I WILL!!! KILL YOU!!! OH MY GOD!!! YOU ARE THE!!! WOR$T!!! AND I!!! HATE FIN$!!!" She continues on and on, but most of it turns into incoherent screaming and rambling, until she finally turns to face Noirsprite as he seems to draw closer, even if it's for all of a second.

Voice still high strung, clutching her DEUDLY WHIP, looking positively pissed as all hell and then some, the fashionable troll asks the sprite very politely: "AND WHAT??? DO YOU??? FUCKING??? WANT???"

With a small frown, Black Gold Saw steps down from the King Saw 'ledge' and props the Cannon Saw across her shoulders. The second weapon recedes, and her arrival portal closes with no fanfare. Even a cursory glance at the hanger tells her she probably will not find anything useful here anymore, but she gives the place a once-over anyway.
Control room is dark. As expected. The armory is plundered, as she was aware. And the vehicles are all gone, which is unsurprising. Upon returning to the hanger, she props her free hand on her hip, still frowning in a serious fashion. The base is clearly abandoned, so why does it seem like someone has moved in since? There doesn't seem to be any sign of squatters aside from some rummaged items here or there.
"How bothersome," the horned woman states out loud. She falls back into silence, considering her next move.

Below Thionette, the staircase leads to something rather less claustrophobic than one usually expects something called catacombs to be. In fact, it's larger than one expects most interiors to be, period. It's a massive chamber running up and down the spire, the stairs at the entryway forming a spiral staircase around a central pillar that seems to be composed of solid, dark-green crystaline material. Around the crystaline tewer-pillar, meeting the stairs at awkward angles, are bridges; these lead to ledges that circle the interior of the spire all around its circumference. There are many, many levels of this; at least a few dozen. From the stairs, one can see carvings, and what look like containers, about the size of the local iguanas, lining the walls. From this distance, one can see that, at the very least, they are not in that obtuse symbol language. Many of the containers have been smashed open by blunt force.

This is, at least, the case for the several levels that are immediately visible upon entering. It looks like an informative and possibly valuable location, almost excessively so, at first glance, though. Unfortunately, no (un)helpful Iguanas here to harass; one wonders how upkeep is done. The staircase extends farther down around the Tewer-core tube, to other areas. Levels 1-10 are IMMEDIATELY ACCESSIBLE. There's a PASSAGE ABOVE to the EXTERIOR. There are STAIRS leading DOWN. The crypt appears to be being repopulated, if only sparsely; imps are scattered about. There is a minimal quantity of GRIST here, spread out among the levels; whatever used to be here didn't much care for crypt tradition either and decided to do a lot of murdering to get rid of Underlings around here. Someone else came by and picked up most of the grist.

Well, if the first place you go to find dead people is a crypt, this is a fair place to start. No shortage of dead things here, presumably in those container.

Levels 11-20 are a different matter; these seem to be more dedicated to complex rituals concerning the dead. Each of these seem heavily laden with tools and tables, but some of them appear to contain records; it looks like an archive of the permanent residents of the crypt, and things they had on them. Alongside this seems to be some sort of treasure chest construction area, meant for dispersing chests among the interred. It looks like the sort of place where massive cliches must be produced and put into place.

Yet further down, the glint of light on metal, dim as it might be in these darker depths, can be seen. The archives seem just slightly ransacked, as if someone was partially through a more thorough pillaging and didn't quite get done. The shelves full of scrolls are partially left pristine and partially left a giant mess. The crafting area for containers looks like it may have some mechanical knowledge to impart upon those so inclined, but it's otherwise unremarkable.

There is more minimal GRIST here, the result of many UNDERLING DEATHS and a subsequent pair of PLUNDERINGs. There are more TOMB-CONTAINERS, left more isolated; potentially these are of higher priority or something like that. There's an ogre, but he appears to have been knocked out for some time at the base of one of the flights of stairs, having accidentally fallen. Stairs lead ABOVE and BELOW.

21 to 30 seem to have similar populations of imps, and are similar to the tombs present at the first ten levels, roughly evening out the location, though the tombs grow larger and larger as one goes down.

Also previously explored was LEVEL 40, the ground floor, where the catacombs stop. Levels 31-40 are clearly all dedicated to only one corpse, because while that little container on level 35 is about the size of one of the Iguanas, it's fairly clear that the surroundings are all dedicated to him. The carvings seem to be entirely dedicated to describing and defining large quantities of steel that was in possession of this one iguana when he died, and doesn't seem to be discussing anything regarding his history or substantial importance. As was seen before, it looks like the tomb was broken open from the inside.

This tomb is surrounded by a whole lot of chests, all marked with a whole lot of symbols. Some are familiar by now. Many have been plundered, maybe about half. It looks like some other people have been here to clean up since the last visit. They've plundered their respective chests, but not broken any open that don't match them.

There's also clear signs of habitation, which is to say it looks like some people were throwing trash down here from some place up above. Someone messy, or a large group, was living on level 30. Back up on level 30, of course, is that camp Thionette saw before. It is still roughly intact, though; even some of the equipment remains usable, for what little that's worth.

======> VRUASA: Let Noirsprite take the heat.

Vruasa shuts up and lets noirsprite take the heat. But he's laughing inside… because he knows full well that laughing out loud is the worst thing to do right now.

Tshallandria arrives at Southtown! And probably near its library, if she's thinking on that.

Southtown's Southwest spire contains a single large building; it is composed primarily of a large cylindrical shape, with heavy metal reinforcement, but several other partial cylinders are attached to it, extending the size chaotically and haphazardly. The upper portion of the main part of the building has, arranged in scrap-metal pieces, a stylized book, and under it, the image of a sword crossing over a musical note.

There are many entrances to this building, and all of them are open. A variety of iguanas loiter about. The building is one of the only one to feature actual windows. Near the back is a part of the structure marked with a large, whirling white-on-black reverse-Borjgali symbol. As is usual, there is a bridge to the north, the east, and the northeast.

The effects of Tshall's cultural influence around the more rapidly-changing Southtown area are obvious! The librarian appears to have forwarded all relevant resources to those who can make the best of it! And so now the Iguanas of southtown are clothed in a wide variety of things. Many of these are rather clearly alchemized, somehow. Somewhere, a passing Iguana proudly displays a cape made of bacon. But these details are for another time. It's clear that there are more clothes among the locals than were originally delivered, and particularly of note are the fact that some of the clothes appear to have been plated with metal in some way, as some sort of status symbol. This is particularly problematic with the scarves. This new "clothing" thing appears to have its upsides and its downsides for the local culture.

There's a lot of mumbling! It seems as though people are beginning to recognize Tshallandria more. Word is spreading in a particular direction. She's likely to be approached by someone informed and interested in her presence some time in the near future, judging by the purposeful manner of the gossip, but for now, Tshall has the time to go wherever she likes and do whatever she wants in Southtown.

The area below the trap door and the short ladder under it lead to the interior of a clearly skull-shaped room. It's large, at least two stories tall and rather wide. A flight of stairs goes along its edge and into the base of the room, where un-upgraded alchemy equipment lies at rest. It looks complex! There's a digital camera on the punch designix as well, an unusual-looking green one. Also of note in the room is what appears to be a giant pipe organ. It hums quietly with a strange power, and looks ominous. It's against the side of the room that makes up the face of the skull-shape.

==> Scratch, Check out cool stuff.

Oh now this is more up her alley. There was some sweet, sweet tech down here that she was going to try and figure out! Course Lupita waltzing by catches her off guard, but hey, she could share, "You know what this stuff is?" she calls before heading down through the trap door herself. The camera gets a looking at, the pipe organ: .. "Whoa. Octavia would love to see that," she muses aloud, but leaves it at that. She's a DJ. Not a pianist.

==> Check out Designix.

And lo, the pony that was a DJ did approach the Designix with wonder. And once reached, she would then give it a long looking over, wondering quietly what it did. And yay, while she did not know what it would do, she thus then did try to hit a variety of buttons at random, for that is the best way to learn about a new piece of equipment. Awub. But really, all the stuff has her attention, maybe Lupita would clue her in on what it all did.

Thionette wanders down the stares a bit. Most of the first floors were presumably just general populance considered it was bunches of them crammed onto the same level. Isn't that how crypts usually worked, after all. This is stuff they actually poked through before… farther down she reconizes the chest assembling area, she picked up that piece of lock mechanism she's been fiddling with on and off from there, trying to learn more about how this wacked out world's limited technologies work…

She stroles down a bit farther along the winding stairway, and finds the half-ransacked archives. "Now we're talking.." Did they explore in here before? Maybe someone else did, she doesn't remember. But it's the best place to look for clues as to what was actually down here and why other people came to murder a camp of other people to get it. Well that and the thing that she's pretty sure would of been a shard that wasn't where it was suppose to be, but because that's what was taken doesn't mean it's necessary what they were after. Thieves tend to be oppritunists.

She would know. Though keelhaul anyone calling her a mere thief.

Internal narration aside, Thionette sheaths her sword and sweeps the flashlight over the room of half sorted, half messed up papers and scrolls, looking for anything that might catch ones interest.

For someone who happens to be flying up a great deal, something is fairly clear. The air isn't getting any thinner, for one. Below, several things are visible.

First of all is the overall structure. The planet itself appears to be mostly a flooded ocean planet, with individual stone spires that stick up out of the water. These spires are connected with what appear to be stone bridges. The sides of these spires open up into complex cave systems linked with the bridges, which also link up to the edges of the tops of these spires. The tops of the spires more often than not contain large amounts of vivid forest life. OF NOTE:

There is an inhabited location to the SOUTH, where there seems to be a high density of iguanas and structure.
There is an inhabited location to the north, which appears to have recently suffered both burn damage and a major exodus. The population is sparse.
Black masses are visible at a distance on the spires to the east.
One larse spire to the west is solid stone, with no forest on top of it.
Further to the north is what appears to be another large pure-stone spire, though taller and thinner.

Above, the "sun" grows closer than a normal solar system. It is fairly clear that this planet is much closer to a central solar body than most systems, and that the "sun" is much smaller than most stars. Adela is not sufficiently high to see more details in space, though.

… Okay, everythign all machine and shit has been completely ignored in favor of blinking at the massive pipe organ and just grinning like a moron. She blinks a little, looking over at the pony and then shakes her head. "No fucking clue at all, chica," she says, simply, before she walks over to the pipe organ, considers it a moment or two, takes a seat, cracks her knuckles, and then.. begins playing <ansi(xterm129,Entry of the Gladiators)>.

… Okay, everythign all machine and shit has been completely ignored in favor of blinking at the massive pipe organ and just grinning like a moron. She blinks a little, looking over at the pony and then shakes her head. "No fucking clue at all, chica," she says, simply, before she walks over to the pipe organ, considers it a moment or two, takes a seat, cracks her knuckles, and then.. begins playing Entry of the Gladiators.

Tshallandria floats in the air above the city, looking the changes over, and smiling at the one in the bacon cloak, noting the ones who have steel on their accoutraments, and then with a smile she swoops in to land in the marketplace. "Now then… I suppose I should check and see what's available on the market today."

And with that, Tshallandria goes shopping, her own black cloak flaring out behind her as she strides purposefully through the place. …And she's also ignoring the fact that there's a whispering bit going on about her, if they want to talk to her, they will.

Acting on what might just be impulse, Adela decides to follow up on this discovery. The Blue Sun is worrisome!

With another fizz of Essence, she deploys the latest version of her power armor. It unfolds from Elsewhere about her body, apparently sized perfectly to combine with the strange wing-rocket pack and lock in place.

This time the armor's different - it's sleek and more form-fitting and forged mostly from Blue Jade with Orichalcum trim, rather than White Jade.

Might explain why it's flying so well and not dragging the pack down, because she goes soaring up for the higher heights of the world!

"Ah! Hello! Hello hello, thip thip, come in!" The Secret Leader appears to have suffered no losses in the enthusiasm department, at least towards Raven. Guy just doesn't stop being happy about this. "Good to see you again! I remember you, helping out with that fire! Many thanks. There are many things you could do to help, but I wouldn't burden you with that, especially not while there are so many complacensists around here! But you see, most of our businesses are moving south. But not our Tewer yet!"

"It is very valuable. There is a major shipment moving! Thip thip. One of our major tewer farmers claims you are the best at knowing about these things. We are hearing a lot about Agents being terrible about all this, maybe you might help? It is a big risk! We hear you're looking into Agents yourself, and this is as good a chance as any to keep up with the matter. Perhaps you might be willing to help keep an eye on it at Southtown?"

Raven blinks. Tewers, again? And then Agents. Huh. She nods. "Yes, I'm very good with uh. With fending people off," she smirks a little. "I'm kind of an expert on that in my world," she says, before she salutes him. "I'll head on over to South Town then, but, before I do that, is there anything I can do for you here and now? I wanted to apologise for not being able to, well, help salvage more of your town from that fire. If I'd been thinking right I could have probably saved a few more buldings, but I was kind of.. well bluh, it was a mess, let's just admit that." She says, shaking her head. "Anyway. If you want I can try and get some people to help you guys build onto south town so your two villages can meld with one another safely, or I can get them to try and help rebuild this town."

======> VRUASA: Compress Time

Vruasa Telash takes a moment to COMPRESS TIME in his immediate vicinity, so that he doesn't have to deal with this shit rolling by in realtime. While he's waiting on getting a potentially useful or potentially lethal answer out of Noirsprite, he turns his attention (perhaps unwisely) back towards Arerth, "So @nyw@y, wh@ is your issue with the finf@ces @nyw@y? My blood c@ste h@s a longst@nding riv@lry with them, but you purple-bloods don't usu@lly h@ve quite the s@me issues. Especi@lly given the Gr@nd Highblood's rel@ionship with the l@e Empress."

"So wh@ gives?" He asks, curiously. It isn't exactly an unreasonable observation… for whatever reason the Empress tends to hand out a lot of extra authority to the purple-blooded land dwellers over her most immediate subordinates in the hemospectrum. Maybe she just likes to encourage infighting. Either way, it seems like an inherent aversion to sea-dwellers of all kinds is politically inadvisable.

… Then again, given that there's only one left, the political part of this idea is pretty moot by now.

Shouting can be heard all through Arthur's house, from somewhere at the base of the house-spire, yep.

Meanwhile, Noirsprite seems to be interrupted from potentially trying to stab Arerth by the generous intervention of Vruasa. It looks like this seems to be activating that helpful habit tutorial characters have of dispensing almost but not all the required information about items presented to them! Might as well call him Jack the Guide.

"Huh. Looks like the Dersites are getting their eyes on the that one. Big earner, a real button, but the guy was going. Got a place ready for himself, y'see? Knew he wasn't getting out of that. Made his bed and lied in it for a long time, until some deep seeds had time to grow. Only iguana with more than half a head around this joint. Had no head for a while. Hey, did he get that tomb open finally? Might have a whole one, finally. A head and a half by now, I'd guess."

Arerth gets a weird look. "Things for stabbing." Noirsprite says. "Sheesh, not that big a deal. Keep it down, gonna get the spire all shaken up, I don't like seeing what falls out when it does."

"I JU$T DO!!! OKAY???"

Arerth would rather not say out loud that she is jealous she is not fuschia-blooded (as unlikely as that may be to happen) or at LEAST violet-blooded, which would help her with being proper royalty. Granted she isn't purple-blooded EITHER but she's managed to fix that problem just fine! Issue is she can't exactly fake having fins and being a sea-dweller now can she.

Or she would.

By default of not being able to fake it, she resorts to hating them because they're blood-bound to receive even more glory than her. It's a crime.

Inner monologue aside…

"YOU A$K TOO MANY QUE$TION$!!! AL$O!!! THAT $PRITE'$ RIDDLE$!!! ARE PI$ING ME OFF NOW!!! RAAAAGH!!!" Arerth resumes flipping the fuck out and swings her DEUDLY WHIP at either (1) an unconscious imp, or (2) a random piece of furniture if Noirsprite killed them all. In either case the DEUDLY MALBORO TOUCH applies all the status effects ever. It might also make people look like they have jpeg artifacts on them. There is probably a massive drawback to something that useful, but that will be discovered later.

Having flipped the fuck out but still being angry, Arerth then throws her hands up in the air and just warps away without warning with another cry of frustration.

After some time for thought, Black Gold Saw lifts the King Saw off her shoulder and swings it down, cleaving a crescent in the air in front of her. With no fanfare, she steps through the resultant opening.

A great crimson eye opens high in the sky. It scans from side to side. Spotting nothing of interest, it closes and fades away.
Inexplicably, Black Gold Saw is there. Standing upon the ridge of the enlarged crater surrounding the now-suspended Black Rock meteor, the devil woman lifts the Cannon Saw to rest across her shoulders. Perhaps there was something missed during the somewhat panicked exit from this place. And now that the occupant has…shall we say, departed… a more lengthly investigation is in order.

Black Gold Saw disappears.

In the same instant, she can be seen ascending the bridge into the asteroid base with a casual swing to her hips.

The archives are productive! About half so. Half appear to be plundered, all in one section. Which is odd, considering that the plundered section appears to be level 30's botanical records concerning the tewer inside each tomb. Where other things were missed previously, a second chance to review reveals additional researchable information! It appears that one particular individual is responsible for the entire tewer planting effort, as well as the processes used to maintain it. Oddly enough, this one figure seems to be listed twice, with a pair of names that seem to refer to the same person. And with names Thionette might recall!

"Tew Senior" and "Wer Senior". Which is to say, apparently, the "father" of the Hermit Twins Thionette met grabbing her first shard.

Meanwhile, that large pipe organ Lupita is operating has some unusual properties. Not the least of which are that, when provoked by the playing, the pipes of the organ, while emitting the song in an entirely comprehensive way, seem to also emit a large quantity of water. The water glows with an odd light, and occasionally emits sparks of electricity. It streams down the organ, collects in a pool behind the organ, slowly turns into a lava-like substance, and then shoots out of the skull's mouth in a strange mist.

This organ appears to be more elementally-inclined than most. Further experimentation may strike viewers as dangerous.

Vruasa is JUST ABOUT TO BE HIT WITH THAT VIRULENT WHIP when he spins around and shields himself with the unlucky imp attached to his arm. It turns into a poisoned pixelated frog, which hops around ribbiting like a retard as it starts to die. Maybe Arerth could collect it? Who the fuck knows, it's probably meant to drop dead right now anyway. UNFORTUNATELY for the plot if that happened to be true, the fashion queen continues to flip out and eventually just warps off with her freaky space powers. Well, that… was not really different at all. Maybe he should stop poking fun at her romantic prospects.

And blood.

UNCOMPRESSING TIME, he holds up a hand to politely request that Noirsprite remain here. Then he ACCELERATES HIMSELF, quickly going through the process of alchemization. Making a copy of his own hat, the knight combines it with a pile of unlocked glass shards that he had meant to use to weaponize his sylladex in STACK MODUS mode later on. This results in a REALLY SHARP HAT, which is to say the least a very dangerous hat indeed.

Vruasa returns to Noirsprite a moment later, and brandishes the REALLY SHARP HAT, "I'll give you THIS…" He twitches the REALLY SHARP HAT, "… if you'll explain this Dersite and Agent business to me halfway straight, so I can get the fuck on with this obfuscated quest. I think I understand the rest. Freak of a lizard seals himself down there in some sort of cryo-sleep after planting a bunch of that crystal crap in his own grave, revives once it's actually worth something, and runs the fuck off with it with these dersites in pursuit. Probably made it extra-strong, too."

Just to the side of this, operating the designix is about as productive as one would expect. Hooves on obtuse tiny keyboards aside, punching random buttons causes the device to punch a series of holes in a small card that was left in the machine. Continued operation mmakes it punch more and more random holes. This should fairly comprehensively convey the hole-punching nature to Scratch. Additionally, on the desk with the machine, is a set of more of these blank captcha cards. Still not much of an explanation.

Tew… Wer… Thionette promptly facepalms as that one settles in. Well that explains the weird name for the stuff. Hmmm. If this guy came up with the planting and mantaining, do these lizards actually know about it's conductive properties or is that just weird coincidence?… No wait of course they did, the 'sons' asked her to replace the shard with something else when she took it, of course they at least know something to that matter. "I swear, for every answer we be finding, two more crop up." Filing away those tidbits for now, she meanders back out to the stairs to wander farther down. Because you never find more than one helpful clue in the same spot at the same time, things just do not work that way.

SUMMARY - Thionette «< - Taking new learned things, going back to exploring.

==> Check out cards

So the pony figures out that these cards are made. That's kewl. Now the question is, "Huh, so these cards gotta be used by-" OH DEAR GOD WHAT IS THAT NOISE?! The pony glances back to Lupita and just winces, "Stop! stop stop stop stop!" She's nearly begging, but when she finally DOES stop Vinyl seems to heave a sigh of relief. "Y-yeah. *cough* Play somethin' else?" Yeah. Something. Else. not that… thing she just played. Yeah. That's the ticket.
==> Look around for what uses these cards.

So once the card is all punched up Scratch picks it up and then WOOSHING. So much wooshing she is set spinning for a few moments before sliding to a stop on her chest, eyes spinning, "Whawhowuzwha?" The insane speed at which Vruasa just alchemized a bunch a things was worldspinning, as shown by the presently stopped spinning Scratch whom, at this moment, sees the rest of the room spinning. "The.. wha?" Finally she gets up, shakes her head, and starts poking around at the rest of the machines to see if one of them can use the punch card she just (randomly) made.

SUMMARY - Vinyl Scratch «< - Slight Freakout, making a random card, WOOSHING, and then seeking what uses said card.

Tshallandria enters Southtown's south spire, which is very clearly its market. The stalls, small buildings, and simple displays show the selection; only some of it is of displayed clearly, though, and seeking other things is entirely possible. Some items are advertised heavily:


Scavenged Machine Parts - 50000 boondollars
Dread FluteBlade - 4000 boondollars
Gearfist's Boon - 4000 boondollars
Red's West Cave Map - 30000 SOLD OUT
Ectoslime - 50000 boondollars
BroomBlade - 7000 boondollars
Tewer Healing Potion - 500 boondollars
Tewer High-Healing Potion - 1000 boondollars
Tewer Snowcone - 2000 boondollars
Gem of Golems - 50000 boondollars //100% Discount to Tshallandria
Underling Extract - 25000 boondollars
Cirlista Pass - 10000 boondollars
Incredible Neck Cloth - 20 boondollars //100% Discount to Tshallandria
Amazing Back Cloth - 40 boondollars //100% Discount to Tshallandria
Fantastic Hooded Thing - 50 boondollars //100% Discount to Tshallandria
Metal Plating for Cloth - 10000 boondollars //50% Discount to Tshallandria
Build Grist - 5 boondollars
Steel Grist - 10 boondollars
Bone Grist - 10 boondollars
Stone Grist - 10 boondollars
Ink Grist - 10 boondollars
Rust Grist - 50 boondollars
Glass Grist - 50 boondollars
Gold Grist - 50 boondollars
Lead Grist - 50 boondollars



Watching the pipe organ produce water, and then lightening, and the lava and … Jegus cripes. All Lupita knows is that THIS IS A MOTHERFUCKING MIRACLE SON, STAND BACK AND REVEL IN THE MIRACLE. She starts to grin, her playing of fast paced circus music coming to a slow halt, before she starts poking keys at random to see what they do. And giggling. If Scratch was anywhere aware of how bad a sign the giggling is, she'd know to try (HARD) to get Lupita away from the elemental pipe organ.
Lupita grins! And begins poking out random clips of other things she knows, eventually coming up with something that sounds like it came from some sort of wild internet based webcomic famous for its music and flash games.

( Just what you need: )

When viewed from the exterior of the various planets, in the Medium proper, the view is a bit different from other perspectives. One can get an unimpeded view of the Incipisphere from here, or at the very least a much less impeded view.

The first thing anyone will most likely notice is the massive blue sphere in the center of the Incipisphere. It's massive, apparently the thing that passes for a sun in this strange space. It sits stationary, massive clouds moving inside it, obscuring the interior of the translucent construct. The center is clearly emitting some kind of light, muted and peaceful once it passes through the cloudy exterior.

The second thing that is likely to be noticed is the presence of two other visible planets. Besides the Land of Spires and Frogs (from this distance, it looks like a big spikey ball!) the two are also orbiting. It would seem they share the same path and same orbit speed as the Land of Spires and Frogs. One, at a distance, is easily recognizable to those who have been with Summer to any great degree: That's the Land of Wood and Haze, clearly recognized by the varying shades of green and brown surrounded by an odd greenish-yellow misty appearance. LOWAH is easily recognized as behind LOSAF in orbit.

Ahead of LOSAF is a planet that's a bit harder to identify, and nearly impossible to see initially: The Land of Grit and Lamps is as dark as one would expect, with tiny lights interspersed about it. It's almost as if the whole planet is hiding.

The arrangement of the planet makes one inclined to believe there is a fourth on the other side of the massive blue sphere, but it's obscuring the view of where it is, if there is one.

Near the blue sphere is a large gold planet, with what appears to be a small gold moon physically chained to it. The moon looks like it might pass into the sphere during orbit, somehow, and appears as though it did so very recently.

Surrounding the sphere, outside the orbit of the planets, and far distant, is a band of unknown objects; they look gray, but at this distance the visual appearance can't be determined.

No stars are visible in this space.

At no point does the air thin at all. The atmosphere stays breathable, despite this very clearly being something akin to outer space.

"Ah! It is truly not a problem." The kindly looking elder Iguana nods to Raven and makes some more thipping noises. "As for building, I… am not sure! That depends on the complacencists. I think they're getting a bit devisive with Southtown! They've not made headway there and so they're making a bit of a schizm. Who knows where that will go! Especially after that exodus to Southtown! There's nothing that really needs too much doing besides some labor. If you're wanting to help, getting some people to head back to their homes might be good, but the village may be best left to the ones who want to stay behind! Thip thip thip. Do not worry overmuch."

Tshallandria considers the purchasing list for a few moments, before she grins. "Well… It's good to see your market doing so well today shopkeepers." Her eyes gleam as she considers something she saw some time ago… …notably the prices for the whole fraymotifs. Now those were expensive. "Is there anything that any of you are interested in, perhaps a new way to help your people?" She smiles, "And while we're on that note, I would also like to know if any of you know the location of the item I requested earlier. …Simply the location would settle our debts I think, for that would allow me to get it, to help Arthur and the others."

An eye twitches slightly, but thankfully for Raven she's got her shades on, so it's not readily visible. "I'll see what I can do," She says, with as cheerful a smile as she can manage, before she nods. "Well, I'll head to southtown then, and tell them I'm there to help with the tewer situation." she gives him a salute, and then turns to leave, muttering something under her breath about 'Ain't tellin' nobody to go nowhere'.
Because fuck iguana herding, and fuck stairs. :|

"Agents are the real wiseguys." Noirsprite says, apparently unfazed by the display that really, really ought to be making people be pretty worried (maybe for Rialth's sanity, and maybe for Telash's metabolism). "The ones right under the capo di tutti capi <Boss of Bosses>. They're out to get pieces of work done for him and his. They do his clippings, clock the ones he gives a pass to, the works. They got the place ready for Echidna way back when and they've got places ready for the rest of you, where you were from and where you are now. As for Derse, that's cosa della sua <that thing of his> to the boss of bosses. All he has. You see how it works?"

What Black Gold Saw sees at her meteor is exactly the same technology as was present in the teleporter site. And it's fairly clear that there's enough here to repair it, if Saw can convince someone of adequate skill to do so! Even an uninformed onlooker can see that there's definitely enough parts in the Black Rock to strip out and put into the broken portions of the teleporter site. Unfortunately, it looks like it would need a practiced hand in crafting to do this. Or, at the very least, someone whose hands are not giant gauntlets.

"Guess it's as good as I am going to get, but it's something to think about." Vruasa Telash says to Noirsprite, handing him his new incredibly dangerous hat and then quickly backing away. He knows how powerful sprites can get. Doesn't really want to be the first one for this to be tested on. So at this point he just offers a salute, and goes… ELSEWHERE in PB's house. It's time to share some of his discoveries with the others, he thinks.

Thionette's ascent means that the new accessable routes of investigation are the TOMBS, the CAMP, and the WRITINGS; depending on how modern she's feeling, her tech may go to use in the camp, but if that's particularly intimidating in terms of advanced nature of the equipment, the tombs and writing offer more straightforward potential routes of investigation.

It appears one machine can use Vinyl's card! The Totem Lathe is already loaded with a Cruxite Dowel ready for lathing, and thus when the random card is inserted, the automated processes lathe a rather erratic-looking totem. Maybe useful!? Oh man, at least it looks like it might match up with the other equipment.

Further experimentation by Lupita, through the lightning, fire, water, wind, light, darkness, and other products of the strange mixtures that are produced (this one, in particular, seems to be a mass of corrosive steam that jets out the skull's eyes) seems to indicate that this is a massive construction project that's beent taken here, to create what appears to be a large elemental/musical weapon of some kind.

Quite the contrary really, new tech to poke around at is just the reason Thionette -would- go with that option. Well that and trying to figure out why the camp was here and why it was attacked, but a girl has got to have her priorities. Just remember what sort of girl you're dealing with here. Tail twitchs as she strolls into the center of the camp and crouchs down, going to rummage through the remains of what's there. Figure out what the camp was doing here, and maybe figure out if they were actually targetted or just in the wrong place at a bad time.

After some looking around, Black Gold Saw props her free hand on her hip and nods once. Yes. This will do. In her other hand, she hefts the Cannon Saw from her shoulders and rams it into emptiness.

Without warning, the tip of an enormous black and gold sword rams itself into empty space. With a heavy metallic sound like a massive tumbler lock, the weapon twists until it is vertical and then recedes, leaving a white portal behind that is easily large enough for a person to slip through. On the other side, Black Gold Saw can be seen, resting the Cannon Saw across her shoulders. She beckons with her free hand—that intimidatingly huge crimson skeletal-styled gauntlet she calls a hand, anyway.

==> Start to piece things together.

Alright. So you make a card over there. Then you bring it to this thing to make a little shaped dowel thing. The pony gets a hold of the totem with a bit of magic and wanders over to the last piece of equipment that hasn't been used. Or at least she figures that's the thing to be used. The Alchemiter! "Huh.. I wonder what this will do…" And thus said totem was placed upon the Alchemiter!

=Sit back and watch the magic.

So with the totem placed on the lathe, perhaps something interesting will happen! Its all question marks to Vinyl right now. At least Lupita was having fun with the organ and not playing that crazy weird music from a moment ago that made her completely flip out that if there was a table near by it would have been summarily (sp) flipped. Yeah.

==> Start to piece things together.

Alright. So you make a card over there. Then you bring it to this thing to make a little shaped dowel thing. The pony gets a hold of the totem with a bit of magic and wanders over to the last piece of equipment that hasn't been used. Or at least she figures that's the thing to be used. The Alchemiter! "Huh.. I wonder what this will do…" And thus said totem was placed upon the Alchemiter!

==>Sit back and watch the magic.

So with the totem placed on the lathe, perhaps something interesting will happen! Its all question marks to Vinyl right now. At least Lupita was having fun with the organ and not playing that crazy weird music from a moment ago that made her completely flip out that if there was a table near by it would have been summarily (sp) flipped. Yeah.

Lupita is giggling again. Madly, giggling. But as she slams off the last chords of wwhatever the hell she was doing, she finally stops playing with the Pipe organ both because she knows what it does now and because she's (perceptively) bored of it because she can smell food from SOMEWHERE in this house. She hms, and looks between Scratch and the machines, then says, "Like, I don't know what all the mad skillz you be all up and doing Chica, but like, motherfucker owns this place is like, all up and real skilled at using those things. My Fishsis would say you shouldn't like, mess with shit you ain't got a know for." She grins a little.
"Hey Chica," she says, scracthing her chest a little, pausing to examine her facepaint in a convenient reflection, "You all up and know where the kitchen in this hive is?"

Well THAT was unusual. After taking quite a while to simply admire the view of Skaia's skies and take stock of the positions of planets and the other THINGS orbiting… she spins about at the surge of energy and faces a PORTAL being wrenched open in space. Floating by without much aim is finally over.

With a small burst of the thrusters she launches through the portal… and finally touching down on solid ground.

In fact though, the reintroduction of proper gravity sends her tumbling to the ground. In her armor, she clatters and skids across the floor, sliding straight past Black Gold Saw and making the most UNEARTHLY noise of Magical Materials scraping against whatever it is the ground's made out of in there.

But finally she comes to a halt, and with a whine of what sounds like hydraulics, stands up, still in her armor. "Gravity. Something best not underestimated."

ONly then does she turn about to face Black Gold Saw and look about at this new place they're in. "INteresting trick. I don't suppose there's a way to teach it?"

What appears to be the leader of the merchants, previously informed (by one iguana who is currently busy whispering into his ear) comes forward and nods. "Ah! yes, yes, thip thip. We are at work producing it! We have looked into it a great deal and we have determined that we need a holder of the fabled texts, the ones who are opposing your… Confederacy." He pronounces the name completely incorrectly. "We have done our best to get into contact with them, but to no avail! Thip." It is immediately clear to Tshallandria that getting into contact with them means standing around and fidgeting in a hyper way that indicates being a questgiver. "We just need them to translate the texts and give them to us and we can certainly have it made!"



Spiresear Scherzo - 10000000 boondollars
Hellscream's Homophony - 100000000 boondollars
Heaven Or Hellegro - 100000000 boondollars
Contralto's King - 100000000 boondollars
Carrion's Chant - 100000000 boondollars

"This world is mine in a fashion that is not simply 'possession'," Black Gold Saw says in a voice that is almost a monotone, "It is not something that can be 'taught'."

She lifts her free hand, gesturing tot he battered, abandoned asteroid base surrounding her, "This place contains technology identical to that found in the teleporter station in the Land of Spires and Frogs. Usable components from here can be used to repair the teleporter station. Which, in turn, will be useful for our purposes."

Lowering that hand to her side, she regards the armored Exalted with a neutral gaze, "I am not an engineer. This technology is alien to me. So I will trust your expertise to salvage everything you think may be necessary." Her head inclines, "When you feel you are finished, I will transport the equipment and yourself to the teleporter station and let you get to work on repairs. Is this agreeable to you?"

The Sprite accepts the hat. He doesn't even give a farewell stab, he's that grateful! This hat will very definitely not become relevant in substantial ways at some far future plot event. He doesn't otherwise attempt to assault Vruasa's thinkpan with riddles.

"Without first SEEING the machine I can't guarantee not having to make multiple trips to the parts pile," Adela warns, before pulling out a camera from Elsewhere. The world flickers and it simply appears in a small flash of Essence in her hands. She nods over to the Black Gold Saw though, while spreading out the parts and taking a HD picture of each of them before banishing the Camera again back into the folds of Elsewhere.

It's a very good thing her helmet hides her face when he looks at Black HGold Saw though. "A teleporter, is it? This could be REALLY useful in this odd place. Something new to use…" And ther'es no hiding her excitement either.

This time, she manifests a large bag from Elsewhere and begins stuffing - gently - everything that looks like it concerns energy-to-matter conversion, sensors, or electronics equipment. Failing that, just a lot of everything.

It's kind of hard to be discerning without first examining the thing.

"Interesting place, this…" Another unreadable gaze aimed at Black Gold Saw. "Alright. Go right ahead and make the portal. I'll contact you if I need another look at these parts. Hopefully not!"


ITEM: The Cathedral of Syndetic Ascension model (not to scale!) is a small plastic model of a pair of cathedral towers, one of which is inversed and meets the other in the middle at a complex clock-like arrangement. It is a model of the entirely of It looks kinda cool, I guess, if you're into gothic architecture or something.

It is not entirely clear what abstract mechanism Vinyl Scratch has gained Build Grist through (that would be the Grist Gutter, by the way) but she will be acutely aware of the fact that it did cost something out of a limited quantity to make.

Stripping the place is a fairly easy deal! This place looks familiar, though. In fact, it's exactly the same sort of design as that crashed meteor Adela first encountered, and the meteor she later explored! Except this one is much, much bigger, several times bigger. Through explorations of plundered steel rooms and stone chambers, Adela can scavenge enough parts to create a VEIL-TECH REPAIR KIT worth several uses. Due to Black Gold Saw's reality-warping powers, the meteor's internal systems remain active, despite the removal of critical portions of their materials.

The sensor equipment Thionette finds is basic, though scavengable if one is really intent on it. It looks like the memory storage devices were shot up beyond repair of a less abstract or supernatural sort. What is notable is that most of the physical damage to the communications station can be repaired! With a little work on the receiver, it may be possible to use it to broadcast or receive on the same communications frequencies as the Derse agents who were previously using this camp, at least in some limited sense. Perhaps enough basis to be enhanced by a skilled software specialist or communications expert.

Despite the clunky nature of the station as a whole, enough equipment can be stripped out of it to maintain functionality once fully repaired without requiring someone to lug a giant piece of equipment up all those stairs.

"You are clever enough," Black Gold Saw indicates in that same almost-monotone voice of hers. "However, a warning."

As she watches Adela collect parts, the devil woman speaks in a more grave tone, "Do not ever step outside this facility. Your power is impressive, but you will die."

She lifts the Cannon Saw from her shoulders and cleaves a fresh portal at Adela's request, connected to Teleporter Site 412, "Winning and losing have no meaning to us. You are intelligent enough to know what that means."

The King Saw rams itself into creating a portal in the middle of the destroyed hanger, ready to deposite Adela there so she can explore and get down to business.

"Well now, what do we have here?" Thionette muses for a moment, then sits down and pulls a few of her gadgeteering tools off of her belt. Not the sort of technology she's use to, but that hasn't stopped her before. Besides, putting things back together to fix them is an entirely capable way of learning about something. She's just got to have long enough to experiment and diddle around to find out what can be removed and what not.

==>Observe new Item

So Vinyl made something. WOO! Its not a very interesting something to her. Sad. Alas. "Hrm…" she wanders back to the Designix, wondering if she should attempt another random punching before she notices the camera. "Now what is that for..?" she wonders aloud, looking it all over before making a decision.

==>Take a picture.

Its a camera after all, may as well take a picture of something with it. Now other then herself, there needs to be something else awesome in this room. Pipe Organ? Nah. Lupita? Person. Nah. Blink. … Blink. That's it! Lupita, you may want to look this direction for a rare sighting of Vinyl Scratch eyes. Why? The pony decided what better to take a picture of then her own 'most awesome shades in Equestria.' The indicated shades are set down and the camera is made to take a picture of said shades. Being a unicorn pony is great right now, she doubts Octavia could have pulled this off. *snap*


As Vruasa walks through Arthur's house, there is a large, furry shape that appears to BLOCK HIS PATH. And it's a rather large furry thing. Like, seriously, is it some sort of large dog? Nope.

Scruffed up and matted down with dirt in a few places, an INCREDIBLY FAT SLASH LARGE cat impedes his path. Its head is jet black, with droopy ears, and below a distinct color change at the neck, as if a black cat's head was placed upon a tabby cat's body, the cat is entirely a warm tan color, striped in darker browns.

It turns its head to him, a few cuts and scrapes on its body revealing themselves as it turns and meows loudly at him.

COMMAND? ==> ___

You forgot to respond to Lupita, stupid!

In a moment of forgetfulness, and perhaps being really interested in all the tech in the room, Vinyl totally forgot to respond to Lupita, which she now does, "I'm sure its cool! I'm not breakin' anything, after all. I love tinkerin' with stuff like this! Best way to learn, really.

==>You forgot to respond to Lupita, stupid!

In a moment of forgetfulness, and perhaps being really interested in all the tech in the room, Vinyl totally forgot to respond to Lupita, which she now does, "I'm sure its cool! I'm not breakin' anything, after all. I love tinkerin' with stuff like this! Best way to learn, really.

Vruasa Telash is confronted with a FAT CAT. He stops and stares at it blankly, tilting his head to one side. This creature looks like a fucking freak, and he has never seen it before in his life. Why is it so enormous? Could it possibly have eaten /that/ much? Why is it so scratched up, for that matter? It must be some kind of game NPC, he decides, though it clearly is not an underling.

"What do you want? I don't want anymore fucking quests, I have enough shit to take care of without finding an enormous fucking ball of yarn for you to play with. Are you even capable of understanding what I'm saying?" He demands, clearly veering in the direction of cranky. A flashing on his trollphone shades indicates that he is, in fact, communicating with somebody over trollian. Multiple somebodies, actually.

The picture produced on the digital camera Scratch is holding pops up on its tiny screen, displaying a new file added. Visible is the following:

Hearing something said so bluntly, as if this being before her knew all there was to know about Adela Elliford, is a bi rankling. But, being faced with someone who gives off such an intense reading of energy will do that to a person who values their own power as something to rely on in this dangerous, chaotic world.

As she pockets thegadgetry, Adela can only nod in response, unable to bring words to bear in reply, and turns to walk calmly through the portal and on to her current task.

As she examines the innards of the spire and approaches the transporter though, she sheds the armor and lets out a long, drawn out sigh. How long has it been since she's been able to focus her joy of making and building and fixing just for the sake of it? Without this burning urge in her heart? She can't remember those days too well anymor.

But for now, she'll set aside these complicated frustrations and focus on what she CAN do.

The brunette summons her tools from Elsewhere, and gets to work!

==>Sudden Revelation!

So That's cool, the camera gave Scratch one of those little cards that the thing over there made. That's cool. Just no holes in it. Atop that she spots the code on the back! Even more awesome. Still, she doesn't need another pair of her own shades. She owns her awesome shades! So. She calls up on her radio and decides to chitter at the Union to see if they have any ideas. And then Staren decides to throw her the walkthrough Arthur had been working on. JACKPOT!

==>Make something awesome!

So you can put two cards in at once eh? Alright, lets see just how awesome this can get. First the pony decides to try out the code from the back of her newly aquired card on the Designix, course this is after she gets a blank one in there. With any success she decides to make use of the camera on one other thing. "Oh man, if this works it will be -totally- rad." she muses. She turns off her radio, nips it out of whever she kept it to chitter at the union with, sets it out ahead of her and snaps a picture of it! If she gets that code, she'd go ahead and punch that too. If she gets BOTH cards? Off to the totem lathe! "I have this weird feelin' I spent somethin to make that last thing. here's hopin I got enough for this thing…" Totem in hand.. hoof? She'd float it on over to the Alchemeter and awaits the result.


ITEM: A pair of glasses, making use of unique hands-free command mechanisms, allowing a wearer of an equine variety to communicate over voice and text communication methods using only their voice and a combination of neurofeedback and gesture control.

Tshallandria sighs, and then chuckles, "I'll make certain that someone from the Union comes by as soon as possible…" She looks at the iguana for a moment longer before she shrugs, "In any case, I need to talk to your leaders for a bit, if you're available, perhaps we have somewhere we could speak in private?"


The moment that Vinyl sees the new specs on the Alchemeter she just glees, turns her regular radio off, gently tugs her shades off and then puts the new shades on. Same epic look, but now with awesome radio capabilities! most excellent! She's so thrilled that it actually takes her a moment to even consider if she could make something else. Then it hits her like a zillyhoo. "Oh, oh man, I wonder if.."

==>Make something else just as awesome!

Suddenly turntables. What? You didn't see them. They'd been there hovering at either side of her the whole time. She takes a quick picture of the pair, snaps a picture of her new shades real quick, does a little running around, and waits to see what the result of this new combination will be. Even more awesome shades? Shades that can control her turn tables? Both?! She's absolutley giddy while waiting for the Alchemeter.

The FATTEST CAT pads towards Vruasa, though it does have a rudimentary understanding of what is being said to it. CAT TRANSLATION: Hello Cat, I am an angry human. I have no idea what you want. Go away.

Dullahan does not want Vruasa's shit. Dullahan has had enough shit for now. Dullahan has clawed and bited and mauled its way back through cat-hell to get to where it is now. In front of this TROLL BOY. It does not know what a TROLL is, but he smells ever so faintly of Dullahan's GIRL.

Dullahan wishes to return to its life of being a lump and not having to kill imps that get uppity. Dullahan did that a lot.

It meows a few more times, before headbutting Vruasa in the knee and looking up at him. It has a collar.

The collor is a black band, which is almost hidden unless you're up close, with a silver tag, with DULLAHAN written on it.

"Oh! Our leaderly kinda guy is out right now." The iguana responds to Tshallandria. "Thip thip, you wanna go find him, he's headed to the West Caves! Going to go meet with someone I don't know who it was. They should know! They're both really important or something. Not sure how! I bet they could tell you." He then gives that critical, abstract required bit of data that is needed to create a quest marker in that direction, putting the encounter firmly off for now.

"Ugh. You can't even fucking talk can you. Where the hell did you even come from." Vruasa kneels down to examine the cat when it headbuts his knee, visibly disgruntled at what is going on. It has a COLLAR on, with a tag. This is a fairly obvious thing to check, though it doesn't really reveal any useful information. He checks the other side of it for more information, and re-opens a trollian window to make some inquiries.

Tshallandria nods, "Thank you good sir." A chuckle, "It's a really good thing to know that you've put the clothing to good use. I'm very pleased by the level of customization you've managed to put into it." She grins, "I'll bring some jewelery for you all the next time… But for now let me merely ask one more time, if there's anything that you or your people would like in addition to my other gifts? …or if you have considered using the golem control gems on rocks, and then clothed the golems so you could tell the difference between them and … the much less liked evil-minions?"


ITEM: The Songwright's Sonic-Specs retain the hands-free control mechanisms for the most part, though are greatly enhanced in any control mechanisms through actual manipulation of the projected turntables and audio gear that are displayed on the glasses. It is a full music-making suite, albeit one that looks a little ridiculous to use in some contexts. It also has full sonic analysis suites that can record and determine details on sound to a fine degree, determining voice-print matches, gauging validity, or analyzing acoustics. And it's still a radio and chat client!

DULLAHAN continunes to ASSAULT the TROLL BOY'S knee with its forehead, meowing plaintively all the time as it is not given its REQUISITE AMOUNT OF CAT-ATTENTION. Your trollphone is a cad, and it steals from your lord's allotment of CARE.

Discard it immediately, and take me forthwith to the GIRL you SMELL OF, TROLL BOY.

Or, in cat speak 'meooooow' heatbutt headbutt 'mrerow'.

==> Behold glory of the Sonic Specs.

These are so awesome that Vinyl realizes that she will NEVER EVER lose them. Ever. No really. Don't you dare touch these. They are -hers- now and they will only leave her eyes when she is sleeping. That aside, she disperses her tables and the other two pair of shades with them, tucked handily away in the empty record compartments. Now then, what to do now?

==>Check out other places!

Deciding she's made enough AWESOME GEAR with the alchemeter the pony decides to move on up and out of where she is. She retraces her steps back through the house and eventually ends back up on the roof. Seeing as she's encountered AWESOME so far, what is beyond that little spinny gate thing should be MORE awesome. So. Upward she goes! Off to Arthur's medium! Woo!

The leaderly merchant makes a passive "shhh" motion to Tshallandria. "If the plebians hear you offering help they will start harassing you about killing ten imps and other suchlike thip thip." He nods a few times. "The one you're going to go meet can tell you more, I think, about real problems that aren't stupid. You don't want to deal with the dumb ones." The irony of the things he is saying is lost on the merchant leader.

Tshallandria chuckles and nods. "Right then… I'm off to meet with the ones who know about the real problems." She bows to the leaderly merchant, before taking off into the air, cape flowing behind her. "Good luck, my friend."

And with that, she's off in the direction of the place where she was sent. Not that she has much more information then that, but hey! …Beats doing dalies.

======> VRUASA: Pet the cat.

Vruasa Telash reluctantly and carefully pets the cat. This is getting absolutely fucking ridiculous though, so he doesn't spend a whole lot of time on it before attempting to pick Dullahan up. Fortunately, he is pretty strong, so the added weight isn't really an issue. Considering that he carries Lieutenant Nakson around one-handed as a /convenience/ back in LOGAL, this is probably not all that difficult. Provided the cat /cooperates/. Frankly, he doesn't really know how animals like this work. He's seen lusii that look similar but they were usually pretty big.

Big enough that picking one up would've required a lot more physical strength than he has even now.

This one…

… Well, he'll work it out. Still…


… He decides to fastforward through this before he has to answer more questions. This may or may not involved getting scratched by a cat many times in fast-forward, depending on Dullahan's temperament. WHO KNOWS.

Log Notes: This is where Vruasa first learned a lot of the details of Derse Agents, and what Derse itself actually is. It also made him highly suspicious of Black Gold Saw. Also, fat cat.

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