Knight's Log 8-13-12

Gate 1-1 is easily accessible from a number of locations and various warpgates, the most easy of which to use is the portal located at the very top of Arthur Lowell's house. The location it leads to is quite peaceful; there are no initial threats to speak of, besides a few wandering imps that seem to have no interest in the recent arrivals.

The Gate 1-1 landing site seems to be a small clearing in a forested area that cannot quite seem to decide if it is woodlands or rainforest. The sound of various local fauna is thick in t air, but it is surprisingly clear of bugs, as if populated heavily by their predators. There is a stream, flowing from the north, full of clear water. There is a path leading to the north that winds alongside the river which looks like people have passed by recently, and the sound of a great deal of noise, the sort produced by various people in a settlement of some sort. There appears to have been heavier traffic heading to the south. It's not impossible to head in the other directions, though, if other possible investigations take interest.

From all parts of the planet's surface, massive stone spires can be seen at various distances and at various heights, interconnected by irregularly-shaped stone bridges. It's not clear what's at the top, but various natural structures and openings dot the sides of these spires. It is clear from experienced observation that while there are spires above, there are also spires below; all surface area seems to be on top of these spires, including the current surface.

Among these spires, the tallest is fairly clearly seen from any point on the planet. It's a bit of a chore to climb, exactly the sort of thing that would make anyone who decides to ascend it even more grumpy if they happened to be the sort to be angry about things. Atop the tallest spire is ARTHUR LOWELL'S HOUSE, a construction fairly clearly based on the copypasting of a suburban house. Added to this are a variety of skull motifs, with several skull-shaped turret openings on the upper levels just above some obsidian walls, which overlook a lawn pockmarked with glowing, gold lava pools and a few large spike platforms. Above the portion of the house-tower that's composed of skull-turrets seems to be a giant skull-shaped portion of the house, at least occupying a whole story of the building, and yet farther above that, an odd, domestic looking creation, vaguely inspired by an inn. It looks like a suburban house got an extreme home makeover from the Imperium of Man directed by Dr. Wily.

Those just now arriving in the world will likely arrive in the clearing. From here, moving to the house in the distance is a simple matter of moving… Well, directly towards it. This will involve crossing a variety of stone bridges, the first of which seems to begin just at the southern edge of the forest, where the sheer drop around the bridge seems to indicate that the Gate 1-1 landing site is also one of the spires. It may be difficult to navigate without flight or an otherwise high-altitude perspective, but steadily progressing to the south will lead through various small enclaves and caves in the interior of the sides of the other spires as any group progresses along the assorted bridges.

The stone bridges sound odd, once approached, and there is the slight feeling of some manner of movement, but nothing to make one wary. They are wide enough for a whole group to walk on comfortably, and are somewhat rounded. Occasionally there are haphazardly-constructed wooden handrails. Below the bridges lies a sheer drop into a planet-wide ocean below. Though one could grab another bridge in passing, one clearly does not want to go over the edge here.

While walking, various small fountains can be encountered. They all appear to have been smashed or defaced forcefully, and with careful examination one can determine that, before, they took the form of an intricately carved frog. They still function as water dispensers, but no longer have a froglike form.

Walking to the spire is likely to take a while, and so is ascending, but nothing of note besides further encounters with imps and possibly a few ogres is likely. Ascending is likely to take another small while, perhaps making for more difficulties, but climbing up the side of the stone shouldn't be too difficult for someone versed in the adventures of extreme roleplaying.

SUMMARY - Arthur Lowell < - Land descs for Vruasa. Oh hey, house-spire in the distance! Everyone else remembers what the house is like, they can pose in and interact with it as they see fit.

Raven is here. Dicking about in the clearing where she found Sir Hopsalot, mostly because she is loathe to go back to either of the towns just yet thanks to someone convincing the iguanas she's a hag. She's also looking for more frogs because A) frogs are cute and B) Frogs are important she's pretty sure.

Tshallandria is over next to the grist station, eyeing it. While holding something that's from Confederate Manufacturing. A plushie that looks like a mechanical dragon, that transforms into a light-saber-knife. "What to with this… …What to do with this…" She muses to herself slowly. While eying the photo of it in her other hand.

Given the NOT EXACTLY SUBTLE nature of this land's geography, it wasn't difficult for VRUASA TELATH to figure out the potentially most interesting location to head towards immediately. He appeared not too long ago now, though /where/ he came from is most likely bizarre even by the standards of Sburb. He came from his own session of Sgurb, using the warpgate-linked gate in his own LAND OF GOLD AND GLORY to enter this session's most immediate land directly. Usually that sort of thing just doesn't happen, but it seems there is some sort of connection between the sessions as a result of the manner in which Vruasa's session of Sgurb came into existence.

It would probably have been a better idea to leave the game source code alone, guys.

Actually though, in a way this place reminds him of his own world. The occasional glorious spire of gaudy gold buildings rose up into the distance like great monoliths there. They were more like 'evil death fortresses' by his reckoning, but it was still a similar idea. This environment is little more nature-y, which truth be told the Troll doesn't mind so much. It's not full of annoying gaudy colors, or at least not so much. It's still a bit foreign, though.

The actual death-fortress /here/ reminds him a little of his Hive, back on Alternia. Which these freaks blew up. It was on an enormous plateau standing by itself, and it was hollowed out so that his CentiSerpent Lusus could wander around it freely. That was a mistake in retrospect, and made the whole thing too goddamn big to get around practically. Much like the spire that the death fortress is on just over there. Actually, it's pretty far away on foot, to say nothing about the climb itself. Apparently nothing ever gets to be easy for him. Goddammit.

At least there's probably something awesome to killsteal away from these idiots up there. And he can cheat. That's always the best way of doing these things.

So, spear in hand, Vruasa ACCELERATES…

Time, that is. For him. He still has to walk and/or run that whole goddamn way but at least it didn't actually take quite so long as it actually should have even though it still feels like it did. Half a heartbeat later he's simply /there/, raising his ROCKET SPEAR to stab the fuck out of an… imp?

Vruasa abruptly appears out of fucking nowhere in Arthur Lowell's House, scarf flapping dramatically as he killsteals a wimpy little imp. His Sylladex, just as abruptly, dumps out a phonograph which starts to play SUNLIGHT SONATA, which is suspiciously like Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata and is apparently meant to be a dramatic theme song. Not that Vruasa would know anything about any of that. He hates classical music.

"What the hell?" He exclaims, looking at the meager amount of grist left behind by the stray imp. The Troll looks around.

There are people here. They do not appear to be adversaries, but rather, weird-looking pink humanoids that do not have horns. A few moments of silence pass, and he thinks back to the exceedingly grandiose design of his own hive. His expression falls.

"This… is not an important dungeon or death fortress, is it." It's a rhetorical question. Vruasa has mostly figured out that his long, exhausting trek to killsteal from these people has been fruitless. He's trying to process how to deal with it just now.

"You're an idiot."

A female voice came out of similarly nowhere, and the figure who apparently owned it flipped down from an alternate level of Arthur's house in what might be described as an acrobatic fucking pirouette. Jordan landed right next to the incoming troll, examining him for a moment before prodding the phonograph with a toe.

"Did you abandon your own session just to come be annoying here?" she continued, folding her arms as her eyes thinned. Her expression was still rather neutral, but one couldn't help but detect a hint of agitation as she walked even closer to Vruasa, eyes glowering at him.

"And the other thing is, what /are/ you? You arn't human, though by the sound of it, you're currently in a session. Which makes no sense, though…I guess it isn't impossible. So basically, I'm asking you what the hell you're doing here and why arn't you off being useful in your own session."

Deelel has basically moved into Arthur's place on the inn floor her room had become just about as much as digital construct as she could make it. Down to teh creepy wall pod rather than a bed to sleep in. She kidna just recharges in the wall however she's been not around today at least untill strangers started showing up. The digital being soon has exited the front door and she seems suprised to see Jordan for the first time in the flesh and the other gets an eyebrow raised as she looks him over thinking the same question that Jordan has asked

As Raven gives up on Frog Hunting, and uses the nearby portal to return to the Housespire she ends up finding Vruasa, and Jordan, and Tshallandria and.. Okay, the first she stares at a little, the second she just blinks at, and the last she nods to. "Yo." She salutes Tshall, since, well, she figures as long as she's being nice there's no reason to attack. Plus, Tshall is cool. Not like a certain elf that everyone keeps trusting WHY THE HELL DO THEY KEEP TRUSTING HER AUGH.
She looks about, finds a place to sit, and ponders Vruasa. "… I like your horns," she finally says, with a lazy shrug. "… Those are horns, right, and not some weird sort of head cancer that looks conveniently like an earth confection?""

After a farther moment of musing, Tshallandria shrugs, and pockets the photo… …And then pauses for a very very long moment as a tendril reaches out of her armor snatches the plushie out of her hand and eats it, before pointing a pseudopod in the direction of Vruasa.

"…That was… …Okay… …Fine…" She shakes her head, and Grace clears it's sheath before she brings it down through the air in an arc, and reality tears in it's wake, the same sword blade penetrating the air not six feet from Vruasa, before Tshallandria steps through the visible rift, to Glower at both Newcomers.

She sheathes her blade, as the rift closes behind her, and … continues to glower at both of them.

The probable portion of the interior of Arthur's house that Vruasa has jumped into is the skull-shaped part, which is where Tshall was, as well as Arthur, and now Jordan.

"Augh! Fuck! Candy corn alien underling oh wait you're talking." Arthur's response is exactly as coherent as one would expect a response to an abrupt appearance by a gray-skinned alien-thing showing up in his house to be, which is to say, not very. And then Jordan being in the upper area is even more unexpected! "Aaagh!" More shouting. "Who is this? What are you doing in my house?! No, it's not a death fortress, Crowraven is just a weirdo!"

And there's Raven, and Deelel, and at least Tshallandria was there before but she's still weird! "What the hell is this? Who is this guy, what is going on? Why is he killing imps here, what the hell?"

At the very least, he hasn't started baring his own strife specibus, that would probably escalate things a bit severely. He is wary, though; at the very least the people visiting thus far have been robots or MOSTLY human, this is just weird! He's taken a few steps back and regards Vruasa with an expression befitting "an alien with a spear just jumped into my house and started stabbing things."

"Okay. First of all, shut your chitinous windhole. Second of all, I left my session temporarily to come be aggravating here /and/ collect useful resources, thereby depriving you of them. I am not lacking a think pan, but apparently I ended up in your /Hive/ instead." Vruasa answers Jordan, not quite exhibiting the physical hostility that his voice itself exudes. Speaking of exuding things, those who are sensitive to things like that will notice that he produces all kinds of awful psychic static that makes it like slogging through mud to actually use them. The phonograph continues to play in the background, and the music is highly inappropriate for the situation. He unflinchingly smashes it in with his ROCKET SPEAR, because there's no way he's going to captachlogue it and admit that it's his.

Apparently though, the species difference doesn't perplex him as much as it does the others. He's actually seen humans before, and although he finds them disgusting and doesn't really follow their culture, he does know /what/ they are. Vruasa smiles a wide, toothy smile and answers, "You idiots already know what I am, you kept squawking about it over and over like it was some kind of /bad/ thing." The fact that he does /not/ identify himself as a Troll just now is entirely intentional. If they can't figure it out he's not filling them in.

Then Raven starts asking him about his horns. He looks at her and says, "They are horns, and yes, my horns are very awesome. Thank you for noticing." Wait, his horns resemble /what/? Was that a veiled insult? Vruasa can't tell, so he reserves judgement on whether or not to hate Raven more for the near future. She will surely give him additional reason in holy shit what was that. Tshallandria's actions get his attention, but… what the fuck did she just /do/? That was pretty awesome and all, but it seems like some sort of really advanced ability. Probably for another class.

The glowering makes him hold his tongue for the moment. He'd really like to know if that was an item or an innate ability, but Tshallandria seems like somebody he shouldn't mess with. Before he can decide what he thinks about all of this though, Arthur interrupts by calling him an Underling. HATRED LEVELS +1.

"Jegus christ," Vruasa exclaims, throwing his hands up dramatically, "you can't even tell the difference between a Troll and a fucking underling?! What the hell did you prototype your kernelsprites with? And what is /candy corn/? It sounds /disgusting/."

This really isn't getting off to a good start.

Deelel tilts her head for a moment narrowing her eyes at the strange alien being before them. Jordan wanted to talk so she's oging to allow that. She looks them over. "We never seen your species before sir. Your our first contact with your kind to be honest. It's a candy users eat I don't know much more about food than they need it as fuel." She shrugs a little bit, then giggles at something over Pester Chum…

"So user you got a name if I might be so bold to ask?"


There is a loud noise of something being ripped, as if from the ground. And the sound of things crashing through walls.

A toilet is now floating above Vruasa, supported by a little Sburb pointer. The toilet just sits there, the arrow still holding onto it.

This is getting to a worse start.

crowravenWolfmoon [CW] has began pestering deusexLongcoat [DL]

CW: hey you o_o
CW: get hostile and you have a toilet dumped on you u_u
CW: and tell arthur that im a girl and you die >:|

Yeah this is a bit of a mess.

A hand raises; Raven attempts to pacify: "I was trying to be amusing. My humor's been a bit off ever since I had to help kill an entire universe, so do please excuse my bad attempt at a guffaw."

And then there was a toilet over his head. Raven stares. Stands up. And scoots a foot or so away from the strange shouty alien, before she reseats herself, judging the distance. Yeah. She should be out of colatteral splash range.

"… I really think you should calm down, stop shouting, and like, chill, before his Server client decides you look nice with an excremental hat."

"Oh. So I guess you came over here just to be annoying. Well, then. Basically, you should note that there are more of us than there are of you, and you've got a very heavy piece of porcelain hanging over your head."

Jordan shrugged at the troll, before looking at him a bit more menacingly. "Or we can string you up by your legs and go fishing for underlings. Your pick. Though, I'm kind of wondering if you really are that dumb to come in here and expect a warm welcome with the way you've acted."

Maybe there was some sort of weird alien etiquette. Or maybe he was just an asshole. Either way, it would be reaaallly stress relieving if Jordan suddenly had an excuse to beat the living crap out of the weird newcomer.

After a few moments of the whole situation Tshallandria just sighs, and then … then it happens … the craziness. The floating toilet. It's a Monday. Oh god is it a monday.

Finally she speaks up, and rips a hole in reality with her left hand, before reaching through into what looks like a cellar and pulling out a bottle of whiskey. Except it has a dull red glow. "Perhaps … The point here has been missed…" Her eyes glow a dull red for a moment as she looks at Vruasa, "This is a Monday. Mondays are from my Realm. Hell. Let us all take the edge off of this monday by drinking some old Whiskey and perhaps explaining something. Namely. What. The. Fuck. Is. Going. On."

She smiles, "It should prevent any unwanted limb-trimmings. And it sounds like you need something alcoholic to drink anyway… …Alcohol can help things like this … Make … Sense. …It can also get rid of unwanted headaches." …Which is probably why she's reaching into the cellar-rift to get another bottle.

"My name is — wait, no, why the fuck am I telling you my name. Call me DL if you have to." Vruasa says to Deelel. This is undoubtedly going to get confusing pretty fast. "Hang on a minute, somebody is trolling me." He takes a moment to remove a PDA-like device from the inside of his AWESOME COAT. He stares towards the message from CW and then looks up at the toilet hovering over him. It takes him a minute to reply because he doesn't really want to break this thing and today is getting a lot worse.

DL: hey
DL: just so you know
DL: if you escalate this situation again i'll tell him you're a girl
DL: in the past.
DL: so just do us both a favor and put the load gaper back wherever you found it.
DL: i mean i could fight i guess but i'm pretty sure you guys are going to get yourselves killed all on your own

Then he turns his attention back to what is bodily going on. This takes an inordinate amount of time, and he's answering Jordan and Tshallandria pretty belatedly. He still /sounds/ pretty angry, but evidently he doesn't intend to do any DIRECT damage.

"Some dumbass from this session on both sides took the game code back to their bosses, fixed it up, and ran it. My planet blew the fuck up like yours did, only I know /exactly/ where to place the blame. It's fucking infuriating that not a single goddamn one of you fuckers even noticed. Except I guess the person who actually physically /did/ it, but I don't know who that is for sure. Guess it could be /any/ of you." That last statement is especially seething with murderous hatred. Again though, it seems he's not acting on it directly. Though, he does add, "I am not drinking any of your weird shit. I drank some Faygo last week and it made me go fucking loopy. I don't need any more of that shit."

"… You got loopy off Soda." Raven says.
"… Dear god, we're dealing with an /extreme/ lightweight, Tshallandria."
Raven decides Mondays suck.

"I got loopy off of /Faygo/." Vruasa corrects, without explaining the difference.

Deelel says "Hey that's almost stealing my name there you know it's Deelel by the way DL." She seems a little suprised and the idea to hang this guy up by his toes till he plays nice is still an appearing one. Huh what? We blew up your planet?"

"…someone started a /new/ session somewhere else? Huh." Jordan said, pausing. The glowering even stopped. What do you know. The "Huh" she gave was more of one of those "Oh, that's bad," Huhs, and so, she looked towards the rest of the people gathered, particularly the people not playing.

"I see. Though I guess you're kind of an asshole anyway, but you being /here/ doesn't help /your/ session, which could be going up in flames for all you know. If you're wasting time killing things of no consequence here, the other players in your session could be dying horribly and making your own game unwinnable, which would be not something you'd like, I think." she said, her tone a little less aggresive. A little

"So unless you feel like dooming yourself further, I'd suggest you get back to your own little session and stop sticking your face into other peoples' business."

Everything is chaos and nothing makes sense.

Or at the very least, this seems to be Arthur's opinion on the state of things, which he expresses in the articulate language of agitated, incoherent noises. Then, suddenly, okay, partial explanations! This clears things up! Only a little bit! Someone else ran the game? On another planet? Arthur squints one eye in a manner that looks confused and ponderous at the same time and freezes, attempting to figure this out for the longest time and eventually it looks like he's arrived at some kind of conclusion.

"So… You ran the game? Back on your candycorn planet? And… Oh, I guess that means meteors there too? Oh. Oh!" Arthur suddenly jerks a bit as if finally cognizing some of this, at least a little. "What?! Someone got some copy of the game? The hell, how did that even happen? Skaianet's DRM is tight, that doesn't make any sense!"

Oh! Then, suddenly: Stroke of genius! Arthur finally decides to experiment with alien diplomacy and try to defuse this horrible situation. "That's terrible! Totally horrible in a whole lot of ways. I hated when my planet got hit by all those meteors too, it is hells kinds of angering like nothing else!" Clearly the only strategy here is to try to be on the same side as Vruasa's anger instead of against it. "I didn't know someone here was spreading it around more. I've no idea what sort of tabs I should have been keeping on my session over here but, uh, I'm sorry for not keeping enough tabs. I'm guessing someone in another session wasn't keeping enough tabs on theirs though, it sounds like we both have a whole lot of reason to be angry at tabless assholes elsewhere!" This is all said a bit uncertainly, but Arthur is doing his best. At the very least you can't fault his effort.

The Load Gaper is casually tossed away by the cursor. By chance it manages to land on an imp's head. Though the imp is not dead, it has its head stuck in a toilet.

"God dammit. You people even /exist/ in ways that piss me off." Vruasa complains, regarding Deelel's name. He puts his weapon away, since he really doesn't want to deal with an all-out fight here. It might even get the crazy girl trying to drop a load gaper on him to back off a little. With an exasperated, angry sigh, he says, "Call me Vru then. I'm not going any farther than that because frankly you don't deserve to know my full name." Actually it might have been a better idea not to mention that Vru is a part of his name to begin with. Oh fucking well.

He squints towards Jordan, not that she can /see/ it through his wicked blue sunglasses. But maybe she can, who knows.

"I'm a Knight of /Time/, how the hell do you think I got up here so far. As far as you know I /am/ back in my session making sure nobody dies horribly. Anyway, I need to find out how connected our game sessions are even if I hate all of you and wish failure upon you as a punishment for your ignorance." He doesn't seem to pick up on the fact that Jordan seems to think his session starting anew parallel to this one was a bad thing.

He's also bluffing about being in both places at once. As far as he knows at this point he can't do that.

But it's not like he can't be there in a heartbeat anyway. Literally.

Back to Arthur, at whom he flails angrily again, "What did I tell you about that fucking candy corn bullshit? Quit comparing me to your disgusting human confection. It sounds like the wasproach of the food world! I swear… to… fucking…" He trails off, evidently becoming gradually pacified by Arthur's apologies and acknowledgement. For now. And doubles back to answer some questions, "My FLARP partner talked me into playing this stupid game. Something about it being an even more extreme experience. No fucking shit. Ever since it's been apocalypse timers counting down to a great big FUCK YOU. I'm pretty good at this sort of thing so it hasn't really been a problem for me except for the timer portion. Sometimes I get…"

Vruasa looks at the phonograph he mostly destroyed.

"… carried away." He finishes.

Raven pinches the bridge of her nose, and then groans a little, because it is so Monday it Monday Mondays. Although. Seeing that imp with his head stuck in the toilet?
Yeah okay that was kind of worth it. She starts snapping photos of it with her pokegear's camera.

Tshallandria considers Vruasa for a long moment, "So… You're saying, people in your particular reality, can't reach an expanded state or reality where things are … more likely to make sense and less likely to explode by drinking a bit of properly prepared liquid?"

She looks at Vruasa for a very long moment with something that looks a lot like pity in her gaze. (Hint. She's a demoness. She might be lying. She might not be though. She's a demoness.) "I think… I pity you… …Or perhaps it does work the same way but… …You don't feel worthy of such an ascended state of being… …Or maybe… …It's something else… …entirely."

"Your game session would /probably/ be completely independent of this one. However, that just means that both of you can screw up and it won't affect the other, unless someone like you decides to cross over like a jackass and introduce even more elements into this session that the game will react to somehow." stated Jordan, now carefully considering the grey-skinned alien in front of her.

"And yeah, that's pretty much what this game is about. Get used to it. Apocalypse timers, meteors falling from the sky? It's not all fun and games, so instead of bitching constantly, I'd suggest you just man the hell up and shut up about it."

A pause.

"Though, nothing's gone wrong in your session, has it? And I guess since you're here and you don't look like you've…well, that means you're either mid-way through the game, or you've just started."

"I know, right? Whose idea was this game, even, full of obtuse language and stupid riddlesprites and timers to rocks dropping out of the sky, it's the most enraging thing and it's all terrible. I have no idea what a FLARP is but this reminds me a whole lot of what happened with CW. Though, uh," Pause. "Okay, saved my life I guess, but still." Arthur falters only a little bit, before a hand goes up and points. "Okay! Plan, we figure out how this is connected and figure out what went on so we know who or what is responsible for a bunch of stupid sky murderrocks and then we can go and be incredibly angry at whatever caused this all. Right?" Arthur is hoping that this will at least result in less angry time knights and general problems with the others. Oh! "Wait, Knight of Time? Is that like the other stuff I've been hearing about, stuff about mages and rogues or whatever?" Throughout his statements, he makes sure to not mention candy corn.

There's that dramatic handpointing, now whirling around and being directed to Jordan. "And, hey, you! What the hell is all this crossover stuff? Why do you even know so much about these session things, you've never even said why you know anything about the game in the first place. If 'alien coming into my house and stabbing phonographs in my skullroom' is enough cause for advice to him it should be some cause for explanation to me, you keep disappearing dramatically, like that time on the roof back in LOGAL!" This is all said with the assumption that Jordan isn't disappearing dramatically RIGHT NOW.

Deelel says "Temporal powers?"

Thats gets a thoughtful look from the program. She does take a bit of a steo back for a moment "I don't eve know about how that happened. I wasn't aware of any others with connections to anything outside cept this one." There was the mysterious Jordan but they hadn't said much to her about where she'd just come from. I'm sorry I don't know more." She pauses and lets Tshalldndira do her think.

Oh look. Jordan's gone again, and Arthur has been dramatically yelling and pointing at thin air for the past few seconds or so.

"Aaargh! Cryptic riddling everywhere! Get back here!" Arthur throws his hands up helplessly and makes a few frustrated noises. Then he's turning to Tshallandria. He looks like he's about to say something, putting a hand up as if to gesture. He can tell she's doing something! Something sly and aloof and maybe even acting as the indirect mentorly figure she keeps working the archetype of, but before he finishes actually starting to speak it occurs to him he has no idea what her intent is because he's not been tracking that conversation regarding faygo, sodas, and alcohol, so he just lets that go. But he's watching! Or trying, anyway, he's a little distracted with ongoing "oh god alien" panic.

Tshallandria just smiles to Arthur and offers him a bottle of the Infernal Whiskey. Kid's gotta learn to drink sometime. "It would be my pleasure to give you something from my personal cellar."

Vruasa Telash stares at Tshallandria for several long moments, attempting to discern her motive.

He fails.

"Give me your disgusting human beverage and let's get it over with." The Troll says to her, holding a hand out expectantly. While he's waiting though, he looks back towards Jordan and says, "My session is going fine. I don't know where we are relative to /this/ one, but at least a few of us were already doing stuff that was kind of like this to begin with. I'm sure the less well-acclimated just got bludgeoned to death by some imps or something." He snorts, apparently amused at the thought. "Doesn't matter. Wouldn't have survived on Alternia anyway if they couldn't deal with that much."

Apparently he's going to ignore her infuriating taunts for the moment. Or maybe he doesn't want somebody to try to chuck a load gaper at him when he inevitably flies off the handle.

Arthur catches Vruasa's attention with his compelling arguments that they should figure out who is actually responsible so they can be murderously furious at them. He considers this momentarily and then nods his head firmly. "Fine. But if I find out that you're responsible and just tricking me into this shit, I am declaring a VENDETTA and am going to start pulling time shenanigans on you and where the fuck did she /go/?"

Vruasa looks around for Jordan. She's not there anymore, though, so this is an incredibly fruitless effort. Regarding his temporal powers and class and all of that weird, abstract bullshit that Sgurb has forced on him, he shrugs and says, "Seems to me like the game gives you a few tools to try to survive it, and it kind of carries along with you no matter what happens or where you go. I'm a Knight of Time. My sprite told me that means I protect people with time. Mostly I just use it for kicks. Speaking of, I'm getting really fucking tired of waiting for that drink."


And then Vruasa had already consumed the disgusting human beverage. His eyes are the size of dinner plates, and he is holding the empty container loosely with his mouth hanging open. For a few moments he just /stands/ there, looking around at the room.

Then he runs around screaming incoherently for a few moments, before accelerating himself a second time and just fucking disappearing entirely.

Vruasa Telash wakes up a few hours later on a church pew in god knows fucking where, but it's not here.

Tshallandria just sort of stares. Then looks at the hand that was containing the bottle and then stares, "Well… …I can't say I've ever seen anyone react that way before to alcohol. I guess things just work differently for him…" She shrugs and looks back to Arthur, curious to find out if he's just now sworn off of drinking FOREVER.

Log Notes: Trolls don't actually get drunk off of faygo. Vruasa's can was spiked.

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