Knight's Log 10-3-12

It's an extra sleepy night on LOGAL. In fact, the fog clings thick to everything, and the lamps that normally illuminate things are shrouded as the soupy gritfog lays like a blanket over everything. On the Precipice of Grit and Lamps, the door to O'Brien's lays slightly adjar and a small post-it note reminds people coming in to 'walk along the left edge of the wall'. Inside the bar most of the lights are off, except for those around the bar, and a few in the kitchen area. Fiora, for her part, waits on a stool behind the bar, her elbows planted on the bartop as she sort of idly waits. Keane is nowhere to be found, possibly convinced to go get groceries. Or whatever he does. And so… Fiora waits.

She'd been ready hours before, and fretted for a while before, but now it was just down to the arrival of her guest that she was anxious about.


You can't. You're already here, dumbass.

======> VRUASA: Already be there.

Inbetween heartbeats, Vruasa Telash arrives in Fiora's place several seconds ago. The door appears to close behind him of its own accord, and by the time that he's moving at a perceptible speed through space-time, he's actually standing right next to the bar stool on which his fellow player presently sits. He is dressed pretty much exactly like he usually is, though he is not wearing the classy hat that she gave him. Actually, it's because he stuck it in his sylladex and now it's locked in there for a ridiculous amount of time. He didn't feel like going through the longass process of alchemizing a new one just to put it on his way out, so he just left without it.

What could it hurt?

"Hey." He says to Fiora, /probably/ out of nowhere from her perception. There is no chance whatsoever this is going to get started on completely the wrong foot.

Fiora runs her finger along the bartop, tracing on it various shapes and patterns idly, leaving small grease marks on the pristine wood and OH LOOK VRUASA'S HERE.



======> Fiora: Be startled as fuck.

She looks up as the door closes, starting to stand up to re-open the door she had seen click closed before she turns and…

Collides posthaste with her guest, just flailing terribly right into him and losing her balance. She is also wearing… Her normal clothes. Grey t-shirt (with a silver magnifying glass), black jeans, stripey grey and black socks. She doesn't exactly notice Vruasa isn't wearing the hat she gave him because she's too busy bashing her head on the bartop and going down in her mad flailings.

Vruasa Telash would normally laugh out loud at the spectacular lack of grace in front of him. That would definitely increase the chances that this entire day would get off on the wrong foot, so instead he simply reaches out with one hand and grabs Fiora by the back of her shirt before she goes down. This probably looks /extremely bad/ from an external standpoint, but he really is just trying to keep her from falling down the rest of the way! The end result though is that it looks like he's carrying around a very large cat by the scruff of its neck. There were probably better ways to catch her, if he'd been thinking about it when everything happened.

At present, he does not let go.

Actually, he doesn't even /say/ anything for several seconds, evidently uncertain of what sort of ETIQUETTE is in play here. Eventually he settles on asking, "Uuh… are you still conscious?" with a slightly bewildered look on his face.

Really, he doesn't think there was a correct way to handle this situation.

Being caught by the back of the shirt saves Fiora's head from smashing against the floor. She hangs by the scruff of her shirt as her slack legs tries to re-orient herself, try to stand up. She wants to thank him, or apologize, or fret profusely, to really just answer his question. She really wants to!

"Hrkuk…" She chokes, being held up by her shirt choking her slightly.

Her flailing hands finds the edge of the bar, and also scrabbles on Vruasa's front before she gets a VICELIKE GRIP on the bartop, recovering her feet and regaining her ability to breathe.

"Hey, um… Hey…" She finally manages after sucking in air for a few moments, trying to fix her stretched shirt a bit and blushing like a fiend. "Um…"

She looks away, turning her back to Vruasa, rubbing her neck a bit as a few drops of blood roll down from the weeping wound on her forehead. "T-t-thanks for coming."

In retrospect maybe that wasn't the best way to keep her from hitting the floor, Vruasa observes. Whatever, what's done is done. Only… there's a problem already. Once Fiora has re-oriented herself and doesn't need to be held up anymore, he can clearly observe the blood rolling off of her forehead. That's going to be a problem for a number of reasons, and the first one /really/ needs to be addressed immediately. At this exact moment, there is a *hiss* from one of the Troll's time capsules, and a HEALING POTION is dumped out of his sylladex and into his now-vacant hand.

It is a glass bottle of red liquid, with a cheap-looking cork on the top. He unceremoniously pops the cork out and passes it to Fiora.

"Hurry up and drink this, or else RS is probably going to turn up because she noticed something wounded in my general vicinity." Vruasa says, not quite addressing anything that Fiora herself has said in the last few moments. Hopefully she'll understand that he's just trying to make certain that there is not a third person here, like there always fucking is, and just go ahead and down the healing potion.

In the meantime…

"@lso, where do you keep your ice? You might need it for your head. Or m@ybe the he@ling potion will t@ke c@re of th@…" He frowns, scratching his head with his free hand. Socializing in these circumstances is clearly not Vruasa's forte.

Fiora turns, confused, as a HEALING POTION is thrust forward towards her. She looks at it, then up at Vruasa, then down at the healing potion, then a hand to her forehead (which she notices comes back bloody), and a rubbing at her neck.

Oh my god. That bitch. Not that bitch.

======> Fiora: Slam that potion like a mafuggin champion.

Grabbing the healing potion, Fiora knocks it back and gulps quickly. And gags. "Ugh it tastes like cough syrup and ick." She mutters, sticking out her tongue and giving a 'blech' look as her wounds clear up, though she still has a slightly glazed look about her with all that HEAD TRAUMA. It's clearing up, though.

"Um… Yeah… Um…" Fiora begins before sort of staring blankly at Vruasa. The gears in her head work. "Oh, right, um…" She points up the stairs. "The blue door, um, upstiars is your room. You can set up your recouperacoon or… That thing if you brought it, or you could use some of my grist to make one if you've got a picture. I'm…"

She starts rummaging around under the bar. "I need a drink. Do you want something? I'll need it if I'm going to be giving you a life story."

"Yeah it does taste pretty terrible. I think it's alchemized from some kind of awful liquid medicine, faygo, and something else." Vruasa replies to Fiora's negative response to the healing potion. He probably got it from Arerth, come to think of it, but he decides not to point that out. In fact, he decides that a lot of stuff going on is really just too damn awkward to address directly and frankly they could both use a good fast-forward to something that doesn't suck quite so much. So while she's talking about drinks, Vruasa is scratching his chin contemplatively and…

Holding up a hand.

"Just pick something that doesn't taste awful for me. Now that I've told you that, I'm gonna skip us past these really awkward preliminaries. If you'd prefer I /didn't/, pinch me." The Knight gives his Witch companion a moment to actually stop him if she wants to, and then he SLAMS the accelerator and throws them a few minutes into their own futures.

======> Vruasa: Accelerate to the good part.

You accelerate several minutes into the future. Unfortunately going in fast-forward does somewhat inhibit your ability to perform many tasks at once due to the speed at which you are operating, so you forget to lock the door to the room that was added on to Fiora's place for your use.

A strange structure has been set up here — it is a basic recuperacoon, lying flat on the floor with an opening on the top. It looks like you could lie down in it pretty comfortably, but it is filled with a green, slimy substance that most people here probably haven't encountered. Consumption not recommended.

Vruasa Telash is sitting with his back to the recuperacoon, and a number of drinks have accompanied the pair of them up here. Some of them may or may not already be empty. Vruasa himself does not seem to have been as badly affected as he was when he drank a whole bottle of INFERNAL WINE, but he does look a bit out of it.

"… And that's how FLARP PVP works." He concludes, coming out of fast forward at the exact moment that he's finished describing a bloodsport.



With the collections of drinks, Fiora is looking a bit lit, leaning against a GIANT SQUIDDLE PILLOW in black. There are a collection of small glasses and juices scattered around, as well as a cardboard box of VARIOUS LIQUORS. She had been mostly making simple cocktails with fruit juice after offering a few straight drinks to Vruasa. She had been in rapt attention, with a small notebook in her lap with a pen scribbling down notes. She was totally cognizant of her conversation with Vruasa during the accelleration, but she remembered losing the details of things like the talk about her cat after coming down from the state of HEIGHTENED LIFESPEEDNESS.

So, buzzed as she is, she has a small series of charts, graphs, and copious notes on the FLARP PVP.

Which she looks down at as a hand moves to sip at one of the drinks she had prepared for herself. "… Well, I thought Trollball was pretty violent, but…" She murmurs, before stopping, and then quickly looking over her notes. "Huh. I'm glad I took notes. I guess I should be horrified at Trolls doing this sort of stuff, but I'm not. I mean, Humans fight bloody wars against each other for skin color and race and religion and… It's not like our history is perfect. I'll give you some history books if you like, but…" She puts her notebook down, taking a long drink before taking a deep breath. "Did you have an entry test? Some thing you had to do to get into the game? Mine… Mine was horrible. I didn't always act like I do now."

A certain Prince of Doom had apparently been watching the entire series of somewhat embarassing incidents unfold from a doorway that had simply decided that it was going to hide from Fiora and Vruasa's direct line of sight for the time being. However, as Jordan cleared her throat, it finally decided to settle down in a place where both of them could quite plainly see that she had been watching them the entire time.

Jordan had been leaning against the frame of the doorway, with what appeared to be a pilfered bowl in her hand and a spoon in the other. A mouthful of whatever was in the bowl was lifted to her mouth as she continued to watch and eat. Kind of like watching a movie, really.

"You know, you probably should have something other than about a lifetime's worth of corned beef and cabbage in your fridge." she said casually as she ate. "Anyway, go on. What were you saying?"

She just picked the best times, didn't she?

Fiora without turning simply replies with "There's some potatoes and cold garlic fries t-"


She spills her drink all over herself as she turns quickly, abject horror on her face.

"They're all pretty violent, but if we don't have some way to vent our aggression things go to shit in completely different ways." Vruasa shrugs faintly, evidently undisturbed by his own species' inclination towards aggression. Truthfully, /some/ of it is in fact entirely external interference that has since been lifted. There's nothing he can do about that, but his dreams have calmed significantly since they entered the game. Even without the recuperacoon. If he'd tried the same thing back on Alternia, he's pretty sure it would have gone in bad directions in no time flat.

He glances towards the drink that is nearest him. Actually, he can't even remember what it is. Something peachy, but this shit has been making him fuzzy-headed. So, he's slowed down on drinking it significantly since the start. Most of it tastes pretty foul, but inbetween the bitter taste there's usually a hint of sweet flavor here and there that's worth waiting for. Mostly. He'd prefer the sweet without the sour, though.

The knight shakes his head when the witch offers him history books.

"Nah. It's better to learn about this stuff this way." Vruasa gestures between the two of them and adds, "Makes me less inclined towards going stir-crazy from not moving around enough. Anyway, I doubt /my/ history books would be very interesting if I had any. Mostly, we have movies and whatever the fuck everybody was interested in when the planet blew up. Can't imagine how much of it is just… gone."

The subject of the entry test gets a nod out of him.

"Yeah. But we kind of… powered through ours. GM was telling us how to do it, see. Made it pretty quick and easy. I guess because of the kind of stuff we did back home… the FLARPing, and all that—" But Vruasa is cut off, turning his head to look towards Jordan. Oh hey, it's skullgirl. What's she doing here? He's too fuzzy-headed to be especially embarassed right now. What /is/ kind of frustrating, though…

"Always three people. It's like some kind of goddamned curse," He complains, downing whatever the hell he was drinking and setting the empty glass aside and asking, "What's up, skullgirl? Is it training time again? Are you just comin' to hang out, or are you gonna BAMF away when we're not focusing on you?"

… Come to think of it, training time again would be pretty damned nice.

Fiora has alcohol (and juice) spilled all down the front of her shirt, and looks incredibly flustered, sort of flopped on her side on the oversized squiddle plush that was her leaning-object, a dumbfounded look on her face as she just stares at Jordan. "Cypress, what are you doing in my house? Is my power /that/ useless? I tried to… To make sure that I thought really hard about not being found here by people, but you're…" She throws up her hands, the last bits of her drink sloshing up out of her glass and into the air. "It's always someone! I can't ever…" She sighs, rolling back so that her back faced Jordan and her front faced Vruasa. "Fine. Fine! The universe itself seems to want me to just spill my secrets to /everyone/. There's that creepy Seer guy, there's Crowraven, there was my entry test… and right as I'm about to tell you what happened, someone who actually doesn't know shows up!" She whines, slamming her fist down into plush horrorterror with a gentle 'paff' sound.

"It's not fair. Do you just come by and steal food randomly, Cypress?"

"Not much. And maybe I will." stated the girl as she continued to eat her corned beef and cabbage. "I was feeling hungry, and it just so happens that this is one of the places where I can go to get food without hearing a thousand naks in my ears." she said, looking at both Fiora and Vruasa. "I don't really get out of here much anyway. And you know, maybe the game is delibrately messing with you. It tends to do things like that."

After placing down her half-finished food on a conviniently located endtable, Jordan picked up a tumbler of water that also had been sitting on the table. How long had she been sitting there just watching Vruasa and Fiora in Fiora's bedroom? "And to be honest, about the game changing you? It does that as well." Sssiiiip. "I mean, it's not like being thrown into a real life videogame where there's a distinct chance of you dying horribly is a part of everyone's normal boring routine. Though, the more I think about it…" A gesture towards Vruasa. "You guys seem pretty much geared to chainsaw through things naturally. Us humans arn't. Which, I guess, makes you much better at actually playing the game."

"I think that's my fault. I didn't lock the door." Vruasa remarks, concerning the SUDDEN INTRUDER's ease of entry. Though he is pretty certain that Jordan can get anywhere the hell she wants if she tries really hard. Exactly why she decided to come here specifically though, he couldn't say. Even though he'd tried to get to know her a little, CT had been pretty careful about not revealing very much of herself. It was actually really frustrating, because she seemed like a cool person. Especially with the training sessions! Which… in retrospect seem like a really careful way to try to train the players of PB's session up nicely.

He invokes his time powers nonchalantly to freeze the temporal continuity of her beverage while it is mid-air, leaving alcohol/juice floating around in the air inexplicably. During this time he seems a bit zoned out, and only comes back to with the gentle *paff* of Fiora emphasizing her mild fit by punching her squiddle pillow thing.

His gaze slides over towards Jordan, regarding the game messing with them. It is a good point, and it makes a fair amount of sense. Sgrub always has seemed to poke at uncomfortable /things/ about its players in some way or another, forcing them into situations where they have to get over certain things to progress. It's why he thought, maybe, they were shoved in here for a reason, rather than just as random chance. But nobody had wanted to hear it from him.

"Our mandatory occupation when we come of age is 'intergalactic conqueror'. If you do well you get a nice cushy miniature empire of your own to run, eventually. So yeah, we're pretty fuckin' prepared to deal with apocalypse games even before we're old enough to go out conquering galaxies." He shrugs faintly, and then takes a moment to crawl over to the box of booze and fish something else /colorful/ out of it. The harder stuff really isn't for him.

"Frankly," He says, "this shit is better than what life usually throws at trolls. The only reason I'm pissed off about it is the principle of the thing. Even we don't go blowing up planets for shits and giggles. Mostly."

Fiora flops defeated on her Plushorrorterror. "You left one door unlocked in my giant house filled with deathtraps and covered in fog and she still finds her way in. I'm pretty sure…" She closes her eyes, pinching the bridge of her nose. "… That my power is still just as useful as when I got in the game, which is to say, not useful at all." She waves off Jordan.

"I've left the house more in the last month then I have in… I don't know. Years. This was my universe, for the longest time. Now there's hundreds of retarded crocodiles around and on and off I drag myself or other people drag me places where there's a very real chance of getting killed so much I've forgotten what it really meant to relax truly. My entry test…" She looks at Cypress.

"Are you going to sit down? I'm not letting you stay here if you're not drinking." She orders, pointing a finger at her, and then the BOX OF DEATH (Filled with a moderate collection of decent-to-good liquor). She even pushes a few clean glasses over into a spot so that she could sit down in a rough triangle.

Fiora barely spots the liquid above her as she goes to pour herself a finger's worth of something that looks vaguely like whiskey and knocks it back, placing the glass down and slapping her cheeks a bit, sitting up.

"It's funny, I guess. If this is better then usual for you, this is way, way worse then usual for us humans. And… I guess if you want to go out training after we wake up from this, we could. Cypress, do you want to stay over? I could get a matress out or something. I mean, we've got as much bedding as you can throw grist at." She offers.

"I… I was talking about my entry test. It was… Dark. And I was utterly alone. Surrounded, on all sides, by darkness. There were walls around me, though, and a flashlight on the ground…"

"Come on. I thought you knew that something like that wouldn't keep me out." Another sip of water. She raised an eyebrow at the two tipsy kids in front of her, though, Vruasa messing about with his time powers did seem to catch her gaze. "Huh. Intergalactic conquerer? I guess that's why you do have the whole warrior culture thing going on. And, well…" As Vruasa started to talk about why exactly he was simply annoyed at the entire situation, she trailed off. Another thought that would have to be explained later, or not at all.

"Powers tend to work and manifest in odd ways. I'm /pretty sure/ that you just have to work on it. I just happen to be very good about getting into places." Ssssip. Fiora received a look of disbelief. "No, thanks. I have things to do that depend on not floundering around like a drunk. Not right now, butg later." That also answered the question of whether she was going to stay over. But it also raised a few more: Where the hell did Jordan sleep? Did she sleep? Was she simply a 7/11 that had only cryptic clues and snark in stock?

"I guess I can see how getting to kill things with wild abandon would be fun. I've done enough of it that I know that there's a certain thrill that goes with it, but I'm pretty sure that I don't enjoy it the same way you do." she continued, tipping her glass of water at Vruasa.

"Watch your head." Vruasa warns Fiora, gesturing vaguely in the direction of the timefrozen boozejuice. Regarding CT's entry, he shrugs. It's not like /he/ hadn't turned up here quite unexpectedly, though he suspects that he knows how to navigate certain things better than CT does. To his intended destination, if nothing else. Still… he supposes that one more door probably would not have done the trick, unless it was reinforced in some /other/ way that none of them are yet capable of.

"Alternia was never a very nice planet, and troll society has always been extremely aggressive. Anytime something has moved us in a different direction it has been violently snuffed out, one way or another." No point in mentioning that a lot of the subjugation is rumored to have been the workings of some temporally displaced witch. It's not like that legend has any bearing on the current universe anymore, really.

"I'm not gonna lie though," He sips his newest drink, leaning back into a sitting position again, "I'm still one of the aggressive ones. I get it out one way or another but this game makes it a hell of a lot easier on me specifically. I'm more in the middle than on the extreme end in either direction, but still… there's plenty of things to kill and mount on pikes that nobody gives a shit about."

"But I doubt underlings are a permanent /thing/. Maybe I can whip up more flapstractions, or I can go out and rumble with shit on worlds that just naturally have unambiguous monsters on 'em, once this is all through. That place skullgirl took us to," He glances at Jordan meaningfully, "was a pretty good spot."

"But no," He goes on, "you really don't enjoy it the way I do. I can go without roaming around spearing things, but I've gotta be working off my energy or I start going stir-crazy pretty goddamn fast. Easiest way to do it is to fight, or at least do something that wears me out physically."

"Say," Vruasa gestures grandly towards CT with his drink, "just what are you around for this time anyway? You don't just fucking show up pointlessly. You always have /some/ kind of agenda, and you don't tell anyone jack shit about it unless that was a part of it to begin with. You're like some kind of bizarre superhero. You know the kind, that always jumps out an open window whenever somebody isn't looking."

Apparently, the Knight of Time does not expect an answer. He turns back towards his fellow player who has been trying to spill her guts for the last minute or so, and says, "I don't remember much about my entry into the medium, but that sounds like some non-standard stuff right there. What happened next?"

Fiora tries not to choke on her new drink (just juice), entering into a coughing fit and holding her throat as she breathes something she really should not have breathed in, hacking up a lung for a few moments. She catches her breath, cupping a hand over her mouth as she sort of goes and dies a little bit.

Finally, recovering, she looks at Jordan, and sighs. "You're way better at hiding then I am. /And/ being mysterious. But I guess, if you've got things to do… I'm sure Vruasa will wake up angry with a headache and want to kill something so swing back around tomorrow morning? Tomorrow… Early… Nighttime? It's always nighttime here, but I think you know what I mean." Fiora adds helplessly.

Fiora looks up, fishing a cloth from the pile of ALCOHOL SUPPLIEs and… cleans up the… air? "I'm pretty sure there'll be things for you to fight. There's always conflict. There's always room for a sequel, right up until you die or get too tired to keep going. Or so I guess it works in books. I don't know about trolls." She smiles faintly. "You'll probably outlive all of us - PB, CW, MR, me. Humans don't live too-too terribly long." She shakes her head, looking a bit glum for some reason or another before leaning forward, clapping her hands on her cheeks.

"Right. Entry test. Total darkness. Flashlight. Before entering… I was incredibly secretive. If you thought I'm a bit withdrawn now, I was… So much moreso. And as all the people in my house /watched/ me - I could feel them - I turned on the flashlight, and shone it on the maze's wall. The walls were… Literally made out of every secret I ever had. Where I shone the light, it stayed lit. And so I had to… Navigate a maze made entirely out of my own secrets, with a dozen or so people watching my every movement. It was…"

She droops back into her plush squid. "It was the hardest thing I ever did. I cried in my bed for weeks after."

"Maybe I was simply craving some corned beef and cabbage." quipped Jordan, before shrugging. "There's a lot of things out there that you can take your aggression on. People will pay you for taking care of them, actually, if you know where to look. Maybe after you win and…" A pause. "Get out of here, you might be able to find work doing that. It's a big world out there. Trolls arn't actually that weird compared to some other things, and, well…you saw those things we fought." Sip.

"If you want. I'll see if I can be around. /You/, however, need work. Maybe the most. But we can do that." An eyebrow was raised as Fiora failed to include Jordan herself while she listed off humans, but…well, it seemed a comment would've explained too much as Jordan remained silent. As Fiora continued to speak about her entry test, she looked into her water, swirling the glass.

"Well, you've got a lot more hard things to go through. Some might be harder. So you might want to get ready, because they'll come for you, whether you like it or not. If you're not, you might wind up dead."

Vruasa Telash, not being a complete goddamned pervert, does not actually have any of the filthy thoughts that everyone else does about what he said. So he doesn't react with extreme awkwardness once he's said it, and gives Fiora an odd look when she's sputtering about it like he said something unusual. Once she recovers though, his attention moves back towards his drink. It /is/ true that he'll probably outlive all of the humans here by a wide margin, but it isn't something that he intends to think about for very long. That's only really true if everybody here survives long enough for it to be relevant.

It seems unlikely.

At last he shrugs and says, "That problem is evident in my own society as well. There are more trolls with a human-esque lifespan than there are trolls like me. It's why matespritships between a highblood and a lowblood don't quite get treated like cradle-robbing. There aren't enough highbloods to go around for everybody to wind up with people whose lifespans will probably match theirs. It's just something that we have to deal with because of the way our race works."

"Personally," He goes on, "I just don't think about it very much. It's too damn depressing."

In the end, he listens to Fiora's story about her entry into the game silently… and he actually feels pretty bad listening to it. The fact of the matter is, that he hasn't gone through anything that bothered him quite so much. He's never just sat and cried. It's not in his nature. Maybe someday he'll run into something that is equally horrible for him, but right now he has nothing that he could possibly say to compare to that. Even if he did, it'd be kind of a dick move to just air it out to have some kind of depression pissing match.

Regarding his own future aspirations though, Vruasa just waves a hand.

"I'll worry about that shit when the apocalypse timers are done and we're all still alive. 'Til then, I'm good to go. Speaking of though… yeah. She needs work. Got anyplace she can get trained up? I think the bullshit prototypings they've done in this session have made the underlings too tough for her. And the ones in my session are even worse, so that's no good."

Vruasa looks back towards Fiora, at whom he smiles all shark-like once again. It's probably the first time he /has/ smiled tonight.

"I don't want you to die, so I'm not gonna rest until you're at least as badass as I am. Even with your weird-ass 'Nothing' element!" He declares, perhaps a bit too enthusiastically.

Fiora frowns deeply. "It's different, for me. Cypress, you're just… I don't even know. I'm terrible. I don't have your power, or your confidence, and Telash here…" She glances at him and his blusterous comment and smiles faintly herself, before grinning. And then she's laughing out loud. She must find this utterly hilarious.

Wiping a tear from her eye and breathing hard, Fiora looks at Vruasa… And just shakes her head, still smiling. "I… I actually doubt /that/ will ever happen. I mean, I got some new weapons and stuff but, you're… This amazingly awesome badass who kills for fun and finds all this exihilarating… I'm just a scared wimpy girl who hid in her house all her life and /read/ about how awesome people like you are." She sighs, though it seems a happy sigh.

"If you say so, though, I guess it has to be true." She moves to refill her glass of juice with more boozehol, before lifting her glass. "To… Not dying." She offers, and then kicks back her drink, her blush only growing over time.

"I think that romance or matespriteships are something that should really be of concern right now." stated Jordan flatly. Unlike Vruasa, it didn't seem that Fiora's story had affected her at all as her even tone of voice went on, though another bit of corned beef was casually consumed in the meantime. "She could always learn the hard way. Granted, that might not really work well, so I guess we can try other things. I can shift a few things to come in your favor, like taking you outside into the world outside of the medium, but…" She frowned. "With every new…well, person, myself included, Sburb becomes even more chaotic and unpredictable. The only thing you really can do is to strengthen yourself."

On that note, Fiora caught another eyebrow raise. "My power and confidence? I haven't done anything, really. Not that you've seen." As Fiora continued to speak, Jordan shook her head. "You're not going to help yourself by moping about your situation. So. You're going to have to grow up, put on the big girl pants and deal with it. Or die trying, the game seems fairly adamant about that."

The glass of water was placed back on that really conviniently placed endtable (Wasn't this room supposed to be bare?) as Jordan continued to lean against the doorframe. "Those are the breaks. It isn't fair, but Sburb wasn't made with balance in mind. Once you finish the game, you'll…well, you'll at least feel a lot better about yourself." The last part of her sentence seemed to have been constructed rather hastily, and a bit trite for Ms. Mysterious herself, but, well.

"Fucking hell. I don't even want to think about more people coming into this goddamned game. There are so many fuck-ups here as it is, I'm already working on a way to keep them out of MY session. Can't do shit for this one at this point." Vruasa complains out loud, regarding Jordan's little spiel on outside factors. He's not certain how badly they've damaged the game's chances already, and honestly he doesn't want to think about it too hard. The notion that they might not be able to win no matter how hard they try isn't something he'll even consider seriously.

This shit is going to be winnable if he has to break it to make certain it is.

Evidently it is at this point that the Knight of Time decides he's had too much. He takes one last sip of whatever the hell it is that he picked up and started drinking, and then stands up to put it right back in the crate. He's a little wobbly, but it looks like he's handled it pretty well for somebody who claimed to be a lightweight. Technically, he did pretty well with that infernal wine. Just too much, too fast. Miracle he was /alive/, much less functional the next day.

He wanders back over towards Fiora, ruffling her hair one-handed before moving on past towards the recuperacoon he'd placed in the room. He seats himself along the covered, lower edge of it and answers, "I'm not settling for just not fucking dying. I am going to DESTROY this game. I am going to find whoever set it on my godforsaken shithole of a planet, string 'em up by their ankles, and then nick their carotid and watch them bleed to fucking death. And then I'm going to take whatever undoubtedly AWESOME prize this game offers at the end and sleep for a month."

"If any of you aren't there," He concludes, extremely aggressively, "I'm gonna alchemize a copy of your body, chase down your goddamn ghost, and have PP staple it back on just so I can smack you for it. Don't you fucking dare ever tell me you're not good enough again."

"For now… Let's leave… I don't think that's…" Fiora starts, sitting up and immediately regretting it. As she rubs her eyes, she looks up at the still standing Jordan and squints at her. She cranes her neck forward and squints a little harder before flopping back with a heaving sigh. "Big girl pants tomorrow." She groans, muttering something about secrets under her breath. "I really need to get to bed. But first… Water. Water for everyone. Except you." She points driftingly at Jordan, before struggling to her feet and making her way over to the water pitcher on the CONVENIENT ENDTABLE that she didn't remember putting in the room but OH WELL. She then picks it up and carries it back over to the Squiddle and the Recouperacoon and Vruasa. Pouring herself a generous glass, she then offers the pitcher to him before falling back into her cushiony plush horror, gulping at the water. "Water always helps the next morning. So never… Yeah, water's pretty good." She manages, trying to align thoughts and words to be said and not really succeeding any more.

"Maybe that stupid WQ will… know what I'm supposed to be doing. If I can find her."

"For what it's worth, I don't think that finding the person responsible is going to be a fruitful endeavor. The point is, it's done." said Jordan, putting her glass down with a *clink*. Some indeterminate amount of seconds after Fiora had pointed at Jordan and turned about, it seemed that she had vanished without a trace.

How rude, she even left her dirty plates and spoon for Fiora to deal with.

"It'll wait until the game is done, I guess. Seeya, skullgirl." Vruasa says to Jordan, taking the pitcher of water offered to him and drinking straight out of it. He gulps it down until he figures that it's probably enough for their purposes, and then sets it down at the foot of the recuperacoon. He pauses momentarily, glancing over towards where Jordan was. It would be nice if she'd just freaking come and go like a normal person. Even he uses the same entrances and exits everybody does, even if it is ridiculously fucking fast.

With a flick of the hand he fast-forwards the plate and spoon so that it is already clean, and does not in fact have to be dealt with on an immediate basis. Then he looks towards Fiora.

"I am seriously considering the possibility that we are literally cursed. Guess it's not worth worryin' about right now." He scratches at the base of his horns then, looking a little bit undecided on what to do next. Shortly though, he decides, "I think I'm going to sleep. We'll try to pick this back up when we're both awake. Go get some rest yourself, yeah? And I seriously fucking mean it. Quit beating yourself up. Not every class-aspect combination works the same."

Then he waits for Fiora to wander off to her own room. Why?

Because this is his only set of clothes here and like hell he's wearing most of it in the recuperacoon. It'll just cause a scene if he points this out specifically though, so he decides not to. Instead he just chucks his boots and socks off next to the strange "bed", and seats himself near the edge of the opening.

Log Notes: Not much to say on this one, except that Fiora and Vruasa trying to hang out never ICly goes quite right.

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