Knight's Log 9-1-12


ITEM COST: 30000 BUILD GRIST, 1000 STEEL, 1000 BONE, 1000 INK, 100 GOLD
ITEM: This new battlebroom is thicker, looking more than a little bit hefty. The aesthetic is akin to a prohibition-era weapon, seeming like something a mobster would use in dramatic standoffs; it's etched with a few dramatic designs (of a blood-red nature) and generally seems more like a gun in terms of the overall aesthetic. The drum-magazine loaded into the handle-end that makes up the rifle body seems to not actually be containing ammunition, but rather a quantity of dark energies; the blender-bristled broom end crackles with unknown, black magics. It looks like the sort of thing a witch or a cultist might have in a mobster movie. Any sane adventurer would toss this implement of vicious damage and eldritch magicks into the furthest ring and forget it ever existed.

Arthur think's it's fucking awesome, and says as much, in exactly those words. "This is fucking awesome." He doesn't seem to be paying much attention to the fact of magic not being a real thing.


Vruasa Telash picks up a freshly-carved cruxite dowel and holds it in one hand. In the other he holds his AERODYNAMIC ROCKET SPEAR trying to figure out how to do this without killing himself. He decides that the only way to do this is to do it in the most RIDICULOUS WAY POSSIBLE, which fortunately precludes the possibility of dying horribly while doing it. Because the universe could not possibly kill somebody doing something so spectacularly awesome. He starts trolling PB privately a few moments before swinging his spear down against the banister and jumping over to balance himself on it.

The troll smiles devilishly and steps on the ignition. PCHOO! It takes off with its rider balanced on it like an incredibly narrow skateboard. This looks /awesome and incredibly dangerous/.


Through one gate, and out the other into the Land of Spires and Frogs.


Vruasa does a figure-eight between two precariously positioned spires before PCHOOing on towards PB's house, which looks very distinctly like a SKULL FORTRESS. This is going to be so goddamned awesome it will break their minds.


Vruasa dodges a lightning bolt on the way up, frowning a little as he does so. Why the hell is it storming up there next to PB's place? It looks ominous and all, which is cool, but he'd like to know how to make the weather look appropriate to his desired mood! He makes a mental note to ask about that once he's done blowing everybody's minds.


Stay on target. STAY ON TARGET.



Vruasa Telash smashes through one of PB's windows, accompanied by a flash of lightning at his back. He slows time down momentarily so that this moment can be /savored/ appropriately, and then lets it go back to normal. He lets himself drop down from the side of his rocket spear as he passes by Arthur's alchemiter, deftly placing his cruxite dowel on the receiver, and simultaneously reverses his course to vault off of the wall instead of simply crashing into it.

Immediately upon landing, the Knight of Time allows his weapon to return to his sylladex and tucks into a roll, snatching up the item produced by the alchemiter.


Vruasa levels the super soaker at Arerth and fires.

Loros starts to comment to Arthur about his new broom.

And then the Knight of Time makes an


that can only be respected by rising to his feet and bowing slightly to the enactor. So doing is also a good way to dodge being soaked in blood.

"hey DL what i$ that???"

Oh no.

Arerth is splashed in red blood. So much red blood.

She immediatly begins to FLIP THE FUCK OUT.

"why did you do that??? you a$hole now I can't get anything out of my $ylladex except red stuff!!! why??? oh my god!!! I AM!!! GOING!!! TO MURDER YOU!!! $O MUCH!!!"

> Arerth: Spontaneously develop supersoakerkind Strife Specibus.

Your raw FURY and ANGER at this entire situation allows you to temporarily transcent the game rules and understand how to properly wield an alien and strange weapon you have never touched before.

> Arerth: Ask Vruasa for the SUPER SOAKER.

You politely ask Vruasa for the weapon. That is to say, you leap at him in all of your rage and fury, attempt to rip it out of his hands, and smash it on his head with all of the might a troll like you can muster, which is actually a lot.


From the nearest door to the Alchemizing shenanigans comes a sound that's definitely a female clearing her throat. Smooth as silk just afterwards, Adela Ryan Elliford strolls into the room, dressed in her business suit and maintaining a brusque pace of even steps. She's wedged both hands into her pockets, and is sporting a triumphant, eager, almost, one might say, even RAVENOUS sort of grin - the moment she lays eyes on the Alchemizing processes going on.

"It seems I'm late to the party. I hope nothing too crucial happened worth worrying about so far!"

Aethra was sitting over here by herself and examining her new stuff, and just looked up to ask Arthur something when she noticed the awesome entrance. however she's not going to admit how awesome it is because thay would give the already haughty little blue-blood more a reason for a swelled head. Instead she just raises an eyebrow at the display, sighs with a soft 'wigglers will be wigglers' sort of tone to her voice, and then looks to Arthur anyhow. "…So. What sort of creatures drop the sort of materials I used up? I'll find a way to restock what I spent."

Vruasa is far too amused by this for his own good. He laughs uproariously until Arerth FLIPS THE FUCK OUT, grabs his super soaker full of blood, and begins bludgeoning him with it. Actually she can hit pretty hard, so things go /all fuzzy/ when that super soaker is taken and used to bludgeon him across the head. He doesn't stick around to wait for more though, getting right the hell up and running away. It really wouldn't be fair to fight her in these circumstances, and he doesn't actually want to do /serious/ harm! Mostly.

God his head hurts.

======> Vruasa: Abscond!

Brave sir Vruasa bravely runs away, quite possibly pursued by Arerth. He does explain himself as he goes, "Th@ was revenge for punching me in the f@ce pre-emptively!" No, he isn't talking that way because he took a blow to the head. That's how he normally talks. Apparently those fangs can grow in certain ways to induce weird speech impediments. At least he doesn't have /too many/. Then he'd barely be able to speak comfortably at all! Unlike certain unfortunate lowbloods.

When he passes by Arthur and Loros he says, "… But it w@s @wesome, huh?" Though, the troll expects that the violence-averse Arthur would /not/ view inciting his lady-friends to brutality as a favorable trade-off for a bucket of laughs and an insane entrance.

Loros is actually grinning at the resulting antics.

"Yes. Entirely awesome."

Tshallandria's mouth opens and then closes, before she starts to chuckle at Vruasa's entrance, and the end result of Arerth getting up to just plain beat the shit out of him. There's something to be said for a completely awesome entrance. There's something equally to be said about an equally awesome karmic retribution that's delivered in the form of a beating.

Arthur finishes up admiring his hefty, stafflike new broom weapon to look upon the dysfunction of the trolls. His mouth kinda hangs open as the knight of time arrives in such a dramatic way and then soaks that other troll around there. Then she starts with the violence, and Arthur just continues gaping at it. Then, once Adela gets down the stairs from the gate upstairs, he raises one eyebrow. Well, at least she's definitely more normal than the aquatic alien, the queen of hell, the fairy, the… Yeah, she's definitely normal. There's no way this assessment is incorrect. "Uh, test-firing the element pipe-organ." He says, a little shaken, pointing over at the massive pipe organ at one side of the giant skull-shaped room.

"So, who're you, exactly? A little late, yeah." Arthur then addresses Aethra. "Yeah, awesome. There are these things, called Underlings. They're all around. Head back up the gate and you can go get to the Land of Spires and Frogs, they're all over the place. They should give you more Grist for alchemy."

Aethra nods, and tips her head. "Okay. Let me make sure I am getting this right. Humans in general frown on culling as a rule and consider intentional death of others of their race 'murder'. But these other beings are lesser creatures that I am totally allowed to destroy as many as I want and not only is it allowed, I get rewards so more people can make more awesome things with this fantastic machine?" she asks. Juuuust wanting to be clear, now.


ITEM: The infinite inkwell produced from this creation seems to be a whirling, accelerating substance that seems to be agitated and always in motion. When applied to a substance it seems to push against it, like an engine, and it seems to accelerate streams of itself in whatever direction it's going, making it a viciously cutting substance when weaponized, perhaps fired from the mechanisms of a fountain pen. It seems to obey the same energy rules as the other inks.

OUT OF NOWHERE, the King Saw's black and gold tip rams its way into reality horizontally. It twists with a grinding, metallic noise, then recedes and leaves a white portal in the middle of Arthur's alchemiter room. From this emerges Black Gold Saw, swinging the King Saw up onto her shoulder. It's considerably smaller when she's holding it than it was when it made the opening.

It seems the silent devil woman had caught on that Shenanigans were happening. Or perhaps the fight against Shackled Detonator has given her a reason to look more intently into alchemization, given the camera dangling from a strap around her wrist—It's not her regular digital camera. It's one of the captchalogue cameras she had helped make.

"Yeah, something like that. See, they're not really the sort of things where you need to worry about what is or isn't moral. Those things are, like… They're specifically made to murder me. Or people like me. Or, uh, I guess probably you. They only exist to hurt stuff that isn't an underling, and they're not really, you know, sapient. Just trust me, no moral issues in killing 'em. Pick up what they drop when they die, and that's what you spend to make stuff." Arthur says, nodding repeatedly at Aethra.

And there's BGS! Arthur is more than a little bit surpsided by her arrival, which manifests as "Auuaguhaguh!" and nothing more coherent for a little bit as he recomposes himself. His experience with her thus far as been "oh man the scary lady is murdering everything" and so this is always unusual. "Oh, hey, you again. Hello. You looking to alchemize something too?"

Aethra nods. "Good. Then I will take my moirail out to have a nice lovely time of slaughterating the things trying to murder you and we can do some good and have fun and get you more of this build materials," she says, and hmms. "Besides, I sort of want to try to make some new ammo types and maybe a few other things, only fair if I restock what I took to start with."

Tshallandria holds up the amazing new ink that's been created for Fiora and chuckles to herself before she turns to the other newcomer, the one that didn't make such a spectacular entrance. "Ahh… …I should have expected to see you here Adela. …How goes the progress on the pens that I asked you for?" She gestures to the bottles of ink, "As you can see, I've been working on inks for her… …But it's a little less useful without a pen."

Once more Grist hovers above her hand, this time becoming infused with infernal and earth, before she combines it with an infinite inkwell. And then it hovers once more before she tries to combine divinity and water + an infinite inkwell.

Oh. Well hey. …This person's new. But no one's panicing so… Tshallandria shrugs and nods to Saw.

"So hey," Vruasa asides to Arthur and the wide variety of people around him, while making another pass running away from Arerth. He has to come back around again before he can finish his thought, "how is th@ broom working out for you?"

"Well, I just helped him upgrade it," comments Loros.

On the other hand, his reaction to Black Saw's arrival is both understated and yet very clear - the knife is in his hand, and he -only- vanishes it again once others acknowledge her as non-threatening. He regards the various items scattered about, and ponders.


ITEM: This ink has unique mass-bearing properties, in that after being ejected from the inkwell or pen containing it, the ink slowly gains additional weight to an upper limit of several times the original weight, directed either down or towards other instances of itself when in environments without gravity. It is an infernally-alligned debuff, in most cases! And potentially a puzzlesolving mechanism! It strikes one as exactly that sort of thing.


ITEM: This ink is particularly purifying in a holy-alligned sense! It seems to be a cleaning solution, among other things, but more directly it seems a sterilizing and holy-buffing substance as well! It looks like it may or may not temporarily enhance the mechanisms of various weapons, as long as they're not infernally-aligned.

The devil woman regards Arthur's panicky reaction to her arrival with a flat-eyed crimson stare. Her head turns, regarding Loros and his suddenly armed status, and she watches him carefully when he puts it away. That's better. Her gaze returns to Arthur. And then something unexpected and possibly a little frightening happens.

"Recent events have me considering uses for the large amount of grist I possess." She holds out her camera to Arthur, her other hand resting the King Saw tip-down beside her, with the flat facing him, "Take a picture of my sword for me."

"Ok@y cool. Gl@d it's working out." Vruasa says to Loros, apparently not noticing that he hasn't gotten an answer out of Arthur yet. "I think I'm gonn@ b@il so RS doesn't eventu@lly c@h me. See you l@er!"

The knight of time exits stage OPEN WINDOW DROPPING DOWN THE LENGTH OF THE SPIRE, plus a few giant knots on his head and a smashed pair of sunglasses on his face.

Because he's pretty certain that there's no such thing as an aerodynamic rocket whip.

"It's goddamn amazing is what it is. I'm gonna do some stuff with rockets too, later, once I'm not spending obscene amounts of grist on other stuff or I can coerce CW into recycling some stuff." Arthur says, belatedly, to the passing Vruasa, but oh he's going out the window now. And, to Saw, "Oh." He seems a bit surprised. "You can talk? Er— Fuck, of course you can talk, you just talked. Welcome to speaking. I guess. Sure, just a second." Arthur takes a moment to take a picture of the sword. The captcharoid file as-is is the code only for the sword in that state. Which can have a variety of uses, one supposes; she might be able to enforce her reality-warp on it, for one, but for now, it's just a basic sword at that absurd size.

FUCK. Out the window.
Arerth stops, captchaloguing the SUPER SOAKER for later.

You're free from her wrath this time, Vruasa.

Frustrated beyond belief at being covered in blood and no longer being FASHIONABLE, the purple-blood slams her foot down on the ground and then disappears in what appears to be a pretty significant space bending trick.

The truth of the matter is that she keeps imps tortured to an inch of their life and unable to recover in her basement and uses those to teleport home whenever it's convenient.

Aethra blinks at the little display and quick fleeing. Drat. She wanted to talk to that kid. Eh. Oh well. She unhooks her ammo clip and hands it to Tshallandria. "Here. Try this."

Log Notes: Vruasa's participation in this scene pretty much boiled down to shenanigans with Arerth, which ended at this pose. If anybody wants the full log, I do have it, but my part ends here. I also think it was going on for a bit before I entered.

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