Knight's Log 8-20-12

Log Note: Some of the pesterlogs/group chats in here aren't really relevant to the scene, but differentiating those that are and those that aren't is more trouble than it's worth, so there are some chunks wholly irrelevant to this actual scene.

Jordan had a very odd way of doing things, though…come to think about it, she hadn't even told anyone her name! Yet, she was doing things like telling Fiora and Arthur to come to random places out of the incipisphere itself, and telling them it was important, by way of a couple of notes stapled to their respective walls, signed with her chumhandle. And so it was that she was sitting on one of the many tree branches in this rainforest.

She had marked out a particular point in the jungle, and it would be easy enough to find it (though traversing a rainforest with no trails was always a bit of a pain in the butt.) For now, she sat idly, eating an apple and watching for the pair to come and join her.

One might've noticed though, that there was a little clearing that she was sitting on the edge of that was completely clear of trees. Almost like an arena, it contained a few rocks and dirt piles that were good for hiding and climbing past, or at least, impromptu cover.

Arthur doesn't know a lot about what's going to be going down here, but he knows that it's probably going tinvolve a lot of mystery or riddles or cryptic statements or something like that. He's not looking forward to that a lot, but he is at least polite enough to coordinate with Fiora and go respond to it. Unfortunately, his own approach, and likely that of Fiora, is going to be fairly plain; he's got no transportation mechanism! he's wound up walking here instead of arriving more impressively. As for what he's wearing, it's fairly standard; his TIMESAVER'S TALKERS for the sake of GPS, and his inventory, thusly visible:

"You know, it hits me that going around a bunch of stupid forest-spires suddenly makes hiking through actual normal jungles a lot less of a problem." He says to her as they progress through, grinning a bit. "Though I wish I knew what the hell was the actual plan here. Last time I went out of the game I got to go to a place full of a bunch of awesome knight robots or something. I'm seeing a pretty big lack of awesome things like knight robots out here in the middle of nowhere jungle. What sort of cryptic riddles do you think she's gotta be giving us out here?" He kicks a tree in passing, as if it's to blame.

And after a while, he comes to the clearing! He doesn't bother looking for her before he starts calling out. "Hello? CT? You around? What did you need us out here in the middle of a jungle for?" He dusts off accumulated debris of travel and crosses his arms expectantly, probably eventually noticing Jordan after a while. Despite the statements, he's smiling a little bit. At least there aren't any underlings around, and he gets to do stuff with friends or something.
Upon recieving her fridge note from Jordan, Fiora acted curious about it. She had been all adventured out for a while, after the escapades in the Land of Spires and Frogs. The idea of exploring outside of the incipisphere didn't really phase Fiora, because she was too preoccupied with figuring out cosmic Sburbian secrets. Like what the hell a Hero was, and what the strange dreams she had been having meant, and what that strange void she had experienced truly meant.

So she had headed to Arthur's house, before the pair moved on to their destination. Fiora, in her classic Dresden's Envy getup, which involves trenchcoats and…

Okay, Fi is basically dying here. As a person, she was never that in shape. She never went to the gym or went out on hikes. Her coat is open, her buttondown shirt buttoned down a few notches, and her tie is loose. Her dapper hat's brim is dark with sweat, and she pants heavily as they trek along. "I… forgot… that this was hard…" Fiora gasps breathlessly.

As Arthur kicks the tree she just hunkers down, hands on her dark khaki pants as she tries to suck in air.

"Not… cut out… for this… hero business…" She manages before looking at Arthur with eyes of pure loathing. Stupid echeladder. Stupid underlings. Stupid Arthur. Stupid being tired. Stupid exertion. When she became a Dark Mistress of All she would definitely do away with all of those things. Maybe not Arthur. He'd be a wonderful consort.


Fiora's hands shakily come up to slap her cheeks, her eyes squinting as she BANISHES the thoughts. BANISHES THEM THOUROUGHLY.


Vruasa Telash just arrived back at his pointlessly enormous and incredibly inconvenient to navigate hive. Heading towards his THERMAL HULL to grab a refreshing beverage, he found that someone had attached a note to it. It was pinned just to the right of his crude childhood drawing of his CENTISERPENT LUSUS, which bore a resemblance to an enormous chinese dragon with thousands of legs, crawling along the outside of a castle. The castle was his Hive. Really, even though Vruasa didn't like the destructive habits of DRAGON DAD, he would have preferred it if he had not turned him into an annoying an quasi-useful sprite. It seems incredibly likely that doing otherwise would have resulted in Dragon Dad's death though, so it most likely turned out for the best.

For a few moments he skims the TIME-LOST FRIDGE NOTE, attempting to determine whether or not it is actually relevant to him. It seem to be written mostly to other people, so the most logical conclusion is that it is here by accident. On the other hand, it seems like an interesting thing to follow up, and it appears to be signed by the mysterious skullgirl. Disgustingly, Vruasa had found himself enjoying her company the last time they were around. He had even given her his name! This had not been reciprocated.

What a pain in the ass.

Welp, only one logical thing to do.

Looking forward, Vruasa attempts to determine whether or not he goes, and in what way he will get there, and how to do it in a way to turn the tables on skullgirl.


Vruasa Telash appears seated in a tree behind Jordan, exactly long enough after everyone else has arrived for him to have arrived notably late, but not so much that it is actually particularly obnoxious that he did it in this way. His DRAMATIC TIMING prompts a record player to be dumped surreptitiously from his sylladex into the branches of a nearby tree. It begins to play SOMEBODY ELSE's themesong, because the Knight of Time does not have his own yet.


Vruasa says nothing, because that is what aloof latecomers do. And also because it is almost certainly immediately obvious that he's there, and no introduction is necessary. Trolls do not exactly blend in to rainforests.

"So. You're all here."

Jordan flipped down (apparently, that was one of many strange habits she had: appearing and disappearing at the most annoying of times, and flipping down from high places) from the branch she was on, landing softly on her feet. She looked towards the two human players, apparently not paying the least of attention to the troll who had wound up behind her.

"Essentially, I called you all here because there are a few things you need to learn if you want to finish the game, as well as a few things that will most certainly help you. You've all played role playing videogames…or whatever they have in Alternia, right? You kill things, you get better at killing things. Sburb works the same way." she continued, before pulling out three amulets. Array modus, so nice and useful.

"In that kind of language, you have basically have to grind your way to the top sot hat you can take on the challenges the game throws at you. Unfortunately, you're on a time limit, so you can't spend your time screwing around."

Two of the amulets found themselves tossed to Fiora and Arthur, while the third found itself winged with all the speed and accuracy of a fastball towards Vruasa's forehead.

"Put those on. You'll see why in a bit." The amulets themselves seemed to be just…well, an extremely plain green metal disc. It actually looked kind of like a small green CD, or maybe an old chinese coin.

"Extreme role playing." Vruasa explains without really getting into any of the details. He reaches up and catches the amulet thrown at him — pretty deftly actually. It hurts a little bit from the sheer force of it, but the size and his relative toughness protects him. Mostly. He holds the amulet up by its chain and examing it for a moment. It doesn't look particularly familiar to /him/, but he decides to play along and put it on. Returning to his earlier thoughts, the troll adds, "Only instead of getting experience and leveling up, you actually get stronger from fighting real battles and killing things that can kill you back. Kind of like how it works in Sgurb."

This probably explains some of the horrible behavior from the trolls. Especially if it's normal.

"… Wait. How the fuck did you just pull those out of your sylladex like that? /I/ can't do that!" He exclaims, though judging by his tone he is only mildly agitated. If at all agitated. Given that Vruasa's default state seems to involve some sort of exceptional excitement, this is probably not even very annoyed at all.

Arthur gives Fiora a reassuring few pats on the shoulder. "I'm sure this is healthy or something. Everything that involves suffering like this apparently does. I think the hatred of it is supposed to be fuel or something. Come on over once you've had a rest. We're here now."

Heading farther into the clearing, the announcement from his mysterious trainer get his attention, and he notices the music and such going on behind her. He's not really sure if this is arranged this way intentionally, but it sure looks like it. He raises and eyebrow, but gives a personable wave over to Jordan. He doesn't remark on her sylladex; he was always under the assumption it was something mysterious, so seeing it be strange is not anything he's agitated by.

When the amulets are tossed over, he grabs the one for him in mid-air. He figured this would happen, and appears to have carefully calculated a precise, cool movement that involves using the momentum to turn it into an around-the-finger swing. "Oh, cool. I have no idea what this is, but cool. So is this some bonus EXP thing like in those games or what?" He seems to be missing the implication that this is going to involve being attacked. But, as requested, he complies after a brief moment, putting the amulet on.

Fiora, too winded to really talk more then wheezing gasps, nods to Arthur before being… Well, surprised. By a theme song, and the arrival of Vruasa. She looks afraid for a moment, but she's waaaaay too tired to run or do anything. Still. This… Horned, grey-skinned, fangy demon thing… Is very offputting.

Then again, everything is offputting to Fiora. She's put off by herself!

So she manages to follow Arthur the last few steps, staring at Vruasa the whole time before tipping the brim of her dapper black fedora down over her eyes, the silver hat-band catching the light of the clearing.

Then she fumbles with the green medallion, inspecting it carefully as Arthur just puts his on. "You were there… On the rooftop?" She wonders, looking up at the MYSTERIOUS FEMALE that has been jerking them around a bit.

"I remember you, I think."

"PB. Skullgirl. Hatgirl." Vruasa greets them in no particular order, immediately assigning the most immediate feature of the off-put girl as a part of her nickname. He doesn't know her chumhandle offhand, or he'd just use that as reference. In the meantime, it's just as expedient to use obvious physical features or wardrobe choices. After a moment or two he jumps down out of his tree, his scarf BILLOWING DRAMATICALLY as he does so. This looks briefly awesome, but as he doesn't have a fan to keep it blowing, that ends very quickly.

The troll lands at a crouch, and then rises to go join the others. He smiles, but since his mouth is full of deadly-looking fangs, it seems more threatening than friendly.

Vruasa receives a glance. "Human magic." Jordan said, before she started to kick the floor a bit. "Sounds like a fun place to have lived on. You should be familiar with what's about to happen, then. And…yes, you could think about it like that." Fiora gets a nod and a "Yeah, I was." for her troubles.

Now that everyone had their amulets around their necks, or relatively on their person, there was a sudden rumbling sound resembling an earthquake. The ground started to shake, but Jordan simply leaned against a nearby tree, apparently waiting on something. Then right on cue, the earth exploded.

Several green /things/ burst out of the dirt with a screech. The first thing anyone would notice is that half of their body seemed to be made out of a gigantic mouth. Stalks with eyes surrounded this huge, gigantic and toothy mouth that put Vruasa's set of chompers to shame, waving every this way and that, while the bodies of these creatures seemed to be made out of a bunch of plant-like tentacles. For how ungainly they looked, they seemed to be rather fast on their…stalks, as they quickly advanced towards the trio, teeth gnashing while dripping plant-saliva all over the place!

Of course, in the confusion, Jordan was nowhere to be seen.

One of Vruasa's TIME CAPSULES unlocks and dumps another record player out. It begins playing.


"Um… Neato." Fiora responds, her breath finally returning as she places the amulet around her neck. To Vruasa, she gives a frown. "I have a name, you know." She opens her mouth, before closing it.

Oh my gosh. He has demon fangs and horns. And he wears a /scarf/. That seals it.

He must be a demon, or some sort of satyr, or a dragon in human form. That's the only conclusion possible that Fiora's literature has prepared her for. He is a monster and most likely is after souls. Probably. "Arthur!" She hisses, scooting over to him, before whispering.

<Why didn't you tell me you made a faustian pact! No more faustian pacts!>

She stares daggers at the troll, before…

Oh my fuck what the shit look at all those teeth we're all going to /die/. No narrative imperitive will save them now. And they /smell/ bad too!

Fiora whips out her weapon of choice, the noble SHITTY PEN, and scoots back. "S-so… Just checking Arthur, but we, as Cool Kids, can care about this, right?"

"Yeah, remember her? She's CT, that mystery person on the memo. I don't know what her deal as but she likes reminding us about some of our problems. She also helped out a ton rescuing you, so I can mostly forgive a lot of the cryptic behavior, y'know." Arthur shrugs, agreeably. He nots to Vruasa. "Yo." He gives a similarly short greeting, since that seems to be the thing to do. Seeing that mouthful of teeth is something that gives him cause for slight discomfort, but he blusters through it, as dedicated as ever to being completely cool about these sorts of things despite any problems. He tries to match it with an uncertain grin of his own.

Then, oh, hey, there's— Oh god, giant tentacle thing! Arthur is extremely unenthused about this new training idea. "AUGH." This is his first less-than-coherent reaction to this matter, and it initially involves a lot of scrambling away after he nearly falls. It takes a moment for him to establish any kind of response, which is mostly him summoning his BATTLEBROOM. He brandishes it handle-first, aiming down the rifle end. "THIS IS THE WORST THING" is his initial discussion. He urgently whispers to her, "Didn't make any faustian pacts, promise!!" Then he briefly glancing around to try to find Jordan, "AUGH, damn it WHERE DID YOU GO?!" He's frustrated once again with Jordan and her MYSTERIES. This doesn't inhibit a stream of rapid-fire bolts he's shooting at the creature. This seems to be directed at no part in particular; he can't really hit the eyestalks, but at the very least he can make a good try at providing cover for the others.

"FUCK. YES." Vruasa Telash exclaims, apparently not at all off-put by the notion of being dumped into an abrupt boss fight by a mysterious skullgirl. He retrieves his ROCKET SPEAR with a much more enthusiastic smile than before. It actually makes his chompers that much more intimidating! Not that he's nearly big enough to rival the creepy tentacle plant-creatures. He points in a random direction and calls, "YOU ARE THE BEST MYSTERIOUS BENEFACTOR EVER, SKULLGIRL!"

Evidently the Knight of Time has just been bored to hell of fighting goons, and this is a pretty good change of pace. He has /no idea/ how serious the situation is. He does take a moment to correct something though, holding up a hand towards everyone as if to indicate, 'Hang on a sec.' Time slows momentarily for everyone EXCEPT Vruasa. This, temporarily, agonizingly fucks with the quality of the music as it slows down like some sort of candy-ass freakshow music from the circus.

Then Vruasa finishes beating the first record player until it breaks and returns to the battle lineup, Rocket Spear at the ready. Normal time resumes.

One of the tentacle-limbed mouths decided to saunter all the way up to Fiora, eyestalks wiggling at her before rearing back. It gave a loud *SKREEEEEEE* before deciding to chase after her quite gleefully, chomping its gigantic mouth at her, teeth clashing furiously as it slithered forward.

The creature that Arthur takes a few potshots at went rolling with the bolts from his almighty broom. Unfortunately, it didn't seem to be dead as it slowly rose, shaking its gigantic head-mouth in an effort to shake off the impact. Instead of simply chasing like its compatriot currently was, it elected to choose a different mode of transportation. Its tentacles curled up for a moment before it suddenly launched itself straight into air, and soon enough, Arthur would have to contend with a gigantic plant-mouth flying straight from overhead and trying to crash into him.

As more of the creatures crawled out from under the ground, three of them slowly circled Vruasa with his rocket spear, apparently detecting harder prey. However, as they circled, they tightened it up more and more, attempted to simply trap him and then, once he had made a move, simply all strike at the same time.

Fioravision, version 1.0

Before the heroes two lay the foes a monst'rus, enveloped in a maisma most foul. The brave Knight of Cool weiled his staff of fire, while the dark maiden readied her quill of lowest make. The a'feared foe lay between the heroes two and the demon of tooth and spear, who brandished his weapon with nary a care and abandon of recklessness.

The field lay askew with evergreen in a glade fair and lit, the…

The annoying, narrative part of Fiora's head was in Proseverdrive, spinning a tale of her actions even as she backed up, scooting away from the Malboros while reaching into her coat breast pocket for a vial of SHITTY RED INK.

Man, this would be a great story to write down…

The ongoing events have Arthur still agitated. "Okay, so!" He says, continuing the empty his clip before the creature jumps. "I get the warrior-race vibe from how this is working, let me know where that stops. I didn't figure that before. Would you characterize yourself as— Never mind OH SHIT—" And that's when the thing jumps up and attempts to land on him. He's not able to get entirely out from under the intended landing zone, but he does manage to get near enough to some of the cover that he is able to get it to wedge the creature up and take most of the damage.

This leaves a lot of it to hit him in whole-body blunt trauma though, and it impacts him with a horrible CRACK noise. "AGH." He takes substantial damage! Luckily, this puts him in an optimal place to bring up his broom, the metalic bristled end. With a noise like a blender, it whirls to life, hopefully, at this short range, providing some deterrent for continuing to be on top of Arthur.

"GET IT OFF PLEASE, THIS IS THE WORST." Arthur shouts, loudly. It's probably intensely unhygienic! Ew! But hopefully it'll be blended a bit more soon, and hopefully Fiora will be helping get it off him shortly.

Okay, so distracting yourself by attacking an annoying record player with overlapping music isn't the best idea.

Vruasa finds himself quickly surrounded by three of the strange tentacled creatures, who seem to have some kind of pack instinct! Only really challenging, intelligent creatures have things like that. Unfortunately it means that he is currently pinned down by three, really challenging, intelligent creatures. Fuck. They get in one good tentacle whack from each of them, battering the troll around like some sort of /troll ball/ and causing him to collapse in a heap at the middle of them.

Good fucking thing he played as the ball in trollball a few times, or else he'd be a broken mess of bones and blood right now.

This is when it becomes apparent that the Knight of Time from the Sgrub session is really kind of a nutjob. He slows time in his immediate vicinity so that he can rise dramatically slowly without fearing the possibility of swift retaliation before he can get to his feet. He raises both arms wide with his spear held triumphantly in the air, a trickle light blue blood running down his face. It's all a really elaborate way of saying, 'Yeah, you fuckin' hit me. /Now what/.'


Vruasa's retaliation is every bit as brutally nasty as Fiora is probably imagining he's capable of. Whether or not it's /effective/ against these opponents is yet to be seen, but he kicks his temporal acceleration in and jumps in with his rocket spear right towards the next of them. He doesn't ignite the rocket against /that/ one. It's close enough that he need not bother.

It's the second and third that he needs it to attack, withdrawing his spear from its first thrust with artful grace and lining it up towards the next with ominous precision. The rocket FIRES, propelling Vruasa even more rapidly forward than he already appears to be going. He JERKS backwards and spins the spear around before verifying whether or not he's actually hit the second ugly, smelly bastard, activating the rocket to propel himself backwards towards the evil plant that he /assumes/ is going to attempt to strike at him from behind.


"THIS IS THE GREATEST." The Troll exclaims amidst uproarious laughter, as he comes out of his rapid-fire 3x showdown. He was actually going too fast to see whether or not he actually hit anything, but these things are fucking huge and he's not /absolutely awful/. Evidently though, he's proving Arthur's not-entirely-inaccurate warrior race suggestions mostly correct.

Fiora engages in what can only be described as 'Master Class Absconding', running breathlessly away from the Malboro in a loose circle around the outskirts of the open glade. She turns, artfully moving like some sort of picturesque action hero, about to toss her SHITTY PEN in a deadly line right into the Malboro that chases her's face. It's a pretty big face.

Then she trips on a gnarled root, faceplanting into the ground hard and sliding almost a full foot as she eats dirt and her hat goes flying off, rolling away to lean against a tree.

As the Malboro closes on Fiora, she rolls over, squirming away on her back with her hands and feet.

Spitting dirt from her mouth, she draws a second vial of RED INK, pulling the cork tops off with her teeth and looking grim. "Get… get away from me!" She cries, before underhanding an ink pot right into the thing's maw.

Which explodes in a brilliant fireball and shards of glass from the inkwell.

She tosses the second overhand, the well trailing droplets of fire to splash against the one attacking Arthur, before she tries to scrabble to her feet.

The Malboro that had apparently crushed Arthur started chomping excitedly in its small victory, tentacles slowly wrapping around him. If he didn't hurry up and do something that would free him, it would most certainly have him helpless in short order and be feasting on extra chunky Arthur salsa. Then it gets hit by a pot of ink that sets it on fire. This isn't good. Then, the day got a bit more unpleasant for the Malboro as the other spinny business end of his broom came up and chewed straight into the creature, shredding it as it gave a screech of pain. Unfortunately, this /also/ coated Arthur in some sort of substance that resembled plant sap and blood, with the result that he was coated in a bunch of really gross feeling slime, with a few assorted plant bits here and there.

Vruasa's opponents, on the other hand, seemed to have not expected that their prey was capable of speeding up time. His first thrust impales the first Malboro straight through the roof of the mouth, causing it to fall in slow motion at his feet. The second, on the other hand, meets a much more grisly fate as the rocket-propelled spear absolutely RIPS through the entire monster, causing the top of its mouth to simply fly away and flop over on the ground. The third, howevver, clenches its teeth and headbutts the troll, mostly to get him and his nasty rocket spear away.

Meanwhile, Fiora's Malboro had been looking forward to an easy meal as she tripped over as it slooowly slithered towards where she was, and its jaws opened expectantly…only for it to get nailed on the noggin with flaming bits of glass. It flailed, apparently on fire, but proved resilient enough to eventually get a hold of itself in order to put the fire out by rolling. Something quite hilarious to see, if the monster rolling wasn't trying to kill and eat Fiora.

The two remaining Malboros now paused, before both rearing back simultaneously. Then, with a loud BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARF sound, both of them spun around, emitting some sort of brownish gas that coated the area. However…it seemed to Vruasa, Fiora and Arthur that the gas simply didn't even do anything, except for maybe obstructing their vision a bit. Maybe these things were projecting smoke for a getaway or something. How weird.

Vruasa Telash was not expecting to be /head-butted/ by a giant plant. Accordingly, when he actually catches up to what happened amidst the gore of his first two kills, he's really really surprised. He tumbles ass-over-teakettle backwards, having been going plenty quick enough for the mass and strength of such a thing to get the better of him to augment itself against me. He smashes into a big ol' tree with a splintery THUD, sliding down it and leaving a rather nasty-looking light blue smear across the back. He braces himself against the ground with his rocket spear and tilts his head forward to look at the Marlboro.

His kickin' blue sunglasses slide down his nose and expose his eyes. That's one more thing for Fiora to find completely freaking bizarre and monstrous about him. Not that he's managed to notice that she's freaked out by him very much, really. He is having way too much fun with his own battle to actually get that far.

Noxious gas begins to fill the area, which the Knight is fairly certain isn't going to be a good thing to inhale or have in his eyes. He stands up, holding his breath and drawing his spear back. One good thing about a spear is that it's great at more than one mode of combat. Chucking it or using it to stab things at close range are equally viable options. With a rocket spear? Skies the fucking limit.

"SO!" He calls to the one Marlboro he's attempting to target, knowing he's really only going to have one good shot at this. "Are you feelin' /lucky/, punk?"

Vruasa Telash is feeling lucky. He THROWS and hits the switch to activate the rocket booster.

This could really go either way, and that noxious breath is bound to do terrible, awful, no good things shortly.

Arthur's drenched in Malboro interior. "AaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAGH." He starts as he's progressively dealing with more horrible substances. "This is the worst thing." He shoves the creature to the side, at the very least enough to move out from under the horrible location that he's at.

He's up and retreating again. "Thanks, Fi! Augh this was a bad plan for me augh this is SO GROSS." And, woah, fire! He didn't expect her to have inks like that. "Woah shit, what sort of things have you been alchemizing? That's incredible!" And he's turning back to Vruasa now and… Wow, that's intensely immitating. Laughing while he rocket-time-murders the tentacle-things. Arthur's right eye sqints up as he examines that, both physically and metally. It doesn't look like anything but an incredibly perturbing thing.

"Uh." Okay, he's going to go assume that's not anything he needs to deal with. So! He turns back to the one of the pair that was partially damaged by Fiora's assault and decides he'll try to return the favor of assisting, leveling the rifle-handle-end of his weapon towards the creature and attempts to fire, eliciting several empty clicks. Damn it! Arthur goes to reload, and…

"Augh, damn it!" Arthur is abruptly frustrated by this, and for fairly good reason. The noxious smoke sets him coughing and covering his nose as he approaches the creature. "This is the worst stuff! Why are these so goddamn gross." He's swinging the broom a little wildly. "Hey! No levels if they escape! Kill them! AUGH." He hates getting near these!

Fiora gets a great look at Vruasa's eyes. Especially as he slams into the tree, his glasses falling down, and he smooshes right down on top of a…

Black Hat.
With a silver brim.

Fiora flips her shit. She pulls a fistfull of SHITTY PENS out of her coat, dirtsmeared face in a mask of utter fury. "My HAT!" She cries, bringing up her knee and SMASHING her shitty pens across it, a whole slew of colors spraying out in a myriad of effects. She then just hurls the pile of pens at the Malboro in a fit of pique, a chimera of colors and effects seeming to spawn out before they all run together, an inky black sludgy mess that could have any number of effects.

The rolling, inked malboro and the remaining one from Vruasa start belching out a foul smelling gas that was even stinkier then they were, and that just makes Fiora even more mad. "This… This… THIS…" She starts, before taking a deep breath (and gagging a bit on the foul gas) and stomping her foot down.

"Uuuuuuuuuuuurgh!" She cries as she stomps around, moving to Arthur and dragging him to his feet forcefully, slinging her hand at the ground to knock off the slime and sludge.

She then levels an imperious finger at Vruasa. "YOU! GET OFF MY HAT!" She hollers but… Wait.

Huh? He's doing… Fiora grabs Arthur, and tries to drag him out of the cloud of gas. "YOUR DUMB ALIEN DEMON FRIEND IS GOING TO KILL US ALL!" She yells before crouching behind a tree and curling up with her fingers in her ears.

She sits there, and waits for the end.

As Vruasa does Awesome Shit.

The rocket spear accelerated through the air, sailing with all the grace that a pointed stick with a rocket booster attached to it could muster. Apparently, Vruasa's luck held out as the spear hit the Malboro straight in the back of the head while it was spinning about. Unfortunately for the leafy creature, the spear's engine held enough momentum to pick up the flailing body of the Malboro, carrying it through the air until it impacted a nearby tree, pinning the unfortunate creature to the trunk.

Arthur, on the other hand, met with worse fortune as he flailed with the blender-end of his broom. Though it nicked the creature here and there, his wild swipes seemed to have little effect, apart from hacking off a leafy limb every now and then. Fiora's combination of inks, however…well, it seemed that Malboro had gotten stuck in place as it stopped spinning about. Next, icicles apparently started to grow from its skin, but they rapidly disappeared, only to be replaced by new icicles. It seemed that Fiora had set the creature on cold, and for the time being, it seemed that it was completely still.

And just like that, Jordan appeared from a nearby tree, landing close to the group as the bad breath had started to clear, arms folded. "Well. That went better than expected, but…" The girl regarded Vruasa with a strange look, almost as if she was looking at him for the first time. "I think two people here need a little more work. But that's what killing things like this is going to solve, eventually. We just have to do enough of it in a short period of time so that we can go back to the game proper, so it doesn't wind up in a gigantic failure."

However, after she said her piece, a higher pitched and softer screeching could be heard. Right behind the tree, Fiora might have noticed that a little tiny Malboro about the size of a fist was currently screeching at her.



Vruasa Telash is completely engrossed in what he's doing. He stands with one arm outstretched, looking on in ecstatic joy and attempting to discern whether or not his rocket spear met its mark. His lips are curled into the biggest, most threatening, toothy, and /bloody/ smile that one could imagine from someone like him. The look he's giving the marlboro as his spear rockets through the air in its direction is filled to capacity with the fathomless glee of getting to kill something /that actually hurt him/. He is only shaken from his disturbing enjoyment of this by Arthur's exclamations and complaints.

"Battle /is/ goddamn gross! Especially when you do it up close and personal like I do. Embrace the visceral aspects of battle and you'll never have cause to complain about it ever. Fucking. Again!" He turns his attention back towards the flying spear. It connects. At approximately the same time, the knight is made aware of the fact that he is, in fact, standing on a lady's hat. He steps back a pace and KICKS, throwing the hat neatly up into the air in front of him. With one swift movement he pushes it rightside out again, dusts it off, and then throws it towards Fiora by the brim.

In slow motion, because everything is more cool in slow motion.

"Classy hat!" He exclaims, still using a decidedly outside and too-excited tone of voice, "I might have to get one for myself. Trimmed in blue, of course."

Without further ceremony, Vruasa rushes forward to grasp the shaft of his rocket spear, twist, and WRENCH it free of both the pinned Marlboro and the tree. On the off chance that it wasn't already deader than fucking dead, it probably is now.

The troll turns rapidly towards Jordan, returning his spear to its place in his sylladex as he approaches with what is /probably/ excess haste.

And hugs her.

"THANKYOUFORINVITINGMETOTHISIHAVEBEENSOFUCKINGBOREDYOUHAVENOIDEAPLEASEPLEASEPLEASEINVITEMETOANYMOREYOUDOIHAVENTDONEANYFLARPINGINAGESANDISHOULDGETGMINONTHISANDOHGODTHANKYOU." Vruasa yammers at her non-stop at the top of his voice, /practically/ shaking her as he does so. It doesn't take him long to become sufficiently uncomfortable with what he's doing to back the fuck off and stop violating Jordan's personal space. Either way, for anyone who's savvy enough to figure it out, this is /evidently/ close enough to 'comfort hobby' territory that the troll is unfathomably grateful for the opportunity to engage in it.

He ignores the baby Marlboro, or perhaps simply fails to notice the little bastard screeching at them. No, Vruasa is going back over to the nearby trees to… try to captchalogue the remaining record player without being noticed.

Arthur stops flailing at the slain creature after a while, panting a bit. Okay, we're done with horrible murdering! He looks back over the Vruasa, starting a bit at him. One eye twitches, pondering the various problems that should be fairly obvious with something like reveling in this sort of battle. It hadn't occurred to him exactly how alien these aliens were and this was actually more than a little bit scary, both in terms of his mannerisms and in terms of how he had behaved in the battle. He keeps the eye on him warily until he sees that he's hugging Jordan, at which point he frowns and decides she can probably handle that. He'll have words for her later! After he's done checking up on Fiora, which he goes to do, and in the process sets about yanking off that amulet of his.

Arthur's GEL VISCOSITY increased!
Arthur gained 10 MANGRIT!
GRIST CACHE increased!

He's shuffling over, one arm pressing against his torso, probably for injuries resulting from that jumping impact. "Nnnngh, you alright there, Fiora?" He says, then, in a hushed, whispery tone, "That alien guy suddenly is a lot more scary to me, is he a lot more scary to you?"

But after that, and presumably while waiting for response, he whirls around to face Jordan. "And, hey— Ow. I mean HEY! You should give us more warning about this! That queen of hell lady is even nice enough to at least tell me about this beforehand. Why is it people keep helping me by siccing monsters on me!? Ow!" He then starts pondering the rungs he's jumped up, pauses, seemingly freezing in place, and says, "Okay, never mind on that last part. Thanks for the levels. Yeah." He feels vaguely uncomfortable about taking the same position as Vruasa on this subject. But it would be terrible to be the only guy here who didn't have the cool opinion on the subject of monsters!

Fiora hears muffled voices. And… No bangs. She totally misses the words that come out of Jordan's mouth. She in fact misses most of the squee session Vruasa had and it's not until her hat lands on her head in SICK SLOW MOTION that she finally looks up. Arthur had come, to check on her, but… WOAH



Fiora unscrews her eyes and removes her fingers from her ears just in time to turn and see Vruasa hugging it out with Jordan. Crazy toothy alien talking excitedly and animatedly and hugging a human girl. To a normal person? Creepy. To the follower of Dark Fantasy literature? OH MY DEAR SWEET NO.

Standing bolt upright, Fiora grabs Arthur by the mucky shoulder, pulling him close and tipping her hat down. "Look, Arthur. Look. Look at him. He delights in pain and fear. He is not an Hero. He is… he's /Achilles/, he is the Antihero! The Antihero of… Of… Horns… I don't know, okay? But /watch out/ for him!" Fiora hisses, before noticing her hand is… Sticky. And Arthur smells really really bad.

She slooowly extricates herself from Arthur, walking forward as she dists herself off, the screeing little malboro finally getting SOME attention paid to it. There's a pause, as she leans down. "Um… I don't speak horriffic monster, sorry." She mutters, trying to put on a look of indifference. BE COOL, FIORA.


She feels a bit better though. Better at… Everything? Maybe. She didn't really do much, she felt. Whether or not /her/ GEL VISCOSITY, GRIST CACHE, or LASS DETERMINATION increase fluctuate is up to debate, but there's no… Meta-announcement about it.

"Levels? What are you talking about? God, am I bad at /gaining levels/, too? I /am/ the wost hero ever." Fiora grumbles, before she slips between Jordan (who gets a rare, slightly aggrivated smile) and Vruasa, turning to face the taller troll-boy. "Listen… Whatever you are. Why don't you take your… Um…" She looks up at him. Boy, Vruasa is taller then her and… Has those pointy teeth… and those wicked horns… And that SPEAR! And TIME POWERS! What could she do?!


Sure, mysterious voice, let's go with that! "LISTEN HERE, you just come out of nowhere, play shitty music, and… And /delight/ in getting into danger? Show some responsibility! And don't you go laying hands on people you don't know! It's rude, and… And don't go sitting on my hat! I…"

She falters. "… If you want one you don't have to tromp mine, just ask. I mean, I bet Arthur has tons of grist. Ask him later."


That was the response Vruasa got as Jordan just quite blankly stared at him for the longest period of time, an awkward silence extending after the troll suddenly exclaimed his thanks. She smoothed out her jacket and cleared her throat, before thinking to herself. It was a little odd, really; a race that enjoyed hunting and killing things like this? It was almost as if…nah, couldn't be. Just a coincidence that was in their favor. Not that she wasn't thankful for it, of course. And since there were more where they came from…

"It's because you have to think fast. Once you get to the point where things like this are routine, you can move on to bigger things. And soon enough, you'll become capable enough to handle yourself and eventually get past any obstacle that the game will throw at you. If you don't build up your skills, eventually, you'll wind up against something that will most likely kill you. It's pretty simple, really. There's also…other things, but we'll get to that in time." she said to Arthur, nudging a bit of blendered Malboro out of the way with a toe.

She then walked over to Fiora, eyes looking down at her. "If you don't want to think of it as levels, its fine. Just think of it at getting better at killing things. Because, like it or not, Sburb has a nasty habit of throwing things that're lethal at /you/. It's why fighting things like this where there's no pressure or anything helps. Besides, it takes time to get good at things like this, but, time isn't really something we've got an infinite amount of. Anyway. Good job. You might just win the game totally if you keep this amount of effort up."

With that…Jordan pointedly did not disappear, apparently waiting around. She might even just walk back with everyone. Imagine that. However, the tiny little Malboro kept screeching at Fiora, before finally giving up and slithering across the ground to her. With a subdued *skree* it started to tug at her sock with its teeth, avoiding causing any harm but trying to get some kind of attention.

"I have no idea what you guys are bitching about. This is /the best/ day I've had since my planet blew the fuck up. It's /almost/ like home." Vruasa declares unhesitantly, completely oblivious to the fact that his behavior is disturbing and bizarre. Actually, it's been pretty tame as trolls go. He's certainly not /normal/, but he's managed to keep his unnatural aggression pointed firmly in the direction of things that, loosely speaking, deserve it. This in spite of the fact that he's actually pretty scratched up and has (literal) blue blood running down him in places here and there. He grins widely and pushes his sunglasses up his nose, so he doesn't look /quite/ so obviously disturbing. It also looks really cool to do it like this.

Actually though, his behavior just now was pretty creepy /especially/ for a troll. The reason is, frankly, he hasn't had a good day in ages. Literally, ages. Setting aside that he has some pretty confusing feelings about skullgirl and humans in general, it's hard not to be a little too excited for both his age and his species. Especially since he's spent his most immediate time in his session of Sgurb trying to keep fucking fashion freak from dying horribly while simultaneously having enough fun with it not to want to kill himself.

Vruasa really misses GM.

It's only when Fiora addresses him as /strangely/ and insultingly as she does that he properly focuses on her again, whipping around to get a good look at her again. Hatgirl. Right. He shakes his head and crosses his arms over his chest, managing to look UNREASONABLY COOL performing this incredibly mundane action. Or maybe it's just in his head, sometimes it's hard to tell the difference.

"I don't want /your/ hat. I just happened to land on it. With some horn holes, and in black-and-blue, it might go pretty fuckin' nicely with what I have going on here without looking totally fucking tasteless. Can't go turning into RS." He answers, the blue filter of his sunglasses turning everything the color of his blood again. Maybe that's why he hasn't noticed he's bleeding.

The fact that skullgirl does not rightly react to Vruasa's bizarre affection with at least some measure of hostility does not go unnoticed by the troll. He files it away in the back of his mind, privately quite pleased with it. But not likely to actually /say/ anything about it. Moreover, based on the things that she's saying, he starts to wonder…

"HEY." Vruasa exclaims, his thoughts immediately derailed. He points a slightly bloodied hand towards the baby Marlboro, "I don't really care if you guys don't want to deal with this shit, but if we're not taking the poor bastard with us we need to at least have the decency to put it out of its fucking misery so it doesn't just starve to death or get eaten by something equally nasty."

Arthur nods, in a way that is distinctly kind of disturbed, at Fiora's statements to the effect that he should be weirded out by Vruasa, if not outright freaking out. He totally understands this, and is going through all that a lot in his head as he turns over some of the things he saw. "Yeah." He says, quietly. Fiora's pretty on the ball with this! She seems like she can do that pretty well when it comes to things that aren't intentionally overcomplicated. Then he's back to Jordan!

"Okay, fine, fine. I get the reasoning for sudden horrible monster attacks, and I don't get the reason for why you're helping us but at the very least I get that you're doing it so I guess thanks, but please try to, like… C'mon, try to think of where I'm coming from here." He shakes both hands, getting more of the horrible plant-stuff off of him and recaptchaloguing his broom back into the strife deck. "This sort of stuff out of fuckin' nowhere when I've never even seen a monster before like four months ago, this is kind of ridiculous and I am kind of freaking out a bit about it. Try to cut me some slack here." He jerks a thumb at the monster-corpses. "Also, other things outside of the Incipisphere don't drop grist? Okay, so that's just a thing where we come from then."

Oh, and there's Vruasa, being extremely strange and still the intimidating sort. Arthur squints at him and tries to think of all this in a way that doesn't make him really worked up about what just went down and fails miserably. Instead, he decides to file this opinion on Vruasa away, and leave it without acknowledgement or emotional resolution, because that is what cool kids do and that is how all social and emotional problems are solved.

Meanwhile, he immediately takes this opportunity to pay attention to one of the less troubling things Vruasa says, and turn his attention to the helpless baby one. "Uh." He starts, not entirely sure how to react to this. "I don't know what we're supposed to do. What, er… What do these things eat? Besides, like, people. Is it something we should be taking with us or is it like a lion cub and when it grows up it'll try to kill us?" He winces a bit and grimaces at the creature, but regards it uncomfortably, not sure how to grapple with "I just killed some animal's parents". Or plant-parent-things. Whatever was going on. All he knows is we should make this decision fast because he needs to take a shower RIGHT NOW.

"It's a plant, so you can probably just water it and make sure it gets a decent amount of sun." Vruasa replies to Arthur, scratching at the top of his head and regarding the Malboro with distant interest and perhaps a little bit of pity. "Since we know they get pretty fuckin' big and they have mouths, teeth, and huge tentacles, we can probably figure that they snack on whatever meat-based things are smaller'n them. Maybe other vegetation too."

"Um, so… Erm…" Fiora begins, before standing up straight, and puffing herself up a bit as she's talked to by Jordan. She tilts her hat jauntily and stuffs her hands in her jacket's sticky pockets, but she affects an Air of Cool. It's not at all a thin and fake veneer. Believe in the veneer. "Listen… I appreciate it, but everyone seems to think that improvement requires… All this fighting and possible dying and I'm pretty sure I don't want to die /from/ the training, but look… I'm no better then when I started. I'm worse! I'm sticky, and wet, and smelly… And…" She looks down at the little hellcreature that has decided to eat her not as dapper striped black and grey socks that she likes wearing, frowning at it slightly. She crouches down, patting it on the head slightly, and trying to stay away from its pointy teeth before picking it up cradled in her arms, and rising back to her feet.

"You put the pointy end in the bad guy and save the princess, yes, I know how the story goes. I just don't buy that I'm some sort of hero or anything. I don't feel any stronger. I feel sticky. Like I need seven showers." She grumbles, before looking at her feet, and the malboro in her arms. "Now… I had a question. You… know a lot about this game. You're… Playing it too, right?"

Fiora turns to Vruasa. "You too. You're playing this game. And… Arthur's sprite told him about powers. Spacey powers. Mine doesn't say crap because it's some sort of rebel and doesn't play by anyone's rules or some noir nonsense. It's also never around when I have questions for it. So…" She turns to Arthur, arms full of babyboro. "Could you, um, reach into my inside pocket and grab m-… Erm…" She blushes, turning away. "Nevermind. We'll just have to remember. But… The powers things. The pinwheel and the spacey stuff. Is that real? Do you… have powers?" She asks inqusitively.

Vruasa would be getting the evil eye and a stern talking to, but… SCIENCE!!! first.

"Well, that is the thing. Like it or not, you were picked to play the game. So therefore, you are, by definition, a "hero." You might not like it, you might not want it, but here we are." Jordan said, placing her hands in her jacket pockets as well. She shrugged, started to scuff the dirt while looking down at it out of idleness. "So you either certainly die, or you give yourself a fighting chance. Your pick." She paused, looking up at Fiora as she asked a rather pointed question. "I'm not playing it, no."

She immediatly went back to scuffing her shoe on the dirt, before adding "That goes for you as well. And no, of course things outside of the incipisphere don't drop grist. You do remember how things work in real life, right?" she continued, raising an eyebrow at Arthur. "Remember that you're playing a game, but the rest of reality's still here. But the reason I did this is because I thought you needed to fight something outside the incipsphere to keep you sharp. Imps and ogres all the time might get you complacent."

Meanwhile, Vruasa receives another strange look. Maybe they /were/ just a bunch of bloodthirsty psychopaths, and because they were just a bunch of bloodthirsty psychopaths they were really good at Sburb.

Meanwhile, the Malboro seems to have finally calmed down, relaxing a little in Fiora's arms. It thankfully kept its mouth shut as the tentacles started to slacken.
Tshallandria has disconnected.

"The fuck am I supposed to think? All the monsters I've ever seen have dropped grist because I've never seen monsters before starting this. Where do you come from where there are all these different kinds of monsters?! I doesn't even make sense, so I assumed it would not make sense in a consistent way. Jeeze!"

He also regards Vruasa's statement. "Okay, well, given what all just went on I am hells kinds of mad disinclined to do a lot of gardening and botanical-slash-biological study to figure out how to deal with this thing but…" He looks at Fiora cradeling it in her arms and aaaaaugh. "Okay, can't kill it so yeah, gotta take care of it then." He rubs his temples "Nnnnngh. I am a shitty pet owner, I will be even worse with pets and I will generally be totally horrible in making this thing not suffer even more."

Then he's addressing Fiora's statements. "When he showed up before he was doing some kind of timey thing, and I could swear I saw some of that during the fight and I don't know. He's a space alien or something, though, I don't think we can judge what we're supposed to be based on him. And I don't think we can judge it based on her either!" He points at Jordan.

"I don't know what's up with you but you're being so cryptic I can't help but fall into the cliche of skepticism towards things I hear about what's going on from you, because I'm finally understanding why this is always one of the reactions to those sorts of things. Can you at least explain why we need to get stronger? Or how this is supposed to manifest beyond me being a marginally less weak moron? I keep hearing about this spacey thing or Fiora doing weird secret sneaking stuff but none of it makes sense or happens outside of contexts where we're not being pumped full of weird magic stuff."

Vruasa Telash frowns a little, at the strange resistance that both Arthur and Fiora direct towards the whole concept of being immersed in a battle like this. He supposes that not even all Trolls are really okay with this sort of thing, though most /have/ to be to a certain extent. Passing your trials and making it to the surface to begin with requires some amount of skill at fighting, or luck at very least. Maybe a bit of both if things go particularly south. Either way there are plenty of /grubs/ who never make it, to say nothing of developing young trolls like himself. He rubs at his temples with a bloodied hand as they attempt to express their objections to what is going on in a civil and reasonable way. At last they're done and he speaks up.

"Okay," he says, in what passes for a gentle tone from him, "I'm getting the impression that you guys had some pretty cushy upbringings so I'm gonna try to soften the blow here. This game is trying to fucking kill us. I don't know why, but the very first thing it /does/ is make a damned fine effort to kill us and everything and everyone that is even remotely important to us. Just /being here/ tells me that everybody here has been quick-witted enough to survive that. Maybe you did it without using any violence at all. /I/ didn't."

"What I'm trying to say, I guess, is that you need to get used to the violence. Even unexpected violence. I think that's what skullgirl is trying to train you — us — for. And I guess since you're new at this that you're freaking the fuck out over it. That's what she's trying to stamp out. The freaking out part. Unless your enemy's blood is made of acid there's nothin' wrong with getting a little on you when you kill them before they kill you." Vruasa gives a shake of the head and then adds, "And there's nothin' wrong with having issues with this when you're not used to it."

"Speaking of," the troll continues, "sprites aren't always worth jack shit to you. Don't assume they're going to fill you in on everything. They pace that stuff even when they're actually trying to be helpful. If you're in the game, you've got some special talent. It might be hiding, but you'll find it eventually."

"jegus," he mutters under his breath, "I am giving a fucking pep talk."

At that though, a finger is thrust towards Jordan. Vruasa grins at her as a bit of his blood trickles down his index finger and splatters into the foliage underfoot, "You're playing /some/ game. I don't know what game it is but I know it when I see it because I have done this crap before back home on Alternia. You're trying to powerlevel us. I don't know if you need us or if you're just being nice, but either way it's been a blast from the past. Keep it up. Maybe I can figure out a way to use /my/ special ability to let us do this sort of thing in a compressed frame of time."

"Anyway. I've gotta go check up on my session. YOU keep putting notes on my thermal hull," Vruasa jabs a finger at Jordan and then points towards Arthur and Fiora, "YOU two listen to her. She's better at saying this crap than I am. I've got players who probably didn't make it because they just couldn't deal with this. I /know/ you people are tougher than that. Especially you, PB. We're too much alike for you to be unable to handle this, you got it? I will chase you down through time if you die because you're too green."

"Also, you are really goddamned lucky that you didn't have to deal with any of this shit before the game. Just so you know." Vruasa Telash assures Arthur and Fiora, shaking his head not-quite-exasperatedly as he turns away from them. He removes his spear from his sylladex and meanders off in the direction that he came from, leaning it up against his shoulder as he does so. Why? Because it looks badass, that's why.

The Knight of Time waves over his shoulder and calls back, "Ciao, Hatgirl, PB, Skullgirl. It was a blast."

======> ACCELERATE: Be Future Vruasa

Vruasa Telash returns to his hive in the LAND OF GOLD AND GLORY, bloodied and aching. It's a good,

======> ACCELERATE: Be Future Vruasa

Vruasa Telash returns to his hive in the LAND OF GOLD AND GLORY, bloodied and aching. It's a good, familiar ache though. The kind that you only get when you've fought really hard against something that, actually, might have been a serious threat to you. He doesn't think that a human would really understand it, after their exchange in the jungle.

Over the course of his journey home, a sinking feeling has settled into the pit of the knight's stomach. By the time he actually got to his hive, the feeling had grown until it was more like a lump of lead situated someplace very uncomfortable in his entrails. The more he spends around these humans, the more he regards him the way he does other trolls. It's just too weird.

Climbing into his recuperacoon, Vruasa tries not to think too hard about it.

Mostly, he fails.

Fiora is left speechless. Her jaw works, slowly, as the others talk. She gently squeezes the Babyboro as it slackens in her arms, the one thing doing what she expected it to do in this whole world.


Jordan is utterly unreadable. She doesn't fit anything box but that of the 'mysterious stranger' or within the realm of 'author fiat'. And Fiora has a hunch it's certainly not the latter. She's a concerned individual.

Arthur is just frustratingly Arthur, but if he'd just look at his situation with a critical, analytical eye… Gah! Life would be so much easier. For everyone! Especially Fiora herself! This whole powers thing would be put to rest, and he'd agree with her that this shit is entirely bullshit and they could hang out and play games and talk bad crime flicks.

And Vruasa… Or 'Horned Asshole' as she's mentally filed him for now. Entirely in spite of his own title for her. He… He is Achilles. So frustratingly Achilles, with his spear and his glory and his battle thirst… And his speeches! All he needed was a chariot and the king's son to drag behind it to be the great myrmidon himself. But he also was dodgey, he didn't answer the question, and he gave an infuriating pep talk instead. Fiora didn't WANT a fucking pep talk, Fiora wanted a SIMPLE ANSWER to a SIMPLE QUESTION.

"You're hiding things." She finally states to Jordan, her eyes hidden by the brim of her hat. Inscrutable by the jaunty angle of her sleuthing hat. "But… I appreciate the help anyway. Even if I don't like the way I'm being helped." She continues, tilting her head up to reveal… Uncertain eyes, and a halting smidgen of a grin.

She shuffles a bit with her feet, squidging in the malboro slime as she adjusts the weight of the baby to hold it with one hand. "You're not a moron, Arthur. And you're being far better about this being a life or death game with stupid game mechanics and stupid game pacing." She grouses.

As Vruasa gives his speech, Fiora is silent. Exposition is a precious thing, and allowing others to give theirs is simple courtesy. Achilles also manages to say some meaningful things, giving Fiora obvious pause, before she states, quietly… "This game isn't here to just kill us. It's here to break us." She offers, before taking hold of her hat and tipping it over, balancing it on the babyboro as she pulls a vial of BLUE INK from her inside pocket, tossing hat and ink to Vruasa. "I'm sure you can figure this out." She offers, though… He might leave like the COOL CUSTOMER he is before taking it as dramatically appropriate…

"Come on, Arthur. I need to get back to the pub and figure out what this… thing eats."

Log Notes: This was Vruasa's first meeting with Fiora. She gave him a hat, and thereafter he nicknamed her Hatgirl. He also received a PROTECTIVE AMULET, which is similar to a ribbon in a FINAL FANTASY game. This is why the monsters here couldn't status effect him. Because he does not realize what the amulet does, he stopped wearing it after this scene. He still has it… somewhere.

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