Knight's Log 10-5-12

Ascending from the Land of Spires and Frogs will be fairly simple for whatever group was involved in doing so. When viewed from the exterior of the various planets, in the Medium proper, the view is a bit different from other perspectives. One can get an unimpeded view of the Incipisphere from here, or at the very least a much less impeded view.

The first thing anyone will most likely notice is the massive blue sphere in the center of the Incipisphere. It's massive, apparently the thing that passes for a sun in this strange space. It sits stationary, massive clouds moving inside it, obscuring the interior of the translucent construct. The center is clearly emitting some kind of light, muted and peaceful once it passes through the cloudy exterior.

The second thing that is likely to be noticed is the presence of two other visible planets. Besides the Land of Spires and Frogs (from this distance, it looks like a big spikey ball!) the two are also orbiting. It would seem they share the same path and same orbit speed as the Land of Spires and Frogs. One, at a distance, is easily recognizable to those who have been with Summer to any great degree: That's the Land of Wood and Haze, clearly recognized by the varying shades of green and brown surrounded by an odd greenish-yellow misty appearance. LOWAH is easily recognized as behind LOSAF in orbit.

Ahead of LOSAF is a planet that's a bit harder to identify, and nearly impossible to see initially: The Land of Grit and Lamps is as dark as one would expect, with tiny lights interspersed about it. It's almost as if the whole planet is hiding.

The arrangement of the planet makes one inclined to believe there is a fourth on the other side of the massive blue sphere, but it's obscuring the view of where it is, if there is one.

Near the blue sphere is a large gold planet, with what appears to be a small gold moon physically chained to it. The moon looks like it might pass into the sphere during orbit, somehow, and appears as though it did so very recently.

Surrounding the sphere, outside the orbit of the planets, and far distant, is a band of unknown objects; they look gray, but at this distance the visual appearance can't be determined.

No stars are visible in this space.

At no point does the air thin at all. The atmosphere stays breathable, despite this very clearly being something akin to outer space.

Gate 1-1 is easily accessible from a number of locations and various warpgates, the most easy of which to use is the portal located at the very top of Arthur Lowell's house. The location it leads to is quite peaceful; there are no initial threats to speak of, besides a few wandering imps that seem to have no interest in the recent arrivals. With both the Union and Confederacy independently interested in the ongoing events, and the public promise of a large number of rewards that can be obtained, there's quite a reason to head this way.

The Gate 1-1 landing site seems to be a small clearing in a forested area that cannot quite seem to decide if it is woodlands or rainforest. The sound of various local fauna is thick in t air, but it is surprisingly clear of bugs, as if populated heavily by their predators. There is a stream, flowing from the north, full of clear water. There is a path leading to the north that winds alongside the river which looks like people have passed by recently, and towards the end of that path, a plume of smoke, as if from a fire that occurred some time ago. There appears to have been heavier traffic heading to the south. It's not impossible to head in the other directions, though, if other possible investigations take interest. There are no clouds in the sky, despite the rainforest look, and the sun is a soft blue instead of the traditional white. There might be one or two tiny dots up in the sky, like something flying, but besides that, there's a distinct lack of flying life. Thionette will recall that the Hermit caves were due east of this location in particular, a path visibly much, much less travled. Deelel will, of course, recall Southtown to be due south, a rather more clear path.

Imps are a mish-mash. These creatures are three feet tall, approximately, with vicious-looking teeth and claws, hostile to any person approaching, though often quick to flee from a large show of strength. This is where the consistency ends. The materials of which they're made change from imp to imp, and even from part to part. Arms, legs, torsos, and heads seem mixed and matched. They are all made of steel, bone, stone, or an inky black celluloid-like substance. Their features are similarly varied. Some have suits and hats as if from a mobster movie, some bear large sabertooth tiger fangs and ears, some have large fuse leading into their skulls, some appear with equine heads, hooves, or tails, often having a unicorn horn, some have wings, and others appear to have tentacles dropping from their face where their jaws would normally be. It is a chaotic bunch. Ineffectual at best, they'll pointlessly assault anything that isn't another Underling when approached.

From all parts of the planet's surface, massive stone spires can be seen at various distances and at various heights, interconnected by irregularly-shaped stone bridges. It's not clear what's at the top, but various natural structures and openings dot the sides of these spires. It is clear from experienced observation that while there are spires above, there are also spires below; all surface area seems to be on top of these spires, including the current surface.

It looks like Wily's Castle smashed into the Imperium. A plain, average suburban home is in there somewhere. The walls and roof have been "copypasted", so to speak, visibly, but there are additions. Most of the additions are skulls in various shapes and forms. Some of them appear to be turrets. The entire fourth floor seems to be in the shape of a skull. There's lava, glowing an ominous gold color, forming a moat around it, and a wall of obsidian surrounding the base, along with several spikes jutting out from what would normally be considered a regular suburban lawn, albeit one that's slightly overgrown, and pockmarked with, of all things, pools of glowing yellow lava.

It sits at the top of a massive stone spire in he middle of an odd void. with the spire extending into the blackness below, out of sight. Above it, seven spirograph-symbol gates float above, the lowest of which is just at the roof and shifts slowly in design. It's this one that's the probable entrance for most. Among the gates and along the lawns are a variety of turrets, clearly digital in nature, set about to face doorways. They don't fire on anything that isn't an Underling, though, so any visitors are left unharmed by these off-world constructs.

Those arriving will find themselves atop the fourth-floor skull-shape room, near a trapdoor, deposited by this first gate. To the north is what looks like a… restaurant?! And to the south are a variety of small rooms, arranged in rows, mostly empty. Below, of course, is that massive skull room, with the giant pipe organ on the face-end, and the various alchemization implements scattered about. A bunch of cards are similarly littered all around and it looks like someone spawned a dozen Cruxite Dowels that aren't in use.

======> Prorth: Be Prorth.

Duh. He sits in his hive, feet propped on his computer desk. Posters of Trolls with awesome hair paper the walls, but that's not very important right now. What is important is what he's doing. He polishes his pistol, a clip of Ice Bullets sitting next to his feet on the desk. It seems he not only takes care of himself, but his belongings as well.

======> Be the other Prorth.

Now we're the other Prorth. Dressed in orange pajamas, but still with awesome hair. While the normal Prorth polishes his gun and relaxes, Prospit Prorth floats out of his tower on the moon of Prospit and looks toward the massive celestial body it orbits. The clouds catch his interest. He stares up at them in wonder, wondering what sort of images he might see. However, they are not his main focus. He had yet to explore the main planet of Prospit, and intends to do so today while his other self gets some alchemizing done.

There is something else floating in the space of the Medium. But it's not something one can see until they get close. A girl, with wavy long blonde hair. She is wearing what can best be described as a golden nightgown. On it, there is an image of a crescent moon.

She's waiting at a spot. A spot that she knows others will be passing soon. She's waiting rather patiently, prefering to get places sooner rather than later.

She can't wait to meet these weird people finally.

==> Vinyl Scratch: Arrive on time for once.

Are you kidding? The DJ pony still shows up a bit late to the show and is basically hanging out around the house again. She really hadn't heard anyone was going out to do anything significant so that means another shot at the tech! Hopefully Arthur would be around this time. It doesn't take Vinyl all that long to make her way on through the house.

==> Head down the trap door.

And back at the tech, gleefully contemplating just how to start, but first she hits Session 412. Winging it herself last time as fun, but maybe Arthur would have some really good ideas for what to do in here. After all, the culmination of her efforts last time was just her radical 'Songwright's Sonic-Specs'. Handy, but if she was gonna keep coming back she had to get equiped to help.

==>Attempt to Pester Arthur.

Deelel knows the way to Southtown very well, she's often headed there to do research and is doing so so she's not alone today at least she'd mentioned it to two other members of the union who seemed interested in comming with her so she'll wait with her light jet in idle for the other two two arrive rather than just flying off like she might normally.

======> VRUASA: Be at the girl's place.

Well, that would be nice and all, but there are too many people paying attention. Anyway, you have more important things to do. You left a PROXY STATUE there several days ago, so it should keep an eye on things for you and beat up any intruders if it has to. Maybe you should use these things to make some sort of training routine…

======> VRUASA: Okay, then. Where the hell are you, kid?

VRUASA TELASH is a significant distance away from the Land of Grit and Lamps, presently hovering in what might be considered 'orbit' over the Land of Spires and Frogs. He is outfitted in a helmetless set of his exceptionally elaborate rocket armor, which makes him look like some kind of knight. Or would, if he was wearing the helmet. As it is, it just makes him look prepared for a journey through the veil. Which is good, because that is the exact activity that he is engaged in.

In one hand, the Knight of Time holds his rocket spear.

In the other, he holds an underling.

Unceremoniously, Vruasa brings the two things together to STAB the underling and effectively invite Arerth to join him. There is no efficient way to communicate that she really needs some kind of rocket gear for this if she wants to act independently, unfortunately. So he supposes that, once again, he will be a walking talking vehicle for somebody. For now, anyway. Maybe it would be a good idea to make other people some rocket gear so this problem doesn't keep occurring over and over again.

HAVING DONE THIS, the Knight waits for his companion to arrive. Or fail to arrive for whatever reason there might be for her to do so. If that happens he's just gonna go spam the shit out of her on trollian or something, he doesn't even fucking know.

Arerth: Play dress up.

Back in her hive, ARERTH RIALTH is currently outfitting imps with the limbs of other imps and seeing what looks most fashionable. There is a lot of screaming, blood and magical healing involved. The imps are chained all over her basement though, so it's really too bad for them.

That is, until Arerth's magical injury sense tingles.

Arerth: Do your Sylph of Space thing.

And then, she was with Vruasa.
Or as the case may be, clinging to Vruasa as he either uses the rocket spear or the rocket armor to ferry her around, because she can't be damned to get her own set. She should, though!

"$o hey!!! where are we going today??? I wa$n't li$tening when you explained if you did at all!!! and $tuff, you know, $o bu$y"
Sword? Check. Gun? Thionette spins the chambers of the pepperpot once to make sure they're all loaded, snaps the cylinder shut, and stuffs it in the holster on her belt. Check. HarHarpooner in case she needs to go spelunking to get where she wants to go again? Check. The dusty old text she found down in the tombs? Rolled up and tucked in her travel bag, check. Bomb punching gloves loaded? Check and Check. Goggles on? Scarf tied? Check, double check. Let's do this.

Preperation montage aside, Thionette adjusted her steam pirate bomber jacket as she meanders into the landing. Takes note of other(s) present. "Guess I'm not the only one that be headin' out for a wee bit of investigating today."

Prorth sees a variety of things during this most auspicious of events, the Alternian Prospit Lunar Eclipse. As the planet passes, just partially, through Skaia, several clouds display vibrant images, not the least of which is a an image of a trio of figures who he might recognize as himself, Vruasa, and Arerth, looking towards a more distant human Prospitan Dreamself. He's wearing the gear he has now, so one can only guess that this is happening sometime soon. How convenient that this vision would happen now, right before that meeting. But alongside it, he sees several things.

There is a THIN MAN with a SHARP BEARD attempting to beat a dark-carapaced creature by punching it in the face.
There is a TOWN on top of a STONE SPIRE. SMOKE is emitting from it, as if there is a fire.
There is a GIANT SKULL of some kind, breathing what appears to be LARGE QUANTITIES OF UNLIGHT out for unknown purposes.

He also sees whatever the current state of Alternian Prospit is. To this GM, it is a mystery what cultural state it may be in. But he may have more immediate reason to wake up and abstain from explorations.

Oh hey. Remember how I said Prorth was relaxing? Yeah, not the case. That's actually his PROXY STATUE. That thing is such a boss. Prorth Prorth is on his way up to meet with his fellow Trolls. So, yes, he IS in three places at once.

It gets confusing fast. Just trust him on that. He's dressed normally enough, and his hands are hidden as he ascends up to meet Vruasa and Arerth. How is he ascending? It'd be a lot easier if he had a spiffy rocket something. Maybe Laohus would sell him some Pshoooooes. But he's there. That's the important part.

"Ok@y first of @ll you need to get your own godd@mned rocket ge@r." Vruasa complains to Arerth, who is presently clinging to him. It's really the only way for her to get around up here, and he really doesn't want to think too much about how this looks. It's just too weird. But before she can answer this by complaining about the grist cost or the hideous color scheme he goes on, "@nd second, we're going to try to find @ whole fucking pl@net that is @pp@rently hiding somewhere out there. Fortun@ly this pl@ce does not seem to be @s l@rge @s @ctu@l sp@ce."

If it was, they wouldn't be getting anywhere soon.

"Oh, @nd there's @ m@gic@l kingdom of bl@ck guys there or something." He adds, vaguely. Without further explanation he kicks his rockets into gear and starts flying around in outer fucking space, looking for a planet he has no idea the location of. That BRUTE guy told him they'd see it eventually. Then again, knowing this game they might need to trigger some kind of bizarre real life cutscene or fight SPACE WORMS to get there.

Who knows.

==> Rainbow Dash: Enter Game

Rainbow Dash isn't a reader. Heck, she hardly ever reads the reports unless they're really interesting or Twilight Sparkle forces her to because it's important or something like that. And even then it's with considerable amounts of complaining. But in what little reports she does read (Primarily the crises summary things that Twilight forces her to read), she keeps reading stuff in reports about this crazy world where a video game has aparently send meteors crashing to the earth. Now that was weird. Other things she's picked up from Staren and Vinyl Scratch have made the world sound even weirder. And cooler. And like an adventure. Hearing Deelel talk about the place earlier, she finally decided to tag along to see what it was all about.

Rainbow Dash loved an adventure.

==> Rainbow Dash: Have an adventure!

That'd be cool, we're getting a bit ahead of ourselves.

==> Fine, get ready to have an adventure.

The brightly colored pegasus comes down for a landing lightly at the Gate 1-1 landing, her eyes wide and alert behind the pair of bronze goggles over them. Rainbow Dash grins as she looks around her, instantly taking off the ground once again. "Whoa. Okay, this plcae is /freaky/," She says, zipping quickly up another twenty feet to get a better view around. "I mean, like, freaky town freaky. Where the hay are all the clouds?" She asks, looking down at the other two she had agreed to come along with.

And there he is! As was requested, Arthur has obliged Vinyl, which is to say he was actually already here, busy with a whole ton of alchemizations and apparently trying to do something with his darker-alligned BROOMS. A black metallic on designed with what looks like prohibition-era weapons aesthetics, it bears a bolter-pistol mechanism at the handle end, and the bristle end seems to have a blender mechanism to spin the metal bristles. The whole thing crackles with some eldritch power. He seems to be trying and failing to do something with it, but then seems less attentive to that when he hears that Vinyl is entering. Well, time to meet a pony! He'll try to be a good host and have everything up and running for his guest.

"1! pray you do not leave /Ve behind, Vruasa, Arerth," Prorth's voice calls from behind.

==> Greet PB.

"Yo, Arthur, PB, all them names," Vinyl calls as she lands beside the ladder down from the trap door. "Nice runnin' into you finally," she continues, glancing around the room again. Seemed it was all there, just like last time. Even that pipe organ. She shivers at the sight of it, recalling a rather specific song that was played on it a week ago.

==> Freak out and flip a table.

Vinyl decides that is totally not cool, would make a horrible first impression on Arthur, and thus does not do this thing. Though the sight of a nearby table does seem to beckon her for no apparent reason. … So… Tempting…

==> Fine. Go see what Suggestions Arthur has for making stuff.

"So, I kinda figured this stuff out last time with a little help from the Eff-Ay-Que you've been writing, made these rad specs, but I figure if I'm gonna be helpin I'm going to need a bit more then just shades, ya know? .. Rad as they are, they don't really do much else but let me pester everyone. Got any ideas? I'll at least say I'm really great with music of the bass variety. Its also been called wub."

Somewhere in Vinyl's interface, if she had a client player, they would be sadly staring at their empty strife specubus. This must be fixed!

"god you are $o whiny!!! I'll look into it when we get back ok???" She has no idea how she'll manage to make ROCKET EQUIPMENT fashionable though. Maybe just… boots? Or hidden thrusters on her back? She's going to have to adjust her skirt too, what a mess.

"ok $o how hard could it be to find a planet??? $eriou$ly how would a planet hide???" Granted it would help to know what planet exactly and what it looks like. And black people? Yeah she has no idea about what one. Must be some weird NPCs Vruasa poked at.

"oh hey Prorth!!! what the eff are you wearing???"

"Just get Salesman to make you some Pshooooes and recolor them to your liking. I dunno how the fuck he customizes stuff so they still work without their color scheme but he…" Vruasa pauses mid-flight, deactivating his thrusters to look back in the direction of the approach Prorth. That's unexpected, but how the hell did he even know they were here? It's not like he /advertised/ it. Not the he minds very much. Every extra pair of eyes helps a lot. Especially when you are hunting for elusive planets. It's a good point though. How hard /can/ a planet be to find?

"Sup pP." He greets his fellow player, nonchalantly. No point in expressing surprise. It would just give Prorth something to dig into socially at some point, and they already have enough of that shit flying around to fill a vat.

Deelel looks at Thion and Dash for a moment "It's a strange world I have to admit. A very strange one but we need to hit a Library and do a little resarch before we get going where we need to go. We don't need to stumble onto somthing we're not prepared for. "I heard your pretty damn fast Dash and from that race I know you can keep up with me."

"Good to see you Thionette hop on I'll give you a lift and we can head out." She'll give the other a chance to hop on if she accepts and start to take off for Southtown if there's no objections.

"Oh hell. You're a… Wow, I didn't even think that was a thing that could be happening." Arthur is a bit taken aback by the presence of something that at the very least looks a lot like a small horse. Not exactly the thing you're on guard for. Especially in the age of the internet where those kinds of sorts get an entirely different representation. But he's nothing if not really capable by now of maintaining a coolkid front, which he immediately switches to. "Hey! Welcome! Glad to get you here, great to meet you. I hear tons about rad music and shit you do, which means I'm pretty sure this'll be pretty easy. We just gotta work with that. Shit, man, got anything for that around here?" He grins, not aware at least at the moment of the turntables. "We'll figure something cool out and make you some sweet swag that ruins the hell out of imps. Grist's on the house, I'm sure it won't be a big drain."

Thionette is reminded she needs to punkineer a mode of transit that's smaller and more managable in worlds like this, because it's too much of a pain in the tail to drag out her Cool Landship, or even the Trainwrecker. But that doesn't matter right now because Deelel's offering her a ride. "Don't mind if I do lassy. I need t'go poke round the caves some more, but swinging through town along the way cuts down more travel time," she replies as she climbs aboard.

Prorth floats toward Vruasa and Arerth, frowning at the latter. "I am wearing what I always wear, rS," he says, "Is it not fitting?"

"no it'$ not!!! where i$ that awe$ome outfit I made you???"
Arerth insists he wears the Prince Charming suit.

"We are exploring, rS," Prorth says, "I did not wish to mess it up in case things get messy."

"Oh my god. Is this seriously fucking happening? Are we going to try to harass pP into changing his clothes while we're in outer fucking space? Can't this wait until LITERALLY ANY OTHER TIME EXCEPT NOW?" Vruasa asks his companions, growing visibly irate. He would cross his arms over his chest but with Arerth holding onto him that's really not very practical. So he just looks increasingly angry instead.

==> Return Cool Greeting.

Vinyl seems pretty amused by the reaction. She got plenty of those when she went on her little tour of the multiverse when she decided to venture out of Equestria. "Its cool, Arthur. You're a pretty great kid considering there's no hard feelings over makin' the shades. So. We'll figure some rad stuff out and get to wreckin' anything this place has to offer."

==> Make Arthur aware of Turntables.

They're to either side of Vinyl. Its not her fault if no one noticed, after all. She didn't either, but hey, they're there now. "So these specs actually let me control my tables. The tables themselves can pump out the bass as needed, but they're just reg tables. Records stored underneath. I figure we can let'm take in some other types of stuff and get'm goin hard enough to melt the faces off whatever needs its face melted off! Any thoughts?"

And yet. The table. IT STILL BECONS.

When Deelel makes the mention of 'research', Rainbow Dash makes a face. "Ugh, more reading? You had me until you got to that part," Says the pegasine speedster. She folds her forelimbs over her chest, looking indiginent. "You made it sound like there was actual cool stuff to do." Sigh. At least Deelel puffs up Rainbow's ego a little bit.
Dash grins her best cocky grin and unfolds her forelimbs. "You bet I can!" She pauses a moment, "Alright, maybe I can find something to do while you're doing that boring researching thing." Then, she's off in a blur of colors, speeding after Deelel.

"ok fine!!! but next time he ha$ to dre$ properly!!!"
You win this round, Vruasa, Prorth.

With Arerth changing subject, she takes a good look around the Veil, pushing her shades up to look at the reading. Distances! So many distances. She can see them all. Unfortunately that does not help them FIND A PLANET at all.

"do we at lea$t know what the $ecret planet look$ like???"

"My guess is a dark, spiky-looking planet," Prorth says, before floating outward. "I will wear that for you sometime, I am certain, rS."

From here, moving to the Southern Spires is a simple matter of moving… Well, south. This will involve crossing a variety of stone bridges, the first of which seems to begin just at the southern edge of the forest, where the sheer drop around the bridge seems to indicate that the Gate 1-1 landing site is also one of the spires. It would possibly have been difficult to navigate without flight or an otherwise high-altitude perspective, but steadily progressing to the south will lead through various small enclaves and caves in the interior of the sides of the other spires as any group progresses along the assorted bridges.

The stone bridges sound odd, once approached, and there is the slight feeling of some manner of movement under their surface, but nothing to make one wary. They are wide enough for a whole group to walk on comfortably, and are somewhat rounded. Occasionally there are haphazardly-constructed wooden handrails. Below the bridges lies a sheer drop into a planet-wide ocean below. Though one could grab another bridge in passing, one clearly does not want to go over the edge here.

After a lengthy period of walking (or, in this case, a short period of flying!), off in the distance can now be seen several particularly inhabited spires; various blue forms move about atop them and along their sides, all centered at the highest area. Several buildings are visible.

While flying by, various small fountains can be encountered. They all appear to have been smashed or defaced forcefully, and with careful examination one can determine that, before, they took the form of an intricately carved frog. They still function as water dispensers, but no longer have a froglike form. It makes for a decorative set of streams of water mid-air around the group on occasion.

The Southern Spires are an arrangement of eight spires surrouding a ninth spire, all of which stick out in the location quite obviously, from height and other contributors. They are arranged in what appears to be perfect geometric octagonal shape, with each spire having a bridge to its neighbor and to the central spire. The approach to the town can be done from any angle, but it's easiest to reach the nearest, northmost spire, which most of the trans-spire bridges lead to. All the structures seem to be cylindrical huts, where wood and dried mud are interspersed with metal. The larger and more important a structure seems, the more metal it seems to have. It all appears to be scrap metal, though. Only a few of the structures reach above three stories. They are oddly designed with the proportions of a human in mind, despite their population.

It seems to be populated by, of all things, rather large blue iguanas. Compared to the average human, they appear particularly stout, and are about as short as an average child while standing on their hind legs, which appears to be what they're doing. Despite still not really being humanoid, they appear to be both sapient and dexterous, apparently being the residents and the creators of the larger settlement. They all have a deep blue skin and distinctly yellow eyes, and all of them move in a particularly energetic, agitated fashion. A lot of them loiter, much in the same way as an angsting teen or, say, an NPC in an RPG. They all seem to wear one or two distinct pieces of clothing. Cloaks, hoods, scarves, or some mixture, but it's all more accessories than it is actual full outfits. And these are, oddly, metal-plated in certain cases. This is somewhat rare, and seems to be some kind of status symbol!

From all points of the village, the central spire can be seen smoking slightly. There are errant pieces of stone present, scattered throughout the environment and occasionally lodged in structures awkwardly.


"You know what rS, no. Next time you want to play dress-up with pP just invite him back to your hive like you obviously fucking want to. In fact," Vruasa turns towards Prorth and points at Arerth, who is still holding onto him, "I am inviting you to her hive /for her/, because she's going to keep dancing around the issue and driving us all goddamned nuts. Go put on her weird fucking clothes and give yourself a terrible haircuit to go with the princely garb. Don't worry, I'm sure she'll do something equally fetish-charged on your behalf, because I could cut this tension with a fucking chainsaw."

"Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to move us ahead into the ACTUALLY DOING WHAT WE'RE OUT HERE TO DO BIT!" He declares, kicking his temporal manipulation gifts into top gear and ACCELERATING them towards wherever the hell they happen to be going.

======> VRUASA: Accelerate and then decelerate.

Unfortunately, the Knight of Time has NO IDEA where he's going, so after a little while of time-accelerated PCHOOOOOO the three of them are dumped out right… next to a girl in a night gown. Who the hell is this and why does she just happen to be hovering out here in her pajamas?

Vruasa points towards the girl and demands, "Who the hell are you and why the fuck are you just floating out here in the middle of goddamned space?"

This is obviously the best way to introduce yourself to somebody new.

"dude what!!!"

Arerth would VICIOUSLY ARGUE with Vruasa over these matters of pairings, playing dress up, and haircuts (she is not a hair dresser!!! or a barber!!!) but he doesn't give her the time to as he decides to ACCELERATE to a more plot-relevant time.

Right in front of a girl in a night-gown.

"dude what i$ it with you and $tumbling acro$ $hady human female$??? how do you manage to do that in fucking $pace???"

Prorth floats forward after the pair, turning and firing to propel himself through space after Vruasa and Arerth. As they slow next to a human girl, Prorth glances at her. "I second that questioning," he says, "Although, perhaps a bit less uncouth. Who are you?" He glances at Vruasa. "She may know where we need to go. Her clothes are familiar."
He chooses to ignore dL's first outburst entirely. There would be time for THAT awkwardness later.

Summer looks at Vruasa, frowning. Prorth might not recognize her, but either way, she nods slightly at Prorth, to show familiarity.

But still, the mystery of her identity won't be kept secret for long.

"My name is Crowraven Wolfmoon. It's nice to meet you in person, DL. And RS. And nice to see you again, Prorth."

And Summer shrugs. "No clue which way to go either, but I have a guess. I'm assuming DL is leading? But anyways, when we get there, we need at least /someone/ capable of speaking a sentence without swearing. I didn't know Prorth would be here though. But… Ehh I had no choice but to be here anyways."

"Apparently it is my special talent. You have clothes, you have your weird identity bullshit, I have finding shady human girls in strange places." Vruasa responds, sarcastically. Things are made clear very soon though, when Summer clarifies her identity to them. He looks at her very closely in response, not that it can be /determined/ through his shades. Didn't this girl talk a lot about dressing goth and shit? Why is she dressed in such gaudy clothes? Is she some kind of bizarre doppelganger from CANDYLAND? It certainly doesn't seem any less plausible than some of the rest of the shit in this game.

At last he says, "Oh hey CW. I guess I am leading by default, because I'm the only one who knows remotely what the fuck is going on, but honestly I don't even really give a shit. Sounds like you're trapped in some predestination bullshit, which with this game is about as surprising as you showing up wearing a candyland nightgown I guess. Do you know what happens next, or are we just going to play the guessing game with this nightmarish clusterfuck of a game until something happens?"

Isn't he just a ray of sunshine.

======> … I got nothing.

Prorth's jaw goes slack. "Crowraven… So, you are here. That is… interesting. I was not expecting this." He inclines his head, offering a brief smile before he remembers that Arerth is there. He straightens up, stock still. "You are wrong, dL," he says after Vruasa speaks. "I happen to know a bit about this. However, until you discover it for yourself, I believe it more prudent to not spoil that particular subject. So, for now, you can lead." He crosses his arms, eyes flickering between Summer and Arerth. He massages his temple, then floats away from the group. "Come. We have things to do."

"Rad. Actually, I have a great idea for that!" Arthur says. "Gimmie a sec, if I can use the sheet music to…"


"Damn it to hell. Give me a moment. You're about to see something stupid and embarassing, please ignore it." Arthur puts a hand over his face and rubs it a bit in frustration.

Quietly, he ejects the sylladex (, spewing the contents all over the room, smashing the plate and breaking the toaster, recaptchalogues SHEET MUSIC, and quickly expends the card in punching it with its code. Then he retrieves the punched card for the BLENDER. "Alright, mostly done here. Now we just need to figure out what parts of that we want hooked up to musical spinning blades. Hey, how do you want this to work? Any other bits you want added?" He gestures to his pile of punched cards.

"well technically!!! I am the one leading!!! because I am the queen obviou$ly, you know!!! CW though??? I thought you were a guy!!! like, that you were PB's male moirail or that he wa$ your male moirail or whatever your $tupid bromance concept tran$late$ to!!!" Damned human culture and its incredibly complex relationship system!

Arerth grumps a bit, before adding: "huh okay one why do we need to be polite??? two where are you going PP??? three and thi$ i$ a total a$ide but the yellow of your clothe$ i$ ridiculou$ and unfa$hionable and you $hould feel bad!!!" Never, ever bring Arerth to Prospit.

Thionette waits for Dee's flight to get to town and then hops off. "Thanks for the lift mate. Good luck with the book wormin'." But she's not really in the mood for dusty old tomes today, that's what she wound up poking about last time. Instead she's off to find the quickest way to get back to the West Caves.

"To Derse," Prorth says calmly, looking pointedly away. "That is our destination, is it not? Standing here is going to do nothing to get us there."

==> Look amused, but not to amused.

Vinyl isn't really sure what this reference means so she just flies, er, acts casual. Hopefully not to casual. "If there was some kind of crazy way to make the bass kill things? That would be amazing, but I really don't have any thoughts. They're just turntables, ya know?" She's definately pondering it though whilst behind the shades she's once again beckoned by the table. the upright, not flipped table, and the pipe organ over there mocking her with the memories of last week. ARGH.

==> Resist the urge and retain your cool factor!

Vinyl manages to do this. For now. "I mean, what all did you do to make your gear? You've got some pretty slick stuff there, but I bet its expensive and uses a lot of the, uh, what did you call it, Grist?"

Southtown's north spire appears to be a travel-centric area of sorts, wherein a series of strange ballistae with seats have been errected on the northern edge. Travelers appear to be making use of them as some manner of travel mechanism, physically launching themselves elsewhere. The distance is astounding; the landing mechanism much less so (it may involve crashing under normal circumstances).

There are a variety of stalls here, where travelers can find the local food. The local food is a variety of disgusting bugs, something that the iguanas seem to appreciate. Also served are a variety of crystal-like plant stalks (recognizable to some as the "tewer") in various states of preparation and mixture with the bugs. Besides the stalls, there is a small hut purveying information and a little guardhouse with a pair of iguanas in front of it. They each hold copies of Thionette's knife she gifted to an Iguana a long, long time ago in the North Village, and appear to have some kind of lightly armored duster. Their helmets seem to be oversized fedoras crafted out of bent metal. At the southern end of the spire is a set of stairs leading to the side structures.

There is a small hole a little wider than a person in front of the guardhouse. It goes straight down into the darkness.

"Well, hey, toss me a subwoofer or hookup thereof then. Sheet music, blender, subwoofer, maybe some extra stuff, might do it!" Arthur grins. "Drop the blades with the bass or something, I dunno. As for me, uh… Well, I made this outta a lot of expensive stuff, yeah. Got a bolt-pistol in there somewhere. A tommygun someone stole from one of those underlings I think. Bloodwritten page of a mind-bending eldritch tome or some shit, you don't want any of that. Mailbox wound up getting a bit lost in the alchemy. Not to mention the rad ammo that I can now finally reload with! But anyway, check it out, all this stuff has been used to make rad gear at some point in the past, should do you well."


"For some incredibly retarded reason half the players in PB's session are keeping the fact that they're female from him. I assume they're just trying to induce an aneurysm at some point in the future, at which point they will take all of his stuff." Vruasa remarks to Arerth, concerning the gender dynamics and romances involved in Arthur's session. He is apparently not particularly interested in this, or sufficiently baffled by it that he can't find the energy to be worked up about it. Wait, why the hell does he need to stop being vulgar to visit this Derse place? Or are they going someplace else? He frowns a little, but evidently decides it is not worth arguing about.

He has some very specific business in Derse once they get there. The knight may not have woken his own dreamself up, but he knows enough from his investigations to have a good idea of what he needs to investigate further. Actually though, why are these two able to just float around like that? That's fucking weird. Maybe it's why they're wearing those ridiculous pajamas. Some kind of special flightsuit that the game generates.

That would be really convenient to have. Vruasa makes a mental note to ask them for the captchalogue codes later… right now it's probably best to shut up and get on with the quest. So he drifts in the general direction Prorth seems to be going in, since he is one of only two people here who probably have any freaking clue what they're doing out here in the Medium.

Deelel will take the quickest route to the city and make sure Dash doesn't get lost on the way after all this land can be a very distracting place to visit if your new like Dash appears to be. Thankfully nothing goes wrong in the slightest as they make their arrival to South Town, she'll set down at the first place she finds near the library and will speak up for the first time in a bit. "Explore the town if you like Once I know where to go we'll be heading out again. It's hard to have an Adventure if you don't have the map to get there."

"I'm heading to the Libarty now to go find information on the Cloud Seers."

She'll head for the libray now to go see if the lizard who operates it is free to lend her a hand in her search.

Now which one of these things goes the way she wants to— Thionette stops in mid-thought to sniff a couple of times, and moments later she's leaning on the counter of one of the huts, looking for a menu or anything of similar sort. "Momma always said it was bad to travel on an empty stomach~" With is a flatout lie because she never even knew her mother much. Being about the only 'player' that actually -likes- the iguana's food due to, well, let's just say as a junkyard brat turned steampunk pirate she's eating a lot crazier things.

==> Ponder things in the room to use.

Vinyl decides to take a long look around as she actually produces said equipment. First, she actually dismantles (SACRLIEGE!) one of her turn tables to get the speaker out of it. "This feels so wrong," she comments, slipping one of the cables along with it for Arthur to use. "Lets see, um.." ponder ponder glance glance, "Well if its gonna be in fighting it better be durable. Some metal or- Oh wow, that dark stone is pretty kickin too. Either or, PB." Basically she considered the obsidian or iron. "Though we gotta keep it cool, so if you got somethin that glows that'd be epic too. I do run a club after all!"

Summer pauses, looking at Vruasa.

"…Half are keeping it secret?"

She knows Fiora wasn't keeping it secret. Wait. Wait. What.

Summer just follows Prorth, pausing.

"Valentine /is/ a guy right?"

==> Rainbow Dash: Take in the scenery

Scenery? What scenery? Rainbow Dash doesn't make it a habit to watch the scenery when she's flying along at speeds that something her general shape and size shouldn't naturally be able to reach without rockets or something along the lines of a slingshot. Doing so tends to result in her becoming one with the scenery.

Needless to say, Rainbow Dash is paying more attention to where she's going than where she is, grinning in spite of herself as she speeds alongside Deelel. But while she was letting Deelel lead the way most of the way, Rainbow Dash puts on speed once it becomes aparent where they're going. She's turning it into a race! What else would she do?

"Hah, beat ya!" Rainbow announces with a laugh as she speeds over Southtown's airspace. She starts backwinging, bleeding off speed at a rapid rate. Dash waves a hoof to Thionette when she gets off. "Gee, thanks, now I get left with all the eggheading stuff," She complains, before pushing her goggles up from her eyes. But despite her complaints, she follows after Deelel towards the library. She said she would help, after all.

"What's with the clouds here anyway?" She asks, hovering beside the program. "I mean, there's /always/ clouds even in your weird multiverse weather worlds. Here it's just blank sky all over the place." She was paying attention to some of the scenery at least.

"why do human$ put $o much importance on gender anyway??? it'$ a$king for trouble!!! really u$ troll$ are $o far evolved compared to you human$ that gender$ are just incidental thing$!!!" Well okay not ENTIRELY but let's face it they don't have quite as many taboos as humans do.

Arerth can't really do anything except follow along since she is literally riding with Vruasa, so onward they go. But she does ask: "do you even know where it i$??? and why do we have to be polite??? you didn't an$wer!!!"

Southtown's Southwest spire contains a single large building; it is composed primarily of a large cylindrical shape, with heavy metal reinforcement, but several other partial cylinders are attached to it, extending the size chaotically and haphazardly. The upper portion of the main part of the building has, arranged in scrap-metal pieces, a stylized book, and under it, the image of a sword crossing over a musical note.

There are many entrances to this building, and all of them are open. A variety of iguanas loiter about. The building is one of the only one to feature actual windows. Near the back is a part of the structure marked with a large, whirling white-on-black reverse-Borjgali symbol.

As the only awakened Troll, Prorth understands why Summer is wearing those clothes. He also knows they don't grant any mystical flight powers. "We need to get there. The reason you want to be polite will be revealed, I am certain." He crosses his arms, then turns back, masking the remaining hint of a blue blush from his features. "There's a lot more going on then you all realize. The fact that Crowraven is here is a testament to that."

Vruasa Telash shrugs indifferently as he cruises along behind the dreamers, probably bumping Arerth around a little as he does so. He answers Summer, "I haven't even fucking met your fourth player, so who the fuck knows. It wouldn't surprise me if you guys are such a bag of fucking crazy that you can't even keep your genders straight." HAD Fiora told him that the fourth player was a girl? Honestly, he can't remember clearly now. It's either a quarter or half of them though… and obviously, Fiora isn't the one keeping secrets. Ugh. What a pain in the ass it is trying to juggle all of this social horseshit. he wishes—

"Hell if I know," He says to Arerth, who provides a reasonable distraction from the weird topic at hand, "but I can dial it back if I absolutely have to. I just don't fucking like talking like a prissy little noble all the time." Even though he is, in fact, nobility of a SORT.

To Prorth though, he says, "This game is a big bag of existential bullshit. I will be extremely surprised if there is more going on here than I expected. But who the fuck knows, maybe I will have even more reasons than you to contemplate the meaning of 'self' after this."

Thionette seems to have several thousand times more money than is actually required to purchase any of these bug-snacks or the prepared tewer (which is, by the way, delicious… Though only to someone who is particularly inclined to eating things such as bugs in the first place). She also seems to have it most in "boondollars", which may or may not have been something she was aware of having at all in the first place. It doesn't seem to be a physical object and nobody will take her credits, only this abstract currency that she has some irregular amount of.

"You… have NO idea…"

Summer sighs, following along still. "Look, sometimes some basic protocol is needed. You will all see though… And yes. There is a lot going on you don't know about. Honestly this is probably sequence breaking a /bit/, but it shouldn't hurt us at all."

She continues flying along. "…Oh, and human gender is a complex issue. It's hard to be friends with someone of the opposite gender sometimes."

"Anyways… Okay, I'll… I'll just talk to Fiora later. Because I'm confused. Though Valentine is probably just a perverted guy."

Deelel looks back to Dash a moment before she departs and replies "Some worlds do not far as we can tell this world is digital in nature like a video game in how it behaves but is actually made of userspace matter so I have not a clue about it. I'll get the data then we can get moving I'll keep in touch. Thion you take care as well and i'll keep my channels open."

She heads quickly for the building she'll enter in after giving some of the locals a look for the native who runs the palce. She'll ask him about the cloud seers and for help to find information on them, not to mention where to find them.

Thionette got over the bizarreness of loot that isn't actually there when it comes to paying for things after the whole getting a handle on gist. So there being a second type of currency that she didn't notice before is more of a mild curiosity than disturbing. More importantly, it's the right kind of currency to buy food! The skunkette's got no idea why no one else seems to like the local cuisine, but that's there lost.

But she's got traveling to do, so settles on just getting several of what appear to be bugs baked in some sort of tewer cakes, shoving one in her mouth and stuffing the rest in her bag for later. Followed by pulling her flask out of an inside pocket of her jacket and taking a swig from it to wash it down, and gets back on track to find the ballista that'll aim towards the western caves.

"$top being a my$teriou$ dick!!!" Arerth snaps at Prorth, but otherwise is just kind of along for the road. So far no sign of Derse. This is kind of boring in retrospect. She should have brought a book or something.

"well whatever, why are we looking for that planet anyway??? doe$ it have $ome $uper equipment on it or something???" That reminds her the lot of them have not ever gotten a chance to try out the Motifs yet. Maybe someday.

"I am a Time player, sequence breaking is in my blood." Vruasa says to Summer, accelerating a bit faster. The normal way though, not by means of temporal manipulation. He makes an irritated noise at the matter of human gender issues and answers, "That is so fucking retarded I can't even begin to explain what's wrong with it. You humans have the most simple relationships in all of goddamn creation and you spend your time INVENTING NEW WAYS TO COMPLEXIFY YOUR RELATIONSHIPS based on insane social boundaries that have not one single goddamn reason to exist."

"It's almost like," He rants on, only semi-coherently, "you want to roll around in emotional pain for hundreds of generations before you get a fucking clue and stop being retarded."

His rant is broken up by Arerth asking reasonable questions, to which he answers, "There's some plotting going on there that I need to look into. But I guess there might be some awesome equipment or something, yeah. Technically we are sequence-breaking, so that seems like it almost goes without saying."

"Shit, one rad glowing bass-drop blade-spewing turntable piece coming right up." Arthur says, grinning. He gets the GLOWSTONE, the OBSIDIAN, the BLENDER, the SUBWOOFER (SUBHOOFER?), and the SHEET MUSIC, and then he alchemizes all that together in a storm of double-punchings and card overlays.


ITEM: The Raveshear is an odd subwoofer replacement that appears to mechanically unfold into an assortment of circularly-symmetrical spinning blades, configured to match the rhythm and volume properties of the bass of a given piece of music, turning the turntables into a horse-mounted set of blending blades powered and directed by music-mixing. The reach is beyond Vinyl's body by a considerable degree, making the complex and intricate machinery quite unusual. Instead of using fencing or swordfighting abilities, it seems to be a direct expression of DJing abilities, manifested in physical combat ways.

Rainbow Dash at least waits for Deelel to finish her explanation before she starts looking bored. "Yeah, I so didn't get any of that," She admits, shaking her head. One thing is for sure, she is not all that interested in checking out a library. "You go do the egghead thing. Find me when you've got something awesome to do, I'm going to go explore!"

Rainbow takes off again the other way - But much slower this time, instead of breakneck (Literal) speeds. Slow enough that she can actually take in the scenery without becoming one with it. "Whoa," She passes along overhead one of the strange lizard people in the city, seemingly just not actually noticing them. "Bet Fluttershy would love these guys." As she looks around, her eyes falling on the sight of the smoke rising into the air. She frowns for a moment, then takes off in the direction of the central spire to investigate.

"if we run into a random encounter that pwn$ u$ or land $traight into an optional bo$ I am going to punch you Vru!!!" Well if Summer didn't know Vruasa's name she knows half of it now. If she can even realize it's only half and not the whole!

Arerth would be a lot more threatening if she were not relying on Vruasa for transport though.

Prorth snorts. "I am a Heart player," he says in response to Vruasa. "I have a fractured sense of self by being able to be in literally multiple places at once. Which one is really me? This me, the one sitting at home in that statue… or the third one?" He shrugs. "I do not want to ruin the surprise for you. After all, you two and tS are all going to learn about this stuff in time. I am already ahead of you in regards to this. When you start putting the pieces together, I will explain it all to you. Okay?"

"What's that, RS? You want to be stranded in space for a while?" Vruasa replies to Arerth, with an exaggerated volume of voice. He's joking, of course.


Summer pauses. "…All of you are weird. But I now know that your name is Vru, then."

Summer ponders. "Any specific plan or are you just all hoping to learn something?"

It's a library! A massive one, full of bookshelves that are lining it in a circular fashion. Everything is arranged circularly, with spaces included haphazardly. There are a variety of internal balconies that can be accessed via sets of incredibly dangerous stairs. The center of the building has the shelves twist somewhat, their arrangement leading into yet another reverse-Borjgali spiral-whirl.

The interior is crafted of a combination of stone and haphazardly crafted wood, with occasional steel breaking things up somewhat. It looks absurdly old, but seems to have aged specifically in a fashion that's designed to be accessible and non-damaging. There's a seperate chamber to the rear of the building, on the opposite end of the main entrance, marked with yet another of the whirl-symbols. A bearded Iguana is here, familiar to returning visitors as the local librarian, sitting at an open desk in the center. He seems ot be looking for something missing behind the desk. Next to the desk is a large card-catalogue, full near to bursting with cards.

"Nope," Vruasa says to Summer, simply. It's a part of his name, but not the whole thing, "And no. I have a few ideas but this is going to require a great deal of improvisation."

It looks like, though Thionette would normally require a pass of some sort to redirect one to it, there's one already pointed that way! Use of it isn't free, but she's absurdly overleveled and has so many boondollars that it's really not worth talking about. The seat's large enough for her to sit in and… Just, kinda let the local Iguana workers shoot her over to where she needs to go. It might remind some of cannon travel in some worlds.

Upon launch, it'll be clear she's headed right towards that familiar spire where she encountered the twin hermits before. Time to deploy that safe landing gear she very definitely brought with her! Probably.

==> Observe Raveshear.

"Okay. That is awesome, Arthur, and I approve of it. I'm just not entirely sure how to use it," she admits, giving the 'weapon'(?) a good looking over. "So should we modify the tables too? I mean those woofers fit right into'em, so maybe mix it all together, maybe get it so its not just records eh? Though if that's too much stuff then we can skip it." Arthur had helped a lot, she didn't wanna seem greedy. Cool people weren't greedy. Nope. Never!

Tshallandria has reconnected.


The planet is entirely made of obsidian. It's situated far beyond that Veil, only just barely noticed out of the corner of Vruasa or Arerth's eyes. Being the only ones intrinsically alligned with the place, they're the ones who will be pushing the notice just over the required edge. It's a complex series of gothic spires, cathedrals twisted into cathedrals, sewers that churn and tangle aboveground into balconies that overlook sweeping vistas of corrupt hyperurban landscape. Jet-black figures of a motley sort walk around the surface, only barely visible as the group might close in on the planet. There's a set of four towers, each tipped with a white sphere depicting one of the Carapacian's Kernels.

Chained to this planet by a giant chain is a moon, and attached to this are a pair of giant towers. One displays only a fair amount of smoke that might disincline one to approach. The other has a deep green light above it. It flashes, sputtering, as if it's incomplete or inadequately formed. It just barely resembles a large spirograph.

The planet is orbiting such that it is halfway between the LUNAR and SOLAR ECLIPSES.

The central spire appears to be rather a lot thicker than any of the Southtown spires. Upon it is what looks like a bombed-out building. On close examination, it seems that there were three buildings before, a pair of squat ones and a third, now unidentifiable. The third, central one appears to have been made of stone, and have suffered a carefully-executed and rather comprehensive demolition. It seems that this is the source of the scattered stone pieces! Several of them can be seen still here, marked with a variety of symbols that may be worth investigating.

Meanwhile, the other two buildings are much more squat, and are huts, like many of the other buildings. They're marked with a lot more metal than most. They seem servicable, if Dash wishes to enter either the left or right there.

"…and that is why Twilight is the best book series ever, and Stephanie Meyer deserves the Nobel Peace Prize."

It seems the conversation completely got off the rails somewhere along the line. But, hey, it was inevitable that they would get the rant on why Summer likes Twilight, completely including a summary of the story as a whole. But fairly soon Vruasa and Arerth are likely to notice the existence of Derse, and so the subject will thankfully have a good reason to change.

"… I…. What." Prorth scratches his head, but says nothing beyond that.


Yes that's all Arerth got out of this.
Summer just lost like a thousand points!

Thank god for changing the subject. It does help that Arerth LOVES the color purple, so the fact that this god damn boring space has something PURPLE in it makes for an easy notice. Or, well, an easy corner of the eye notice. Close enough.


The fact it might be their destination does not even cross her mind. IT'S PURPLE. It's worth investigating.

Thionette pays 'fare', climbs up into the seat, and pulls her goggles down over her eyes. Safety first!… ahaha who am I kidding, she's only got the down because it looks cooler that way. "Fire when ready!" She's way too eager about being shot through the air from what's practically a giant crossbow, but she never claimed to be a sane person in the first place.


…. Oh right, landing. Fortunately you get forced to jump off airships for assorted reasons that may or may not be legally ambigious, and you learn to be prepared for needing to land. In this case, she quickly produces a device that extends into a minature set of gear-and-spring-driven rotors. Not enough to fly with, but it's enough to slow her decent onto the target location for the caves without having to deal with the steering issues things like paracutes have.

"Hang on a sec," Vruasa says to the others, raising his hand to indicate that they should quiet down, "I feel like I've been here before. That seems entirely fucking impossible because we're in GODDAMN SPACE and there are no landmarks, but I feel. I dunno. Nostalgic, I guess? Also I don't know what the fuck you're talking about, I didn't even like most of the entertainment back on my planet, and at least our bullshit media told us exactly what it was on the cover." Mostly. Truth be told, the Knight had not been listening to Summer's rant about something or another he doesn't know jack shit about and never will be inclined to.

Wait, is this one of those things CS might like that he will be forced not to insult endlessly to avoid pissing her off? Goddammit.

Unfortunately he is too busy thinking about a bunch of stupid stuff to actually notice what Arerth is screaming about immediately. It's not until she begins yelling that he turns around and looks towards the UNBELIEVABLY PURPLE PLANET. Oh hey, look at that. That seems familiar too, only he can't put his finger on why. Vruasa has never seen this place before in his life. He's certainly never been here, OR been out into the Medium like this. He figured it would be too dangerous in their session.

Not that that ever stopped him from doing anything, but with the gods-fucked 12xprototyped crap wandering around you could never be too careful.

"Actually I think that's what we're looking for. Well hell fucking yes, let's do this!" He exclaims, now quite eager to EXPLORE. Vruasa kicks in his thrusters and heads in the direction of the strange obsidian planet — there's business to take care of, of course. But that doesn't mean it can't be fun too. Though halfway through…

"RS, why don't you just try to alchemize yourself a REAL ship like one of those back home. It would be expensive as hell but it would be awesome, and the Empress had one before everything blew the fuck up." That goes without saying though, seeing as how they were intergalactic conquerors.

"note to $elf turn hive into bada$ $hip," Arerth asides, quite seriously.

"Hell, sure, let's give it a shot. Lay some records on me, we'll alchemize it with one of those whatsits." Arthur gestures over to his pile of whatsits, which is to say, the aforementioned stock of absurd alchemy craftables that he has available. "Got any preferences? We might be able to make your music do hells kinds of weird things or make your records mad dangerous on the edge, I dunno!" He's tapping his chin. He might come up with an idea soon, but for now, he's waiting on any preferences Vinyl has from among his assorted mundane and superpowerful knick-knacks.

Deelel has been checking out the Library it's a place she's come to knwop well and it's operator has become a friend of the programs's. She's fgrinning as she sees hims calling out to her friend. "Hello! I come with another search and I am looking for your help. I need to find information on the cloud Seers. Also where I might actually find them if they still exist."

==> Give Arthur ideas! And records.

Whoa, really? Well lets see," she muses, taking another look around. "Iron or Ruby, records, turntables, man I'm not sure -what- that'll do," she muses. Then she spots something she recognizes from the multiverse. "OH man! That's one of those musical things," she suddenly calls out, holding up the little Ipod as if she just got a sword from an old man in a cave. Somewhere some item get music plays. "Arthur, I really hope I ain't gettin' greedy. If I am you'd tell me, right?"

At least the table has ceased its beckoning to be flipped.. for now.

The note of familiarity causes Prorth to nod, both in real time and the Alternia-Prospit Prorth. "

Luckily, Rainbow Dash is not going so fast that she'd possibly crash right into the central spire. But she does forget to slow down to a stop for a few paces once she gets within sight of it - And is on a collision course for one of the huts around the spire.

"Aaauuggh!!" A quick flurry of backwinging later, and Rainbow Dash stops just inches away from meeting head first with one of the squat huts. She whews, wiping her brow with a hoof, then quickly backwings away, zipping closer to the central spire.

"Whoa. Now that had to be one wicked explosion," She comments as she looks up and down the spire. A quick few beats of her wings later, and she zips up towards the top of the spire. Though all that she gets from the meticulous explosion is the fact that the building blew up really, really good. "What the hay happened here?" In a quick few blurs of colors, she zips from one side of the spire, then to the other, kind of like some odd, overly large hummingbird. She gets bored of it quickly though, and darts down towards the ground again, looking for one of the lizard people.

If she can find one nearby, she'd point a hoof back at the central spire and ask, "Hey! What the hay happened with that thing?"
Tshallandria has partially disconnected.
The note of familiarity causes Prorth to nod, both in real time and the Alternia-Prospit Prorth. "It should seem somewhat familiar. Not to me, I am afraid, but to you there should be some pull." He crosses his arm and turns toward Derse, floating toward it. He goes slowly, however, aiming to hang back with Summer. "We are a bit more alike than I originally believed," he whispers toward her. "How much do you know about these two planets?"

"it kind of doe$ feel familiar but I can't place why??? I've never been here, I would remember a planet thi$ awe$ome!!!" Seriously it's PURPLE. This is like. The planet she would like to have for herself. ALL FOR HERSELF. Arerth makes another mental note. Second note to self, conquer Derse.

"okay well now what??? where do we land???"

Summer just begins to follow towards the planet, moving towards the planet of Derse. Well. This is giving him an idea of where Vruasa might be sleeping at least.

But, she stays back a bit. Vruasa /is/ faster after all. Rockets and everything. But she whispers back to Prorth.

"I've been awake on Prospit for years. I've never been to Derse, but I've heard tales of it from the Prospitians. I'm assuming Arthur and Valentine are asleep on Derse. Fiora is on Prospit."

A pause.

"…Those two. They're both from Derse aren't they? Just at a guess."

Vruasa exploring the planet itself is a complex matter. the spires jutting out of other spires and the cathedrals twisted up inside of other cathedrals seem to make navigation a bit of an issue; reaching the "surface" isn't actually going to work, at least unless you know the intricacies of navigating the planet, and have any idea where you're going. Going below the surface is just prohibitively difficult. As for going over the immediately accessible areas, there's not too much interesting to find immediately, besides what's already been seen, with the heavily dense structures. The notable structures seem to be the most accessible for landing, leaving Vruasa and his cohorts with the various towers and the chain as the most likely interesting portions of the thing. It may be difficult to get more general, unless they start going into the houses of those carapaced folks down there.

Speaking of those carapaced folks… Man, it kinda looks like they're staring. Exploration is catching some attention. They're not doing anything yet, but the folks are keeping an eye on them, definitely. The all wear strange outfits that incorporate robotic parts, face-tentacles, pinstripe suits, unicorn horns, fake bird wings, fuses, cat ears, and other similar manifestations of the four Kernels. There's the slow rumble of building agitation. Might be best to explore and get out of here quick before someone finds out about something that's apparently important.

Prorth gives a quick nod. "They, and tS as well, I believe. I am currently the only awakened Troll, and the only one I know of, at all, on Prospit." He ponders for a moment, then goes on. "I am currently awake on Prospit and here at the same time. The powers of Heart are quite strange."

Vruasa glances over his shoulder, momentarily. He notes what is going on with Prorth, and turns his attention back towards the fore. You know what, that works out just fine. He's not certain exactly how much Arerth picked up on while this whole planet of her favorite color is in front of them, but he figures there's no point in drawing excess attention to it. Inexplicably, he accelerates /much/ faster than the two dreamers to his rear, heading in for a landing on one of Derse's available surfaces. Getting to the actual surface seems to be entirely impossible in the current circumstances, so he decides that this is just fine.

The first thing he does is set Arerth down, so she can look around on her own. He also unequips the PSHOOOOES that are on under his armor. Actually, he'd forgotten that his regular shoes have been alchemized. Either way, he takes them in hand as one can only do with a game abstraction technically underneath a layer of clothing, and passes them to Arerth.

"These will let you fly around. They're fucking hideous by your standards, I know," As a matter of fact, the boots are black, "but they'll get you around and I don't need them with my armor on. If shit goes down I don't want you trapped and needing to strictly rely on me. I mean I guess you could just teleport anywhere but HERE, but you know. Better safe than sorry."

Having done this, Vruasa turns his attention to his TIME CAPSULE MODUS. One of his capsules is about to unlock, along with the other. The first HISSES open and the helmet of his Rocket Armor equips itself immediately, obscuring his vision.

THE CERULEAN KNIGHT holds a hand up to his face-concealing visor, to indicate to Arerth that THIS IS A SECRET, and she should keep it that way. He is not certain this will be communicated effectively at /all/. But either way, he takes off in the next instant, at least for a little while.

He doesn't intend to explore on his own, though. Vruasa is just going to find an out-of-the-way spot for when his next capsule opens, and then head back. Provided that he finds a good spot, he does… SOMETHING!!!

Summer nods to Prorth. "Alright… In that case, this planet is new to both of us I assume? Anyways… Let's check out the towers. I want to see how Arthur and Valentine are doing. Come on."

Without even thinking, she grabs for Prorth's hand. To pull her towards the tower. Yeah she isn't really thinking of the implications of this.

Atop one of the four towers, perched neatly opon the roof, is a figure with pale skin and black clothing. A lot of pale skin. Not much black clothing. And a sword resting across her shoulders which is as big as she is.

Black Gold Saw.

With faintly glowing crimson eyes, she watches the Curiously Crowded Rocket Spear make its rounds. Her face is…blank. Almost. The look is best described as 'a mildly disappointed glower'. Then again, this seems to be her regular facial expression. Slowly, she swings the Cannon Saw off her shoulders and plants it point-down beside her feet, hand resting on the hilt.

Well. What should she do about -this- kink in her plans.

This spire here where Thionette is a massive, thick one that seems to lack any bridges leading to the top of it. The bridges that do approach it seem to approach it at strange angles, and all of them meet strange, vast openings. Each opening is marked with a pair of large pillars, the tops of which are adorned with large carvings of frogs that are all in various states of less effectual defacement. It appears as though someone attempted to destroy them, and was unable.

The entry into the structure that Thionette lands at is a wide, open natural antechamber lined with more of that strange crystaline tewer plant, emitting a relaxing, pulsing heat and light. It seems that some fauna have been passing through, appealed to by this. There's evidence that a number of frogs have passed through, though only one of the croaking HIDDEN COLLECTIBLES is here now in the antechamber. From here, Thionette will recall three places that exist in the structure: The home of "Wer" near the top, the home of "Tew" in the crystal chamber near the bottom, and the Frog Sanctuary. She may select any and move to them through the numerous heated navigable tunnels and passages, which will not be described with any substantial granularity.

"Oh! They still exist, yeah! Thip thip. Last cloudseer thing happened only a few months ago! I know they all live over in the Cloud Section of the residential spire! Don't need to go to me for that, unless you're looking for a phonebook to tell you where one in particular is! And that wouldn't be really useful at all because we don't know what phones are thip thip thip." The librarian says to Deelel, surprisingly coherent and helpful today. This should be fairly straightforward!

There is a faint shimmer in the air to the left of Black Gold Saw's head. From it comes a little bit of cigarette smoke and a voice.

"By the way, if you try and mess with what those kids are supposed to do? You won't have to come looking for me to hurt. Because I'll be coming for you. You're not the only one who can make threats."

There is another puff of smoke, a sound rather like a window being shut, and the shimmer is gone. And in his DIVE NIGHTCLUB, Loros takes another draw on his cigarette, watches the insides of his glasses, and smiles.

"fiiiiine" Arerth whines, and she equips the PSHOOOOES. She can paint them all nice and purple later or something. Maybe figure out how to make them belch out purple fire. Because why not.

Being left on her own doesn't really suit her though. She is a HEALER, and Vruasa is her TANK. If he thinks she is going to just let him walk away just because he put on some badass helmet he is so wrong. Mostly, she has nothing better to do right now, and does not wish to SEQUENCE BREAK alone as a healer. For obvious reasons.

That's why the SLIGHTLY LESS FASHIONABLE THAN SHE NORMALLY IS troll strolls after Vruasa the moment he takes off, rather than risk running into some ridiculous thing that wants her dead.

She will allow Prorth to mingle with CW for now. FOR NOW. Watch yourself, Prorth. Your mingling privileges are on the line.

Prorth blinks as his hand is grabbed, then blushes slightly in spite of himself. His hair frizzes out as it is want to do when he is under pressure. With Vruasa and Arerth moving away from them, he allows Summer to drag him toward the tower, keeping a grip and dragging himself level with her. "They should be asleep, but yes. I have not heard good… things… I need to visit my Derse in the near future…" He shakes his head, and on Alternia-Prospit, Prorth nods and retreats into his tower. Such a flight would need planning. The third Prorth is napping. Or just sitting there, as statues do.

"Yes, let us assure your fellow players' dream selves are alright. They are important, that much I know."

Black Gold Saw closes her eyes, "I have no intention of harming them." And then Loros' window through time and space closes, leaving him with that assurance at least.

Eyes opening, she regards the scene below once more. This is just inconveniently pushing her plans up faster than she would have liked. That's all. The kids and trolls would've come here -eventually- anyway.

"Hell, don't worry. I am swimming in major surpluses of material swag here most of the time, and this is pretty low-level gear relative to some of the stuff people have been kicking out of the alchemiter. Besides, you look like you're needing some gear anyway. You feel like kicking back some grist after you get it done, feel free, but I'm not gonna put a cap on you going through some of my spare grist." Arthur says, grinning in a much more genuine way. He really does seem to not have much of a desire to stop someone from getting some useful stuff. "Huh, let's see…"


ITEM: These ruby-edged iron constructs are thin as records, and seem to function as them. Ruby plating on the sides, just barely thin enough to see the iron underneath, seem to allow them to be read as such as well. It looks like each record can hold several thousand songs, and the ruby reading-mechanism may allow for songs of an unusual nature to be read much more effectively.

As Apple's thinnest iPod product to date, the edges of these records are sharp as hell and are probably insanely dangerous to be holding, unless you're, say, manipulating them with naturally-resistant hooves.

Arthur makes two of them for a nice set.

Pausing a moment at the entrance, Thionette pulls her goggles back up to examine the glowing tewer. Looks like that flame crystal she shoved in place of the Shard she claimed is still going strong. Not a surprise, those things can produce heat for ages, beats having to stoke a boiler every time you want to power up your steam-mech. Looks like something else has been coming through here. Drawn to the warmer climate in the caves now? Hmmm…. Oh hey there's a frog. Is the caves more hospitable to frogs now? Ugh, this world just keeps coming up with as many questions as it does answer anything.

Lots of things to ponder as she heads for… hmmm. Up or down? Does it really matter, considering they seem to switch places depending on the day? In the end Thionette shrugs and decides to head upward, if only because that's the way she didn't previously go personally before. She can always go the other way to talk to the other twin (which may be the same twin by then) if she needs to… and thinking about this is just making her head again.

"THIP THIP THIP WHAT OUR TEMPLE IS GONE?!" Rainbow Dash seems to provoke one of the locals into an ignorant babble. The next few Iguanas each attempt to foist quests on her to kill ten imps. After about the fifth try she'll get it down. One of the more steel-plated sorts thips excitedly. "I hear a lot of things about what happened! Some people say some girls named Crepe and Gespie came through town and blew it up! Some other people say that's just what THE MAN wants you to believe! I don't know what a man is thip thip anyway it got blown up a while ago! It was terrible and stones were falling out of the sky, but it was just an explosion, thankfully not anything really big!"

==> Bask in the awesome.

Okay. Wow. Those records were amazing. "Whoa, whoa, Arthur, I think you just made my entire night and weekend," partly because he was genuine about being cool making all the stuff, but also because RUBY RECORDS. Plus they were weapons. PLUS— wait. "So.. these records can play music right?" When she figures out she's gonna be able to summon up her entire library on two weaponized records? Yup. This will be awesome. "PB, you earned yer name, I dunno what else we could even make!"

There IS, in fact, a good spot somewhere, for Vruasa to find. It's around the base of that chain. The big one, probably an important kind of thing. But leaving something around that definitely isn't really too important, there's not really any way it'll turn out to be relevant in any substantial way in future interactions with the location.

Meanwhile, back in relevant matters…

"Didn't see anything more interesting then /me/ out there?" The Cerulean Knight asks Arerth, from his SECLUDED SPOT BENEATH THE CHAIN. She would have seen him leaving SOMETHING behind, but whether she realized what it meant, he couldn't say for sure. He shrugs faintly, and re-joins her somewhat out in the open. He points in a random direction and says, "Guess we'd better go fuckin' explore. I'm guessing this place has some kind of event trigger because the people around here were looking at us when we descended. Let's go see if we can talk to them, or if they're just retarded like the fucking lizards are."

"Unless there's something you'd prefer to do." He adds, giving her the opportunity to lead their splinter of the party for the moment if she so wishes.

When one of the iguana's doesn't seem to even REALIZE that their temple was gone, Rainbow Dash facehoofs. "Ugh, and I thought Twilight was oblivious. D'uh!" Rainbow points back behind her, "It's kind of in a hundred pieces!" But then the babble. Luckily, Rainbow Dash has a resistance to babble +10 as a result of hanging out with one of the babblest ponies in Equestria.
%tThis babble beats her resistance after about the tenth try. Rainbow flattens her hooves over her ears, her nose wrinkling. "I just want to know what the hay happened! NO, I won't get you ten toenail clippers, I don't even know what that is! I JUST. WANT. TO-"

==> Rainbow Dash: Keep your cool!

Yeah, no chance of that happening. But luckily, one of the iguana's gets the point before Rainbow just bolts it out of there out of annoyance or starts kicking things.

"FINALLY." Rainbow sticks her tongue out as she pull her hooves away from her ears. Then starts to scratch the side of her head with one forehoof. "Sounds real peachy," Rainbow Dash remarks sarcastically when the iguana said it wasn't anything real big. "What'd they do that for?" She's really testing her luck, isn't she.

Deelel grins at her friend for a moment, but seems suprised she just missed it. Her friend seems to be very much on the ball today and she nods a little bit. "SO they are up on the cloud section of the spires? Got it I'll head that way, thanks again for your help I'll see you around." She'll leave the libray and put in a call to Rainbow Dash and thion.

<Hey I found out what spire these guys are in and apprenly there are clouds there to boot Dash.>

"not really!!! I mean if thi$ i$ really $equence breaking I don't want to wander off alone!!!" Rejoining with Vruasa, the Sylph taps her chin as she ponders what they could do here. This place is huge, but other than the towers and taller buildings there's not much in terms of landmarks. No big neon signs saying 'PHAT LEWT HERE!' either.

"I gue$ it'$ not urgent that we map this place out, now that we know where it i$ I can come back any time I want a$ long a$ $omeone here i$ injured," she even adds, shooting a glance towards the prison. She has no idea what that building is, but she can pick up the injuries from a mile off now that she's been here.

"let'$ try to find a $hop!!! we could buy $ome retarded end-game $tuff here right???" If they can even afford it. Well, Vruasa probably can.

The first tower that Prorth and Summer would come to would be the one with the uncertain deep-green spirographic light just above it. It flickers a few times, as if trying embarassedly to establish some kind of sustained presence, but subsides into its insubstantiality. Inside, is something fairly complex.

It looks like it was, at one point, Arthur's room. However, due to rather intense remodeling performed by another character at one point, it seems to be partially shifted. A dark gray aesthetic covers much of Arthur's room. There were, at one point, apparently bright yellow and bright blue writings on the walls, but they seem to have been covered up by rennovations, adding badass pictures and various symbols, and even a fake wall-picture of a treasure chest that actually functions as a drawer. Unlike his actual room, it's marked, strangely, with an image of a frog.

The rest of his room seems mostly the same. He's got his computer there on a desk, a trunk over in one corner of the room, a door leading off to a closet, a chest of drawers, etc. All rendered in that dark gray variant of the obsidian.

Arthur is in his bed, wearing a loose-fitting purple ensemble. He seems to be having TERRIBLE DREAMS. his head is emitting a dark gray smoke-like substance, but only very, very lightly.

Rainbow Dash flicks an ear when the silver ear bud radio in it starts going off. <About time! These lizard things are seriously weirding me out, let's get out of here!> She radios back to Deelel.

Summer peeks into the room… Well. That's Arthur, obviously. That whole feminine looking boy? No mistaking. She leaps into the room, looking around, letting go of Prorth's hand. A frown, looking around.

"…Yeah. He's having nightmares just like Fiora… Well. Hrm. I wish I could think of a /good/ way to wake him up, but… Maybe we can at least make this place more comfortable or something?"

A glance at Prorth. "You have anything cool we can place in his room to make it more awesome and comfortable?"

Oh. The trolls seem to be going up the chain to Derse's moon, rather than down the chain to the planet itself. Black Gold Saw hefts the Cannon Saw in one hand, swinging it in a wide arc that cleaves a crescent-shaped white opening in its wake. Casually, the woman steps into it.

Atop one of the Derse Moon towers, a white arc of white appears. From this emerges Black Gold Saw. She swings the Cannon Saw up and rests it across her shoulders. She turns, resting crimson eyes on the struggling spirograph design over her shoulder. Then, she turns her face back ahead and steps off the edge of the roof.


A moment later, the devil woman ducks into the tower behind the others, blocking the door with her body, her INTIMIDATINGLY LARGE SWORD, and the GLARE OF ABSOLUTE DISAPPROVAL.

"You need to leave. Now."

"I guess that makes sense. Alright. I guess we can just ask where to find a store or something. As long as I have a few boondollars left I can probably make it all back back in LOGAL." Vruasa looks around the general vicinity. Honestly, this is the first time they've gotten a /really/ unusual reception. Most of these game abstractions are dumb as shit. Could it be they're just reacting realistically to the approach of some freak with jet armor carrying a gaudily-dressed young lady? Well, there's only one way to find out. At Arerth's request, he approaches the closest carapacian in line-of-sight to ask it for directions.

"Hey," He says, raising an armored hand to wave in greeting, "could you tell us where we can buy stuff around here? We're… uh. New in town. Obviously." This feels so fucking stupid. Asking those goddamned lizards about this kind of thing is just second nature now, but right now Vruasa feels like he is bleeding, 'This is stupid.' all over the place. Maybe it's because these weird guys look like the Brute, who was honestly pretty damn … well, dumb actually, but he was a lot more intelligent than the stupid reptiles.

The Troll follows the girl into the room, frowning slightly himself. He manages to make it appear as though it's because of the smoky substance coming from Arthur's head and not anything else. No. Why would he be frowning about anything that wasn't being worried about this human's condition?

He's spared having to give a disappointing answer of no by the sudden interruption of Black Gold Saw. He narrows his eyes, a pistol appearing in his hand. "And just why…." He looks at Trollian, then nods. "Come, Crowraven," he says, his pistol vanishing, "This place is not welcoming, I believe."

Summer turns, looking at Black Gold Saw. A bad feeling fills her as she looks at the horned lady. Something incredibly familiar that her mind isn't even thinking on.

But, she pushes this aside, and frowns at Black Gold Saw.

"…Alright. We'll leave. But first. A glance in the second tower, if possible."

She's trying to show no fear.

Black Gold Saw fixes crimson eyes on the Dream Summer. Her FROWN OF DISAPPROVAL remains. "This is dangerous. Even being here is entirely too dangerous for how powerful you are right now." Those eyes flick to Prorth then, "…But if I am with you. A single look should be safe enough."

As she hefts the Cannon Saw off her shoulders, casting a look over her shoulder and out the door. She then swings the weapon down in an arc, slicing a gleaming white crescent in space and then stepping into it. It remains open behind her, and should form a portal into the Derse Moon's second tower.

"Are you saying I am not adequate protection?" Prorth snarls bitterly. He glares at Black Gold Saw, then steps toward the portal. He lets Summer go first though. Her players, her priority.

Prorth gets a flat-eyed stare from Black Gold Saw, and a curt, "Yes. I -am- saying that." before she disappears into the portal.

Summer sighs. Yeah, this is endgame, but. She /knew/ she had to be here. She speaks to Prorth though, before she even enters.

"Look. Don't worry about it. This place is completely End Game. We shouldn't be here at /all/ yet. But… Well."

A sigh. "You should understand it when I say we /have/ to be here right now."

And, she steps through the portal.

"And what the hell makes you so qualified…" the Troll mutters bitterly, drawing his pistol as he follows Summer into the portal. "I suppose."

Heading up is a simple matter, or at the very least relatively simple. Normally it would be a giant hassle but in this case, for the sake of time and granularity, it involves a simple climb through one of the tunnels and up to a door made of bound tewer-plant. Inside seems to be a simple, relatively RPG-style sort of thing. Oddly enough, where most of the hut in the lower chamber was made of tewer, this one is carved. Which doesn't make any sense, if Thionette recalls the skills of both of the residents here, but whatever. There's a bed, a table full of books and scrolls, a series of ladders going up through the ceiling, and one iguana here! WHo greets Thionette eagerly. "Ah, hello visotor! Come in! Come in. How can I help you?"

Things not making sense is what makes sense in this world! Or so it seems. Yes that statement doesn't make any sense in itself but that's the point.

"Hello!" But then Thionette pauses, eyeing the iguana for a moment. ".. Wait, are ye Tew or Wer? I forget which of ye be which now."

"Shit, looks like it. I guess, I dunno. What does ruby do?" Arthur shrugs. He doesn't know the details of how all this works. "Whatever, anyway, I'm pretty sure we'll figure out all the awesome stuff it does eventually. So, other stuff, other stuff, well, uh… Clothes? Making something great to wear is usually a good idea. It's pretty awesome at making clothes. Though, uh, I don't know what you all, uh…" He makes vague gestures and his coolkid nature falters slightly. "I dunno if that's a thing that goes on. Anyway, stuff to wear is great. You look like you did good with the glasses, anyway." He's back to grinning a bit more.

Speaking of glasses, Arthur's just went off a little bit. He reads something briefly.

ELSEWHERE: The pajama'd fellow in the bed near the trio inside a tower, as they're absconding, emits a tiny burst of more of that smoke. It's not too notable, though.

==> Nah, its cool, but…

Vinyl seems pleased with it all. She'd just have to figure out how those speakers work. She still wasn't all that sure. "Oh! I do have one last idea. I need some kinda radio/chat/computer thing like I did with my shades for Rainbow Dash, she's here to help too so…" In yet another RARE moment, Scratch offers up her shades, "She doesn't DJ though, but she does weather stuff, so probably should figure out how to make her some kinda radio so she can keep in touch with all of us when we're in here." A glance is given all the stuff but none of it seems fitting for the weather pony Vinyl knows, "Hum. Not sure what to really try and make for her. Got any computers you could combine with my specs, Arthur?

"Dunno! Some of guys think they work for the Dark Kingdom! Most of us think they might just hate frogs like they do. Some of them think they were FRAMED! I don't know enough about that to make a judgement because I don't know enough about anything! Thip thip thip." The Iguana RD was talking to grins widely and makes more annoying noises. This seems to be all she'll get out of him.

A lot of the group seem to be trying to keep their heads down. They're fairly intent on making sure that nobody sees them talking directly to a group of Derse dreamers. Even if they're not THEIR Derse dreamers, the average Derse carapacian has enough respect for the position that they wouldn't be caught dead potentially violating the Agreements. And so it's a rare sight for one of them to point over to the base of dreamer towers on Derse.

It's also a rare sight for a larger group of what appear to be armed sorts approaching. It looks like stirring the hornets nest a bit for loot is putting the time limit a bit down. Things are going to get a bit more stressful, but at the moment, the approaching group isn't making a fuss of things too much. They don't even appear to be that threatening, just approaching.

"Yeah, you sure don't know anything alright," Says Rainbow Dash, shaking her head. Thankfully, she doesn't actually need to stick around anymore now that Deelel has what they need. "That's it, I'm out of here." There goes her attention span, snapping like a twig. She flashes a glance back at the strange, exploded spire, then with a shrug, bolts off back towards the library.

Meanwhile, if picking up injuries is something Arerth can do, she'll definitely detect the prison. It's full of abused prisoners, after all, the sort who shiv each other and get beaten to near death by guards. This permits her INSTANT TELEPORTATION RETURNS to DERSE. To the interior of its prison, anyway. It's a start, at least. But completely useless right now! And it definitely won't turn into an important focal plot point, due to what is very certainly a high-security and uncorruptible prison system on Derse.

==> On second thought, the shades ARE MINE.

And just as quickly as they were offered, Vinyl's shades are back on her head. "On second thought, lets not do that. I'll give Dash a buzz and see if she has something we can mix up with a computer or somethin. All I wanna figure out now though is how these speakers you made work! I mean, all those blades and such? Gonna be rad when I crank up the music.

The room of the second, more mysterious, and more elusive Derse dreamer is a little different. A more reclusive sort can be found here, hidden under blankets and covers. The room is thick with the smoke emitted by a set of white candles on three-pronged candlesticks that dot the room. The smoke is an odd pure white, and imparts a feeling such that visitors might feel it is pointless to visit. But it's not THAT strong.

The room itself will evade most granular description, if mostly because it would be rather a lot of trouble to get those logs. Suffice to say it may or may not seem to be the room of a rich girl. The candlesticks look out of place. Those aren't at all related to her, but rather seem an external influence. Valentine may be difficult to see, depending; she's got herself all wrapped up in a lot of covers, making it difficult to get a good look at her.

Black soldiers inbound!

Arerth is confident she could take these guys with Vruasa doing his thing in front of her, but apparently the common opinion is that they should GTFO and come back another day.

The Sylph of Space shoots the prison another glare— note to self, organize trip there in the future, whatever it may be— before putting a hand on Vruasa and focusing on the imps she keeps barely alive near PB's place. Yeah one day he's going to stumble across them and go WTF, probably.

> Arerth: Do your Sylph of Space thing.

TIME TO GO! One teleportation coming up. Space bends in a spiral of energy and Arerth and Vruasa would (most likely) disappear right off Derse and reappear in Arthur's living room. Or one of them anyway.

Okay, that doesn't look good.

The Cerulean Knight nods his appreciation to the carapacians who offered a location to them, and steps aside to let Arerth to do her SPACEY THING. He's ready to draw his weapon if he has to, but for the time being he simply observes the approaching armed carapacians with a keen eye.

"No point ruining our rep here if we can avoid it. Anyway, if we can come back it's not a problem. Just need to gain a few rungs on the echeladder. Still… wouldn't have figured it to be as dangerous as HL is making it out to be. What do you think about it?" It seems that Vruasa genuinely doesn't think this sequence-breaking is as bad as suggested.

Aaaand then they're gone.

Summer looks around the room… Okay. This is just not what she expected. She pauses, looking around considering.

"…Is it okay if I take her sheets off the bed or would that screw things up too much?"


"Wer! Of course. Why would I ever be the other guy? Being the other guy is definitely something that's ridiculous to do and that nobody would ever do. Anyway! Welcome, how may I help?" Says Wer. Thionette is not the one who will be distinctly aware of the irony of Wer's major tendency to be the other guy. But he seems unphased. And eager! Very, very eager, to help.

Deelel reforms her light jet the moment she's out of the Libary and takes off. As she remains in contact with Dash as she gives them the location of the Spire that the Liabrian told her where she'd find the Cloud Seers and hopes Dash can follow her jet's light wall, there's no one flying about here, no one should get hurt on that and Dash totally would be able to avoid it.

Prorth crosses his arms. "We need to abscond immediately, Crowraven. I know you are curious, but now is not the time. As ones of Prospit, we are certainly in far more danger here."

"This is not the time for that," Black Gold Saw says in a curt voice, "I have fulfilled my obligation. Now I will send you both back where you came from."

She lifts the Cannon Saw off her shoulders and cleaves it downward. This leaves a shining white portal in its wake, with a distinctively golden hue in the center. With her free hand, she gestures, "Crowraven. This is for you." It goes to where the Dreamself belongs. Prospit.

With that portal opened, she brings the Cannon Saw up in another place, cleaving a second portal, "And for the two of us, PP."

The key word there is 'would'. Rainbow Dash 'would' totally be able to avoid it. Really, that just means that Deelel doesn't know Dash all that well.


Distracted by the weird lizards, Rainbow Dash runs head first right into the light wall, and lands flat on her flanks. "Ooowww," She groans, rubbing her head. "Who the hay left that-" She trails off, finally recognizing the light wall. "… Oh yeah." After a quick shake of her head to clear it, Rainbow bolts on after the light wall and after Deelel.

Prorth clenches his fists, then turns toward Summer. "I will visit when you awaken," he says, then turns toward the portal. The golden hue reassures him, and he nods. "Fine. Let us go. Until we meet again."

Summer sighs. Her curiousity will be satiated someday. For now, she will assume that this is Schrodinger's Gender. Valentine has no gender until it is observed.

She looks at Prorth, smiling a bit. "I suppose I'll see you later. I'd probably be waking up soon anyways. See you later."

A pause. "And if either of you tell anyone I'm a natural blonde, I'll hurt you."

She walks through the portal to Prospit after she gives Prorth a chance to respond.

Thionette gives it a dismissive wave with her hand. "Not important. What is important," then reachs into her travel bag to pull out the old scroll she found in the tomb archives and unrolls it, "is this thing I found. Guess it's 'bout the fella that came up with cultivating tewer and stuff, and I think he may been related to one of ye."

Southtown's northeast spire appears to be residential. Apparently this involves very few actual houses; the astute viewer will notice that this is because most of the residences are built into the side of the spire as carved stone homes. They are rather small and packed, but the local iguanas don't seem to mind this.

Some of the surface houses and a variety of the lower houses are open; one of them in the center is painted a bright red and seems unstable in how tall it is. Other locations are available with open doors; any of them can be explored for the obvious reason that they are residential houses in an RPG. There appears to be a hut designated for real estate. It looks shady; why would someone even want to buy a place to live here anyway?

Some of these are notable. The lower side-houses, or someone who had flight and is navigating around, might strike the viewer as carved with massive cloud carvings. It seems there are several houses carved in the spire-territory of a striking, beautifully-rendered fluffy cloud.

"… I have no idea why… You know what, forget I said that. I will see you later." Blushing furiously, he steps through his portal.

With Summer's Dreamself returned to Prospit and Prorth dumped in the Land of Spires and Frogs (Southtown's North Spire, specifically), Black Gold Saw closes both portals. She hefts the Cannon Saw briefly, then punches a small hole into space from which she produces…a small red digital camera.

Lifting it, the devil woman snaps a photograph of Valentine's dreamself room. She then looks up, towards the ceiling, wearing a positively sinister smile on her pale face.

"I am not afraid of -you-, either."

With that, the devil woman swings her weapon in an arc below her feet, disappearing back into the Other World promptly.

"Awesome, I'll use my phone for the alchemy, get your friend a good client. Making these messenger things is really cheap and they're hells kinds of useful. I'm pretty sure I could make a whole fuckin' wardrobe out of stuff that lets me communicate with people over abstract textual mediums through this whole alchemiter thing." Arthur says, and grins. "Anyway, yeah! Let's see what we can do with weather. She probably has something we can captchalogue for something, in that case!" He puts a hand to his chin. "Anyway, try 'em out, I guess! Only way to see what the little metal bits do. Looks sharp, I'll keep back just in case."

==> Test new gear.

Well, while they're waiting for Dash, may as well give the new equipment a spin. (Hahaha.) Shades back on, Turntables, ruby records, whirling death speakers, yeah, this will go very very very well. "Lets see…" time to find some music. Least her specs still had her library. When she starts rifiling through all her tunes and never sees a notice to change records she's just about floored. "Whoa… these things hold all my tunes.. like… ALL of them.." hrn. Eh. Why not this one then! "I think I got somethin. Stand back." And thus the bass did flow. ( ) At what? Why, the table she'd been eyeing the whole time! It was just some regular old wooden table, its not like they couldn't make another one if they needed to. Right?

There's a long pause where Wer's enthusiasm suddenly falters. "Where did you find out about our father? Those records were at the crypt and those weren't supposed to be released by the cryptkeepers, thip. I know you're important recently but I didn't know the cryptkeepers were being so unreliable." For the first time, one of these Iguanas is frowning. "What's your interest in our father anyway?"

Deelel arrives in the cloud city but isn't met by a sharply dressed man with a cape. She does however set down as she arrives. She then banishes her ride as she looks around. On her flight up she'd noticed the carved cloud carvings. She does take it in, and she woners about people living up here, she's now looking about as she'll ask around for where she might find the seers.

The table is blended. Which is to say, the speakers extend what appear to be claw-like blenders, circularly symmetrical, folding and unfolding like some kind of gaping machine maw that sort of chews it up, to the beat, and with range and force increasing as the bass does. It's a pretty impressive thing! And demonstrates a rather brutal kind of gripping quality to the strange, glowing obsidian clawblades.

Log Notes: This scene made Vruasa much more suspicious of Black Gold Saw, but because he can't determine her motivations, he's a lot less worried about her than he used to be. It's because she seemed to be genuinely inclined towards helping.

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