Knight's Log 9-15-12



Vruasa Telash agreed to do something a couple of days ago. Or maybe it was a week ago, he really doesn't remember the timeframe when it comes to things that don't involve tampering with time to begin with. Given that he can cram an incredible amount of activity into a single day, it could well have been yesterday from his perspective. Either way, he agreed to help Red Stone try to train his retarded gang of nakkadiles. This is a terrible idea and can't possibly go anywhere good, but what the hell, he has the time to kill.


First thing's first though, he hasn't heard from CS in days. Either she's been sleeping since her house stopped being a CROWDED DIVE, or she was murdered in her sleep after her house stopped being a crowded dive. Or maybe it was something much more simple than he is giving the situation credit for. Who the fuck knows without actually checking.

Somewhere along the line inbetween accelerations, the Knight of Time /almost certainly/ brought Red Stone into his acceleration so that they remain in the same temporal context. It's possible that he forgot to do that, but that would be PRETTY SILLY OF HIM.

======> Slow down and ring the buzzer.

Vruasa brings himself and any would-be companions out of temporal acceleration, and rings the buzzer. All houses in this timeframe have professional-sounding buzzers, after all.

Today is training day for Red's nakkadiles. It would be training week or month probably, if DL hadn't agreed to help abuse the laws of time and space. Or maybe just time? He thinks they are intertwined though - he should watch more sci-fi shows to increase his vocabulary and understanding. But he has done a fair amount of preparations for today, mostly in the form of alchemizing and purchases some mundane equipment.

So hey, that is what time acceleration feels like. Weird. But DL wanted to make a stop, and Red figured he owed DL a fair bit. He's curious about this though.

"Why are we stopping by here again?"

"CS lives here." Vruasa explains, simply. He pauses then, and frowns. Keane /also/ lives here. He better fucking not answer the door and start poking and prodding like a creepy human lusus again.

"Yeah, but so what? Why do we need to see her? Isn't she likely just to kick you in the nuts if she sees you on her doorstep…" he trails off, unsure if troll physiology has an equivalent to that. He decides not to ask.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I w@sn't @w@re th@ you evoked such @ re@ction from fem@les of your species. But I @ssure you th@ the s@me is not true of me." Vruasa answers unhesistantly, folding his arms over his chest and waiting patiently. Must resist the temptation to push the buzzer over and over again.

Let us say that Buzzers exist on pubs. We shall SUSPEND our disbelief at this.

Fiora, in a pair of grey pajamas and a rather disheveled state, comes to the IMPOSING SUPERDOOR which opens into a FORBODING FOYER. For it's efforts, the buzzer emits a rather soft 'Ding-dong~', which had summoned the Witch. Her eyes a bit blearly, she appears to be a bit roughed up, and her knuckles on her right hand are a bit bruised.

There is a pause as her brain visibly turns over, gears working. Hey, so, there's some punk guy standing there. And also Vruasa. The door slams. "OhmygoshI'llberightbackletemegetcleanedup."

Shecene ==> ACCELLERATE?
Sure, why not.

A few minutes later Fiora appears in her DRESDEN'S ENVY coat, all dressed up in her Sleuthy Bogart-esque getup, black coat and slacks, grey shirt and silver tie, black fedora with a silver hat band. "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry that took so long… Um… What's going on?"

"The fuck just happened." Vruasa says to Red, when the door gets slammed shut in his face. No, he's really not putting two and two together, and most likely he will willfully avoid doing so wherever possible. A few minutes pass then, and Fiora emerges looking somewhat more like Fiora than ordinary. He offers a sharkish smile, though as always it comes off as more threatening than it does friendly. This probably says something about troll society, and you probably know exactly what that is.

He jerks a thumb towards Red, "We're gonna go accelerate a bunch of retarded crocodiles through a training montage. Also, I hadn't heard from you in several days so I figured I'd check and make sure that the imps hadn't murdered you and started playing with your entrails."

"Anyway. Wanna come see the nakkadiles fail like every action movie hero should have when he pulled this bullshit? I bet it'll be fucking hilarious." It's an odd invitation, and it seems like whenever Vruasa and Fiora do anything together it's always in a group of /three/. But shit, they're doing it in her world, he can't really justify leaving her oh god why is he thinking like this.

Fuck you brain.

Oh hey, it's a somewhat attractive human female in his agegroup; what Red pretend not to be interested when he secretly might be! For the two seconds she's visible, at least. After the door slams he turns to look at DL, raising an eyebrow, his expression showing a mild curiosity in DL. Of course it turns into incredulity when the troll asks such a stupid question.

"Seriously? Dude you can't tell me you're too stupid to see what just happened here, interspecies romance aside." He lets it drop at that though, not sure if his favorite troll is really that blind or is willfully ignorant. Given how sharp he's witnessed the troll be, he is guessing the latter, though that's just human observation rather than a supernatural hunch.

When Fiora returns, Red actually gets to take a good look at her this time. He approves of the outfit, very fitting. He's only just gotten himself a somewhat appropriate outfit for crocadile land; a very sharp looking black business with red business shirt and black tie. It's just one of the many things he picked up for this trip.

Vruasa's invitation gets a sideways glance at the troll, followed by a quick rolling of his eyes. Is Red the only person not involved with somebody in this group? Of course just thinking that briefly brings to mind Summer, but she's dismissed quickly enough.

He still has not said a word to Fiora yet.

Fiora doesn't really even seem to notice Stone for the few moments after she opens the door. Her hands are sporting a pair of gloves to cover the bruises, but her hair is still a bit disheveled. She wears her hat tipped down jauntily, mostly over her eyes, in a style she has found Vruasa… Well, he seems to like it. IT'S ALSO A FINE WAY TO WEAR A HAT THERE ARE OTHER REASONS, SHUT UP!

"Listen, Telash, I'm… Sorry about my brother. Lusus. Guardian. Person. He's… Protective. I beat him up for you, so if you could just forgive him or me or forget about it… Yeah." There is a pause. She turns, her eyes having been classily shaded from Red. She turns, and blushes a bit, before looking angry. "Oh. Well, I guess. If you want to go out and watch some stupid crocodiles do all that. Sounds… Great. I…" She leans in, to Vruasa's ear, whispering.

"Do you /always/ bring another person?" She asks, slipping away to look at Red. Well, he dresses snappily. But everyone here dresses snappily. "So… You've got some of those annoying crocodiles calling you Boss, and… I've really not actually been down there, so it could be good. I've got my pens and stuff. Do you want to use the club door? Or…" She blushes again, this time a bit more violently, looking away. "Fly?"

"Technically speaking I'm not even a mammal, so I would be perfectly justified in missing any and all social cues that anyone here may throw at me." Vruasa replies to Red Stone. It isn't total bullshit but he doesn't really want to explain the whole thing to the Seer of Void. He can probably piece it together himself eventually, but it's just not the sort of thing that you discuss openly like that. He turns his attention back towards the door, his expression shifting curiously as the human girl attempts to explain herself to him. How is he supposed to react to that.

Then he says, "What your guardian does, doesn't really have any real bearing on you. Don't white knight on my behalf. Might bite him if he starts poking at my face again, tho."

Sharkgrin. That would probably actually really hurt.

He scratches his head when Fiora whispers something to him, looking momentarily contemplative. It occurs to him that whispering is totally pointless in front of Red, because /by his very nature/ he's going to pick up on things like that. Actually, Vruasa is pretty amused by that, and grins broadly when he answers, "Well I can come alone next time if you really want. But, just so you know, NS here is the Seer of Void. I don't think whispering will help you keep a secret from him!"

"In fact, I think the only way to keep a secret from him is to share it somehow." His expression falls, once again somewhat confused. Well, he'll work out a way eventually. Probably not.

"Anyway, I am not going to fly with three people again," The knight of time goes on, "so let's just take whatever gates you have around here to reach NS's crew. Hey—" He looks towards Red. "Lead the way."

Telash, huh? He'll keep DL's name under his hat for now. The man/troll probably has his reasons for not giving it out to everyone. It may also be useful if he wants to shake up or at least annoy the troll at some point. As for other secrets, Fiora's feelings towards Telash are pretty obvious to him, if only because the Irish girl is trying to keep it all a secret but doing a terrible job of it, serving only to draw his attention to the fact. Maybe if she had any skill he wouldn't pick up on it.

Similarly, Red finds himself having a decent idea just what all the whispering is about. Unhappiness about Red's company, and some question about… proximity? Nearness to Telash? Whatever, he can't quite figure it out. He's quite sure it's not actually important though. And when Vruasa mentions flying, he's able to guess it on his own anyways.

"Ok." And then Red leads the way!

"I made sure that Keane will not be… Doing any of that. He seemed convinced you were some sort of human in a costume. Because he is a big dumb idiot who can't leave /well enough alone/, but… You're right. Plus, I don't think anyone really needs to white knight for you. What with the… time… stuff and really let's just drop that topic and we can all agree my brother is an arsehole." She nods, that topic over and done in her mind in the most akward way possible.

In fact everything Fiora and Vruasa do tends to turn extremely akward!

That aside… "Oh. Well. That means a whole lot of somethings to me, yes it does, I totally know the difference between a Seer and a Witch of Nothing." She scoffs, looking back to her old self. Sort of. What is her old self? She certainly wasn't sarcastic and talking with strangers, she'd probably have just shut the door and gone back to bed or reading or whatever it was she was doing before being so rudley interrupted in her doom fortress pub house club tower.

"Yeah, um, hold on, walk behind me until we get to the Gate. The um…" She waves a hand towards the door and then walks around the perimiter of the foyer, with her hand against the wall. "All the instant death traps are on right now." She offers mysteriously, pointedly avoiding 90% of the tiles in the obsidian foyer that leads into the Bar. From there, up the elevator, with a few scattered Lieutenants sipping on FANCY DRINKS in the bar area, up the elevator, and into the GATE into the SLUM BASEMENT.

One might assume the rest of the way is lead on by Red.

it was she was doing before being so rudley interrupted in her doom fortress pub house club tower.

"Yeah, um, hold on, walk behind me until we get to the Gate. The um…" She waves a hand towards the door and then walks around the perimiter of the foyer, with her hand against the wall. "All the instant death traps are on right now." She offers mysteriously, pointedly avoiding 90% of the tiles in the obsidian foyer that leads into the Bar. From there, up the elevator, with a few scattered Lieutenants sipping on FANCY DRINKS in the bar area, up the elevator, and into the GATE into the SLUM BASEMENT.

One might assume the rest of the way is lead on by Red.

Vruasa observes that Red seems to be pretty quiet just now. Is he cooking some sort of scheme in that strange, human brain of his, or just keeping out of the conversation? Ultimately he arrives at no satisfactory conclusion, and simply replies to Fiora for now, "Well, I don't care if people /ask/ me things like that. It's not like I don't consult PB when I need to know the details of human biology for whatever reason. I just don't fucking go grabbing parts to puzzle things out." He frowns a little then, and wonders why somebody would dress up as an alien.

Maybe they do something like FLARP in the human world? Or did.

Regarding the class difference he remarks, "Presumably you /use/ the Nothing, whereas NS /sees/ the Nothing. Whatever the hell that's supposed to mean. You eventually get a grip on it. Eventually. I think we need to prod you a bit higher on the echeladder before that'll happen tho'… what's your rank right now, anyway?"

Vruasa doesn't press the question when Fiora leads them through the FLOOR IS LAVA traps to the slum gate, though he does ask Red, "Say, for that matter, how far up the echeladder did /you/ get? Even if your session failed, you should have gotten partway through just fighting the initial boss rush."

Someone must have helped Fiora with that, and he /knows/ somebody helped PB with that.

Despite Red blatantly showing off back in that one dungeon, he would just as soon not trust entirely to his class power to navigating through a bunch of death traps; talk about overkill! Granted, Red approves of overkill in general. Until they get through though, he is content to watch and observe and follow in their footsteps. It's not until they reach the gate that he takes to the foreground.

"Me? About a quarter of the way," he says with deliberate vagueness. And boy was it tough grinding. Mostly it was Red dodging and jumping about and picking off weaker foes, or getting the finishing hit on bosses his friends had almost already killed. "I can keep myself from getting killed," he allows, which is more or less the truth. He's decently hard to kill at this point, even if only because he's skilled at avoiding aggro.

Red leads the other two do the slum speakeasy, because he is helping his bro Vruasa take Fiora to classy places. Once inside the bar, he looks around for his nakkadile LT.

Nakamoto seems to have dressed up a bit more, though his TATTOOS OF REDUNDANCY are still visible as he drinks TERRIBLE TIN-CAN MOONSHINE from the Nakkadile bartender with a few of RED'S CREW.

They all seem to be nakking amongst themselves in a corner near the boxy-bartop, the BARTENDER gently rubbing down cans with a rag.

The SUPER HARDENED NAKKACROOK is gone, as are the Black and Silvers, the cards sort of 'neatly' (for nakkadiles) left sprawled on the CARD TABLE.

It's a quiet gritty evening on LOGAL.

By the way, it's always a gritty evening. All the time.

It's also raining.

Vruasa wonders how many nakkadiles have blundered in there and died on the death traps. He decides that it probably can't have been very many at this point, simply because Fiora hasn't talked about having to deal with bodies at any point. At least not that he's aware of. It is possible, he supposes, that they were meant for the underlings instead though. In which case… why would it be such a mystery that they just don't turn up here? Hmmm. Truth be told, all of this feels like the sort of thing some sort of exceptionally paranoid troll would set up in their house.

"Really? Huh." He glances sidelong at Red. Their session must not have gotten very far then. Actually, given the relative weakness of humans as a species, he supposes that the average human session probably results in brutal death. While they haven't had any /known/ casualties in the troll session yet, the possibility is significantly diminished for them. Or has been so far. Psychic powers go a long way towards keeping yourself alive. As does pre-existing combat experience.

It would probably be tactless to ask how his session ended up a lovely pile of corpses.

"Gather up your crew I guess. We're going to go find a mysteriously empty slaughterhouse for this." He asides to Red, absent-mindedly. Everyone knows that the only way to have a training montage is with a mysteriously empty slaughterhouse stocked with convenient meatsacks to beat up. Or… wait, maybe not. "Assuming you were trying to teach them to fight or something. If you're wanting to teach them to mix better drinks…"

"I guess we're in the right spot?" The troll concludes, scratching at the back of his head.

Fiora, for her part, seems rather… Unimpressed by the SLUM BASEMENT SPEAKEASY, looking uneasily around all the gathered patrons, and generally offput by the world. "It's like some sort of bad movie." She comments, sniffing. "And this place is dingy and dirty. Come on, let's go outside." She offers, leaving Red and his Nakuza gang downstairs to gather up. The rain outside is warm, as the fog rolls in, and Fiora tugs her coat closer to her, looking back at Vruasa, who may-or-may-not be still inside. "I don't know. I know there's an Echeladder, but like… I have no idea where I am on it. It's just not clear to me, like it is to everyone else." She offers, with a shrug. Rain pelts off of her hat and rolls off the brim onto her coat as she waits, looking up and down the foggy streets.

"It's sort of like home, I guess." She reminisces, before two Nakkadiles beat each other up in an alley within sight, sort of flailing at each other. Neither seems to be too hurt by the exchange.






God fucking dammit fine, just shut up already.

"Hold that thought," Vruasa says to both Red Stone and Fiora, abruptly accelerating them and ALL THE NAKKADILES UNFORTUNATE ENOUGH TO BE THERE. This may or may not involve conscripting a few of them into their gangs by accident by catching them in the effect over in that alley. The experience itself is actually pretty bizarre. It's not quite like traditional super speed, so much as rapidly moving through the events of your own life at a hyper accelerated rate. Though given that one can elect to do (effectively) nothing but move on with their life, it may not seem much different from just zipping around a lot.

SOON THEREAFTER they come out of the temporal accleration at WHEREVER THEY'RE GOING TO BE. This location is momentarily obscured as they catch up to current events, at which point the Knight of Time finally elects to start talking again.

"Ok@y, there we go. Now, wh@ were we s@ying…?" He frowns, trying to recall properly. Oh, right. Nodding to himself he answers, "You'll get the idea eventually, so don't worry about it too much. You might need to talk to your sprite to catch you up a bit, if you can find it. Also, I thought you LIKED places like that one? I mean, I'm not exactly refined myself."

Red, with all the cunning and suave nature of a fox, simply stays quiet when DL, a.k.a. "Telash," expresses his surprise. Though perhaps a more accurate question would be how Red managed to survive the destruction of the Universe at such an early point in the game and/or with such a low echeladder rank. But too bad, he's not answering either question!

"Listen up you punks," Red snaps at his group. "Get the whole gang and follow me. I'm going to whip you into something resembling shape!" He hasn't worked out ALL the details yet, but he's done a good bit of shopping and alchemizing, and he knows how to be bossy. He figures he can wing the rest.

Thanks to DL's powers/impatience, presumably all the nakkadiles end up in a slaughterhouse, because there is ALWAYS a slaughterhouse accessable.

"This," he informs what he can only assume to be his fellow Yakuza, "is where you are all going to learn to stop being incompetant. Alternately, this is where I will be finding out what kind of steaks I can make out of incompetant nakkadiles. UNDERSTAND?"

"They taste awful, don't bother." Vruasa chimes in, without missing a beat. Sharkgrin.

The ABANDONED SLUM WAREHOUSE is surprisingly empty, and the ACCELLERATED NAKKAPUNKS seem to mill about unsuredly around, most INCREDIBLY DISORIENTED. A few toddle off, as they were just caught up in the TIME SHENANIGANS. In general, they all sort of file in, milling about in the SLAUGHTERHOUSE around large slabs of NONDESCRIPT MEAT in a cooled area while they wait for some direction or, you know, some inspiring music. Eye of the Tiger? Maybe.

Fiora just sort of looks around some more, rubbing her eyes after the accelleration and knocking the water that had accumulated on the brim of her hat off. "I guess I just don't have great memories of the outside. Don't worry about it." She offers to Vruasa, as all the Nakkadiles from Red's Mafia form up inside the room, READY FOR ORDERS.

In their own, slightly retarded way.

Fiora, for her part, leans against the door, rubbing her eyes. "So this is… My world? I guess it's okay. It's like a movie. All gritty. I'm surprised it's not narrated with soulful sax in the background."

Vruasa Telash stops smiling when Fiora mentions not having good memories of the outside. What could that be about? The humans don't seem to typically have hideous suns or moons or other celestial objects. At least nothing that brutally breaks down their body while they're exposed to it. It's probably another one of her secrets that she keeps locked up firmly though, so he decides not to ask about it. It might just cause her to freak out if he did. Still… it seems like an okay world to him! It's comfortable dark and the colors are stylish, after all.

In answer to Fiora's question, he says, "Yeah. We all have one, once we enter the game. It kind of serves as a reflection of us in ways, but… not always in a very in-your-face sort of way. Sometimes the game decides to be pretty cryptic with its planets. I'll show you mine sometime… might be a good place to get some training up in for /you/, but I wouldn't trust just anybody to not go and fuck up my session by breaking something that ought not be broken."

"Also, how do you /know/ it isn't narrated that way? It might be and you just can't hear it yet. Also… let's get this started. I was here to accelerate their training so it doesn't /actually/ take a week to see what the results might be. We're gonna stay outside of their temporal context, since we don't necessarily need to be there while they do their thing." This is all very complicated, and best simply accepted without further inquiry.

"Give 'em whatever equipment and instructions, and I'll start zooming them ahead." He says to Red, taking off his jacket and setting it aside now that they're indoors. Sustaining this for as long as he's going to need to will be longer than is usual for him! It might actually be a challenge.

Red has to do a couple things first. Namely deploy a ton of stuff. He starts dropping a huge pile of wakizashi blades and their sheaths, along with a belt, in case it is needed. There's like 50 of em.

"Everybody take a sword and then get in rows so you can see me."

The specific instructions are very very boring, so the narrator briefly steals Vruasa's power to ACCELERATE to the part where the nakkadiles have been giving a series of katas to practice, none of which involve any actual contact, along with basic instructions and "Swords for absolute retards" instructions, such as which way the blade should be facing, and not stabbing anybody.

Unfortunately for Red, once the troll starts accelerating his little group, Red has to be in there. With the idiots. It is a grueling test of cat herding. There MAY be a brief instant where he disapears as he goes off to cry as he comes to realize just how awful this is going to be. Or maybe not. No matter what happens though, it is either BORING or HILARIOUSLY AWFUL to watch.

"By the way," Vruasa asides to Fiora, "technically while I'm doing this from our perspective we are effectively going to be the only people here. They'll be moving too fast to know what the hell is going on with us. So if there's anything else you've been keeping to yourself, it's OK to talk about it shortly. I think."

Let us assume that time is not only relative, but narrative, and for that matter, the current object of this snapshot breakdown of events.

Shot 1: The hopeful beginning. Nakkadiles all in neat little rows, doing their kata, engaging in the teaching, not showing too much retarded. Everything's going well.

Fiora turns to Vruasa, opening her mouth… And then stops. "I had things to say. I really did. But I can't say them. I know, if nobody knows but me… They'll stay secret. Nobody can just pull facts out of thin air. That's not super-knowledge, that's… /Mind reading/." She offers. "I'm sorry, Telash. I know you gave me your name as a secret or something, and I totally blew that."

Shot 2: The Inevitable Failure Cascade. Everything goes to absolute shit. Nakkadiles are flailing all over the place. There's blood everywhere. Nothing is going right.

Fiora hangs her head. "I can't believe one new person in my life and I'm back to… The way things were. Everything being a secret. Everything close to the chest. Never give anyone anything, and you'll never get hurt." She mutters, looking at Vruasa. Her eyes seem a bit… moist. Or maybe it's all that GRITRAIN and GRITFOG.

Shot 3: The Breadown. Red goes off to a corner and cries because everyone is retarded. Because they're /all/ retarded. Except for Nakamoto, who sort of gets it. But then… THE MAGIC of MONTAGE happens. An inspiring refrain (which for Fiora and Arthur are literally like a five second clip) plays, and Nakkamoto beats all the other Nakkadiles into paying attention, before…

Fiora sighs. "I don't even know what to do, or how to tell you. I mean… I guess it's obvious. But maybe it's not. I…" She pauses.

Shot 4: Heartwarming Overture! The Nakkadiles all come together and makes for WONDERFUL TOUCHING REUNIONS WITH A BROKEN MENTOR!

"Telash, I think I… I'm in l…" She pauses.

The acceleration is over. It's a teary reunion and a stunning creschendo.

"Somebody who has the ability to pull facts from thin air would not really weird me out all that much after everything that has happened. Anyway, you didn't blow my name on purpose, and I blew it way before you did. A few people overheard me when I told somebody else." Vruasa answers, not sounding at all upset. Though he kind of was, in a way, he has kind of gotten over it since it happened. Though, he is pretty sure that only a small number of people know it for certain. BA seems to have some measure of enhanced senses, and he's not sure about the /others/. Come to think of it, he still hasn't wormed CT's name out of her. Maybe…

Oh wow, this is actually starting to strain him. By shot 2, Vruasa is beginning to realize that accelerating this many people is much worse than just accelerating himself… and Fiora might notice that he's starting to look kind of distracted. But he is still paying attention, even though he really isn't following her line of thinking very well. A look is spared in her direction, over the top of his shades.

She looks /really/ upset. What the hell did he do wrong this time?

Shit, this is actually starting to physically hurt. /That/ hasn't happened before. Vruasa reaches up with one hand to wipe at his face, feeling for what he /thinks/ is just excess perspiration. Wait no, that's blood coming out of his eyes. Maybe he should stop, that tends to happen to psychic trolls who are way overdoing it.

<======> Vruasa: STOP!!!

Vruasa Telash stops the fast-forward, a sort of strange dizziness settling in. He sways uneasily. Oh boy, this is going to look fucking weird to NS, and on top of that he has to address this shit with CS or she'll probably start getting physically ill again. He shakes his head to try to get his bearings, which works about as well as you'd expect it to, which is to say not at all.

"Going through life wearing shades all the time means you end up seeing everything in a particular color," He answers Fiora, not at all straightforwardly, "which really isn't so bad if you ask me. But sometimes it's still a good thing to take the shades off and see what things are really like. So I guess what I'm saying is… just relax, roll with whatever you're feeling, and don't freak out about it so hard. It'll probably work out, and if it doesn't, you won't really be that much worse of for it."

"… Now if you'll excuse me…" The Knight of Time eases himself back against a wall, slumps down, and passes right the fuck out.

How can they be so stupid?! They're not supposed to be this stupid! It's like they have negative intelligence! Gah! Thankfully, somehow, Red manages to make it through things with his sanity intact. That said, once they're through, he is about to give a little congratulations speech when he sees the human and troll discussing something heavy. And bleeding?

"Uh, DL?" Is he drunk? Oh man, could he be physically allergic to romance? All that teasing, what if the troll is dying because of Red's needling?!

"Ok, take it easy, just relax," he says, pretending that everything is fine. Hurrying over, he doesn't get very far before the troll goes unconscious. "Shit!"

Red uses low grade ninja ultra high speed and ZOOMS over to Vruasa, looking over at Fiora questioningly. "What'd I miss?"

Fiora looks as DL /bleeds from the eyes/ and starts to question if this was the best idea. She watches as the person she almost confessed her feelings to… Spontaneously develop an extreme case of the 'ow' in the everything?

"Telash, I don't understand your thick metaphor? Glasses?" She looks on, biting her lip as he seems to succumb to the pain and depletion such power causes him to look… Well, pretty horrible. As Red approaches, Fiora just sort of heaves and hrrrrns and picks up the bleeding Vruasa with great effort, sort of putting him over her shoulder as she tries to carry him.

She immediately regrets every SINGLE PART OF THIS CHAIN OF EVENTS UTTERLY.

She's not a strong person, and Vruasa is heavy, and she looks like a fucking dork, and everything she's ever done sort of comes down on her.


"Nothing at all." She responds to the air, and to Red as he ninjaruns over. "He's fine." She lies.

She then turns, and carries him out. She staggers, and falls to her knees now and then, and she gets terribly wet and bloody, but…

She drags his sorry bleeding from the eyes troll behind back to her house.

"Please don't die, you. I… I… I lo… I STILL NEED TO FIGURE OUT THAT GLASSES REFERENCE!" She yells into the night, as the sounds of LOGAL pulse around the two and the rain falls.

God this is sappy as fuck.

Future deusexLongcoat [FDL] began trolling clandestineSquiddle [CS]

FDL: hey
FDL: first off i'm not dying so quit fre@king out
FDL: i just p@ssed out from w@y overdoing it with my time powers
FDL: turns out th@s really the sort of thing @ witch or a m@ge is supposed to be doing
FDL: not @ knight
FDL: also this is going to be like the one time th@ i @ctu@lly be useful with across time like this
FDL: so enjoy it while it l@sts
FDL: t@lk to you when i w@ke up. or, well, p@st me will @nyw@y

Future deusexLongcoat [FDL] ceased trolling clandestineSquiddle [CS]

Present Vruasa is not particularly helpful though. And he gets cerulean blood everywhere because even though he didn't bleed a lot, it only takes a nick to make it look like somebody smeared a severed limb across the floor.

Log Notes: There was some pesterlog stuff in here, but there was a gap where Red Stone had an IRL emergency and we had to pause for a bit. The scene also took place across two days, and apparently part of a pose got cut off on my second log. So, there's a small amount that is missing.

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