Knight's Log 9-12-12


The Slums Basement has been upgraded slightly since everyone was last there. The Lieutenants still hang out at the Bar… Or, they would, if they had not discovered the BACKROOM DOOR led to an /even better bar/. Thus, instead of crusty patrons, retarded crocodiles nakked along in Fiora's bar-area, climbing up on her Alchimiter and nakking along to drinking songs, and Keane holding down the bar and serving pints to just about anyone.

Most lieutenants could be found occupying tables and chattering amongst each other, playing darts, or losing to each other at cards. Generally, they milled about and drank while waiting for their DONS and BOSSES to return.

Fiora was once more nowhere to be found, though the elevator up to the gates and the SLUM BASEMENT seemed to have a rather constant stream of Nakkadiles flowing in and out, delivering messages and cycling the patrons.

Within the SLUM BASEMENT SPEAKEASY itself was three Black and Silvers, and the SUPER HARDENED NAKKACROOK, playing cards. The Nakkacrook seemed to be beating the pants off of the Black and Silvers with SUPERIOR CARD-HEISTING TECHNIQUES, having won their bottlecaps, their paperclips, and most of their boondollars.

Most Nakkadiles have taken to wearing long trenchcoats colored various ways, and some seem to AGGRESS at each other, posing and whipping out SHANKS and GATS at each other. This usually results in flailing and not actual fighting, as the SLUM BASEMENT and FIORA'S BAR seem to be no-nonsense zones.

Those arriving through teleportation are drawn to Fiora's Bar, or the Slum Basement, finding travel to most other areas, for now, difficult.

The time has come for the WIZARD who carries with him an AURA OF MYSTERY has decided it is time to stop being so aloof. Besides, he rather likes the ambiance of this realm, and thus Loros has been investigating. His usual outfit has been altered a little bit. It seems some other force here has claimed the Black and Silver. So instead, Loros is wearing a number in dark purple with silver pinstripes. The shirt underneath is black that seems like a hole in the sky when viewed at the right angle.

And over the suit he's wearing a fur lined overcoat, resting on his shoulders.

He cups his hands in front of his face as he sweeps into the room, a flash of fire visible for a moment before he lowers his hand and takes the thin cigarette with it. Blowing a cloud of oddly dark smoke to join the rest of it in this dive, he hooks a chair with a foot, dragging it away from it's table and settling down.

======> Visit CS

Vruasa Telash fast-forward past all the boring travel parts and arrives at Fiora's place. It is absolutely fucking covered in nakkodiles. His fetch modus dumps another record player out of a time capsule onto the floor, which begins playing.


What a nuisance. On multiple levels. Whatever, if hatgirl isn't around to visit with he'll just go be productive a second time. That's not much fun but this time it might be a /little/, at least.

So the Troll wanders over towards Keane, who he does not actually know is Fiora's brother, because he doesn't really understand human family relationships. He points towards him and says, "Hey, bartender guy. I have an awesome idea for making ridiculous amounts of boondollars. Give me a bottle of something that tastes like pure alcohol and I'll go copy it a few times and make something a lot better!" Oh, yes. He's going to mess with the trends of this world again. It's going to be the best thing ever, and he supposes that it might earn him and this guy tons of money.

Assuming he pays enough attention to reap the rewards. Vruasa just kind of gave away his coat-fortune last time, mostly. Wait… where is Nakson? He looks around. Hurry up and appear like the creepy little lizard you are, Nakson.

Like any good Sharp-Dressed Troll, Prorth has changed up his style a bit to be more in line with the times. It had taken him a bit of time, mind, and some negotiating, but now he wears a well-pressed suit, black with shining gold buttons closing the suit coat. The entire affair is trimmed in his blood blue, and over it he wears a bright blue duster, left open and pressed meticulously. His hair is kept well as always, and as he steps through the BACKROOM DOOR, he does a flashy little spin move and points toward his lieutenant, Nak King Kole. Or at least some sort of Nakkadile.

As Vruasa shows up, the blueblood smirks. "A little bit of appropriate music, I see," he comments, then busts out a slide.

Oh yeah. Mad dance skills, sucka.

"A little too repetitive for my taste," he comments afterward.

Tshallandria weaves through the crowds, steps through the backroom door, to the BETTER BAR, and eventually slides into a seat next to Grendel, "Grendel. My good Nakkadile, how is the world treating you today?" She gestures for a drink, and when it arrives … sips at it with a slight amount of trideptation.

It's time to toughen up that liver some more.

"I have gifts for you and those that you trust the most, Please wear with the same stylish grace that you do current suits." …And with that she reaches into her cloak, treating it like a stylish bag of holding and pulls out a stack of packages, Crimson and black suits, made of the finest enchanted spider silks. Magiced to fit any wearer, and of course repair themselves. …Because the odds of the Nakkadiles actually being able to properly fix their suits? Slim to freaking none.

"Tell me what's been going on in our territory? Is there anything that our people need, or is there anything that you and yours desire?"

~ The Freezer in the Back Room of the Bar~

There's a loud rustling in the freezer, followed by a muffled voice saying something along the lines of, "Be back later!"

And then the freezer door flies open in the backroom and Psyber hops out, adjusting his jacket and brushing some ice chips off of his shoulder, "KEANE! I'm coming out of the back room! Don't shoot me!" He cries out aloud before shutting the freezer behind him.

~ Mere Moments Later~

Psyber walks out of the backroom of the bar and starts swatting and shooshing at Nakkadiles, "Get off the equipment! Sit in the bar stools you unruly little bastards!" He then sighs and drops down into a bar stool.

"Hey Keane, what's the haps? You seen your sister or Nak Kapone around?" he asks as he points at the house beer to order a pint and wait for the busy bartender to have a free moment.

It is a different world into which Red steps, guided here by whimsy, which he suspects was in fact was instinct instilled into him by his Seer nature. Very noir, he thinks. A pretty nice atmosphere. Too bad he doesn't have some kind of detective outfit. But if he can't fit in?

He'll just stand out.

Red pushes his way into the speak easy, sharply out of style in comparison to everyone else. True, he has a pistol, but he is probably from the wrong continent, given his Japanese style red martial arts gi and the matching black longcoat that goes with it. It takes him a few moments to orient himself to the back room, which seems to be nakkadile central. Despite this, Red /acts/ as if he is not out of place on the scene at all.

A ghast has arrived. It distorts the laws of space and time. Also it looks like an adorable girl. It's Gespie, and she arrives through some means which somehow got her through one of the walls. She floats around a while, giving a look around at all of the nakkadiles. She hears a lot of that noise. 'Nak nak nak.' And then she starts doing it. Like some sort of child, repeating a favorite noise.

"nak nak nak nak~"

And she picks a seat at the bar when one becomes available, and tests to see if it has spinny chair capabilities. Otherwise, she just acts aimless and uncertain and more than a little curious. She turns her bright red eyes and spots… Red.

And stares at him, unblinkingly. It's the intense, 'I'm watching you, bub' stare.

The moment Adela arrives on this strange new world she quickly realizes that no amount of explanation can really prepare one for the truth. With hands in her pockets and her business suit on, her whole form colorless from being too distant to any lights, and sword sheathed in the scabbard attached to her belt, the frail-bodied young woman is a very strange figure indeed.

A handgun of some kind has been added to the other end of that belt.

But she strolls into the bar, pausing only a few times to take stock of those here, doing her absolute best to feign indifference to the enormous strangeness of the entire situation.

But she cannot help but show a prideful smile at the presentation of the clothes Tshallandria has brought out. Nothing could possibly hide THAT pride.

"Well, it seems there's at least one familiarity to hold on to. Business!"


Endria appears. She immediately seeks out Endernak and promptly places herself so that the similarly-sized nakkadile is between herself and the majority of the SPEAKEASY PATRONS. Using her hands, she tugs her hoodie's hood down over her face, while she pokes the ends of her scarf together insecurely in front of herself. Quietly, she addresses Endernak, "…What news is there..? ..Since..we took out those cats, I mean.."

Arthur Lowell is now Arthur Lowell, in the past, in his house.


Arthur Lowell is now Arthur Lowell in the present, entering the bar. Fiora's bar, to be exact, hanging out with Jaws. His own appearance is substantially different now; it looks like the clothes he's come up with are much more akin to something out of a mobster flick, and yet plated with metal along joints and alligned with the lines of the muscles along his limbs. It is all very organic-looking, and seems partially robotic. He also has a metalic hat, similarly matching the period. The effect makes for a distinguishing look that stands out despite the abject lack of color.

Arthur doesn't drink, but he is at the bar with his lieutenant when Vruasa offers his help to Keane. "Hey, I'd not depend too much one that," Arthur says, gesturing towards the drinks. "Alchemizing new foods and stuff, that's a really weird thing with the alchemiter. It kinds makes bad foods once you start mixing things up, at least in my experience. Putting different cereals together and shit has been horrible." He then seems to ponder what he just said. "Actually, no, never mind, it might be because I'm putting horrible stuff together, you give it a shot if you want."

And there's Psyber! Another one he recognizes. "Hey! Don't worry too much about the gear around here. The Sburb stuff is resilient as all hell, dunno why," He shrugs. "But if it can withstand a buncha hostile imps and ogres, that's not too big a deal." Oh, and he recognizes Tshallandria, his OTHER OTHER mentor. "Hey, still trying to make them a bit more civilized in the whole clothing thing? It's a big deal on LOSAF now, probably a good route to go if you wanna start really making a big impact on their society or something. Dunno how much cultural focus is on that here, but I guess with the whole color problem and the focus on black, it's a bigger deal than most places. Good strategies."

"Okay. Before I try to do what I'm going to try to do," Vruasa begins, his attention focused on Arthur, "exactly what have you been combining together? Because… I mean… combining sweet bro and hella jeff with faygo to make horrible faygo is one thing. But I'm going to combine one awesome thing with something I can't stand and see if it makes it any better. If nothing else, it should go over well with the locals." He offers a sharklike grin. "It's not like they've got many super high-class things to roll with as it is. They were dressing in rags last time I was here!"

Well, sort of. But close enough.

"Bah. Resilient or not, the little bastards need to learn to not climb on work equipment. It's good for them." Psyber says, responding to arthur as he turns around witha tall glass of beer in his hand. He drinks from it heavily and then sighs, "Besides, We don't really know what ELSE these damn things do. For all I know, one could fall in, alchemize it self with Tshallandria, and then where would your session be?!" He says in a showy wave of overdramatics, which also counts as a greeting towards Tshallandria, as he punctuates it with a nod and a smile.

And then his attention shifts over towards Vruasa. And Psyber finally seems to realize he's around, having missed it in his RIGHTEOUS ANGER at the PETULANT NAKKADILES the first time. And so he lifts his glass and says, "Yo. DL. What's up?" Before leaning off the bar and starting to meander towards the two people he actually talks to with some regularity.


The Wizard would be met, as he draws up a chair, by a sharp-dressed nak, a real slick croc, a smooth operator if ever there was that series of words applied to a retarded red animal in a pinstripe purple suit with a silver-banded fedora. It is… Elliot Nak! "Ey, Boss. Nak a load off, need a light? Naknak, shine your shoes? Naknaknak!" He offers, pulling out a black cloth and a bit of shoe polish, and sort of waving them around helpfully.

Vruasa's INCREDIBLE MUSIC causes some of the Nakkadiles to start jerkily gyrating and waving their arms about in what is simply described as a massacare of anything resembling style. It is horrible. Why would you DO this, Vruasa?!

Nakson stands patiently behind Vruasa. "Naknak, I say!" He offers helpfully and uncreepily. He appears to have a bowler hat instead of a fedora. How classy.

Nak King Cole helpfully snaps along with Prorth's SMOOTH MOVES, the envy of Nakkadiles everywhere. He is a legend. A dancing star. Nak King Cole helpfully toots on a TRUMPET, SOULFULLY. It sort of SOUNDS AWFUL. He's working on it.

Grendel has upgraded to SUPER CROCO-HUSTLER status with his snappy clothes and empowered GOOD LOOKS. His skin has a lustre only seen on high-quality knockoff leather bags! Classy!

He sort of bows and scrapes before making mention that he TOTALLY GOT CLEANED OUT by the Super Hardened Nakkacrook, that he's really good at CARDS, and that he perhaps is working on a another HEIST, naknak, nothing definite yet though.

The alcohol at Fiora's is actually QUITE GOOD for anyone partaking. The alcohol that is served by the NAKKADILE BARTENDER is HORRIBLE ROTGUT that actively WAGES WAR AGAINST YOUR LIVER.

Nak Kapone saunters up with a CREW of two other slick-dressed Nakkadiles who bear… Two-by-fours, the Lieutenant chewing on an unlit cigar. It stinks of bad tobacco wrapped with more bad tobacco. He doesn't seem to get it that the darn things require FIRE to be effective. He also deferentially waits until Psyber is done chatting up the IMPOSING BARKEEP.

Keane slides down a pint of something hoppy and smiles, jerking his thumb back into the KITCHEN area. "The lass is upstairs. I'm just enjoying the new customers! They pay wi' the most /fas-ci-natin'/ coins." He grins, rolling a few boondollar coins around in his fingers as they pulse epileptically.

Loros, who is in the BACKROOM BAR, just sort of blinks at ELLIOT NAK, before waving him off with the lit cigarette. "Shoes are fine." He regards the sharp dressed croc for a moment before pulling out an unlit cigarette and passing it over.

"Light up yourself, and give me the skinny on what's going down around town."

He glances over where Psyber's at the bar with his own GANG and smiles faintly.


A Nakkadile, who can only be described as Redundantly Tattooed approaches. His Crocodile Complexion is inked with tattoos… Depicting Crocodiles. Real crocodiles, coiling around his arms and chest. he also doesn't wear an UNDERSHIRT, simply wearing a JACKET. He appears to be some sort of PUNK. He also does not have the beady eyes of most Nakkadiles, but is in a perpetual squint. "DON-SAMA, naknak." He offers, taking a knee to Red before looking around as Red was. He also falls into a sort of strange asian-influenced 1920's gangster talk. It's AKWARD ALL AROUND. "Naknak looking for something DON-SAMA?"

Gespie, upon entering the SLUM BASEMENT SPEAKEASY… Would get a curious tugging at her cloth-tentacles, as a curious Nakkadile seems to confusedly do things. Each nak, or series of naks, seems to be taken as a different order. Gespie has THOUROUGHLY CONFUSED a local! "Nak… naknak? Nak! Naknanak?"

The Nakkadile Bartender serves her up the TIN CAN SPECIAL. It has the health properties of concentrated rubbing alcohol cut with engine degreaser and draino. It is ASSAULT AND BATTERY in LIQUID FORM. The Tin Can it comes in valiantly resists dissolving on the spot in a moment of heroism.

Adela is followed around by a strange Nakkadile. This Nakkadile wears a shirt and suspenders, and wears a paperboy hat. Under each arm is a pile of SCROLLS! Or… DOCUMENTS! OR… Well, something. They seem to be very IMPORTANT. And Adela is FOLLOWED by them.

Endernak sits at the darkest corner of the dark SPEAKEASY. Broodingly, he sits with his hat USELESSY LOWERED OVER HIS EYES. When Endria arrives, he seems to WAKE UP, flailing a bit before responding. "Naknak! Boss!" He starts whispering. Which was just less-excited talking by normal standards. "Voipnaknak, the Stock Nakschange is open! Also that TOUGH GUY is planning a HEIST! But nothing's happening, really, nakvoipnaknak."

Jaws, to his credit, is REALLY FUCKING SCARY. He's got METAL TEETH and ALWAYS SMILES! Nobody can even understand him because all he does is go 'Hrrrrrrrrrrrnak' at people because his METAL GRILLS are VERY HARD TO TALK AROUND. He's got a mobster heart of gold, though. Totally.

Tshallandria is also in the backroom bar, and looking at her drink with a sort of surprised pleasure. A the same time… …Grendel's words don't exactly mean that much to her. "Ahh… So he cleaned you out, did he? …Did you at least lose with panache and style?" She grins slightly, "And another heist is in the works? Excellent! Let me know if I can provide anything for you that you need…" A pause as she sips her drink, and then chuckles, "Have you been running over any minions in the car lately?"

"A heist?" Endria tilts her head enough to be somewhat visible to Endernak. Just her cheek and nose, really, the hood still obscures her eyes, "…It's good that it's open..but what kind of heist..?" Turning away, she looks up again, "..He still has my hat.." … "..What is his name, anyway? ..Could we get him to work for us?"

Elliot Nak - Dispense the Skinny

Accepting the cigarette and producing a match which he strikes off of the matchbook (Which features the face of a nakkadile on fire… It's sort of weird), Elliot Nak takes a puff of the cigarette before getting polish on his rag and starting to buff the Wizard's fine shoes.

"So, BOSS, naknaknak there was a bangup HEIST that happened, and some FAT CATS got nakked and put out to pasture." He takes a long drag jerkily with his stubby crocodile hands and goes back to shining. "So now there's nakkin' money flowing through town again. Just nak that! Now all we nak is some more LIGHT and we'll show those cops what for for takin' our turf."

======> Watch the Nakkadiles Dance

No, fuck you command input guy.

Vruasa Telash ignores the command input guy this time, because he doesn't want to watch the stupid nakkadiles dancing around like lunatics. He picks Nakson up by his suspenders to avoid having him teleport around creepy while they talk, and also because this is normal behavior for them at this point, "Sup Nakson. What's going on around town this time?" He says it this way because, whenever Nakson has news for him, it usually means some serious shit is going down somewhere.

And by 'whenever' he means 'that one time.'

He takes the pint offered by Keane, stopping momentarily and frowning when he is instructed on where Fiora is. Briefly, he casts a /strange/ look towards the human custodian called Keane, and then leaves behind a couple of boondollars while CAPTCHALOGUING the drink itself. This is going to be the best thing ever around here. Either that or it is going to be a spectacular flop. He is not certain which.


Vruasa fast forwards through the boring punch card bullshit.


Use: A possibly delicious and fashionable alcoholic beverage.

Vruasa returns the PILE O' LICORICE SCOTTY PINTS to Keane to serve to whoever. Black alcoholic beverages must be classy here, right? Who cares, he's going in the back to check and see what's going on with Fiora. He's also doing all of this while carrying Nakson around in one hand, which looks /incredibly silly/.

Gespie has something tugging at her tentacles. She is distracted from what she's doing, which wasn't a whole lot. She looks down at the nakkadile, her brow furrowing quizzically. She would reach with all of her tentacles to try and pick up and lift the nakkadile, and give him an inspecting look. "Brr~?" she sounds out at him. And then, experimentally, she asks, "Nak nakkanak nak~?" She doesn't know nakkadile speech. Maybe she can figure it out! It's… kind of easy for her to speak nonsense, so she might actually figure this out a lot faster than any other language.
It probably translates out to this: "<Who're you, bub?>" Or something vaguely like that with a severe nak-accent.

Ok, yes. Getting accosted by a crocodile imitating a mafia member imitating a yazuka member was NOT what Red was expecting, so congratulations on managing to surprise him like that. It is perhaps fortunate that he has other things to react to, which give him time to figure out what the heck kind of response is appropriate for the sort of greeting that cannot possibly be appropriate in any time or place outside of an episode of Punked. Things like a woman around who also has a visible sword and handgun, similar to Red. Or Gespie staring at him. The ghast gets a brief nod, while Adela is looked over up and down once in an attempt to gauge her, though he doesn't really figure out anything useful beyond she can handle herself in a fight quite well. With that out of the way, time to address the stupid croc.

"I'm here for information," he says, pretending as if this situation is not weird and/or stupid. Red leaves it completely vague, since not only does he not know what questions to ask (yet), he doesn't understand the relationship here. Is this a random sychophant, or what?


"Not much, BA. Just gettin' ready to fast forward through some punch card bullshit. Give me a minute and yell at me if I forget that this conversation is happening." Vruasa says to Psyber, on his way to the alchemiter and associated machines.


Vruasa has forgotten the conversations he was having before he fast-forwarded. This is INCREDIBLY INCONVENIENT, and NOT AT ALL AN EXCUSE FOR HITTING ENTER TOO SOON.

Sensing that she's being followed, Adela glances over a shoulder and… well, there's a sight to see. She blinks a few times, but acts on intuition.

White fires blaze in the woman's eyes, flickering there for only a few moments, but that's enough for the grinning woman to size up the situation in some inexplicable way that likely nobody else will notice is happening.

"Well then, if those are for me, let's see them!" Without even bothering with introductions, she gestures for her Nakkadile to display his findings!

The smile she's showing him is grand and full of a few glimmers of excitement. Suspenders or no suspenders.

Although the sheer arrogance of this social approach cannot be denied, it's done so quickly and so smoothly as to be almost natural.

Loros regards Elliot Nak as the nakkadile shines his shoes - doing a kind of half-assed job. Although for a crocodile with spastic movements and stubby arms, not too bad.

"Right then. If I'm your boss, give me your Name. And then we'll make plans for these… cops. The local Authority, right?"

The Wizard takes a long draw on his cigarette and blows a ring of smoke shot through with sparks. "We're gonna become the Law around here."

"True, I guess. Stuff isn't exactly something we've figured out." Arthur says, nodding to Psyber. "I'm guessing we'd be kinda screwed. These guys are kinda… Yeah, we'd be kinda screwed. Would be really bad. DUnno if alchemy works on living things like that, or directly translates thing so much as duplication, but some huge error would definitely be something we ought to totally avoid." He does his best to wave more away from the machines as well. And then he addresses both Vruasa's action and his opinion.

"Well, to be fair, I kinda suck at this alchemy thing and I also kinda don't have a lot of awesome things. Simple combos probably work, but in my experience I just wind up cramming a lot of food types together and it all tastes like chaos and pain or whatever. Seriously terrible in a lot of ways. I'm sure that stuff you just made won't have anything like that, though."

Multiple People ==> Press Lieutenant for Information

In their own quirky way, any Lieutenant pressed for the current situation would respond thusly: 1) The SUPER HARDENED NAKKACROOK (who HEISTED the LOGALSE) was PLANNING ANOTHER HEIST, but he was NOT FORTHCOMING WITH INFORMATION, like some sort of CAGEY JOHN. 2) The COPS (Underlings) had been RUN OUT of the MARKET DISTRICT, but the INDUSTRIAL DISTRICT, RESIDENTIAL DISTRICT, and HIGHRISE DISTRICT are all still CLOSED and covered with BLACK SMOG. 3) Their LIEUTENANT'S NAME. Also, that they have some GUYS scattered around doing MAFIA-RELATED ACTIVITIES in the BOSS's/DON/DON-SAMA's name.

Though, some of this information is obfuscated with a veritible deluge of 'nak' and other useless quirks. Bubbles doens't actually forthcomingly relate this information and first comments on "The BOSS's funny nakcent."

Grendel gleefully reports that Tshallandria's minions had captured two more POLICE VEHICLES and turned them into CLASSY RIDES, resulting in the death and or vehicular maiming of quite a few Cops.

Nakimedes, upon CLOSER INSPECTION, appears to be a GREAT NAKKADILE INVENTOR! Though… all of his designes are INCREDIBLY SHITTY. Mostly they are for things that ALREADY EXIST or are NEEDLESSLY COMPLEX.

"Alright, one second." Psyber says to Arthur and to Rewound Vruasa. He takes out a zippo and lights Nak Kapone's Cigar before handing him the silver lighter, "Here. You need to LIGHT Cigars. Also, why do you have a two-by-four. I thought I gave you a gun. And we raided that police station for weapons Day One." He frowns and then looks around, "Looking stylish, though. What's happening? What do we need to do?"

And then he's turning back to Vruasa who is coming back and the present Arthur, "Sorry. Management issues. ANYWAY." he's doing careful work to ignore the look he knows Loros is giving him at this very moment after he was managing a mafia, "Ahem. Anyway. Arthur, Vruasa. Vruasa! VRUASA YOU TIME TRAVELED AND FORGOT CONVERSATIONS!" He shouts at the spear-wielding troll.

"Ok, first and foremost?" Red tells the nakkadile after soaking up all that info. "Get some decent clothes on. You dress like a street hoodlum. You're supposed to be part of something better than that. We're Yakuza, alright?" At least Red assumes so. Still, it is a statement, not a question. "Hold on."

Red pulls out his MYSTERY MODUS SYLLADEX, which looks like a large grid covered in blank squares. He holds out his hand and starts moving it around, as if "feeling" something from the squares. He finally taps one square, and out of the sylladex pops… a soda. Dangit. Pretending as if that was what he wanted all along, he opens the coca cola and gives it to the nakkadile. "Hold this." He then tries AGAIN.

This time, a wakazashi (Japanese sword short) with sheath pops out. He hands it to his lieutenant in exchange for the soda. "This is yours now. Learn how to use it, but only when it's IMPORTANT. If you draw this thing, you better be planning on killing somebody, got it?" Soda slurp.

"Now tell me your name and what you're good at."

"…I see," Endria frowns a touch. So the SUPER-HARDENED NAKKACROOK who still has her hat is lying low until his next HEIST, whatever that is. After a moment's thought, she straightens a touch and uncoils her scarf, wrapping it around the nakkadile in what COULD BE CONSIDERED A HUG, "…let's go to your secret spying place."



"…If the Copperlings are up to something…We should be able to see from here." Endria releases Endernak then and acquires CHEAP BINOCULARS so she can take a look at the SHADY PARTS OF THE MAP that were previously indicated.

Having been given the skinny, Loros looks… thoughtful for a little while. He puffs on his cigarette a few more times and then nods to himself. Getting up from his seat, he dons his overcoat properly before grabbing a bottle of BLACK LICORICHE LIQUOR and popping the cork. A handful of coinage is delivered - probably the wrong kind, since it's all silver coins, but whatever.

"Get a bunch of the guys together. Meet me in front of the Police Academy."

"We're gonna raid the place."

"God dammit." Vruasa turns around from the general direction that Keane pointed him in, putting actually visiting Fiora off a bit longer. Also he supposes that he should get rid of all these nakkadiles. There's only one reasonable way to do this, he supposes. He removes some ROPES he had in his sylladex and goes to string them up by the door. They're not proper VELVET ROPES but they will do. He puts Nakson down and points towards the ropes, which are set up next to the SECRET SHORTCUT he assumes all the nakkadiles took to come in here. Then he points at it.

"You don't let anybody through here unless they can bribe their way in for all the money. All of it." Then he turns around and starts captchaloguing the nakkadiles in Fiora's place, while talking to Psyber completely nonchalantly, "So anyway, there's not much up. Apparently I accidentally clued all of these guys into where this place was when I spread coats around like it was fucking 12th perigree's eve. So now I have to chuck them out or CS is going to go insane from sleep deprivation or something. What the hell do humans sleep in that won't drown out the sounds of these things, anyway?"

Recuperacoons are a lot more practical. And insulated.

To Arthur, he remarks, "I guess it's possible what I just made is actually awful, but I'll never try it to find out. I don't think I'm cut out for drinking this stuff, you know?"

Gespie spends a few moments looking at her COMPARITIVELY HARMLESS nakkadile, Bubbles, setting the Lieutenant down on the floor once more, and then joining him. She smiles at him patiently, and probably gets the information about what she wants. So this place has criminal activity as a normal activity? "Burn~?" she muses, vaguely, and then, after a pause… "Burrrn~" she orders, and pulls out a Flint and Steel, a Bucket of Lava, and a few blocks of TNT, giving them to Bubbles.
"nak nak nak, nak nakka nak~" <Get some rep, get some info.> Maybe that's what she said? Well, it's what she /tried/ to say. She wants to shake things up. Maybe burn some coppers. Cause some trouble. Be a hoodlum.

Planning out the next course of action goes quickly for Arthur and his messenger-glasses. His assorted messages between various others now accomplished, he turns briefly, to Vruasa, saying, "Yeah, given your whole… How you reacted to what Tshall gave you… Yeah, don't drink that." He squints his eyes closed for just a moment before deciding to ignore the memories he has of that one time Vruasa drank and instead focus on the subject of what's going on right now. Which means turning to Jaws and trying to ask him what's blocking power to the Industrial and Residential areas. This is likely to be difficult. Arthur is likely to need to puzzle out more of Jaws' speech. But it is definitely worth it. There is no downside to this. "Hey, Jaws, Psyber and Eila have the power station up, why's power not going to the lamps in the Industrial and Residential areas? How're we supposed to get power there?"

Tshallandria gestues to Grendel, "Gather up the Nakkadiles and our cars. We're going to visit the police academy and rough them up a bit." She smiles widely and her eyes glow, "And by a bit, I mean a lot. We will be working with Loros' people so remember. They are our allies, and should probably not be ran over. On purpose."

A shrug, "Bring our cars around, and we'll get started."


Keane collects the BLAKC SCOTTY IMPERIAL STOUT from Vruasa, and doesn't just serve it… He scribbles out 'Keg of this stuff' on an order sheet, and grabs the LARGE KEG OF LIQUOR out of the air, setting it under the bartop and smiling. "Right-o, that looks like good stuff. And… Yeah, yeah! I like you, I can see why Fi is falling over herself at ye." Keane comments, vaulting the bar quickly to size up Vruasa's idea. And Vruasa. You know. In a brotherly way. As he does, he smirks at Psyber. "Hey, big man, nice of you to drop in by the way. Look, I told your friends no guns. They brought those little sticks instead, so I guess it's alright, eh?" He grins, pushing his hair out of his face.

Keane looks at Vruasa. He gives him a harsh look as he leans in, stroking a bit of stubble on his chin.

He pulls a cleaning cloth from a pocket and wipes it across the Troll's grey-skinned face, before pinching the Troll's horn and tugging lightly. Then he smiles. "Right! You're not one of those freaks, alright. Yer not so bad." He grins, his lightly accented voice full of brotherly pride. "Like some sort of crazy alien, but, hey, can't really question love, hmm?" He wonders jovially, ushering most of the Nakkadiles out towards the ELEVATOR as he smiles and jokes with the rest of the human patrons, to assist in turning his bar into an EXCLUSIVE CLUB.


Others gear up for BATTLE. HEISTS. TAKEOVERS.


Between Vruasa and Arthur do Psyber's gaze shift. He watches Vruasa start captchaloging Nakkadiles, and Psyber turns to Nak Kapone, "Alright. Nak. We're gonna extort some people. You go around the bar, anyone that doesn't have 50,000 boondollars, you throw em out. Charge em 50 grand just to get in. This is the /high class/ speakeasy. No one gets by you without the door fee. Nakson's the doorman, you all are his muscle. The bouncers." He slaps his Nakkadile on the shoulder before giving a grin back to Keane, "Always nice to visit my favorite barkeep, Keane."

He turns back to Arthur and Vruasa before saying, "Alright boys. Let's get ready to paint the town red, eh?"

Vruasa Telash is not happy with being /touched/. He freezes right the hell up when Keane starts poking and prodding at him, his sharklike smile turning into an expression of mixed horror and hostility. He might very well /bite/ the older human, if not for the fact that he has other priorities and is absolutely shocked at being manhandled in this undignified way! Then he has to think about fucking Prorth watching this shit and how much more dirt was just collected on /him/ than he has on the blueblood. God fucking dammit, even if he refuses to acknowledge all of this shit it is worse than everything he's got.

"UM." He declares, mightily. Only not mightily at all. How is he supposed to deal with Fiora's freak of a guardian? Ultimately, he supposes that he doesn't actually HAVE TO. In the meantime Psyber is inviting him to some MINDLESS VIOLENCE, which sounds a hell of a lot better than what he's dealing with right now. His sharklike smile turns back into an actual smile rather than a fight-or-flight response, and the Knight of Time takes out his AERODYNAMIC ROCKET SHOCKSPEAR.

"HELL YES, wait, why red?" He answers.

After a glanceover of her supposed Nakkadile lieutenant, Adela makes a face that may inflict SAN damage on unlucky onlookers. 'Why me, o world, why me,' but so much worse.

It is a mere window, only a glimpse, of the twisting frustration she is brewing. Why can't anything just simply make sense? Incompetent, 1920s parodical mafia bosses against corrupt law enforcement in a strangely cinematic world… one she can admit has style, but can barely attach herself to.

She'd come to lend aid, but yet again was faced with feeling frivolous, unnecessary, and indecisive. And if there's one thing Adela cannot tolerate, it's feeling indecisive.

It's quite then that she turns about to deliver this burning STARE upon Psyber as she hears him give his orders, eyebrows twitching ALMOST comically.

Of course, this is not until after giving Nakimedes the same look. "We have a LOT of work to do." she finally declares flatly. "BA. You're going with PB to deal with the Black Fog?"

Loros sweeps out of the BACKROOM BAR, stopping once he reaches the street outside. Out there, he pauses underneath a street lamp. Half in shadow, half in the light, he hunches his shoulders to light up a new Cigarette, exhaling into the eternal night sky with a slow grin.

He can feel where he's going, and with a snap of his fingers he sets off, Elliot Nak behind him. As his gang joins him, he passes around cigarettes to all of them, soon travelling in a mobile cloud of SEMI-MYSTICAL SMOKE.

Psyber ohs, "Right. Uh… it's a human saying. Humans bleed red, so you say that you're painting the town red when you head out to go cause a riot and spill some blood." He explains to Vruasa, not remembering that the phrase wouldn't translate well between races.

A moment's pause is given to Adela as he looks over at her, "Oh. Yeah. If you wanna come, get these two's permission. We're a team. Team… Fuck People Up." He says, naming their team. All poses from him related to group actions will now reflect this.

Gespie considers Bubbles for a few moments, tilting her head once or twice. And then she pulls out a Gold Sword, and a Gold Helment, and equips him with them. And then she pulls a book with a feather quill, and starts writing things down in it. She keeps writing for a while, and then finally has a list of priorities for the nakkadile Lieutenant.
1: Find a place. Burn it to the ground. Burn the people that stop you.
2: Collect an arsenal. The more firepower, the better.
3: Start laying a foundation down with materials provided. Make several basement levels. Make Stair-Powered Defenses on the walls. /No Stairways Inside/, all floor-to-floor transportation through ladders.
4: Set up first floor sort of like this place. Steal drinks for it if needed. Potions will be sold there.

When the GANG INSTRUCTIONS are completed, the book is snapped closed, and a sparkle of enchanted light glows over the cover. For some reason. She hands the glowing book to Bubbles, and pats him on the head.

Log Notes: Vruasa got manhandled by Keane, Fiora's brother, in this scene. Psyber and Vruasa also had their gangs rope off Fiora's house, because the nakkadiles found out about it and were going there and pestering her at all hours.

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