Kise Kina

Full Name: Kise Kina!
Faction: Union
Rank: A - Awesome
Function: Grass Ace
Series: Pokemon Tabletop Adentures-1
Species: Human


"There's no shame in losing to /me/!"

Kise is a blowhard; a rugged, ever-grinning jerk who likes to flex his pecs, drum on the bongos, enjoy a good party and when he's not doing that, read a good book. In tune with nature, he's a grass-type Pokemon ace with a specific talent for bringing out the best in unevolved Pokemon. He favours- or has been drawn to- weak and otherwise disabled Pokemon that have been abandoned by others for whatever reason, and has given them a chance. His Sunkern is among the top percentage of Sunkern. He wanders across Polynesia, winning contests and puzzling out the machinations of the vile Team Golem.

Vital Statistics

Age: 16
Gender: Male
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 157lbs
Date of Birth: 23 August 1981 (Virgo)

Trainer Features

Study Session: Kise likes to read books! As long as he reads a book often, he is well-read and smart. If he slacks off on the book reading, he tends to lose the ability to retain what he's remembered.

Enhanced Training: This trainer feature allows all of Kise's Pokemon to gain marginally more EXP, growing faster.
Improved Attacks: This allows Kise's Pokemon to attack marginally harder than would conventionally be possible by drawing on his stamina.
Affirmation: When a Pokemon defeats an opponent, giving it some words of praise and advice will temporarily refill its stamina a little.

Type Training: This trainer feature allows all of Kise's grass Pokemon to gain much more EXP, growing much faster.
Elemental Shifting: If the Pokemon in question is not a grass type, it can temporarily be given the grass type for a short amount of time.
Improved Type Attacks +: This boosts the power of grass moves even more, making them exceptionally strong. Even his ground and rock types can benefit.
Superior Typing +: This trainer feature makes Kise and his Pokemon immune to serious harm or death from grass-based sources of damage and makes them weaker.
Type Soul: Kise can sense the presence of grass or wood-type elemental energy, including nearby individuals or Pokemon of that element.

Everstone Finder: Kise has a talent for finding Everstones and can dig them up on any route.
Capable: At will, Kise can increase the parameters and inherent capabilities of one of his Pokemon, but only one at a time.
Highly Capable: Kise can increase the parameters of his Pokemon significantly for a short amount of time using this feature.
Incredibly Capable: This feature can grant a Pokemon the capabilities of its evolved form.
Everstone Improvement: Kise can draw energy into an everstone and turn it into a held item that enhances a Pokemon's attacks.
Everstone Perfection: By channeling enormous energy into an everstone, Kise can equip it on his Sunkern and increase its power to double its normal capacity.
The Bigger They Are: This allows Pokemon to target weakspots on enemies bigger than them.
Forceful Technique: This feature lets Kise's Pokemon attack as if they were a much higher level.

Major NPCs

  • Popcorn the Sunkern - Popcorn is Kise's first Pokemon. It's rash and miscevious, and often tends to bounce along like a ball.
  • Cottonball - the Cottonee - A big ball of fluff that likes to puff itself up, but is modest enough to shrink down when someone scolds it. A picky eater.
  • Bowlingball the Seedot - Kise's main contest participant. It hates to lose tough contests and always acts calm.
  • Mr. Sun the Solrock- A patient and noble Solrock who loves to help clear the skies for everyone else. He's generous and loves soaking up some rays.
  • Skipping the Turtwig- a bold and persistent little turtle. It can use some really strong attacks and considers itself very important to Kise.
  • Jewelsy the Corsola- a very dull-witted Corsola who is slow to react. She is stubborn- very.
  • Onion the Lilligant- A rather hard-done-by Lilligant who evolved when someone forced it to catch a sunstone. Nevertheless she's strong-willed.
  • Bunting the Swadloon- Mr. Sun's good friend. Likes to sit around indoors and read with Kise. Tends to scatter books around.
  • Torpedo the Larvitar- Unable to fight due to its broken legs, it nonetheless has a stubborn personality.
  • Orange Soda the Numel- A stark and sturdy shiny Numel. It likes to stand out and wants to enter contests.
  • Michaelangelo the Phanpy- A lonely Phanpy that's never really seemed to warm to Kise. Likes to collect berries for him but has trouble not eating them first!


  • Cross Tranciever - A wrist-sized videophone that allows communication with multiple people, including video feeds. It's been upgraded to a multiversal radio with the proper expansion cards. It can also use the C-Gear functionality to communicate with the Union database, much like an iPad.
  • VS Recorder - Handy for recording battles to upload for AARs.
  • Poffin Case - This handy little resealable case contains a bunch of delicious pokemon statistic enhancing snacks, mostly used for contests. Not that he enters many contests. Why are you looking at me like that?
  • Berry Pots - For when you just can't remember where you planted that Occa Berry.
  • Fashion Case - NO IDEA WHAT THIS IS, NO SIR
  • Pokedex Can't forget this! OOCly, it looks like the HGSS version. Used to point at every Pokemon you see.
  • Bongo Drums Kise likes to play the drums. Nuff said.
  • Various Adventuring Equipment Bandages, Bedroll, Canteen, Candles, Crowbar, Spare Gloves, Torch, Mirror, Magnifying Glass, Pen, Paper, Rope, Rations, Scarf, Scissors, Telescope, Wedge, Repels, Potions, Status items, Lemonades, Moomoo milks, did I miss anything? Curse you, GMs!

Skills and Abilities

  • Weapons Kise can use any weapon that happens to be chain or whip-like, or held in the fist, with a basic level of competancy. Bullwhips, nunchucks, war fans, tonfas, cesti, etc.
  • Berries - Kise is reasonably good at using and growing these berries, but tends to hang around otherwise he forgets where he plants them. He tries to cultivate a lot of the special element resisting berries like Occas.
  • Toughness Kise is not exceptionally strong, but he has massive physical stamina.

Other Information

Kise always keeps a bunch of Occa berries on hand if he needs them. It's problematic keeping track of where he's planted them all, and he can't have a poketch on one arm and a Cross Tranciever on the other, that'd just be silly! Unlike his Pokemon, he likes sweet food, generally. Exotic fruits, and… nectars…

Oh, and he plays the bongo drums. He likes the bongo drums!


This is the big section. Get a sandwich.

Kise is a Pokemon trainer from somewhere in Polynesia! Nah, we're not going for any weird garbled names here.

Basically, as far as his history thus far has been, Kise has basically been jobbing along in a fairly linear, winding path; you know how Polynesia is basically a mess of islands? You could hop from one to another and basically go in a straight line, and that's more or less been Kise's plan.

Kise, it's important to note, is not actually like most Pokemon trainers. In fact, there's something very important to think about. Kise's family… uhm, Kise's family don't particularly like their kids going out on Pokemon journeys. The reason being is because Kise's family works for the board of tourism and agriculture. This is a fairly high-profile job and his parents don't really relish the prospect of wondering what island Kise is on now, sleeping under a rock, with strange people, miles away from home.

So when Kise wanted to sally forth, they gave him a Sunkern.

Sunkerns are awful. Sunkerns are absolutely the pits. Sunkerns are the worst Pokemon, statistically, you could imagine. Kise's Sunkern, Popcorn, had been actually raised on a diet of Pokemon brand special nutrition liquid for growing babies that had been spiked with everstones that had been ground up and mixed into a gel, by Kise's parents.

Kise's Sunkern can't even evolve into a Sunflora.


Kise decided that, upon meeting Popcorn, this was going to be the best time of his life. Screw his parents. Screw them, yes! Not literally. He had a /Pokemon/ given to him /by his parents/ and he /knew outright/ that they expected him to fail. He'd seen the everstones. It's like giving your kid the worst, sickliest fish from a carnival game and sticking it in a vase full of water. 'Oh, it died, guess you don't want to have a pet any more do you' NAH SCREW THIS. Kise and Popcorn are determined to show them. They'll show them all! Popcorn's gonna be the best Sunkern the world has ever seen. Yes, yes indeed. Best at space. I mean islands.

So anyway, out went Kise. Kise knew that he was going to have to work his everlovin' ass off in order to succeed in this goal. Kise also had a habit of attracting Pokemon to him that didn't quite… fit in with the norm. Kise met Jewelsy, a Corsola that's dumb as a box of bricks, and not even in the funny way like Suirtle. Kise… decided he didn't care. Kise met Onion, a Petilil that someone had /actually mistaken for an onion/ and nicknamed as such. He asked Kise to deliver some mail to a friend of his on another island, attached to the Pokemon. Kise looked at it and found out he was sending Onion to a guy who had a lot of beef stock and the attached letter was for french onion soup.

Kise threw the letter away and kept Onion. That bastard.

Kise also managed to come across Torpedo, a Larvitar. This is slightly less tragic. Kise's mentor, Professor Bongo, came across Torpedo. He's a Larvitar who broke both of his legs. However, Bongo was experimenting with something called an 'EXP Share' which would let a Pokemon that wasn't capable of fighting learn from the experiences of others. To test out the EXP share, he was given Torpedo and instructions to use that EXP share as much as possible.

Kise is beginning to wonder if he's sort of got this knack for attracting damaged Poke-goods. Doesn't matter! It's all part of the plan.

In fact, Kise is so confident in his abilities, that he's decided to enter some contests, because contests are ok if they're manly tough-type contests. He can do it. Kise's Seedot, Bowlingball, loves contests. He's won three so far. He's also helped out a little when it comes to collecting badges, of which Kise has five thus far. One of which he's particularly proud of is the Palm Badge, taken by beating Gym Leader Maki's Ludicolo. It amazed Maki how good the grass Pokemon of the boy's were. It makes Kise very happy to recieve the acknowledgement of another grass ace. Means he's Doing it Right.

Recently, Kise might be figuring out where all of the recent spate of Pokemon abuse is coming from. There's been some sort of Pokemon group called Team Golem apparently snooping as usual around in Hawaii. He's only gotten a whiff of their activities, but it smelled of beef stock. Team Golem's apparently got some sort of Pokemon racketeering scheme going on that involves draining the energy from Pokemon and using them to power some sort of crystal golems made from stone carved out of a nearby island called Holon. They seem to have a very unusual interest in three Pokemon called the 'legendary golems' and 'Regigigas'. Hmm.

Even more recently, Kise spent an awful lot of money on TMs in the big and tall department store somewhere in Auckland, purchasing some Energy Ball and Giga Impact TMs. He's also been making quite a lot of useof the Strength Horizon Machine and has convinced some of his friends to backtrack with him to search routes for rare items and everstones. Kise has been trying to do some weird things with Everstones. He can feel a strange power calling to him from the land itself. He's beginning to wonder if there's something more to this since he met that big white robot thing on his first night out…

And /very/ recently Kise accidentally the multiverse. Kise found a shiny Numel and chased it into a volcano, because shiny Pokemon are /awesome/ and he wanted it. He almost fell into some lava, met up with Team Golem trying to drain the energy from some fire Pokemon, and noticed the Numel on a little island where it had accidentally gotten trapped, so he decided to try and rescue it. He pushed some rocks to make a path, nicknamed it Orange Soda, and tried to get out of the volcano. LITTLE DID HE KNOW pushing those rocks around was key to restoring the multiverse.

Kise escaped just as the volcano erupted, but he passed out from heatstroke. Kise may or may not think he actually died in that volcano. Is this Pokemon Valhalla? Kise doesn't know for sure, but he intends to find out! REBOOT!


Yeah, these jerks.

They really do have machines capable of making golems, as their name suggests. They are currently being powered by three devices called the Alpha, Delta and Beta Miracle Spheres, which are ancient devices similar to technical machines that generate extremely escoteric powers depending on what kind of energy is fed through them. They use this to remove the energy from Pokemon and put it into batteries, which are then used to power non-sentient automated clay golems. Their plan is to collect three devices linked to the legendary golems called Ancient Technical Machines, then catch the three legends, then use them to summon Regigigas. Regigigas will then rearrange all of the islands of Polynesia into a single landmass, so that they can easily capture all of the Pokemon in it and use them to build an army capable of going after other countries. The leader of Team Golem is a woman named Himeko, who ended up familyless after 'the war' and has been spending her time preparing to get her revenge for her suffering. She despises all Pokemon and her group attracts the most abusive and heartless trainers, most of which wear blank masks as part of their uniforms. If you want to app someone from this I'd like that.

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