Knight's Log 8-17-12

From all parts of the planet's surface, massive stone spires can be seen at various distances and at various heights, interconnected by irregularly-shaped stone bridges. It's not clear what's at the top, but various natural structures and openings dot the sides of these spires. It is clear from experienced observation that while there are spires above, there are also spires below; all surface area seems to be on top of these spires, including the current surface.

This spire is one of the more unusual ones, though. Unlike the spires previously seen, this one is entirely stone; there is not an inch of the massive thing that is not made of solid rock. Another clearly unusual thing is the fact that the spire seems to only have a single feature, and otherwise appears to be smooth and without any of the forests, huts, or other similar features most spires in the Land of Spires and Frogs seem to contain. The only thing that can be seen is a single entryway, carved ornately and marked with a variety of symbols that require examination for any substantial description. It is surrounded on each side by what look like large, carved frogs. Each stand in a stoic sort way, sitting straight up. A pair of lilypad-styled pedistals sit, each marked with a familiar-looking spirographic gate pattern below them. This small entryway seems to lead directly down into the spire itself, moving to a stairway that heads down.

The frogs are clearly marked with past efforts to deface them. These appear to have been ineffective, because the frogs are still there.

SUMMARY - Arthur Lowell < - This is the objective location. This isn't where most are starting, though; that's depending on the arrangements they make.

In the entrance, there's a sound of metal rending metal as the black and gold tip of the King Saw tears its way through reality. With a grinding noise, it twists from horizontal to vertical, and once it's upright, there's a sound not unlike a massive, ancient tumbler lock. The weapon recedes. In its wake is a white portal of light.

From this emerges Black Gold Saw, the King Saw balanced across her shoulders in a shape that is much smaller than what had just been used to cut a hole in space. In her other hand is a cellphone, upon which she's currently tapping out a text message to Psyber.

> I need you. Gather together any allies you like and I will bring you to the Land of Spires and Frogs.
> We need to find something.
> Something hidden.

That done, she tucks the cellphone back into her way-too-small coat's pocket and lifts the King Saw, using it to carve a fresh portal through which said compatriots can arrive.

*Bzzz bzzz. Bzz bzz*

Psyber idly lifts his head out from under the sheets of his bed and picks up the phone. He sighs and flips out the keyboard, sending to text messages.

To Saw: OMW

To Eila: foxy. Meet me in LOSAF.

And then he tiredly gets out of bed and pulls on some pants before grabbing a pistol, a Strawberry Pop Tart, and then hopping through the portal that Saw made for him.


Vruasa Telash is engaged in an intense and incredibly obnoxious conversation with his future self on the topic of what he is going to do with the next day of his life. This doesn't go over exceptionally well with either of the Trolls, because although they are the same person they are both belligerent and highly emotional at the best of times. Mixing the two of them is rather akin to mixing gasoline with lit matches, which is unfortunate because they need eachother to get where they're going to be going. Otherwise Past Vruasa does not become Future Vruasa and we wind up with yet another doomed timeline. Of which Future Vruasa assured Past Vruasa, they were swimming up to their fucking necks in. All the way up to here with dead Vruasas.

Eventually, PAST Vruasa gets fed up with talking to FUTURE Vruasa and decides that it's time to go ahead and become PRESENT VRUASA. This is less complicated than it seems.

======> Be Present Vruasa

"Oh my fucking god. If I knew somebody else was already going to be here to take care of this bullshit, I would not even have fucking bothered." Vruasa Telash complains to Saya, mysteriously POPPING into existence immediately adjacent to her and her portal. He did not actually teleport himself, but rather, accelerated himself through time until he arrived to where and when he needed to be. This is a risky business, since there is no going back, and it's entirely possible to run headlong into a situation that is more dangerous than expected. So far though, Vruasa has had reasonable luck with abusing it maliciously instead of carefully considering his potential options.

He is accompanied by YOU. Exactly who YOU are and what YOUR contributions may or may not be, Vruasa has no fucking idea about. He just knows that FUTURE HIM indicated that YOU are incredibly important and need to be here right now. So before accelerating himself all the way forward he came and yelled at YOU to get YOU to come here. YOU may or may not have been intending to come to begin with, who fucking knows.

"So what the hell are we even doing here?" The troll asks Saya, heedless of his companions or of hers. Or even of the possibility that Saya might well not want unknown factors involved. He really just wants to get this over with so he can go back to his session. Why it would be vital for him to be /here/ while things are going on elsewhere, Vruasa really doesn't know. He knows better than most people, of course, but he's still new at this time shenanigans crap and frankly it's giving him a headache.

Other text to Thionette: >Hey Tails. Meet me in LOSAF.

And with the timely texting (and that Thionette hotwired her communication device with the means to work with more 'modern' media technologies) it's not long before Thionette arrives at the behest of a certain half-angel. Whom upon seeing she has to put a hand over her mouth to keep from snickering too hard. "You look like you just got out of bed there." But jokes aside, she's here and ready. "So what's the crazy ass adventure this time?"

Eila's earpiece recieves a Morse Code message. As she slowly translates it in her head, she infers who it's from and what it's about. After all, there aren't too many people who'd be ballsy enough to refer to her as 'foxy', and even fewer who would be involved with LOSAF.

She writes on a note, "Acknowledged. I'm moving out now." and hands it off to be transcribed into Morse Code, which will probably be translated into a format that Psyber's cell can read easily.

Eila passes up her MG 42 and takes one of the looted danmaku tommy guns with her. Jumping into her striker unit, she starts it up and flies through the warp gate. She'll be making a small stop at the Power Plant to pick up her shuttlecraft before heading to LOSAF with Psyber.

A little bit later than others, Eila's ship flies over Black Gold Saw, Thionette, and Psyber's location. Moments later it gently comes to landing nearby, and a danmaku-armed witch disembarks. Eila smiles and waves at Psyber, before glacing at BGS.

Eila hesitantly regards Black Gold Saw with a cautious eye. The witch has certainly seen enough of the horned Other Self to know that she isn't a terrible person, but she's still a little… creepy. Maybe not just a little.

"Hi," she says hesitantly to the Other Self, before turning to Thionette and nodding at her. She hasn't seen the girl before, but it might not be the best time for introductions.

Glancing between BGS and Psyber, Eila asks, "What's up?"

With her compatriots arrived and Vruasa introducing himself in his own unique way, Black Gold Saw uses the King Saw to ram a fresh hole into reality. A small one. From this, she retrieves a small collection of papers, neatly pinned between the talons that form up her fingers. She holds it out to the angel first, then to Eila and Thionette. Lastly, it's presented to the foul-mouthed troll

According to her information (where did this come from even), there's a Derse research camp somewhere within this spire. She taps that a few times with her thumb, then lifts the papers and uses them to make a 'dead' gesture across her neck.

Swinging the King Saw, she props it beside her feet as she tucks her papers back whence they came, then uses her now-empty hand to gesture into the catacomb. It seems she wants to find a camp full of dead people.

Thionette looks at the paper. Then looks at Saw as she gestures, and her expression lights up with a faint "Ooooooh." Folds and tucks the paper in her belt. "I ain't been raidin' tombs in ages." Thoughtfully pauses for a moment. "Granted, where I come from they tend to be ruins full of freaks, cultists and forgotten clockwork guardians…. considerin' -this- place who knows what the hell is down there…."

Evidently, Vruasa is accompanied by NO ONE. Who the hell did he just yell at? Maybe they just haven't shown up yet. Or maybe he was just yelling at somebody for unrelated reasons. That happens a lot of the time, and he just packed a lot of time into a very small period of time from his own perspective. People start filtering through all the same, and truthfully the troll simply can't remember if he has anything to do with them or not yet. He assumes that he does though, because he is awesome like that, even if he cannot verifiably claim personal responsibility.

On the other hand, most of them look closer to human than troll. That's not very appealing to him, but he decides to fight down the mildly disgusted expression that would otherwise accompany his disappointment to avoid causing issues. Vruasa has yet to make a decision on how much he likes these off-worlders, so it is best not to make enemies yet. Soon enough, he gets something resembling an explanation for what is going on from BLACK GOLD SAW, who shows them some printed information. Whoever this person is resembles a troll more than the others do, and she has a pretty bitchin' set of horns. So he'll let that maybe-a-subtle-snub slide for the moment and try to figure out what her angle is until he's got a better fix on what she's really like.

Besides. It sounds like there's probably going to be something to stab later. That'll let him vent his pent-up aggression without yelling at these mostly-hornless-people.

It goes without saying that Vruasa Telash unhesitantly enters the spire, calling his ROCKET SPEAR to hand as he does so. His mouth curls into a wide, fangy smile as he goes on ahead. "I don't give a shit what kind of freaks there are in here," He remarks to Thionette, his tone aggressive and excited, "I haven't gotten to stab anything challenging in /days/." This is probably not the sort of statement that you should be jinxing yourself with as you wander into a monolithic structure like this.

Below, the staircase leads to something rather less claustrophobic than one usually expects something called catacombs to be. In fact, it's larger than one expects most interiors to be, period. It's a massive chamber running up and down the spire, the stairs at the entryway forming a spiral staircase around a central pillar that seems to be composed of solid, dark-green crystaline material. Around the crystaline tewer-pillar, meeting the stairs at awkward angles, are bridges; these lead to ledges that circle the interior of the spire all around its circumference. There are many, many levels of this; at least a few dozen. From the stairs, one can see carvings, and what look like containers, about the size of the local iguanas, lining the walls. From this distance, one can see that, at the very least, they are not in that obtuse symbol language.

This is, at least, the case for the several levels that are immediately visible upon entering. It looks like an informative and possibly valuable location, almost excessively so, at first glance, though. Unfortunately, no (un)helpful Iguanas here to harass; one wonders how upkeep is done. The staircase extends farther down around the Tewer-core tube, to other areas. Levels 1-10 are IMMEDIATELY ACCESSIBLE. There's a PASSAGE ABOVE to the EXTERIOR. There are STAIRS leading DOWN. There are NO ENEMIES, or ANY OTHER ENTITIES OF SUCH NATURE, in startling defiance of crypt tradition. There is a large quantity of GRIST here, spread out among the levels; whatever used to be here didn't much care for crypt tradition either and decided to do a lot of murdering to get rid of Underlings around here.

Well, if the first place you go to find dead people is a crypt, this is a fair place to start. No shortage of dead things here, presumably in those container.

Munching the Pop Tart in his hand, Psyber seems relatively unphased by what is occuring before him. Or he is too tired to actually comprehend it quite yet. Which it is shall remain a mystery as he munches the Strawberry pastry and idly gives a smile to Thionette at her remark about how he looks like he just got out of bed. It's probably because he finds an ironic humor in that it's totally true.

Half-lidded ruby eyes look over the sheet of paper that Saw shows him, taking in the information at a slow pace and a deliberate read. Eventually he lifts his head and looks to Eila, responding wholly belatedly to Eila's question with, "I think Saw has a job for us." Yeah.

Eventually, that tired gaze falls upon the cursing, yelling, troll. He's never seen the individual before. This person is being loud, emphatic, excited and aggressive. Psyber very slowly raises a hand to Vruasa and… puts a finger on his lips, "Shhhh. Daddy is hung over. Indoor voices."

And then he turns and starts heading down the stairs in a sleepy shuffle, coming to a stop in front of one of the containers, if he can find one still closed. And then with a mighty heavy he'd attempt to pry it open. Because why not.

Thionette takes one glance down into the catacombs. "Oh bloody hell, the place's got stairs." They've been warned many a time about stairs in this weird game/world. But stairs aren't about to stop her from a bit of adventure, no siree… She does however take the precaution of pulling her goggles down onto her face properly, just to be on the safe side, before following after Psyber. "I've got a crowbar if ye need, wings."

Eila blinks at Vruasa a few times. Since Pesterchum and Trollian are text mediums, she actually doesn't recognize the troll's voice or anything. He certainly seems angry though… Not sure what to make of him, Eila is distracted from the subject quickly by the papers that Saw is showing her.

"A Derse research camp… And the people there are… dead?" Eila infers that last bit from Saw's gesture. As BGS points, the Suomus witch's eyes follow, glancing down into the catacombs. In response to Psyber's statement, Eila says, "Well… alright. I'm up for that."

Heading into the catacombs with the others, Juutilainen takes in the sight of it. As she heads down the TERRIBLY DANGEROUS STAIRS, Eila goes out of her way to collect the GRIST that she comes across along the way. Never know when it might be useful, after all.

Deelel at this point rezzes into the material plane from the bit of Thion's gear she was riding shotgun on and she notices the troll along with Pysber as she comes into being again.


She pauses staring at the Troll again, long and hard she doesn't seem exactly too happy about things but she wisely says nothing she looks to Pysber nods once then back to Thion for a moment "I'm tempted to take my cycle or jet down it if I can given what happened last time…Or maybe i'll go back to riding till we're at the bottom."

Once inside the grand central chamber of the Catacomb-Spire, Black Gold Saw leans back somewhat to look upward. Crimson eyes follow the Tewer-pillar down into the depths. She turns somewhat, following the Angel's movements, and then the Troll's. In a fashion entirely flying in the face of most Other Selves, the horned woman…strolls. Her movement is very steady and relaxed, the King Saw across her shoulders as she descends the steps.

She seems disinterested in the STANDARD CRYPT PROCEDURE, and doesn't in fact investigate the various tombs nor pursue the grist. Rather, the devil woman is more intent on following the trail of Grist down into the spire. It may lead where she wants to go, if her information is correct.

Levels 11-20 are a different matter; these seem to be more dedicated to complex rituals concerning the dead. Each of these seem heavily laden with tools and tables, but some of them appear to contain records; it looks like an archive of the permanent residents of the crypt, and things they had on them. Alongside this seems to be some sort of treasure chest construction area, meant for dispersing chests among the interred. It looks like the sort of place where massive cliches must be produced and put into place.

Yet further down, the glint of light on metal, dim as it might be in these darker depths, can be seen. The archives seem just slightly ransacked, as if someone was partially through a more thorough pillaging and didn't quite get done. The shelves full of scrolls are partially left pristine and partially left a giant mess. The crafting area for containers looks like it may have some mechanical knowledge to impart upon those so inclined, but it's otherwise unremarkable.

There is more GRIST here, the result of many UNDERLING DEATHS. There are more TOMB-CONTAINERS, left more isolated; potentially these are of higher priority or something like that. There are no ACTIVE ENEMIES. Stairs lead ABOVE and BELOW

"Your drinking habits are not my responsibility, and my dad is an enormous fucking dragon centipede." Vruasa Telash answers, but he manages to be energetic without strictly being /loud/. The reason is pretty simple: He drank a bottle of infernal whiskey a few days back and it made him trip balls like mad. So he is actually kind of sympathetic to Psyber's horrible hangover. After spending several hours seeing Subjugglators and imagining all drinks as Faygo, and then waking up in a creepy human church, he can't /not/ feel a little sympathetic to the guy. If only because he can feel sympathy for himself, and is currently projecting on the angel a little.

He takes the time to survey the stairs. There's a lot of grist in the area, which will be useful to collect. But why is there so much grist, and so few enemies? Logically, Vruasa can determine that something or someone has already been through the area and killed the enemies but not collected the grist. Who the hell would go to the trouble of killing everything and not taking all the delicious, useful grist? Something big. Something tough. Something worth hunting down and killing.

Vruasa is stared at. He stares back towards Deelel, puzzled at her evident agitation. Then the not-quite-a-troll BLACK GOLD SAW starts moving down towards the lower levels with everybody else. Were it not that the upper passage just goes back out to the exterior, the Troll would elect to ASCEND rather than DESCEND. This proves not to be an option, so he does the only logical thing one does when confronted by lots of stairs and no elevators or alternate means of passing through.

He mounts his ROCKET SPEAR like some kind of bizarre witch's broom (which is every bit as suggestive and dumb as it sounds, and where the hell does it even keep fuel) and fires it up. That sound right there is the sound of Vruasa going waaaaaay too fast down a spiral staircase. He's probably going to run into something before he reaches his destination.

Investigation into the tiny Iguana-tomb finds exactly what one would expect, in varying levels of decay; for the sake of granularity and the sake of taste, this will be left largely undescribed. Besides this, though, there is something interesting of note; it looks like some of those crystaline plants were planted in the tomb. They appear to have wormed their way into the cranium of its occupant, and turned, gradiating away form the skull, a slightly more yellow shade of green. Clutched in the hands of the inhabitant is an ornate blade that Thionette will recognize as a much more ornate version of her own knife she granted to one of the inhabitants. Above the container is written a lengthy history; this looks like some kind of elder guardsman. No actual discussion of his battles are made, all that's listed are his possessions, the quantity of metal he possessed upon his death, and the names of his friends. At the foot of his container is a tiny treasure chest marked with two symbols: One of those is what looks like a stylized iguana holding a small knife and the other is what looks like a hand tightly gripping a large gear.

Darkness is no problem, Thionette's goggles have lights and magnification built into them. How do they have minature lights in a world without extensive electricity? Fortunately small electrically charged shards of karmanyzite are just as good as batteries, and have a much longer lifespan for worry free illumination!

".. That dagger looks familiar," muses the skunkette as she peers over Psyber's shoulder. However, the gadgeteer pirate is quickly distracted by taking an interest in the assembly area and plods thataway to investigate, goggle-mounted lights sweeping over assorted tools and pieces as she turns her head one way and another to look around.

"Nah, I think I got this one, Thio." Psyber says idly, prying at the tomb with his fingers and finding that it gives under his effort, "I have juuuust the tool for very delicate tomb excavation."

Psyber takes off his jacket and shakes it a couple times before a massive silver hammer almost as tall as he is falls out of it, "There we go." He says before swinging the thing up over his head and then down onto the two chests that were in the Iguana's crypt. He has the utmost respect for these people and their ancient traditions. But MORE respect for the RPG Laws of 'You Die, It's Mine'.

"Hey what're those plants?" He asks no one in particular and everyone in earshot as he smashes things open for sweet, sweet loot. His swings are careful not to strike support pillars, though he has no reservations about cracking open the burial chests or nearby tombs like walnuts. He does stop momentarily to inspect the dagger when Thionette points it out, "It looks pretty interesting."

Vruasa crashes into the LEVEL 40, the ground floor, where the catacombs stop. Levels 31-40 are clearly all dedicated to only one corpse, because while that little container on level 35 is about the size of one of the Iguanas, it's fairly clear that the surroundings are all dedicated to him. The carvings seem to be entirely dedicated to describing and defining large quantities of steel that was in possession of this one iguana when he died, and doesn't seem to be discussing anything regarding his history or substantial importance.

This tomb is surrounded by a whole lot of chests, all marked with a whole lot of symbols. Some would look familiar to others, but they aren't to Vruasa; the Heaven and Hell logo, that old hand gripping a gear, a pixelated power-button, a claw moving over a lute, one or the other half of a pokeball, and others. A few would strike him as familiar; one looks like a stylized representation of Black Gold Saw's horns. Another is that familiar Time gear, while there are ones marked with the reverse-Borjgali whirl of Space, one with the hollow whirl of Void, two with symbols of Life and Hope each, and a distinct one separated from the others marked with a spiked skull-like symbol of Doom.

There's also clear signs of habitation, which is to say it looks like some people were throwing trash down here from some place up above. Someone messy, or a large group, was living on level 30.

More grist. What is distinctly noticable is the fact that the only tomb on this level has been smashed open, and is vacant.

As Eila heads down the stairs, the archives down below catch her attention. Regarding the messy nature of them, Eila begins to speculate. Whoever came down here must have been in a hurry. And they seemed to be after these scrolls more than anything else. And it seems like they might not be finished…

Eila digs through the scrolls, giving each a casual skim before setting it aside and moving on to the next one. She pays a little more attention to the scrolls containing mechanical knowledge, but mostly she's trying to figure out what down here could be so important.

She doesn't seem to be trying to keep things in any sort of order, either. She doesn't know where the stuff is supposed to go, and she may actually be making the mess a bit bigger.

BLACK GOLD SAW pauses, crimson eyes glancing Psyber's way when he mentions plants. However, she decides to let him investigate it instead. The roar of a rocket engine prompts her to lean aside as Vruasa zooms past, and she hesitates. At the sound of a CRASH, she winces melodramatically, then lifts her empty hand alongside her mouth and mimes calling out.

Of course, Black Gold Saw can't talk. She's actually making fun of him, as evidenced by the amused bob of her shoulders when she resumes walking the spiral staircase down, down, down after the trails of Grist.

Meanwhile, back up where Thionette is, it looks like the assembly area is designed for assembling chests with a unique locking mechanism. It seems as though the chests were assembled through intricate carving systems, where the locks were constructed entirely out of the strange crystaline plant. This seemed to involve extremely tiny engravings on the surfaces of the stalks, which don't immediately make sense.

After sufficient time studying, Thionette's sharp mind and mechanical inclinations can gain a rudimentary understanding of how TEWER MECHANISM MANIPULATION is performed. Analysis of the partial constructions of the chests grant her the basis of understanding tewer mechanical interactions, of which the most useful element is the fact that it seems to allow for personalized mechanisms for those who are not immediately known, such as locks, in this case, being made for specific future looters. With sufficient research of this basis Thionette may even be able to use the tewer substance that is grown on this world to create more intricate and less delicate programmed mechanisms.

The chest is dense; it looks very much like it's designed to be completely impenetrable. Luckily, Psyber doesn't hail from the Incipisphere and he's not subject to arbitrary, absolute rules of this sort of thing. His massively overleveled nature allows him to immediately loot the contents of the chest; there's several thousand boondollars in here, along with an incomprehensible-looking clockwork module of some kind. It looks like it should be fitted to some kind of gun or another, but not a very traditional firearm. The closest match Psyber's firearms expertise could place it at is some kind of weapon mod for a harpoon gun. It's fairly clear that at this point he's looting chests meant for other players, but this isn't going to stop him from doing it anyway.


Vruasa Telash smashes into level 40 because he runs out of places to continue flying. A stream of swearing arises in the wake of this event, echoing up the stairwells for a moment before tapering off into agitated muttering. In retrospect he should have figured out a way to put some brakes on this thing, but he just looks so awesome with his scarf billowing in the wind on his ROCKET SPEAR. It's a lot more useful in quarters that aren't so confined. He shakes his head vigorously, trying to get his bearings again and picking his spear up from the ground. He might need it down here, even if it seems like somebody went well out of their way to murder everything in the crypts and leave nothing behind. Ordinarily this low-light environment would be a serious problem, but TROLLS are nocturnal creatures, and Vruasa himself is no exception.

So as it happens, he can see decently without the aid of a flashlight or torch.

Straightening himself out, he begins to look around. There's a lot of trash on the ground down here, like somebody was using this place as a garbage disposal space. Taking a moment to make certain that nothing left on the floors might actually have been useful (because boy, the citizens of these worlds tend to be dumbasses), Vruasa moves on to check out the chests… and hoover up some of the grist that's still around here.

It's the chests that he investigates first, passing by them with a look of distant interest. There could be some useful loot in here, but what do these symbols mean? He pauses at the chest bearing the symbol of his own class, staring at it blankly.

Then he tries to open it up with the end of his spear and see what's inside. Because he is not presently WATCHING HER, and also because he's a significant distance away now and cannot do so regardless, Vruasa fails to notice the not-quite-a-troll girl making fun of his awful transportation method and landing.

That is unfortunate, because that exchange could have been hilarious.

Deelel doesn't hate Vruasa per say but the guy needs to work on his social skills oh wel it could be worse. He isn't strying to stab hello people after all right? that could be even worse. she'll just hacve to deal with the possiblity of stairs, which she's really staring to hate. Rather than going off alone she'll keep with Pysber and thion at this point and as for light? She generates her own.

"Humm let me get a look at that there.

"Humm a weapon but what's so interesting about it it looks kinda primative to me."

The archives seem to be a variety of records. Some are on the subject of materials reports for "predestined reward dispension", some are on the subject of iguanas being interred, but most, oddly, seem botanical; they are primarily concerned with caring for, and growing, the Tewer plants that are in the various tombs. It's not clear why this is a worthwhile endeavor, but so many records are dedicated to it and so much time seems to be spent doing it that something has to be important about growing these plants inside tombs. These seem to be the highest priority.

"Well now, ain't this interesting," Thionette muses pretty much to herself as she leans over one of the workstations, picking through tools and rotting papers and all sorts of other materials and finally clearing much of it away from an actual device from one of the partially assembled and left in disarray chests. One hand reachs up to fiddle with her goggles, clicking previously concealed magnification lenses into place until she finally gets the tiny carvings and intricities into view.

After a bit of study and fiddling she manages to pull the locking mechanism off, taking note of how it's actually made out of that crystal plant and.. hmm.. can't tell if the engravings are arcane or just some weird game mechanica. Either way.

No time for experimenting right now, so Thionette makes some mental notes, for later pursual and research, and hustles to catch up to the others.

"Sweet. Boondollars." Not to mention the strange Weapon Mod that he pockets for when it will become relevant later. He hoists the hammer up over his shoulder and then says, "Welp." As the most input he has on the situation.

With that done, he looks to the other two with him, "I'mma go see what Saw's up to." he says to the two girls before trudging himself and the huge hammer towards the horned devil and asking, "So what's the plan here, Saw?"

Saw eventually reaches level 30, which is evidently where the camp was. It is also a fairly clearly important location; there's a massive recess in the tewer-pillar here. The crystaline substance opens into a small chamber, likewise composed of that same substance. It looks almost like a residence, carved out of and rendered in this unique crystal, except for the fact that there's a large stand of some kind sitting in the center. If Thionette happens to pass by or look down the various levels, she is likely to find it is similar to that recess she found at the Hermit Caves. The stand appears to have, at one point, been wrapping around or possibly even growing around something, something Thionette may recall is supposed to be there but isn't.

This is the part that's likely to catch the most attention from the others. Saw, on the other hand, is more likely to be occupied with the small metal constructs that seem to be laying in varying states of disrepair over at the distant ledges. These seem to have, at one point, been inhabited by the Dersites; she's found their camp. More of those scrolls from the archive make it fairly clear they were trying to map out the interior spire lazily, using the existing records of it. It's only upon extremely close examination of the metalic prefab structures that made up a small sleeping area, a small eating area, and a small work area, that Saw will notice signs of combat. There's several large bulletholes, the closest of which are next to what looks like some kind of communications station that was set up.

Saw's found the camp! Now she just needs to find an angle of investigation to get the information she's after, and perhaps to manipulate those around her into gaining some understanding of who or what she's seeking.

Between the sounds of Psyber's HIGHLY RESPECTFUL TOMB EXPLORATION, and Vruasa's GRACEFUL LANDING followed by his TOTALLY CLASSY WORD CHOICE, Eila looks up from a scroll and glances up, then down. Wondering to herself what could possibly be GOING ON at the OTHER FLOORS, the Strike Witch pauses for a moment, wondering if the CEILING is going to FALL UPON HER HEAD or something.

After a moment, she goes back to reading. BOTANICAL STUFF. Tewer plants. Her mind goes back to the small plants that BIG NAK mugged one of the iGUANAS. The GOLD TEWER. It seemed like SOMETHING IMPORTANT or otherwise a VERY BIG DEAL.

Which means that whoever was digging through this stuff may have been looking for something on the GOLD TEWER, or SOMETHING SIMILAR, and it's also possible that this UNKNOWN LOOTER may have already TAKEN whatever he was LOOKING FOR.

Sadly this place is a TOTAL MESS. It may be impossible to tell if ANYTHING is MISSING. But Eila looks around for SIGNS anyways, trying to figure out if the UNKNOWN LOOTER took something.

Most of the trash is odd; there's cans upon cans of some kind of polish. It doesn't make any sense. There are also scraps of some kind of preserved meat, and a whole lot of cigarette remains. Also here are lots of papers; these bear decayed Derse inscriptions. This may not be useful, but at the very least, Vruasa will be made aware of a bit more of the situation, and informed of the presence of an army with this sort of paperwork.

The chest is much more profitable. It looks like some kind of weapon modification; it's a spear-mounted aerodynamic stabilizer, meant to make rocket-javelinning a more viable tactic. If Vruasa can duplicate it alchemically and make some cheaper rocket-spears, this may turn out to be useful for ranged combat! It's not very sensible for it to be here, though, with his symbol in someone else's session.

The unknown looters seem to have focused their looting on some of the botanical records; however, most of them seem to be primarily concerned with the level 30 botanical records, which are larger than any others and are a massive gap in the existing scrolls, seeming to have gone completely missing.

With a bit more focus on the gold tewer, she can also see that some of the growth records concern themselves with "enrichment", which seems to be the term for its creation. Why anyone would be doing that in a tomb, though, isn't obvious.

This is more like it. Black Gold Saw pauses to examine the cavity within the central Tewer more closely, butSince she was never in the Hermit cavesdoesn't recognize it at all or realize it has any significance beyond being interesting at a glance. She turns her attention to the thing she was actually seeking here: The encampment. Lifting the King Saw, she carves a crescent in midair and steps through it, warping herself to the ledge the structures occupy.

She notes the bullet holes with a small frown, touching one with a fingertip as she proceeds through the encampment. The density of bullet holes suggests to her where the battle lines were set up, and once she reaches the communication station, she concludes that this must have been their last stand. The King Saw is removed from her shoulders, upended, and rammed into the ground at her feet. Keeping her hand on the hilt, she taps her chin with the other as she considers her next move.

A stupid little song plays as Vruasa Telash picks up his new SPEAR-MOUNTED AERODYNAMIC STABILIZER. It hovers about a foot out of his outstretched hands before he captchalogues it, encasing it in one of his stupid fucking time capsules. A timer starts on its outer case, indicating the most dramatic moment at which he will be able to access his newfound loot. He doesn't bother to check and see if it will come out anytime soon. It almost /never/ does, so what's the use. He wanders back towards the debris littered about the tombs, and captachlogues those as well. They might not be immediately relevant but they might turn out to be useful eventually. He kicks one of the cans as he strolls past the other chests. Their emblems mark them as belonging to someone else.

But why would /his/ logo be here, in this other session? Weird. It probably doesn't have any horrifying implications whatsoever. Neither does that distinctly separate Doom logo'd chest.

There's some horns that look familiar. Probably the not-quite-a-troll-girl's. Before he heads back upstairs, Vruasa makes a point of collecting all of the grist — which he'll need to upgrade his spear later, and make more — and heads towards the lone tomb in the area. It's long since been cracked open but maybe there's something interesting left inside. Or at least, some sort of information to go off of. It's a long shot, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Still… whoever left behind all this Grist seems to have left behind a /lot/ of stuff in general. Why not try to pilfer the chests?

The central container has only two facts that are substantially noticable about it. First is the fact of how the tomb's lid is damaged; cracks in the interior, spreading to the exterior. Not from one place, but from several dozen at once, as if something was inside, pushed against it everywhere all at once, and then smashed out of it.

The other fact of note is that while there is no corpse, there is also none of the tewer that was inside any of the various other tombs. In fact, it was distinctly uprooted from the earthen substance used to grow it inside. At the foot of it is a treasure chest marked only with a stylized symbol of a frog.

Uh oh.

This tomb was not broken /into/. It was broken /out of/. Which means that whatever was down here…

Vruasa turns around and looks up towards the stairs. Okay, first thing's first. Something relevant to what was in this tomb is in that chest. He'll check that out first, and then head back up top to alert the others to what seems to be going on. So this is what he does, moving back 'round to the frog-chest and attempting to open it with his spear as he had his own chest. Though… what the heck is that frog symbol for, anyway? It's not a class that he's aware of. Something to do with PB, maybe? It IS his world.

So whoever was here looting, they wanted BOTANICAL INFORMATION. Also, the archives seem to be missing information on WHY TEWER IS GROWN IN TOMBS seems to be absent. Could that be what the UNKNOWN LOOTER took? Or did they take SOMETHING ELSE ENTIRELY?

Eila's investiagations take her to the ARCHIVES on Level 30. She looks over the massive gap in the archives. Something /was/ here. Something probably important. But it's gone now. Eila sighs. Well someone who isn't one of them already has some vitally important information. It doesn't seem like Eila can get any more information along these lines.

But she does wander around to investigate the tombs, particularly ones that Psyber has smashed open. She's looking for the TEWER and what CONDITIONS it might be growing under.

Unfortunately, the Frog Chest looks locked! It also looks substantially more sturdy than the other ones, though not impossibly so. It may be a bit more of an issue getting it open without proper unlocking, though, if those aware of it are particularly inclined to game the system and sequence break so severely.

Hmm. Curiouser and curiouser.


Future deusexLongcoat [FDL]: whatever you fucking do don't force the goddamned frog chest open just trust me on this we will be up to our eyes in dead vruasas
Past deusexLongcoat [PDL]: what? why?
Future deusexLongcoat [FDL]: just don't do it asshole, jegus it's like i'm not you

Vruasa Telash decides NOT to try and use time shenanigans to open the box early. He turns around heads towards the stairs to go join the others and tell them about the chests and not to mess with the frog chest. He's pretty sure the shit is about to hit the fan around here just about any time, and everybody might like to have whatever loot is available in their own chests below.

The tombs at level 30 are a different matter from the others entirely. The camp mentioned several poses above is here, but besides that, so are a lot of these tombs. While none are yet smashed, many can be opened. When examined, their inhabitants seem to be in a more severe state of decay. However, from the look of it, not only are the tewer plants a lovely green-yellow shade, but they seem awfully long, as if growing more. The ones surrounding the head seem to have grown right through the skull and into it, occupying where the brain used to be, though this space is tiny in the Iguana skulls. The rate of growth in these, as opposed to the ones in the upper levels, is rather high, and seems to be occupying a lot of the top part of the tomb. The stalks are twisted and tangled rather than the straight-line cylinders of others.

There was a soft *tap* of sneakers hitting rock behind Vruasa, as that girl with the annoying habit of showing up and disappearing at some of the most dramatic times decided to show herself again. She slowly rose from the crouch she had apparently landed in, looking at the troll.

"Well. Isn't this interesting?" she said, her voice breaking the apparent silence in the tomb that he currently occupied, walking past the troll, almost as if he didn't exist, and towards the chest with the frog on it. Her eyes rested on that one for a few moments, before she turned to the other ones, examining the ones that did not have the traditional symbols on them in particular.

"It looks like I was right. Sburb is adjusting to the fact that additional individuals have come in, and are apparently considering them players as well, regardless of if they actually were a player from the start or not."

Doomsday devices?! Now that ball's in Farnsworth's court.

I mean… dead campsite in a tomb! Now the ball's in Psyber's court.

The half-angel gives a brief nod to Thionette, "Cool. Maybe we can use that some day. Are they worth taking?" He asks, even as he sets about to investigating the campsite. He looks for the three telltale signs of any given fight: TRACKS, which will tell them size and direction. BATTLE SIGNS, things like claw marks and whatnot to tell what it's wielding. And finally, SIGNS OF DAMAGE, blood, bandages, clumps of fur.

Despite the lazy, smashy route he was going earlier, at this point he seems far more professional in how he searches.
Deelel is actually keeping up with the others as they reac level 30 she blinks for a moment "Your kidding Thion?" Then again with this being a game like unierse they might have reused assests after all right? At least that's how she's seeing it. As she nods to Pysber. "All right Pysber you take care."

She'll stick with the Steam Punk. She'll sprint along after them without much time for a comment as well? The pillar with the opening might not wait for them.

"Did you come here just to try to accuse me of fucking everything up? Jegus. I keep saying this but I'm still pretty sure our sessions are connected anyway because of the way Sgurb kicked off in the first place. I keep seeing this place in my future whenever I try to look — not that I'm a Seer or anything, but I can see stuff relating to me — so it's obvious that SOMETHING is going on." Vruasa answers Jordan, his tone immediately annoyed if not quite aggressive. He waves his spear to indicate that she should follow him up the stairs, which apparently aren't as dangerous as usual because he manages not to trip up them.

Fucking dangerous architecture. At least when a place is made of stairs it doesn't seem to be bad. Oh. Wait. That means his server player's session is /not inconvenient at all/. Ugh.

"If you /have/ a chest down there, hurry the fuck up and check it and come with me. I don't think it's a good idea to be alone in here." The troll says, pausing partway up the stairs to look down towards where Jordan might well not be anymore. While he's thinking about it, he also tries to check her out for a symbol that might identify her in some way. Everybody seems to have one of some kind.

While she's at it, Jordan just happened to have chose to walk up to one of the chests in such a way that she was completely out of Vruasa's line of sight. It was the one marked with the spiky skull of Doom. And if Vruasa had caught a look at her jacket right before the girl had seemingly disappeared again. However, only a few seconds would pass before the sound of someone rather roughly kicking a chest open would confirm that Jordan had not disappeared, merely turned a corner to go look at the container marked as hers.

And maybe she was half doing it to simply troll the troll. Who knows?

A comprehensive search of all related subjects turns up a few things. Several claw-like marks show that carapaced humanoids like those he encountered were taking cover, as if from projectile fire, behind the various prefab objects. Battle-signs display what Saw first expected; a slow advancement by one assailant against several, at least ten, defenders of the camp. The attacker progressively closed the distance while firing and taking out several of those defending. Several wounds were suffered, with miniscule fragments of black carapace being visible when looking for remains. It appears the assailant used standard firearms instead of danmaku, and left no remains. in fact, it's fairly clear they made an effort to scavenge the environment and erased many clues. But not all.

The major substance of the matter is placement, implied aggression, and other things that are not easy to state outright. With Psyber's substantial experience in hunting and tracking entities such as those that usually cause these sorts of situations, though, he's able to make some astute guesses based on a more holistic analysis of the data, creating a rudimentary forensic profile of the one person who assaulted the camp. His keen tracking skill gives him an initial framework to use in further tracking; from here on out, Psyber will be able to immediately distinguish the work of this assailant from other skirmishes. If he can apply this data to a more comprehensive search on LOSAF in some fashion, he might be able to locate someone who's taking down Derse camps. Either a threat worth dealing with or a potential ally, but worth tracking all the same.

"I'll let you know when I get to mess around more with other things I found," Thionette replies to Psyber. She's trying to keep a professional demeanor, but it's hard to not miss the bit of giddiness in her voice. Despite the moment of disappointment this was really starting to get the adrenaline flowing. "Last time there was a lump of unidentified metal wedged in the plants. I pulled it out and replaced it with one of my elemental crystals, and it changed the type of energy in the tewer."

As she turned back to Deelel, she jabbed a thumb at the opening in the pillar. "Whatever was in this one is gone now."

Vruasa issues an exasperated and extremely irritable sigh. He takes a few steps down the stairs to try to get a look at whatever it is that Jordan has acquired from her chest. She'll probably go out of her way to hide it, but dammit, he's curious. And if he has to wait for her, there's nothing wrong with figuring out a little piece of what her deal might be.

Setting down the hammer to rest on the ground, Psyber takes out his journal from the inside pocket of his jacket and then pulls a pencil out of the spine. Carefully, he begins to jot down notes on everything he finds, "The black carapace and standard firearm usage indicate it is not native to this world. Or if it is, it is not affected by the standard rules of whatever rules there are to how monsters are designed." He comments, sighing. He writes 'Beetle? Scarab?' next to the black carapace line and then tches lightly, "Not sure if it's hostile in general or just against these. Would bear further investigation."

Psyber sighs and snaps the journal shut, flicking it with his finger a couple times before turning to Thionette, "Just be careful playing with em. I'd hate to see you hurt." He notes with a wag of his journal to the gidy researcher, "Though really, I can at least create a profile for whatever wrecked this camp. Could prove useful later."

As it turns out, the DOOM-MARKED CHEST contains a little bit of Jordan's deal, yeah. In the same vein as the weapon enhancements all about the rest of the location, this seems to be a weapon enhancement of sorts as well. It looks like some sort of one-size-fits-all chain linker that can accept a variety of handle designs for a variety of weapons and link them together, forming, to use the terms of the ancient masters, things like sword-chucks from swords, or other similar things. It looks to be an attempt to weapon-mod her Doublekind Abstratus; ideally, the CHUCKS, when alchemized, will produce valid weapons. While this means the double-property cannot be broken and thus forced out of her ability, it does look like it might potentially limit Jordan to specific styles, which is to say swordchuck style, spearchuck style, hammerchuck style, or whatever weapon she is deciding to dual wield.

Upon seeing the first dead body, Eila reacts. Seeing the corpses, smelling them, along with other unsightly things usually associated with a dead body, causes the witch to cover her mouth and wear a 'Ew. Gross' expression on her face. Regardless, the Suomus soldier studies the tombs anyways. It's not like she didn't know what she was getting herself into when she opened it up. Still unpleasant.

So it looks like the Tewer grows out of the dead bodies of Iguanas. And it looks like the tewer is… either turning green or turning yellow. Probably yellow. This may be the 'enrichment' that the scrolls mentioned. Eila's imagination leads her to assume that somehow the corpses of the Iguanas and the enrichment of the tewer are… related. Despite her better judgement, Eila continues looking through a few of the tombs.

Well that stuff may important later, but it seems like Eila's investigations have reached a dead end after she looks through the various tombs. At the very least, she's run out of stuff to check out. Turning away from the tombs, Eila abandons that line of thought and goes to seek out someone familiar. She finds Psyber and those hanging around him.

"Hey, found anything?" the witch asks.

Turning where she stands, Black Gold Saw rests crimson eyes on Psyber as he does his Investigator thing. This is the sort of skill she likes having him around for, he's better at these sorts of things than she is. She actually has some answers for him, but has no real way to convey it. And then it hits her with enough that the woman's posture straightens.

She pulls out her cellphone again and pulls up the Notepad function, taps some things in, then holds it out for Psyber to see.

> We want whoever did this on our side.

She tucks her phone away and wrenches the King Saw from where she jammed it, propping the great sword across her shoulders. While Psyber investigates the forensics of the fight, Black Gold Saw takes a moment to investigate the other matters around the camp. Discarded papers and the communication station that they seemed to value so highly.

"Hmm. This is…"

Jordan quickly examined the chain linker in her hands, before simply captchaloguing it away. The game was adapting, yes. Or was it someone else's actions? Or perhaps, they were all screwed by paradox space and everything was predestined anyway. Oh well. In any case, she strode back around the corner, adjusting her jacker and placing her hands in the outside pockets.

"I don't know. Seems pretty empty, and obviously, someone knew we were coming. Or something." she said, before walking up the stairs. Vruasa would definitely catch the patch this time, and at least, confirm the fact that Jordan wasn't a sprite.

"Well that's good too." Thionette turns her attention to the angel as he makes his analysis and notes. Then glances back at the empty pillar. "Ye know… I wonder if yer mystery assailant was the one who took whatever was in this port. Just speculation, but lookin' at it from a pirate's point of view, it could of been either valuable, or useful."

Deelel says "All right then. I see, humm that's actually pretty interesting. It could prove to be useful if harvested tewer kept the property of whatever was plugged into it or I could see this 'game' using it for puzzels as well."

She's lost in thought for a moment as she thinks on this new addtional information. She's also going about and looking around.

"Psyber I could pass you my memory files after we get back from this if you'd like a detailed recording of anything for later reference."

"I'd assume so if someone bothered to take it as loot really."

"No shit. Looks to me like whatever was in there smashed its way out. We need to make sure the others know about it before it actually turns up." Vruasa asides to Jordan. He notes her patch as he catches up to her, walking to her right along the outside edge of the staircase. He frowns a little, thinking about accelerating time. On the other hand, this is a unique opportunity. This human has been acting like she knows a lot more than she lets on. Does she really, or is she just as clueless as they are? Even the FLARPERS in his session have a limited capacity for being better than others at Sgurb.

It can't be so much different for this session, can it?

So while they're making their ascent towards the 30th level where everyone seems to be congregating he asks, "So is there a reason for the mysterious bit, or are you just messing with all of us? I really can't tell with people in this game. Like, there's another girl who looks like kind of a weird troll but she doesn't even fucking say anything."

"And you… You're doing the same shit I do with the people I play with. You just kind of fucking turn up and dispense semi-useful information before completely fucking disappearing for days on end." Despite his evident frustration, Vruasa doesn't seem to be directing it at anybody in particular right now. He can probably be heard talking a bit too loud by those near the stairs above them.

Matters around the camp, to any and all observers, seem to communicate a wide variety of things. It's mostly junk. It doesn't parse in simple terms and it's difficult to describe, but stray papers referring to studies and the general layout of the camp make it fairly clear that whatever was in that recess was being studied intensely by the camp. Saya will notice this was distinctly left out of her information. It's not clear if this was because she was denied information, or if it was because her mysterious source was unaware of what was going down, but it's worth investigation all the same.

Meanwhile, there's no doubt that Thionette will have more interest in the fact that no fragment seems to be around. It looks to have been forcibly removed from its stand, and while it seems to have at one time been studied at the camp, it looks like whoever took the inhabitants down has absconded with it!

"Signs of a battle. Something that used regular guns and had a black shell." He says to Eila, sighing as he tucks the journal back into the inside pocket of his jacket and then lifts the hammer up over his head, "No Danmaku. Actual bullets. Which reminds me.."

Psyber reaches into his pocket with his freehand and takes out a folding pocket knife. He tries to find a particularly DEEP HOLE in the WALL and attempt to dig out a SLUG so he can at least tell what caliber the assailant used. If possible, anyway.

He turns back towards Saw and reads the screen presented to him. He sighs to her and says, "Yeah, if whoever did it is SANE. Whatever did this, tanked ten people's worth of attacks and won. If it's crazy and murder-happy, we might have to put it down. But I'll do what I can."

Going back to digging, he idly remarks to Thionette, "It would make sense that it took it, if it were here for loot. I'm curious what it wanted with it. I mean, whatever was in the pillar was valuable, I wager. Otherwise we wouldn't all be down here."

Flicking the knife shut, Psyber comments to Deelel, "No thanks. I don't really do memory recordings. They weird me out." He states rather simply, "Same reason I hate found-footage. Hate watching life through someone else's perspective."

It's definitely possible to dig something out of the walls of the prefab buildings. It's not immediately notable, but it does contribute to the profile Psyber's got. It looks like the post-firing remains of some sort of unique variant of a higher caliber. Psyber's extensive hunting expertise regarding unnatural targets indicates that this was clearly a projectile meant to pierce damage-resistant biological exoskeletons, like the ones of that man he encountered on the meteor. Whoever attacked the Dersites here is very clearly a well-armed expert in operations against them.

"Whatever was in here? Well, it was big. And I have my theories on what it could've been, though I wouldn't bet on any of them. Not yet, anyway." Jordan says to the troll, her brow slightly furrowed in thought. "This particular session has already gone off the rails. A good number of people here arn't technically players. And as for that? Well, go figure it out yourself."

Her last phrase was completely deadpan as she shrugged, looking around. "Good for you. However, by your estimates, it seems that I'm in a more informed position, so act as you will." She paused for a moment on the steps, before looking straight at Vruasa. "I'll say this, though. I have a vested interest in making sure this session, and I suppose by extention, yours, is a success. And that's all I'm going to say about it for now."

Thionette nods her head a bit. "All the more reason to find who it was. It might be important to this overarcing quest everyone around here seems to think we're on, too." She hmms as Psyber goes collecting slugs… and idly scoops up some of the scattered notes, to see if she can find anything relevant to what the fragment was. She still has the first one she pulled out of the other chamber, after all, maybe these people found something out before being massacared.

Eila nods at Psyber's explaination. "A fight, huh? Well that would explain all of the grist lying around." Turning to Saw, Eila adds, "In any case, he might not be here anymore. I'm going down to the lower levels." The witch turns around to leave, and takes a few steps, but then she turns and adds, "Someone took a lot of information from the archives. This combatant may be the one who took it. If so, I'd say that he or she is pretty sane, or at least capable of some level of reasonable thought."

After stating that to the rest of the group, Eila heads down to the lower levels, possibly bumping into a troll along the way.

"Again, no shit. I was looking for something to kill but judging by how much shit it massacred while it was in here, I can't imagine that I'd have been able to take on whatever was down here alone. I have a few tricks up my sleeve that might have been able to even the odds, but who fucking knows." Vruasa glances sidelong at Jordan, scratching at his head with his free hand. He's a little disgruntled, but apparently convinced of her sincerity. Having more friends in this thing isn't a bad thing, even if the idea of being friends with humans is kind of creepy. It's hard enough being friends with other trolls, without having to deal with weird interspecies bullshit.

That's part of why he doesn't look Jordan in the eye in turn. Dealing with troll relationships is weird and awkward enough. He doesn't need to hash out how he feels about the wide variety of non-trolls roaming around at the same time as he's sorting out conflicting as hell feelings about his fellow players.

That would drive things even further off the rails — oh, hello.

Vruasa Telash comes to a dead stop as Eila emerges just ahead of them. At first he takes her for an enemy, but he recognizes her from earlier quickly and relaxes his posture before things escalate. He calls out to her, "HEY! Are the others with you? Mysterion here and I were roaming around downstairs. We found a room full of treasure chests that had symbols for us on them. Also a treasure chest with a frog. Anyway, there's one tomb down there that's been split the fuck open from the inside."

"Looks like something /really/ nasty came out of the lowest level and just went around killing everything. Dunno where it went from there, but everybody needs to know. And I guess everyone should check out the chests and see if there's one for them. Apparently it's the fucking 12th Perigree's Eve in here. I found some discarded notes in there too, but…" He glances up into the air. It probably looks like he's just staring at the ceiling, but he's actually looking at the items in his sylladex.

They're still sealed in those fucking time capsules, and the clocks are still a-tickin'.

"… Well, nevermind those." He mutters, looking back towards Eila with his usual flat, vaguely agitated expression.

Efforts to scavenge information from the studies indicate a few things: The Dersite group heavily resented this job, they made little progress, and what progress they did make was minimal, but one fact, one the group didn't seem to think was important, but that may be worth Thionette's notice, is the fact that the fragment they had before was only one of four, with Thionette's own presumably being another one of four. There's also mention that it seems to have one part of a four-part signature code embedded into it, and that this seems to function as a key of some kind. Whatever other functions it serves, it seems that somewhere, there is some sort of lock that all four fragments can unlock together.

Psyber fishes the remnants of a slug out of the wall, "Sheesh. These look like pieces of that new Smith .460 Round. You don't take one of those unless you want to punch through plates of steel. Or take down an elephant." He thinks it over, "Hey Thio. Black Carapace. Lots of firepower. This remind you of that guy we met in the meteor?" He asks to the skunkette, looking at her as she peruses notes.

He taps his chin nd then says, "I dunno what else I can find from here." He adds, seeing if he can find tracks on where it went.

Black Gold Saw frowns at the total lack of anything useful from her perspective, her eyes wandering to Psyber again. There's a shrug, the devil woman seems to feel out of place suddenly. Or perhaps she's at a bit of a loss as to where to go next. She decides to investigate the communication station later. Because she just heard something interesting.

Lifting the King Saw from her shoulders, the woman carves a crescent of light in midair and steps through it. Down at the bottom level, she emerges from a suddenly-created backwards crescent. Hoisting the King Saw to her shoulders again, she investigates.

She investigates the smashed open coffin and regards the damage to the lid. She regards the garbage with a faintly displeased look. She regards the gathered chests with a less displeased look. Gently, she runs her fingers across the lid of the chest bearing the Heaven or Hell logo, but it's the one sporting her own horn sigil that she actually attempts to open.

And a text to Psyber:
> You should come down here.
> There's a chest with your company's logo on it.
> It's probably meant for you.

Holy crap it's an alien! Oh, no it's actually Vruasa. After listening to the information the troll loudly gives, Eila scratches her chin and compiles the information in her mind. "So whoever it was… He broke out from the lower levels, had a big fight on the 30th floor, took a lot of information on Tewer from the archives, and escaped from here killing a number of underlings in his path."

"Sounds like a pretty tough guy, whoever he was,"

Eila's mind then focuses back on what else he said. "Chests? Hmm. I guess I'll go check to see if there's anything here for me." Trying to walk around the troll, the witch walks down the stairs and starts looking over the chests.

"If I'm right about what it was, then probably not, right now. But you are meant to. Though I've heard of other things they do besides being a giant sack of grist." said Jordan in reply, shrugging again. "Not that it matters much, since it's gone." Having nothing else to say, she remained silent until Eila popped right into view. Unlike Vruasa, the girl simply retained the casual pose she had, her hands remaining inside her jacket pockets.

While the troll just generally yelled out about what he had found, Jordan's thoughts went to the frog chest. Things were much different from a typical session, and it'd be important to know how much things had deviated. It'd be harder to predict how to get not only a definite win, but on how to get this session's players…well, up to scratch.

"There's things down there, yes. You should probably take a look at them."

Deelel says "Oh really all right then I won't do so."

Users could be very strange still to Deelel at times and this was once of those times however she does respect Pysbers wishes as he keeps snooping about the strange place. She's now startting to look about as Psyber does his CSI thing she's going to look about and help with searchin the area for supplies, notes, chests or anything else of note.

In BLACK GOLD SAW's chest: Now this one's an unusual one! It would seem the game is aware that weapon mods aren't exactly Saw's thing, so to speak. How do you weaponize an Otherself that already has the perfect weapon? Well, evidently by taking a bit of a more circuitous route. Absolutely nobody else present is likely to understand the large nozzle-like device, solid black and bearing a few ominous, ornate spikes in key places, that only Saw will see looks like it fits the Black Sprinkler. It looks like something to enhance range! Perhaps useful for those critical escapes, when sprinkling at your feet might not be enough.

Thionette absorbs all this information, and then tucks the note away in a pouch of her belt as well. -That- is definately important, enough to not go blabbing it out in the open like this. Instead she gives a nod towards the stairs farther down into the catercombs. "Well, if there ain't anything else here, we can go look a bit farther down yet."

"Yeah. We think so." Vruasa says to Eila, stepping to one side so she can pass through. He may be loud, but even he knows not to make it harder for somebody to navigate /stairs/. He regards Jordan with a puzzled expression, trying to figure out what it is that he's supposed to eventually beat. His session is a bit further along than this one, but not so much that they know a hell of a lot more. And it's a pretty disparate gap. Some trolls are still only just managing to slip into their bizarre little daisy chain and avoid getting meteor'd to the face.

Deciding that it's probably best to wait out here while everyone checks out their loot, Vruasa seats himself along the outer edge of the stairs and tries to decide what else to ask or say. There really isn't much, though, except…

"Since we're probably in this together in the long haul," he begins, visibly uncomfortable though trying /not/ to be, "I guess I should share my name and not just my trolltag. I'm Vruasa, and I think you already know my class so there's no use elaborating on my role in this game. Uh… by the way, do you think that thing is going to come back here, or are we home free for now?"

Meanwhile, Eila would have to do a bit of searching, but one of the many dozens of chests apparently dedicated to this one lost Iguana at the base of the catacomb spire seems to bear an odd symbol; five brooms arranged in a star, with a stylized fox tail emerging from it to the left. And inside, once opened, rather than a modification to her weapons, it seems there's a small object that can mount along her Striker, roughly analogous to the traditional "kneecapper", a sharp, metalic object that, when Eila maneuvers correctly, would flip open off of the Striker itself and likely gouge things out of anything she flew near. It's just longer than the width of her propellers, making such things risky. This all might be difficult to determine on-site, though, especially without the ability to demonstrate it mid-flight, but it should be easy to see it at least is built specifically to fit a striker.

Black Gold Saw pulls the object from the chest with a small frown, turning it over in one hand. After a moment, she seems to realize what it's for. She gives it a toss upward, then catches it again in a more dedicated fashion. The object is tucked into her coat pocket for later. Resting the King Saw back across her shoulders, she straightens her posture and turns at the waist, glancing Eila's way. A moment later, her eyes turn upward. What is keeping that man, /honestly/.

Psyber takes the phone out of his jacket and looks at the screen, "Saw says there's chests downstairs with insignias for people on them. One for me, apparently." He says before deciding that stairs are way too dangerous to traverse. And so, very well-thought out… he lifts his hammer above his head.

And then engages the rocket.

The back of his hammer blazes and attempts to slam down and carry them down however many floors of wanton destruction it takes to reach Saw without having to use stairs.

Eila nods to Jordan, recognizing her from before. Unsure of what to make of her somewhat vague statement, Eila simply responds with, "Right… I think I'll do that."

Turning back to Vruasa, Eila says, "Yeah… I think I understand, as much as I can really understand things around here. My name is Eila. And I don't really know… I think whatever it was left in a hurry. It probably found what it was looking for, but it might come back for something else."

"… If you're really worried I could do a reading."

Making her way down to the chest area, Eila finds the 501st's Joint Fighter Wing emblem with a fox tail on it. Well if that didn't scream out her name she doesn't know what does. Opening it up, Eila finds a… what is this thing? A spike? Well it seems like it fits on her striker. She isn't really sure what to make of it, though. Looks dangerous.

She'll have to try it later. Turning to Black Gold Saw, Eila says, "So it looks like someone was expecting us here, if they left chests behind…"

And then Psyber is riding a rocket hammer down towards them oh lord what is going on

Eila's fox ears and tail appear as the witch tries to predict Psyber's movements in case she needs to dodge or something similar.

Going from floor 30 to 40 is massively destructive, but thankfully the only thing that gets wrecked is some carvings about metals. He smashes down through several of the ledges (despite the presence of those gaps there?) and winds up in the cluster of chests at the bottom.

Thionette barely gets a chance to brace herself before Psyber decides to make his own elevator by dropping the hammer. "Well that's one way to avoid the stairs." The skunkette follows suit, drawing her swordwhip and using it to grapple her way down the holes the angel so conveniently made.

Jordan, perhaps out of boredom, started to lightly scuff her shoe against the floor as Eila passed her and Vruasa by, before looking up. She raised an eyebrow at Vruasa's sudden revalation of his name, tilting her head. "That's new. I didn't expect you to be so revealing, considering how you've acted. But, maybe. I'm not actually sure, because as far as I know, they're not supposed to do that." she said, before frowning slightly.

"We're probably not home free, since I believe that it's mandatory to have an encounter with it, but…" Another shrug. "We'll see when we come to that obstacle, I guess."

Deelel finds much the same as what Thionette found; notes and papers concerning the studies of the fragment, all resentful and lazy. Supplies are sparse, it looks like they worked through a lot of them while down here. Most of it seems to be more polish. Polish? Why is that even here? It seems to be meant for exoskeletons. There's little else to be found here, though it looks like the communications array and other similar structures is made of machines Deelle can interface with.

The sudden SMASH SMASH SMASH and rocket roar of Psyber's entry puts Black Gold Saw immediately on guard. The King Saw is off her shoulders and held aggressively, the edge turned upward. Her entire stance has gone completely and one hundred percent AGGRESSIVE. The edges of the King Saw, usually gold, begin to glow with a red color which seeps upward like heavy smoke.

But once she realizes who it is, she relaxes. The glow of the King Saw's golden parts fades, and she lifts the weapon just so she can drive it into the stone at her feet. Promptly, Black Gold Saw props her hands on her hips, leans forward, and glares at Psyber.

"Hey everyone." Psyber says cordially, steam and smoke coming out the back of the hammer as he lands easily on the ground, looking around, "I didn't really wanna take the stairs. And I love the hammer." He explains, as if this justifies the entire ordeal of destroying this precious and ancient relic of the native people.

He smiles at the glaring Saw and then reaches out with his index finger and pokes her in the nose, "Boop."

And then he kicks the chest with his emblem on it, trying to open it with his foot.

The HoH-labeled chest seems to have something unusual in it. It looks like a fitting for Erinyes; on one side, a pressure-sensitive mechanism, and on the other, what looks like a nozzel for the rocket. It seems that when one is pressed, the other shifts, suddenly widening the spread of the exhaust. What this means is that when the hammer is swung and impacts a solid surface, it will allow the exhaust of the hammer to emit in a weaponized fashion perpendicularly from the surface.

Parts of the cieling fall towards Eila, due to Psyber's unique method of travel. Her foresight warns her of a large chunk which she deftly ducks, putting her in the path of another stone, bouncing over the floor, which, after timing her movement to correspond with the rock's bounce, she narrowly steps over it, allowing it to pass behind her.

Not sensing any more immediate danger, Eila's fox ears and tail vanish again.

Instead of commenting on Psyber's choice of entry, Eila simply glares at his back for a moment. Buuuut not for too long. It's not like she's hurt, and she kinda understands him not wanting to use the stairs. So instead she simply turns to Saw, shrugs, and then turns back to Psyber and says, "So what did you get?"

"Wasn't talking to you. But okay. Yeah." Vruasa doesn't quite snap at Eila, waving her off a little dismissively. He figured she was out of earshot by the time he said anything, but he wasn't really paying close enough attention. He also doesn't really want a reading. If he was going to try something like that he'd just make an effort to look into his own future. That takes away some of the excitement of it though, and it isn't always reliable. At the grand thunderous noise that is Psyber smashing through the ten floors at the center of the building, he stands up abruptly to go look inside the doorway from which the people taking the stairs emerged.

Holy shit. Somebody really hates stairs.

Then Jordan starts talking. That's more interesting than wanton destruction that he himself is not engaging in, so the troll turns his attention back to her. A great shrug is his answer to her surprise, "Frankly I am not one hundred percent comfortable with this because some of the humans around here are getting bizarre ideas about the kind of relationships I'm willing to engage in them with."

"You don't seem like the fucking moron I thought you were to begin with though. I wouldn't mind sharing with PB either, but some of these chucklefucks are goddamned unbearable to listen to." A cranky expression dominates his features, "Thanks for not offering your name in return by the way, I really fucking appreciate it."

"Anyway, you've all acted like I'm so awful but it's not like I don't have a good goddamned reason to be pissed off. I looked back to /see/ it, somebody in this session is responsible for my session of Sgurb and I am going to gut them like a goddamned fish when I figure out who it was." This is eventually going to come to a very unpleasant head.

"Anyway," he goes on, "if you think I'm bad you're just going to be ecstatic meeting some of the other trolls from my session. I'm positively normal compared to some of those freaks."

Vruasa takes a moment to catch his breath and scratch at the base of one of his horns with the shaft of his spear, "… say. If you know what's goin' on here, do you know what can open that frog chest? This is PB's world, so I guess it could be meant for him. I thought about messin' with it, but future me told me not to."

Nose-beep. Black Gold Saw's crimson eyes cross very briefly. Freeze-frame fast. Straightening her posture, the devil woman looks downright displeased. Slowly, she wraps her fingers around the hilt of the King Saw again and wrenches it out of the floor. The gold-tinged edges are already re-gaining that menacing crimson glow. But then, she shrugs, and the glow fades. The weapon is lifted to rest across her shoulders, and she steps up beside the angel to observe his own acquisition.

Perhaps in an attempt to be 'buddy-buddy', she reaches out with her empty hand and slugs the angel on the shoulder. Thankfully, without all of her strength, though enough that even a hardy dude like Psyber would notice.

Thionette sheaths the sword back in her belt. "Why use the stairs when you can make your own hole?" She snickers a bit as she meanders about the chests until she finds the right one with the Gearfist emblem on it and tries not to look -too- excited about prying it open.. but seriously, she's a pirate and its a treasure chest, what do you expect her to be like when it comes to potential lootz?

That one is odd. It looks exactly like the weapon mod Psyber obtained previously, the one he couldn't understand. Now it's clear why: This one is clearly designed for Thionette's grapple-harpoon gun. It looks like it would get mounted on the body of the mechanism, and, when fired, allow conduction of energy sources of any kind to the cord connected to the projectile, allowing for electrocution, or for more esoteric conducted energies. Assuming, of course, it's loaded with, or connected to, some sort of energy source.

"Oh hey, cool. Rocket Hammer parts." he says as he picks them up and pockets them inside the Jacket of Infinite Holding for later. He blinks a couple times and looks over at Thionette, "I'm sure there's an entendre I could make the-"

He's cut off when the slug to the shoulder makes him stumble a bit. He mock frowns and looks over at Eila, "She's so abusive to me. I wish she was nicer, like you."

And then he looks over to Vruasa, "Last time I took the stairs, it was an automated staircase and people kept closing it on me so that my skull was crushed a half a dozen times. No. I do not like stairs." His tone suggests that this is not an exaggeration of what happened, either. And it is a wholly true story.

When Psyber spots the mod that Thionette gets, though. He fishes into his pockets for the UNKNOWN MOD, "Is this thing for you too, then?"

Gadgetry, important PLOT RELEVANT INFORMATION, and now bitchin' weapon upgrades. Thionette has no problem with this, other than it takes her a moment or two of turning the device from the chest over in her hand before it clicks in her head and she ahs. "Not sure if I should be amused or worried this place seems to adapt to us, but who am I to complain about free swag?" With a shrug she slings the Harharpooner off her back and holds it out to find where the new pieces connects to it. Pity she didn't bring any spare crystals with her at the moment.

Then looks up from admiring the weapon when Psyber speaks up. "Now where did ya find that, wings?"

"You'we welcome. And also, a bit of advice: you might want to keep on playing before you decide to go off and do whatever. That's more important currently, because even if someone here is responsible for actually starting your session…well, you still have the session to play through. So you might as well just deal with it for now. I can understand the anger at the game, at least." Jordan said, looking towards Vruasa.

Another frown at the mention of the frog chest. "I know what it's for, but I don't know how or who's supposed to open it. It's probably his to open though, yes. It's a bit too early in the game to open it, but, well…considering how derailed everything is."

Another shrug. At least Vruasa was getting some sort of details out of her.

Psyber honestly admits to Thionette, "It was in one of those burial tombs. I smashed it open with a hammer. There were boondollars and this. It looks similar to the mods you just picked up." He holds out the mod he picked up earlier, offering it to her.

Eila smirks at Psyber's statement. "You just rocketed your way though ten stone floors. I think you can survive an armpunch." No symapthy for the half-angel.

"I don't think there's much left here…" says the witch. "I should probably head back to base."

Unless someone stops her, Eila's probably going to go back to her craft and fly away.

Thionette isn't sure if its the same, but she'll take it anyways! Might prove to be useful later. Or not. You never know in this 'game'. Isn't there some sort of a rule about picking up -everything- anyways….

"I check where I'm supposed to be when I wander off." Vruasa remarks to Jordan, with a half-hearted wave of one hand to indicate that it's no big deal. "At first I was just gonna wander over and killsteal the fuck out of these guys, but like I keep telling you every time we run into eachother, I need to know what the connection between our sessions is. If it turns out that we can't complete our sessions if the other one fails, that's kind of an important thing to know. Or if our weird fucking chess people are somehow conspiring with eachother. I don't know if that's even possible but we've met this really shifty one that I could believe it from."

Shifting his spear again so that he can climb aboard, he waves towards Jordan and says, "I get the feeling that I'm done here, which IN NO WAY HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH YOUR ADVICE. Gotta check up on my session. Make sure nobody's killed anybody else. Let PB know about this chest down here. Catch you later, skullgirl."


The mounted ROCKET SPEAR ignites and Vruasa flies right the hell out of there at alarming and unreasonable speeds. That method of transportation is going to go really, really badly for him one day unless he upgrades it to work better for this purpose.

With Eila ont he way out, Black Gold Saw shrugs. She casts a look at Psyber, swinging the King Saw off her shoulder and slicing it downward to create a portal. Through it, one can clearly see Heaven or Hell's front door. Evidently she's taken to porting guests to outside it, rather than inside.

She gestures with her empty hand, eyes locked on the angel.

Log Notes: Vruasa acquired his SPEAR-MOUNTED AERODYNAMIC STABILIZER in this scene.

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